Stranded Deep Lands on PS4 Tomorrow

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Stranded Deep Lands on PS4 Tomorrow

Build, survive, explore, and now escape in Stranded Deep, available on PS4 for the first time starting tomorrow.

We’re very excited to announce Stranded Deep is coming to PS4 for the first time tomorrow. 

As a player, you take on the role of a plane crash survivor stranded in the Pacific Ocean.  You’ll explore exotic underwater and island environments as you hunt for supplies to craft the tools, weapons, and shelter you’ll need to stay alive.  

You’ll experience crazy encounters against sharks, giant squid and other sea creatures. Defend against attacks on land from wild boar, snakes and other native threats. Hunger, thirst, and exposure will work against you as you brave the elements. It shouldn’t and won’t be easy… but if you survive through it all, you can escape! This is something players haven’t been able to do before, so be the first!

On a personal note, when we picked up the controller to play a final approved PS4 build the other night it was… surreal. This is our passion project and first console game finally coming to life. We’ve been working on this game for over five years now, a couple of guys out of Brisbane, Australia, that had jobs in other industries before, but we loved games and we wanted to build something we thought would be fun and people would like to play.

Following the closure of the previous publisher we had been partnering with, we bought back the console rights so that we could publish it ourselves, along with the support of industry friends and the community. It’s been an incredible, crazy journey to finish what we started. 

And in these crazy times, we try to keep stuff in perspective — that people are safe and healthy — and we hope that you enjoy playing and persevering in this game as much as we enjoyed persevering and making it. 

Stay strong and continue on!

Ben and Sam
Beam Team

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  • Cant find it in the store.Its release day.

  • What time is it supposed to be released

  • Does it have coop? Because coop is why I play games like Ark and Conan. Especially now with social distancing.

  • Found it on Xbox….don’t understand why it’s not out for PS4 when it was advertised to be released today

  • Not seeing it on the US store yet. It is listed in the UK store… what gives?

  • I read an article that it released at 1am on Xbox one and that it’s set to release at 11am ET on ps4. So about a half hour and it should release on ps4. So we will see.

  • I just checked their social media page, and it states that the game should show up for North American gamers around 8AM, PST.

    So about half an hour from now.

  • Still not on the store!?! What the heck! Anybody know why??? Not even on up and coming section

  • Still not out Yet on PS4, I can’t even find if on the playstation Store anywhere at all.

  • is it coming out? or not? lol I’m super confused.

  • What’s the actual release time that the game is supposed to hit playstation store? Because it’s not on there at all

  • I found it on PlayStation store. It should be up now. I had to search for it and scroll down pretty far to find it

    • I found it on the store on my phone, but not on my PS4. Ill keep scrolling. :P

    • Yep, found it way way down below a few dozen things with much less applicable names, despite searching for it by name. That seems to be an issue on Sony’s end.

  • I got it to pop up by searching it in search bar

  • When will it be on the psn store for US

  • Im in nc so it already in us

  • with no ability to invert the damn controls, its unplayable for inverted players….fix it!

  • It was released on ps4 today however it’s not on the ps store?? So it wasn’t really released on ps4 yet? Like what company keeps thousands of people waiting with false news.

  • 1:16pm Eastern Time. West Virginia in US to be exact. Still nothing on the Playstation Store….. Been obsessively following the release of this game on console for 2 and half years now. Anyone else having an issue?

  • What time does this game come out I’m trying to find it to buy but it’s showing nothing of it. Please help!

  • How do you get into shipwrecks

  • I can find the game in the app PlayStation Store on my phone but when I search for it in the PlayStation Store on the system it’s nowhere to be found it won’t even show up in my cart if I add it from the app any news about what’s going on

  • To anyone who’s having trouble finding stranded deep in the PlayStation Store I was having trouble as well I found it after going into the game tab under General and searching for price of $19.99 then it just popped up as one of them I don’t know why you can’t search for it in the search bar maybe they’ll fix it hopefully

  • Why can’t I find it in the PlayStation store?

  • Looks awesome.

    I love survival games and always wanted a survival game that was based on Lost. I know this isn’t it, but perhaps I can pass on inspiration. Imagine plane crash, and there are multiple survivors. This opens up the multiplayer aspect, but also a kind of group survival. You know longer need to worry about yourself, but your group of people. Make sure your camp can stand the weather and nature in general. They have enough food. As you explore, you find better places for campsites. But as you go along, you unravel a mystery. Where are you? Is anyone looking for you? Maybe you find secrets along the way. Maybe you find out there are other people there that didn’t crash on the plane. (Perhaps that’s how PVP is implemented.) Basically like I said, inspired by Lost. Idk about the time travel stuff, but there are plenty of things to choose from. But basically it can be a mix of survival games and “city builder” games(in that you have your people help build, give them jobs and tasks, while you oversee it). With multiplayer, people can spawn into your server as one of the npc characters, and help you out while you explore and gather resources. Or maybe they can spawn in as the “others” and try to sabotage you. Maybe they can set traps in key areas where you are exploring.

    Anyways, these are just some ideas I’ve had. Maybe you like them, maybe you don’t.

