PS Plus games for August announced

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PS Plus games for August announced

Play Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout starting Aug 4 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered tomorrow.

An all-new multiplayer party battler and a remastered blockbuster headline PS Plus for August! Hilarious multiplayer party title Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout makes its PS4 debut on August 4, giving PS Plus members launch day access to its online competitive free-for-alls and co-op challenges*. Also this month, Infinity Ward’s thrilling sequel to the critically-acclaimed classic Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered blasts onto PS4 with upgraded visuals.

Let’s take a closer look at both titles. 

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

PS Plus games for August announced

Survive a series of hilarious challenges until one victor remains in this colorful 60-person online multiplayer party game*! Test your mettle in brutal free-for-alls or co-op challenges where only the winning team advances to the next round. Bend, bounce and bash your way through hilarious physics-based obstacles, from smashing through doors, to balancing on massive see-saws, to racing up mountains riddled with traps. Add a touch of style to your Fall Guy by customizing them with everything from classy pineapple couture to flattering prehistoric fashion.

 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will be available to download Tuesday, August 4, until Monday August 31.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered

Relive the incredible single-player campaign from 2009 blockbuster Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, fully remastered for a new generation. 

Following immediately on from the dramatic events of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered immerses you in a gripping, action-driven adventure in which you must face off against a deadly new threat hellbent on bringing the world to the brink of collapse. The single-player campaign has been fully remastered with improved textures, animations, physically based rendering, high-dynamic range lighting and much more. Rediscover classic missions like Cliffhanger, The Gulag and Whiskey Hotel as you once again join Soap, Price, Ghost and the rest of Task Force 141 in a globe-spanning fight to restore order to the world. Underwater Demo Team Classic Ghost Bundle not included.

Can’t wait to play it? Good news: the game will be available to download tomorrow, Tuesday July 28 until Monday August 31.

Free multiplayer weekend*

Another free online multiplayer weekend is coming to PS4 next month, starting Saturday August 8 at 12:01am through Sunday August 9 at 11:59pm local time.

*Online multiplayer games sold separately. Requires internet connection and PlayStation Network account.

PS Plus 10th Anniversary PS4 Theme

As a reminder, a free PS4 theme celebrating the past decade can be downloaded for free on PS Store for a limited time – our way of saying thanks for supporting PS Plus these past 10 years. For PS4 players in North America and Latin America, head here. For PS4 players in Europe or Asia, head here.

Last chance to pick up July’s PS Plus games

And remember, you’ve still got time to download this month’s PS Plus games. Become a legend on the court with NBA2K20, take on another challenging adventure as Lara Croft in Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration, and solve a gripping murder mystery in cinematic thriller Erica. These games will be available until Monday August 3.

*Internet connection and PS Plus membership required for online multiplayer.

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  • Another FPS? Oh come on, this will be the third month this year I won’t even be adding the titles to my library.

    I’m feeling more than a bit ripped off having to pay for this service just because I like to play with my mate sometimes.

  • Decent month. I’m happy with this line up

  • This is EXACTLY what Sony should do with plus which is to give us games DAY 1 they are out instead of old games that have already come out in the past and often are already in someone’s library as a previous purchase (e.g. COD).
    I think they did the same with Rocket League and should do more of it.

  • COD:MW is the best. I dont know what the fallguy dumb game is but ill take it anyway

  • Some right miserable and entitled moaners in the comments.

    Some months you get games you like and other months not so much but everyone has different tastes.

    PlayStation Plus remains great value and even if you only get 2 or 3 games a year that you like it’s paid for itself.

  • Wished for Gang Beast instead. 😔

  • Last month was way better than this. But that’s okay.

  • Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 it is nice game ok but wtf is :O Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout


  • I’d rather Dragonball Kakarot!

  • I’m not saying these are bad choices but come on sony another cod game I don’t even play the 2 I have

  • Ffs I’m done with ps plus now first not everyone got the free 10.00 now giving us yet another call of duty #notworthit

  • Load of crap. Would’ve been nice to actually get something decent this month.

  • Absolutely another garbage month. No interest in either game at all. Is this the way PS+ is going to be now? The Sony fans deserve better than X-Box quality games.

  • facesweersqwerty

    Ik ben geïnteresseerd in de games goed werk PS plus

  • I liked MW2 back on PS3, but sadly this remaster doesn’t have the Special Ops missions, which were very fun. Still, will replay the campaign. Fall Guys looks fun and it’s nice that it will be available day 1.

