Share of the Week: Ghost of Tsushima

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Share of the Week: Ghost of Tsushima

Suckerpunch Productions’ gorgeous samurai adventure takes the spotlight.

Last week, we asked you to reflect through your journey as the Ghost of Tsushima, and share moments using the game’s stunning Photo mode. From sun-warmed vistas to detailed armor, dangerous duels and serene moments of contemplation, you shared your best shots using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: 

Jin sheathes his katana in this share by AreeLyBadPun.

It’s always worth following a golden bird, like in this share by ClemSsoH.

Dande_Lion55 shared this dramatic portrait of Jin.

Jin duels with a ronin in this share by NoomiPlay.

This share by lamq1993 in Kurosawa Mode is electric.

Rodri81017517 shared Jin playing his flute in this poster-like shot.

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Theme: Ghost of Tsushima – Motion

Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, July 29

Next week, create animated moving images using Ghost of Tsushima’s robust Photo Mode. Share your best motion clips using #PS4share and #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. Need some inspiration? Make sure to check our Ghost of Tsushima Photo mode tips guide.

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  • Ghost of Tsushima looks better than anything shown at the Xbox event.

    Very proud of my shots even though i appear to have been blackballed from this contest. Congratulations to the winners. clips then? Maybe try explaining a little better? How long?

  • What a lovely game!

  • My God this game keeps non giving.
    The graphics and art style are so incredibly beautiful that I find myself stopping at locations to just look, in awe, at the stunning environments. I have never taken photos in videogames. I started with TLOU2, as I loved the graphics, but this game is on another level. I find some of the location so soothing and I feel the urge to take a photo helped by the simplicity of clicking right and taking a photo. I cannot believe how good the game gets after playing for a few hours. A slow start but once you get into the story and enhance your skills the game is incredibly good and on top of my list of best game of 2020 close tie with TLOU2.

    Thank you Sucker Punch.

    • I think the slow start actually adds to the game. It gives you a chance to get accustomed to the controls while exploring. I’ve liked the pacing of the game.

    • Slow start? It begins with a fast paced battle sequence…

  • The game is very well thought out, though I do wish the text size of the listed objective needs to have an option to be increased. Also a compass in the map section. Would enjoy an auto ride feature so I could sit back and enjoy the nice graphics that Ghost has to offer.

  • Hello there is wrong date on the next week photo

  • the one against the ronin is so fu(king badass!!!

  • Dear Sucker Punch

    Can you consider giving us an open world, re-imagination of THE MARK OF KRI. And Thank You for Ghost of Tsushima. Job well done.

  • This game is the gift that keeps on giving.

  • It sucks that I’ve been a ps plus member for awhile and didn’t receive a 10$ voucher :(

  • Beautiful! I’m having such a blast with this game. Thanks Sucker Punch.

  • Thanks sucker punch you might of saved 2020 from disaster of “Last Of Us: Part II”, thank goodness Ghost Of Tsushima sliced up LOU: II and ate it for breakfast. LOU: II is like a piece of junk with a pretty paint job, yeah it looks pretty but its story is (censored). So glass’s up for Sucker Punch & Ghost Of Tsushima.

  • The Kurosawa Mode shot is amazing. Can you switch to Kurosawa Mode just for Photo Mode or do you have to be playing in Kurosawa Mode to be able to have screenshots like that?

    • I think you have to have it going in the first place, but there are filters in the camera that combined can replicated it.

  • FF7 remake, Last of Us 2 and this wonderful game, what an amazing swan song for the PS4 with these 3 brilliant exclusive games in a row.

  • It IS a beautiful looking game. Love the art direction.


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