You’re Invited: A Look at the Future of Gaming on PlayStation 5

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You’re Invited: A Look at the Future of Gaming on PlayStation 5

Tune in to see the future of gaming.

Update: We have decided to postpone the PlayStation 5 event scheduled for June 4 until June 11 at 1pm Pacific / 9pm BST.

While we understand gamers worldwide are excited to see PS5 games, we do not feel that right now is a time for celebration and for now, we want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.

With each generation, from the first PlayStation to PlayStation 4, we aim higher and we push the boundaries further, to try and deliver better experiences for our community. This has been the mission of the PlayStation brand for more than 25 years. A mission I have been a part of nearly since the beginning.  

There are few things as exciting as the launch of a new console. While this road to launch has been a bit…different, we are as thrilled as ever to bring you with us on this journey to redefine the future of videogames.

We’ve shared technical specifications and shown you the new DualSense wireless controller. But what is a launch without games? 

That’s why I’m excited to share that we will soon give you a first look at the games you’ll be playing after PlayStation 5 launches this holiday. The games coming to PS5 represent the best in the industry from innovative studios that span the globe. Studios, both larger and smaller, those newer and those more established, all have been hard at work developing games that will showcase the potential of the hardware. 

This digital showcase will run for a bit more than an hour and, for the first time, we will all be together virtually experiencing the excitement together. A lack of physical events has given us an amazing opportunity to think differently and bring you on this journey with us, and hopefully, closer than ever before. This is part of our series of PS5 updates and, rest assured, after next week’s showcase, we will still have much to share with you. 

Please join us on Twitch or YouTube on June 4 11 at 1pm PDT / 9pm BST / 10pm CEST to see what’s in store for the next generation of games. I hope we can make you proud. 

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  • Nice. Very nice.

  • Future of PlayStation relies on this,I am very excited to see the exciting new design, graphics processing power,hard drive speed and the features of dual sense controller like 3d audio tech

  • Amazing news cant wait.

  • I’m so ready! I can’t even imagine what amazing games we will see!! Can’t wait!! ^-^

  • Sounds like we will still not see the actual design 😅 either that or they will show it in a trailer together with a game

  • PhantomMenace84

    Looks like they changed their minds on the color of the controller?? Or maybe have an option between black and white? I like both tbh I think the white looked really good but could also see it getting dirty from my mid game snacks…

  • Awesome, can’t wait! Hoping for a new Ratchet & Clank and to finally see what Bluepoint has been working on (which I’m hoping is a Twisted Metal: Black remaster/remake).

  • excellent news I hope they show the console what it will be like, and some game demo, and the price does anyone know??🙌

  • This is it boys, its finally happening

  • Nice 😍😍😍

  • looks sick asf keep up the good work y’all stay safe too during this corna

  • Hoping we can buy direct to avoid scalpers!

    • just preorder at whatever shop you can. btw – i would NEVER pay some loser double the price to buy something. if i can’t get a preorder, i’ll just wait till i can get one at a store or online at the regular price

  • Hot damn! 😄👍

  • I am beyond excited for this! Extremely hyped for the next generation – can’t wait to see and hear all the new details about Playstation5!!!

  • This is going to be good. Can’t wait to see what PlayStation Studios have been cooking up. Horizon 2 let’s go!

  • Harry Potter RPG? It’s been like 2 years

  • Finally!

  • Pre-order date please!!

  • Wait…..that’s a black DualSense controller. Are we gonna get different colors at launch? Because I wouldn’t mind having both.

    • i noticed the vblack controller too – i’m more curious about the look of the console now. i like the white controller just fine, though.

  • I hav new buying a ps4 😢

  • bountyhunter3356

    I’m happy that you invited me for the PlayStation 5 look out and I’ve been waiting for this for years and thank you PlayStation for inviting me.

  • Please just be super clear while managing expectation. From the video I got the impression we are going to witness the presentation of the console (so seeing the actual console, games and maybe more). But from the article here it seems like it’s going to be “”just”” games. (That’s great but could lead to confusion and bad press. )
    So make sure you manage expectations correctly, please.

    • with all the nutjobs and haters in this world – at least 30% of the people watching won’t be happy for some reason or other. i already know i’m buying one so i’m just looking forward to seeing some games!

  • I am so excited! PS5 is going to be amazing!

  • You can make us proud by keeping our exclusives exclusive.

  • Excitement overload.. you guys are awesomeness personified!

  • Is finally happening.😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • fluffybunnies85

    You guys should really show off the console just before you start showing what its capable off (with the games showcase)! There’s no reason to hold back on the console reveal any longer. :)

  • First, I wanna say I appreciate finally getting to see some games. Are we also going to see the console design???

  • secret-agent-gex

    All the haters should chill, PS3 IMO was highly innovative and beyond it’s time with games like RFOM and PS4 felt like a limbo console bouncing a few major titles at us but not really ever pushing that envelope of HOLY $&@( !! Granted added capabilities like streaming via console was huge for someone like me gaining over 500 followers via twitch only on my PS4!! Gaining me a paid gig to do what i love, GAMING! I truly feel PS5 will hit that spot that we’re all looking to itch and i’m more than ready for it. Patience is everything especially where everyone consistently complains about games releasing right now, why push them to put out subpar products when we all know we want next level. Do you Sony i’ll be here ready!

  • Sony brings in over 80 billion annually, it will honestly be a huge disappointment if they don’t make PS3 games backwards compatible. There is more of a demand for ps3 with that being where trophy support began and And some exclusives such as 3D Dot Game Heroes not even being available on PSNow. Come on guys

  • ninja-master518

    Oh yes! :) Finally! I’m so excited for the PS5! I’ll get it around Christmas 2020 to Christmas 2021

  • I can’t wait let me pre order now 😊

  • Just a video of games no console or pre order by now ??? If the console really comes out in November which never makes sense anyways shouldn’t pre orders be live soon to get orders ready for production?

    Hype is at an all time high! LESSSGOOOOO

  • I’m super excited! Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • “rest assured, after next week’s showcase, we will still have much to share with you.” is this a good thing?

  • Let’s hope we see the console at last guys! 👌

  • Yayyyyyy, super excited! Am sure it will anything but a let down good luck on the presentation Jim!


  • 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃😀😃🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  • IllustriousGuest

    Let’s gooooooo!!!!!

    I’m so hyped!!!!

  • Right on my birthday!

  • I hope that what we are shown will blow our minds.

  • Muito Obrigado Plyastation por me fazer mais feliz a cada dia da minha vida.

  • so excited to see what’s coming. and really hoping to see a demon souls remake for launch!

  • Finally!!!!! Been waiting for a fat min for this😤😤

  • The is coming with Black controller which means exist a black console 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Oh I’ll be there! Got my popcorn 🍿 ready & waiting to see the future of gaming!

  • This better be hyping the return of Kevin Butler too. You are after killing the regional European PlayStation Blog???? Some clarity on that would be nice. So you redirect me to this blog when I’m trying to go to the EU blog? Fine. Then unify all the sales you give to the US too then if you are going to send me here.

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