  • Will we get the Ghost pack with this copy of mw2? thank you!

  • Cant we get games for rpg players? Not everyone plays sports first person shooters.

  • Games for the month of August compared to July games really suck. What a dissapointment.

  • You guys just offered cod for like 10 bucks already have it…. No need to give out game most ppl already own

  • Should allow for second choice if it’s a game you already bought

  • Already have Call of Duty. The other game I do not like. So much for free games in August. Maybe next month.

  • I’m guessing the MW2 campaign didn’t sell well. It was only released on April 30th. I almost always play the campaign on 1ps’s but I have never and I don’t know anyone who has bought a 1ps for the campaign. I’m guessing that it’s low sales made it a cheap game for PS Plus. I would love a new RPG, JRPG, or Tactical RPG instead.

    • Nothing to do with low sales. Just like the movie industry…from Cinema…to DVD…to pay TV streaming…to free to air. It’s called the product liufe cycle. MW2 was originally released 2009 on PS3. I thinks its earnt a tidy amount for Activision over 11 years.

    • I think a large majority of the sales of so called “AAA games” are in the first few weeks.

    • klaatunikto

      Two days before the release is 3 months old and it’s already on ps+. I know what the life cycle is and a ps+ release this soon is a scramble to break even. That’s its life cycle. The original game did make a lot of money. I played then. I loved it then. I still own it. But this remastered update is not what anyone asked for and it flopped. I’m not a ps+ hater. It’s just that I already own 9 of the ps+ games released this year.

  • Wow. For me, one of the worst monthly games ever.

  • I’ve got a question as I’ve been seeing a lot of people say that they’ve been getting £10 for free to celebrate the 10 years but I haven’t received anything. Is there a specific requirement for it or is mine just delayed?

  • PlayStation is awesome for this, thank you for all the hard work that you do for your fan base. Every month I at least appreciate what they give us for free, I don’t cry and nag.

  • Great month. I’ll take any COD game, keep them coming. Looking forward to both games.

    • Good to see some positivity on here. Too many whingers bark on about poor quality games. If PS+ put up GTAV, all the whingers would do is complain that its a game they already have.

    • Is that the same GTAV that Epic Games gave away with no subscription fee a few months ago?

  • Excited to try both of these games out. Ignore the babies in the comments, they’ll complain every month. It’s yawn worthy.

  • God your selection of games sucks. I hate that I have to pay for PS+ to play online. There are no advantages for me at all. A good game here and there would be great but that doesn’t happen

  • MW2 Campaign… They gave us half a game for free lol.

  • Some 1st class whingers that would complain no matter what was put up. COD MW2 servers were discontinued several years ago (by Activision, not Sony). Servers cost plenty to host and keep running and to maintain. Yes servers are built and managed by the individual publishers, but PlayStation in most cases take a hit on hardware. If Sony were to list Tier 1 free games on PS+, chances are most would already own them, so would complain that they paid $79, 6 years ago when they could have got the game for free this month. PS+ free games are an value add on to the online experience, which is what you pay yearly subs for. Yearly subs price is resonable for 1 years worth of gaming. It costs $20 to see a movie for 1.5 hours of entertainment, and with no garauntee its not going to suck. I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing SW Battlefront, COD, GTAV on wet rainy days which is worth way more in value than the $80 per year for PS+ online gaming. If you purchased PS+ for free games, and not multiplayer then you’re in the wrong place.
    Stop complaining and enjoy the multiplayer experience, or opt out and go scour the gaming bins for $5 puzzle game run out sales and 4th tier games.

    • People pay for a service, they can complain about it all they want, it’s their right.

    • I have spent over 200 hours playing Witcher. I am still playing it. It cost me $17. Total hours on 12 months worth of plus games? Not sure, but four movies would take longer.

    • Speaking on Witcher 3, check out the Steam stats for that game. Easily the most played game on their servers every year since release. CD Projekt Red for the win baby.

      Anyone else salavating for Cyberpunk 2077? If Witcher 2 and 3 are any indication … November is looking good af.

    • You could read a crappy newspaper and spend all day doing the silly puzzles for 15 hours and spend $1.99

      Therefore newspapers could get you “hundreds of hours” for $26.

