Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 are Your PlayStation Plus Games for May

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Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 are Your PlayStation Plus Games for May

Build the metropolis of your dreams or get to tilling the land as you embrace an agricultural lifestyle.

Two very different lifestyles will compete for your time thanks to next month’s PlayStation Plus lineup. Challenge yourself to design, then maintain, your ultimate metropolis in city-building strategy sim Cities: Skylines. Want a break from the city life? Take in the country air as you turn your hand to agriculture in Farming Simulator 19.  

Let’s take a closer look at both games. 

Cities: Skylines – PlayStation 4 Edition

Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 are Your PlayStation Plus Games for May

Do you have what it takes to develop a small, bustling community into a sprawling megacity? In Cities: Skylines, the acclaimed city builder sim by Paradox Interactive, you make the decisions that will see your city flourish or fail. You’ll need strategic smarts to keep your burgeoning ecosystem from collapse, ensuring your ever-growing populace stay happy and the industries that are the lifeblood of your expanding metropolis continue to thrive.   

Farming Simulator 19

Cities: Skylines and Farming Simulator 19 are Your PlayStation Plus Games for May

Stressed by the bustling city life and eager to tackle a more sedate livelihood? Rural escapism awaits with Farming Simulator 19! Developer GIANTS Software has packed in a wealth of agricultural pastimes to lose yourself in as you set out to maintain a homestead. Harvest crops, raise livestock, tackle forest, ride your own horses…or just jump behind the wheel of your John Deere tractor or one of over 300 authentic farming vehicles and go for a drive.  

Both titles will be available to download from Tuesday, May 5, until Monday, June 1.

Last Chance! Grab April’s PS Plus Games

As a reminder, you’ve still got until Monday, May 4, to download this month’s PS Plus games. Quick wits, fast fists and inventive use of weaponry are essential to survive the danger-filled, globe-trotting journey of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, while nerves of steel and precision driving are essential to roar to championship glory in racing sim DIRT Rally 2.0.

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  • With all the insanity in the world right now, it couldn’t be a better time for games like this. I’m really excited by this month’s game selection!

  • This is a baaad joke. :/
    The world is in isolation and you guys’ focus is on a particular niche…? I don’t get it…
    Very disappointed indeed.

    • Sammy______Snake

      maybe they think they’ll give us purpose by giving us games that are like going to work.

      mental health and suicide prevention

  • Absolutely garbage Sony! You can’t continue to push Ps now then give 2 now games away with plus. Either combine the two already and just stop giving games with plus. This overlap is terrible and it’s going to lose you customers like me

    • I know right. If I didn’t have PS Now I wouldn’t be disappointed as much. Plus these games fit a niche group of players. Thinking of canceling PS Now.

  • Both on PS Now as well. Way to support people that buy both your services you bunch of crooks.

  • I get we trying to keep people away from multiplayer games and I respect the diversity you are introducing to the wider audience. Really wish one of those were Dying Light

  • Wait, what happened to Dying Light and Dark Souls?

  • These games are trash, especially for lockdown season. Up your game PS.

  • Que bom para quem gosta, porém para mim estou bem decepcionado, além jogos com temáticas parecidas, na minha opinião são horríveis e considero um mês da ps plus esquecível.

  • Farming simulator? Is this just a really late April Fool’s joke?

  • holy crap are these terrible choices for free games.

  • I’m not a fan of simulation games so this is not a good month for me. Hopefully there are a bunch of simulation aficionados our there. And hopefully they don’t have PS Now.

  • Noooo this is the first time I will not download these games why would anyone want a game that simulates farming 😒


  • Um, ok then.

  • SONY: are you trolling us? Is this april’s joke?

  • Is it crazy to hope this is one last April Fool’s?

  • This is the first time I ever felt disappointment from free PS+ games. What makes this disappointing is that both games have the same “theme” to it. April had Uncharted 4 (action-adventure) & Dirt Rally 2.0 (hardcore racing), March had Shadow of the Colossus (action-adventure) & Sonic Forces (3D Platformer), etc. In this case, with the ongoing pandemic, you have two outdoor-related simulators and not many people want to play these games. So @PlayStation , if you can, I’d like to request if you can switch out ONE of these games as it gives more variety and another alternative option. I know you can never please everyone, but it’s better than not pleasing anyone.

