The Last of Us Part II sells more than 4 million copies

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The Last of Us Part II sells more than 4 million copies

Naughty Dog’s gripping follow-up is a hit with fans.

We’re delighted to report that The Last of Us Part II is now the fastest-selling first-party PS4 exclusive ever with more than 4 million copies sold through as of June 21. This milestone would not have been reached without the support from our amazing fans, so on behalf of everyone at SIE, thank you!

Naughty Dog has created an experience that truly transcends the category with The Last of Us Part II. They have honed their craft for years and have once again set a new bar for what is possible through interactive entertainment. The Last of Us Part II represents large scale innovation in gaming with a great blend of excellent gameplay mechanics and masterful storytelling. All of this came together to deliver a generation defining experience and the fastest-selling first-party PS4 exclusive.  

Of course we must celebrate the entire team at Naughty Dog who made this achievement possible. Neil Druckmann, Vice President of Naughty Dog and Director of The Last of Us Part II, wanted to share this message with you all: 

We are so immensely grateful to the millions of fans around the world that have played The Last of Us Part II and shared their experiences with us over the last week. We set out to tell a new kind of story, one that deals with difficult themes and would challenge you in unexpected ways. Hearing how the experience has resonated with so many of you and witnessing the type of thoughtful discussions it has sparked has been so incredible. We’ve also been so inspired by your creativity — whether it’s your gorgeous Photo Mode shots, jaw-dropping gameplay GIFs, or the songs you’ve recorded using Ellie’s guitar.

The Last of Us Part II was made possible thanks to the efforts of the hundreds of talented and passionate developers here at Naughty Dog. We can imagine no greater honor than seeing that same passion mirrored by the people playing it. Thank you for helping us reach this amazing milestone.

We strive to bring you unique, engaging experiences and while we look towards the next generation, there are still a ton of great games coming to PS4. That includes two fantastic PS4 exclusives in the very near term: Marvel’s Iron Man VR on July 3, and Ghost of Tsushima soon after on July 17. 

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  • Thanks for the leaks I didn’t waste money on this garbage like the rest of the 4 million idiots. Developers killed a classic. Rip Joel. I’ll be waiting for cyberpunk and tony hawk. Big middle finger to the last of us 2. That game doesn’t exist to me.

    • I so wished I listened to the leaks as they were there to save me. I didn’t and played thru… The game its self is great, visually stunning including performance capture but that’s where it stops has the storytelling and its execution in my view just bad, a opportunity lost. And no we can’t go calling “4 million idiots” as people have free will to like or dislike stuff or even like me choose not to believe that “Naughty Dog” would be that stupid to pull off a stunt like that. Last Of Us more like “The Last Of Naughty Dog” now tho even thats far fetch.

  • Deserves every single sale. Fantatstic game!

  • adequate-parrot2

    The gameplay is perfect graphics are amazing would have been the best game in the world, but the story is garbage
    How can you make gameplay so good but the story trash?

    • It’s simple… it’s called “Neil Druckmann” ego lol! And to saying that “It’s going to divide fans” as he mention a while back during a PR event.

  • Congrats to Naughty Dog on an amazing achievement. I am an I.T engineer from Glasgow, Scotland and still very early on in my play through however the visuals ND get from hardware that is 8 years old on a console that is 7 years old is asstounding. Early on there is close up view on Ellie’s hand, it is almost life like. Amazing job.

    P.S. I plead for another Uncharted, Please?

  • Completely disappointed. Ruined the story. The gameplay is mediocre at best. You got my money this time but never again.

  • Disappointing. Mediocre game play and I’m not going to comment on the ridiculous story. Last money ND ever sees from me

    • Bro I hear ya, I went in open minded and spoiler free but even that could not save me from deleting game after finish it. Everything that was built up was thrown away, “The Last Of Naughty Dog Studios” for me as well.