      So games, based on this alternative value method should cost $1.99 or are really bad value. That’s how this works right?

  • JRPGs? Nope. Hockey games? Nope. Oh, call of duty, you want a FOURTH one of those, right?? HELL NO. Oh, we’re getting it anyways, gee, thanks Sony -.-

    At least fall guys looks awesome, but come the frick on, enough with the COD, diversify a bit dammit!!!!

    • Right? No good puzzle games, no jrpgs, just crappy indies, cod or yet ANOTHER basketball game. -_-

  • Free games are nice as a concept but aside from last month and maybe a few others… the offered games are all pretty crap or hasbin. How many call of duty games are they gonna give us for free???

  • Another Call of Duty? What is it Call of Duty year?? Enough already!

  • Not renewing this year. In the theory I liked a lot of the games, but in practice I have barely played any of them. I don’t really want to pay $80 for another year of apathy.

  • I’m just wondering how many people would voluntarily pay for ps+ if multiplayer wasn’t behind paywall.

  • When I read the comments about how the merger lost replies from staff and lists of games on sale. I think that they moved everyone to the EU blog but kept the USA website address as we never received answers from staff and sale lists were a link and look we have stuff on sale as a title.

  • I don’t want to be counted among the complainers, but another COD game?
    I never play these or sports titles.
    I get that it’s free with the subscription, so it’s not that I’m mad, just disappointed.

  • Yay! Actually fun games!!

  • I keep seeing so many complaints … But I was just wondering …

    They’re all free right?

    Like … You’d still pay to game online so …

    I mean I’m not gonna lie – I’m not excited about any of the games from July or August.

    But they’re free.

    I’m not excited by McDonalds but I don’t complain about a free 10 piece either.

    Unless they forget my BBQ. >.>

    • Upon further inspection I see I’m not the only one to make this point.

      *leans back in his chair until envelooed in shadow, only parted by the illumination of a lit cigarette*


    • Enveloped*

    • No part of Plus is “free”. Free means you don’t pay anything at any point.

      It’s like saying you spent $230,000 to speak to a car dealer and got a free Ferrari Roma.

      The only part of Plus that’s “free” is online gaming. As they don’t actually provide game servers, it’s “free” for Sony to provide. Still costs us money somehow.

    • Different point of views and it’s all relative, I guess… I come from Playstation 3 so maybe I’m more spoiled and got higher standards. I believe online should be free like it was there, but that’s one concession I can live with. But on top of that, we have to sub to PS+ in order to pay for online, adding to insult on top of inflating the price. Xbox people have a different mindstate. They were willing to pay that much for online exclusively and as such, see the games as an extra.

    • And that’s not even taking into account physical vs. digital, as the PS+ service is tailored entirely toward digital with its online downloads and digital discounts. As an advocate for physical I literally get nothing out of this service, other than the online – which should be seperate from PS+ in the first place. The persons who came up with the idea to combine either should be fired and never allowed to get a job in the gaming industry again. I can’t believe this has been going on for the entire PS4 generation… *facepalm*

    • Umm servers aren’t free lol, they require maintenance from human beings whom are paid to work on them.

      And the games are offered as a free bonus to the PS+, since people would still pay for the service to be online.

      You might not. But that doesn’t make it less true.

    • And trust even if sony isn’t hosting the game servers they pay their fee to put players on it.

    • For me, as a Playstation lover for ages, it’s more the principle and online costs are just something they copied from the competition, following suit instead of paving their own way. On PS3 it was a huge benefit (both for the consumers/market and as a selling point), sadly it wasn’t the popular market leader PS4 is today- which I contribute to the bigger controller more than anything. Free online might’ve been the standard and the competition would have to follow to stay competitive. Instead they copied that model (since hey, why not make more money if the competition’s audience seems to be ok with it) and combined it with PS+ (which literally is the gaming lease service, even before they made up online costs and it was a fully optional service)
      Although I do expect the big hack of PS3 had something to do with it too, and the ‘online costs’ are more of a combination of costs for security and the online store etc., since most publishers have their own servers. In any case, I’m ok with that, but not with them combining it with PS+. If seperate online costs were a third of the price of PS+/online today, I could get 3 years worth for 1 now, and wouldn’t miss PS+ rentals one bit.