  • please Someone tell me it’s just a joke !!!!!!

    the worst monthly game so far

  • Well, this is just… I can’t say I was fully expecting Dying Light and Dark Souls, but I was expecting something more than two sims. Bad, bad month.

  • Really? during the worldwide pandemic you decide to include these games? The worst month ever.

  • This is a totally mystifying selection of games. I would imagine you either love or hate these types of design/simulation games and you give us two of them? Talk about a one dimensional offering for the month.

  • May’s playstation plus games are very, very poor!.
    Who’s picking this load of crap. ,let someone who enjoys playing playstation games have a go or let us who play for it chose, by a monthly vote,. People will start thinking about not renewing.

  • Noice! I don’t have FS19.

  • Not gonna even bother putting these in my library wow. What a difference from last month.

  • Well … another month without renewing my PS Plus.

  • Are we a joke to you

  • Ugh….. Worst selection yet…. Should’ve mixed em up with something else. This is just sims overload u_u

  • Sony these are so bad games please remove them

  • Incoming hate in 3….2….1…. of all the games to give and it was Farming Simulator 19. Lol

  • Playstation now ? when is it announced

  • Nice, not the best quality but always wanted to try cities skylines out. Not a fan of simulators but will try out farming simulator for fun, who knows might enjoy it

  • On second thought, this lineup is horrendous, but I can forgive Sony considering that they gave The Uncharted Collection and Journey as part of their Stay n Play initiative.

    To be honest, Sony has done an incredible job in response to Covid-19 with a 100 million dollar foundation and 10 mil to independent developers.

    I have Dreams, FF7, and Predator to play as well as Dirt Rally 2.0 which was a fantastic get for PS+. I can live with a rare bad month, and quite frankly two mediocre PS+ games is insignificant when compared to the larger picture and the fantastic work that Sony has done.

    PlayStation is the best place to play, PS+ is typically on point, and Sony consistently provides us with the best games. Dreams and FF7 are there best games of 2019 and u can’t play them elsewhere. Even when PlayStation screws up they are leagues above their primary competitor (Xbox).

    I do hope that Sony realizes that this is a horrendous lineup, but on the other hand, ppl need to understand that PS+ had been tremendous up until this point and that Sony did give two free games for their Stay n Play initiative. I’d be harder on them if they hadn’t built up so much cred. Do better next time because ppl aren’t happy with these two games. Regardless, PlayStation is still King and I’m thankful for Sony as a whole. Stay safe and game strong ~ Tyler Durden

  • Er….

  • Ha ha funny joke. What are the real games for may?

  • This lineup is super trash please change it like you did with the Detroit become human month

  • This is a good month IMO. I already own Cities Skylines and all of the Expansion packs but this is a great game. I have spent hundreds of hours in it. Farming Simulator looks good too. Always wanted to try it. Can’t wait.

  • With everything going on right now Sony want the rest of us to realize and appreciate what the farming industry is going through. Solid move by Sony /s

  • And Dark Souls remastered? :-(

  • Horrible lineup this month. Expected better than simulation games.

  • April fools was last month….

  • Fomos presentados com o PIOR MÊS DE TODOS OS TEMPOS NA PLUS, não é possível, nesse momento difícil que estamos vivendo estava contando com um jogo pelo menos razoável para distrair. Vergonhoso e triste.

  • Diria que é o pior line up dos últimos tempos

  • Change the games plz

  • WOW! Worst month yet!!!
    At least make two different type of games, not the same one but hey city/country, choose what you like… SMH…

  • It says “don’t be a jerk” but giving THESE for the price you charge for plus is bullshit and you know it. Stop treating loyal patrons like crap and give something we as a majority want instead of crap titles that very few want or play. Makes me wanna go to another system next gen. hell.

    • Sammy______Snake

      I feel sorry for anyone who only had a ps4 to play on.

      Honestly, it’s painful. always an update that won’t fit on the HD and a download that takes an eternity.

      MS had a terrible start but absolutely killed it this gen

  • Even if it means a great game but only one a month. that would be great. We at least get what we are majority joining plus because of.

    • Wow. This is probably to give all the non-gamer Corona players easy games to play to entice them to stay, but what about the people that have kept the service and hell the brand afloat? These games should be given as a bonus for those people and better games given for Ps+.

  • …i think I might go out during quarantine after all

  • Could you change at least one of those games? Some action adventure game, as there are many. Thank you.

  • Terrible lineup. 2 sim games. In the same month. What were you thinking, Sony?

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