  • I did not buy the game because of all the controversy regarding the storyline. But I have watched videos on YouTube and must say that the gameplay is some of the best gameplay I have seen in a over the head third person shooter game. The only thing I did not like was the pushed agenda behind the story. I think that it is poorly written, it is pushing ideologies that I personnally have no problems against. It’s something that doesn’t bother me but the thing that bothers me is the way they forced everything in the game. The story is poorly written, they based themselves off of a revengeful storyline and the drive of the story is just a let down. I also think that the storyline doesn’t follow the characters’ personnalities. the game is great, gmaeplay wise, but the story could have been written better, following up on the characters’ personnalities and with a better story that is not revenge. Poorly written revenge.

    • Im honestly curious, what about the gameplay looks like some of the best? Im not saying that it’s not, but to me it’s a generic third person action shooter. Doesnt seem to do anything special

    • Yeah right. Do you know what the problem with this stupid argument is? Nobody says anything about games that do things like push masculinity or patriotism in your face constantly. Because, apparently, when games have content like that they’re not trying to “influence your opinion” with it. Do you understand the problem with that? Od course you don’t. Because people like you are morons, who embrace your illogical thought processes. You enjoy that.

    • the gameplay is as good as your skill and the story is as good as your ability to emphatize with others

  • Awesome for ND. Just bought and downloaded the deluxe edition of the game. Only game ND game I’ve bought digitally. Which makes me wish I could convert my disc copies into digital.

    On a related note has Sony ever considered grinding a digital conversion code (just 1) per disc bought? Kinda line blu ray movies. Pop I. The disc when ever you like in which ever system you wish to (allowing for trading and lending). It also having a digital version that works like normal and is tied to your account…

    I’m also saying this because I now feel forced to buy the disc-based PS5 if I want full access to my gaming catalog when I’m starting to embrace digital.

  • Will PS5 have Quick Resume feature like its competitor does?

  • That’s a lot of disappointed customers.
    Initial sales figures of sequels tell you more about the previous game than the new one.

  • Hey Eric, can you tell me why nudity and sex were permitted in this game but censored in others? I see that it is now censored in Japan, but i think it should be the other way around. Stop censoring adult games made and rated for adults. This is my biggest hesitant with buying a PS5.

  • owbrian-slende19

    honestly the game is truly a masterpiece technically speaking, the gameplay is fluid and insane, the best gore effects, the best graphics on any game to this date , even beating those of RDR2 no doubt, and the most insane AI , im playing for the first time on survival my very first ND title, its an insane experience, but this game was really marketed around Ellie and all of that, it really bummed out that part in the story, the gameplay as Ellie was really growing on me, trying my hardest to care about the way the story is headed lol.

  • How many have been returned since?
    JB Hifi (Aus) have stopped all TLOU2 trade-ins.
    EB Games said TLOU2 is the most returned game ever. Just about everyone that brought it (me included) have returned it.

    The 17,000+ negative metacritic reviews say most people there have either not brought it and wont or have returned it or wished they could return it.

    • Sign the petition on change, “Last Of Us: Part II petition” via google search.

    • Ahh, Metacritic, a hive of scum and villainy. Totally something that should be acknowledged. Though, in case you don’t know how to do basic math, 17,000 is a heavy minority when considering how many copies were sold. You do realize that don’t you?

    • I returned it. I wish I’d seen the user meta before I bought it. The critics hyped up the graphics and gameplay tweaks, which were accurately sweet. The problem is how awful the story is and what they did to the core of the characters imo. There was a lot I could overlook until the ending. Nope, right back with you lol

    • Meta’s at about 53k negative to around 43k positive. It’s officially rated “generally unfavorable” at 4.8 overall. I thought it was just me lol

    • Metacritic is, again, a magnet for the most pathetic humans on earth, so why would you care?

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  • I really wanted to like this game, but I just found the story and most of the new characters uninteresting and bland. Gameplay, atmosphere, locations, animations and soundtrack were brilliant though. But all in all this game was just a huge disappointment for me.

    Nevertheless great sale numbers…so congratulations for that.