    • So to reiterate, I know those costs and maintenance aren’t free, but it worked on PS3, so from my “Playstation” point of view online could be considered just a part of the general service that they decided to offer. Secondly, I’d like to point out you clearly have a different (coming from Xbox in my experience) mentality as to what the service entails. On Xbox they paid 60 just for online in the beginning, so they truly see the games now as a wonderful extra. On Playstation (3) the PS+ service (ie the games) was optional at the same price-online was free, and they practically just added this made up online cost to it, so I see the online as an extra, one that suddenly makes PS+ mandatory to make matters worse…

    • So what I’ve been suggesting for years (I’ve been at this since PS4 and PS+ becoming mandatory for online:p) is that they split the services and costs. Essentially, offer some basic consumer choice for a change… Make one sub for online and storage for 20. Make one sub for those who stricktly want the games but no online for 40. And keep the current combination at the current price… Not only would it offer choice to those who want it (or desperately need it at this point, if only so I can love Playstation unconditionally again:p), it would give them somewhat of that benefit PS3 had with free online, and offer cheaper online than the competition at least (if you go without the games).

      Sorry for all the text and replies and if things are a bit unclear, still getting used to not having an edit button and this is a subject that I can go on about :)

    • You’re right, servers aren’t free. But, Sony don’t provide them for anything but their own titles. Sony don’t host Fortnite games or anything else.

      If I play Monster Hunter, I connect to Capcom’s matchmaking server, and then go onto another players hosted game (or host the game myself on my connection). Sony provides no server usage or bandwidth for the game.

      So why must I pay Sony to play a game on Capcom’s server? Sony has no part of it and incurs no financial loss at all. (oh and hosting is much cheaper than people think)

  • ttvgvelociraptor

    Wow fall guys I thought we were getting good games this month like Spiderman would’ve been pretty Cool I don’t have a problem with modern warfare two remastered campaign because I loved that game But fall guys Play station step up your game

  • Is Call of Duty MW2: CR in 4K HDR?
    And in general It’s a hell to figure out if a PS4 game is in 4K and/or HDR. I need to be investigating and losing my time because there is no official information about this in the store or the blog or any other official source from Sony. It’s simple. 4K? Yes/no. HDR? Yes/no. And if you want to go the extra mile you could indicate what type of 4K(native, upscaled, TAA…) and type of HDR ( HGIG compliant?Yes/No. I mean Sony is a founder of the HGIG group… Shoudln’t you be more open about this info. And Nits at which it was mastered?800/1000/4000 nits for example)

  • To all the people crying that it’s another call of duty, it is not! It’s the best single player campaign Call of Duty and I’m really happy to get it for free.

  • Not kidding me?? Again stupid COD?? And another kid game…???

    Sony u scaming us!! 🤬

    Every month worse games…..🤬

  • I was praying for another Call of Duty game…and I really wanted to play this but couldn’t. I kinda now am feeling lucky 😊 Thank you, PlayStation.

  • Ahh, PS+ ‘service’… Paid for disappointment on the monthly… I sincerely hope Sony stops combining online costs with this because I can’t stand this another generation. I don’t download games so stop forcing people into this just to get to pay their online costs. Why should we be forced into this? So people who actually like PS+ don’t have to get a seperate sub for online? Or so you can keep the price up on online? Why do you continue to spoil these PS+ fans at the cost of others? They essentially get free online (since they would sub on PS+ either way) while the rest of us have to pay inflated prices for something basic like online by being forced into this farce of a service.

    • On PS5 we even get the distinction between physical and digital, are we at the same time expected to continue supporting digital via PS+ for online? I suggest you offer the same choices there. Keep the current ‘full package’ for full price, offer one with just PS+ and online discounts for 40 and one with just online access and online storage for 20.

  • The free games arent that bad. Wish there were other games instead of just shooters.

  • If I ask real nice, can I get that $10-15 gift in exchange for access to these games?

    There are some games on sale that I’d rather get.

    • This would make the service even somewhat interesting to me, an avid PS+ hater. Could download some small indies of my own choice without ruining my bandwith for weeks.

  • Да, да это замечательно! Но почему российским пользователям дали такое говно?

  • I’m fine with this month since i wanna play through COD MW 2 Remaster. Haven’t played it since it were new on last gen.

    Xbox currently have a barrel scraping month. Could be the worst month ever for Xbox.

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