  • Thank you so much for not giving up on this game. I’ve wanted it ever since I saw my favorite YouTubers play it years ago and sadly I can’t afford a pc so thank you.

  • Is it only in Australia

  • Total garbage. I just wasted $20 on a game with decent graphics. But OS is trash. It’s really kinda unplayable. I don’t know how to get my money back and I NEVER post comments. But if I can save a few people from this mess it will warm my heart. I feel for the developers, I am sure they have good intentions. But this sucks.

  • Please fix the lack of inverted look. I will demand a refund otherwise.

  • I have seen this game before on steam…. it never appealed to me. I didn’t know it was coming to ps4 until i browsed the games today in the store. I watched the trailer…. and bang , no questions asked…. take my money 😁 and after playing 1 hour tonight…. i am glad i bought it. Just the game i wanted to keep me amused.. thankyou devs for your continued work on games like this.

  • This kind of game cries for PSVR support! Any plans for that?

  • Just purchased and extremely sad was looking forward to enjoy the experience but you can’t invert your y-axis truly hope this is fixed cause I can’t play and enjoy the game there should be a option, I feel so played

  • Can’t invert the y axis

  • I just bought this and was excited until I figured out that I could not invert the y-axis. Now I’m just pissed. Please fix this right away.

  • Just started so car so good had a lil confusion at first but now moving right along. Check out my you tube videos of the game 🎮 @ (She A Gamer 1112 )

  • What I hear you go to different islands and build a mini helicopter and boat underground caves, looks pretty time-consuming not bad for twenty bucks

  • PC release when?

  • Everyone’s clamoring to buy this yet no one has read a review of it. A couple screens hots and YES TAKE MY MONEY. Really guys?

  • I’m a great fan of the forest so this is rite up my street it’s a shame that like the forest you can play with friends but none the less i have already paid and will be playing

  • hi can’t do anything.

  • Damn, I almost purchased this, this looks so cool and fun but then I read there is no inverted controls =( In 2020, this is something that should not exist anymore not having this option and it is a massive deal breaker considering I have played inverted for 20+ years.

  • Bought it upon release, which was likely a big mistake. The graphics are not good, game seems to use a very low resolution. A lot of clipping and shimmering from poorly implemented shadows, it seems. On top, no way to invert the Y-axis, which others have mentioned. The version on PC is still Early Access (means: not ready for release) and it looks like the PS4 is on the same level (if at all).

    At this point I would STRONGLY suggest waiting to see if this one shakes out. I have hopes (but my hopes are NOT high, as this may the messiest PS4 release I have ever experienced)

  • Why i can not find this game on my psn ?

    • Go to playstation store. Go down to games, then newer games, and the go all the way to the right :)

    • Because you are lucky. I wasn’t, so I bought it. Do yourself a favor: wait for some reviews and then make a decision. I did not and I regret it

  • I see it is a PSN game. Can I buy/download it and play offline?

  • The game is 20 dollars on playstation.

  • Go to playstation store, go down to games, then new games, and go all the way to the right. Thank me later :)

  • Choppy frame rates even for PS4 pro. No control customize and slooooow sensitivity. Clip into boat causes physics to break. Floating fish is annoying when you drowning and mf Nemo the clown fish keeping you from breathing. Wild board animations flip 180 and shove 4 sharp stick and you have a rag doll effect that would require an exorcist to retrieve the hunt. Traveling to islands you have a chance the game crashes. If you get poisoned early game, most likely you can’t magically make an antidote (which is pipi and coconut flask) until you’re level 3 crafter. Multiple U.I. menus and quick menus set up accidental crafts and waste of frame rates. Crabs have chance at posioning you. If you drink too many coconuts even though it says it’s a good way of hydration and nutrition still has a high chance of giving you diarrhea. They misspelled diarrhea (translation) diarhhoea. Action prompts don’t work or delay. Certain trees are only cosmetic. Recycling assets lackluster game creativity example: Fibrous plants are only made from small plants and Yucca trees. Wood barrels that are made of planks are cosmetic. Raft build manual non-existent. (I had no idea the difference from wood floor and wood floor base. Now I do.) storage chests only contain 3 slots. Seems like the Forest and Subnatica had a baby. I wanna love it. The game needs work on console and definitely is not completed and for $20 don’t expect DLC. Don’t know if have multiplayer. Might be fun experiencing the bugs with a friend. Like fallout 76.
    The game is v1.0.1 please debugg the game developors if you’re reading. Or just by my YouTube Wesleepie. Recorded the bugs.

  • You have my attention!!!!

  • Can this game be played on PS4 but with a keyboard and mouse?

  • Release on Region 3?

  • Here’s simple advice:
    – Buy if you enjoy single player survival games.
    – **** graphics/textures breaking/bad shadow rendering. NEEDS FIX.
    – A chance for the game to crash if you travel between islands. NEEDS FIX.
    – Don’t get poisoned early game, you’ll die.
    – SAVE YOUR GAME EVERY SINGLE TIME you’re about to leave land.
    – Cannot invert controls.
    – Cannot increase sensitivity.

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