  • Wait so i have to pay for the multiplayer? Will it be free because i own this game or do i have to buy a “new” game?

    I thought the game was ok, not really leaving a mark as the first one probably 6/10. But that’s just me. Hyped for multiplayer, i sure hope they don’t make it another 60$ for multipalyer with this “standalone” thing.

  • Well deserved. Awesome game that I will remember for a long time. Congrats.

  • Yeh well done they managed to con money from fans that loved and backed everything about the first game, the storyline is shockingly bad and it just goes to show how terrible Neil is when it is his project and what he says goes, disgusting lousy pile of s**t, sickening

    • There’s a petition happening, just google “Last Of Us: Part II Petition” to see it, there’s over 43,000 signatures on it so far. They demand dramatic changes to storyline.

    • Screw creative freedom. It’s bad and should be hated and feared.

  • 4 million people see “that” scene.

  • I think they’re going all out on the standalone MP. Which, as someone who doesn’t like MP, is disappointing for myself.
    I hope it’s better than Factions for the people that are interested though.

  • Nice Game :D

  • Games like this is why I left PC as my preferred gaming platform. So far above my bar for a great game 10/10 masterpiece!

    Heaters are mostly Sheep just following a agenda flag toting lead with zero firsthand knowledge. They don’t care they are so wrong and will jump to attention on the next hate bandwagon.

  • Last of us was the best game I ever played. Last of us 11 really set the bar higher. Thanks to all who worked on it. Terrific game…I can’t wait to play it again to explore what I missed.

  • Wow. A lot of haters on here. Great job. Great game. I will play it again to see what I missed..10/10 .. My family watched me play cause they wanted to see what happened next..

  • As a great Sony i would like to say, story is awful & disgusting. Gameplay mechanics & graphics are maybe the best of PS4 gen. But if you have a bad story arc other things not important. I voted TLOU Part II on Metacritic and my rating is 0/10.

    • As a great Sony fan, i would like to say, story is awful & disgusting. Gameplay mechanics & graphics are maybe the best of PS4 gen. But if you have a bad story arc other things not important. I voted TLOU Part II on Metacritic and my rating is 0/10.

    • Your reasoning is flawless.

  • Something is fishy about these comments. I love a good story but The Last of Us Part 2 doesn’t have a very good story. Definitely not 10 out of 10. Naughty Dog is very good at narrative story telling but unfortunately failed to deliver a good compelling story this time around. I don’t understand why people are lying about the Last of Us Part 2 having a good story. I own every Naughty Dog game on PS4 and even I refuse to buy the Last of Us Part 2. I learned about this game from streamers and spoilers. The story really doesn’t make sense with it’s plot being about revenge is bad and the destructive behavior of violence which everyone knows violence is wrong but the delivery of this message really doesn’t make sense if you play through the game or watch someone else play it. I just seriously don’t understand these reviewers and what is the purpose of them lying about this game. That is only going to piss people off even more. People aren’t stupid and know what they like. These reviewers can’t trick people that know the story sucks into suddenly thinking that the story might actually be good and maybe they should give it a chance and buy it anyway. You can’t completely hide the truth. This is the internet after all.

    • God knows everything you read on the internet is true. Good LORD you are a drone.

    • I played it spoiler/leak free and open minded but I still delete the game after finishing it. What can I say… The leaks would of saved me $114AUD. I did not enjoy it.

  • I wish I’d seen the metacritic user score before I grabbed this. I read the critic reviews and was very disappointed. Huge, sweeping changes that are so out of character they immediately become unbelievable. I’m not going to spoil anything, but things go from bad to worse. One of the worst endings in recent gaming history, I was just left being glad it was over. I’m pretty upset about this one, I’ve been waiting for this game for 7 years. The graphics are great and a few tweaks in the gameplay carried nicely though. The story is just awful and pointless. It decimated the love I’d developed for the characters in the first one. Sigh, thus is life I suppose.

