Share of the Week: Ghost of Tsushima

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Share of the Week: Ghost of Tsushima

Suckerpunch Productions’ gorgeous samurai adventure takes the spotlight.

Last week, we asked you to reflect through your journey as the Ghost of Tsushima, and share moments using the game’s stunning Photo mode. From sun-warmed vistas to detailed armor, dangerous duels and serene moments of contemplation, you shared your best shots using #PS4share and #PSBlog. Here are this week’s highlights: 

Jin sheathes his katana in this share by AreeLyBadPun.

It’s always worth following a golden bird, like in this share by ClemSsoH.

Dande_Lion55 shared this dramatic portrait of Jin.

Jin duels with a ronin in this share by NoomiPlay.

This share by lamq1993 in Kurosawa Mode is electric.

Rodri81017517 shared Jin playing his flute in this poster-like shot.

Search #PS4share and #PSBlog on Twitter or Instagram to see more entries to this week’s theme. Want to be featured in the next Share of the Week? 

Theme: Ghost of Tsushima – Motion

Share by: 9am Pacific on Wednesday, July 29

Next week, create animated moving images using Ghost of Tsushima’s robust Photo Mode. Share your best motion clips using #PS4share and #PSBlog for a chance to be featured. Need some inspiration? Make sure to check our Ghost of Tsushima Photo mode tips guide.

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