  • Who are these people praising such a game that mislead fans with false advertising and gave us a bad story, full of plot holes.
    the game has been officially given a very bad score by countless reviewers which can be also confirmed in the dozens of thousands of comments from viewers, however looks like paid reviews that came out before release date are the one that Sony considers?
    give me a break and look at the mess that is the last of us 2.
    Honestly worst game ever considering the expectations we had and the background story that the last of us was able to span.

  • Totally disappointing game.
    It shouldn’t have been pushing a political agenda and story wise could have been done a million times better.
    I feel sorry for Miss Ashley Johnson and Mr. Troy Baker that had to sell their voices to such an abomination.

  • Here’s to hoping Factions 2 doesn’t get cancelled.

  • Do not waste your time with this pile of garbage. It reeks of troglodytes. If you have dignity then you’ll go buy and play Trials of Cold Steel 3. You idiots are idolizing cafeteria food while I and many others dine on the richest of cuisines, such as Trials of Cold Steel 3. It’s hilarious! You are nothing but apes.

    • The Trails of Cold Steel series is, without question, one of the most uninspired Japanese series in history. So of course you would say something so pitiful, ROFL.

  • You realize that initial sales were based entirely on the popularity of the original, right?
    Now that the “cat is out of the bag” so to speak, expect sales to drop to nothing. The same with Naughty Dog’s next game. Watch the pre-order numbers on that – if they ever make another game after this.
    This game was so bad, it killed my enthusiasm for the upcoming PS5. I will no longer be pre-ordering one as it would be foolish to do so until we can confirm there is something worth playing on the system. The PlayStation exclusives like Uncharted 4, Spiderman, God of War, and the older PS3 games like The Last of Us (the real one), Infamous, Little Big Planet, and the first Uncharted games are why I have a PS3, PS4, and PS4Pro and I don’t have an XBox.
    The PS5 looks amazing, but if all we are going to get is garbage like this that doesn’t deserve the name “The Last of Us”, then the system is useless.

  • The Last Of Us HBO series should be entirely shot in CGI. That way they can use Ashley and Troy again.

  • So your not ganna talk about the fact that the game had an 80% drop in sales

  • This game is actually a flop .. 85-90% sales drop haha . And people are returning the game in mass groves some success haha

  • I’ve played it then deleted it and wished I never bought it all, I did not see any spoilers and I still did not like it. Sony/Naughty Dog are bias by cutting off those who don’t agree to this thing that thinks its a game in my view. NO I don’t hate it… I just wished I never played it in the first place as it broke me. Locally where I live two major chain stores have had that many returns of this game that they had to turn away customers and too Sony did not mention its worst decline in sales on AAA game on the platform shortly after it launched. Then there is the “IGN” problem, its bias just as much has most of so called critics as well. And lets not forget how many staff quit the studio during the production of this game including many testers who quit because lets face it… Part II is a mess PR wise and story wise. Sony/Naughty Dog are only showing us shiny paint work and not the rust, oil leaks nor busted parts in this machine. Seeing PewDiePie deleting it on live stream on YouTube was the turning point for me that I was not crazy in thinking that “Part II” allot of problems among some people including myself and 10’s of thousands more if not even close to a million. The leak happened for good reason and I should of just listen to that as I have spent $114AUD on a game that gave me no reason to want keep coming back. I wash my hands of anything “Naughty Dog”.

  • Love the games. Have not played TLOU 2. Bummed about that

  • I did not like this game at all. I finished it and I have already forgotten all these characters, far below the quality of the story compared to the first part, it is a shame.

  • No me ha gustado este juego en absoluto. Lo terminé y ya he olvidado a todos estos personajes, muy por debajo en la calidad de la historia respecto a la primera parte, es una pena.

  • Lol “masterful storytelling”…I laughed at that part and can’t believe at the herd of sheeps praising the game and ND after having played the game lol must be either people who aren’t a fan of 1 or dunno/don’t care about good writing.Totally undeserved these 4 millions…nearly all sold by manipulating the expectation of fans,yeeaaah great job ND.

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