Streets of Rage 4 Launches April 30, Battle Mode Announced

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Streets of Rage 4 Launches April 30, Battle Mode Announced

26 years after the last episode, the Streets of Rage saga finally returns - with loads of surprises.

Hey everyone, I’m Cyrille Imbert, Executive Producer of Streets of Rage 4. It’s been 26 years since the last episode of the Streets of Rage series, but today I’m happy to announce that we’re finally launching the new chapter on April 30! Everyone at Dotemu, Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games is super excited to finally make this dream a reality. As huge Streets of Rage fans ourselves, we can’t wait for you to play and enjoy the  game.

This blog is about more than just the release date. We’re also ecstatic to reveal the return of Battle Mode, a game mode that will help you and your friends decide once and for all who truly is Wood Oak City’s finest alley-clearing ruffian.

But enough talk – check it out for yourself in the trailer above!

Battle Mode lets you select your favorite characters and test your skills against one to three friends across several memorable levels. While it’s true that Streets of Rage 4 is all about cooperation, we thought it would be fun to let you guys play around with the characters and discover which of them is the most powerful, and which ones best suit your playing style. Whether you want to train your combos and specials, or just have some fun, Battle Mode is the place to do it – and it will be available right from the start.

As shown in the trailer above, you can try out Battle Mode with the Streets of Rage 4 characters, as well as the complete roster of twelve retro characters that we announced last week (once you’ve unlocked them, of course!).

These retro features have us super excited, and I want to take this opportunity to provide you with more details:

In Streets of Rage 4, you’ll be able to use the characters from previous Streets of Rage installments. We brought back almost everybody (sorry Roo) – complete with their own shiny pixel-art outfits and unique characteristics, for a total of 17 playable characters.

You may already know this, but you’ll also be able to choose between two different soundtracks for Streets of Rage 4. One is an all-new soundtrack composed by an all-star line-up of musicians (including Olivier Deriviere, Yuzo Koshiro, Motohiro Kawashima, Yoko Shimomura, Das Mörtal, Scattle…). The other consists of tracks selected from Streets of Rage 1 and 2 – for those who want the full nostalgic trip! Plus, you can switch soundtracks in-game whenever you want.

Go Straight

Bringing these pixel characters back to life was no easy task, but as fans it was something we were committed to and wanted to surprise you guys with.

Everything started right at the prototyping stage of development. We didn’t have any Streets of Rage 4 characters ready then, so in order to start testing things and working on the gameplay, Jordi Asensio, our game designer, ripped some sprites from previous Streets of Rage games and integrated them into the Guard Crush engine. As the development went along, we realized that these sprites actually looked really good visually – with the lightning effects and all – and that having them playable was something we knew fans would love.

The same was true for the music. We didn’t have any new tracks to work with at the beginning, but we knew we wanted something with the same spirit as the previous soundtracks. We used classic Streets of Rage 2 tracks like “Go Straight” as placeholders in order to maintain a “Streets of Rage flavor” while testing the game. What we ended up with was a mix between beautiful new sounds and old-school 16bit-era music, and it felt so right that we decided to put all our effort towards integrating this as a feature in the final game. 

Fighting in the street

As mentioned above, bringing back all these characters wasn’t easy. First, our team had to rip each and every character, one by one, frame by frame. This was an exhausting process because we were dealing with around 1,500 different frames. But the next phase was even more complicated because we had to reconstruct all the animations with the right timings from the original games. Because of how intricate this process was, everything had to be done by hand.

Once the animations felt authentic, it was time for the real fun: the gameplay Because all the characters come from different games and because Streets of Rage 4 is a brand-new title, Jordi and the Guard Crush team had to adapt everything to the Streets of Rage 4 system. This meant going over all the characters and reproducing the properties of all their moves, one by one. This process required a lot of research and tuning, because our goal was to be very faithful. Thus, the team had to go over every timing and every hitbox, frame by frame.

Hitbox comparison for the same move: on the left, Streets of Rage 4; on the right, Streets of Rage 2

Occasionally, exactly reproducing the original properties didn’t work because Streets of Rage 4 works differently from the previous episodes and the old gameplay did not feel as fun as expected. So, for some characters or moves, we had to adapt and do even more fine tuning to make their move-sets work in a way that felt fun and on-point, which also meant adding some new subtleties. I don’t want to spoil those for you here though – I’ll let you discover them on April 30!

After months of seriously hard work, voilà: 12 freshly tuned classic combatants and five new fighters, for a total of 17 playable characters! We hope you enjoy playing Streets of Rage 4 as much as we enjoyed making it. Thank you all very much for your support since we first announced the game. It has been an exceptionally long, extremely rewarding journey for us, and you can’t imagine how excited we are for you to enjoy the finished product.

Don’t hesitate to keep sharing with us on social media your love and thoughts for this amazing series. Reading your feedback, ideas, and encouragement was a real pleasure, and it most definitely helped us to give our best all the time.

Grand Upper!

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7 Author Replies

  • All that’s missing is a price

    • They announced the price on Lizardcube’s Twitter page at $24.99.

    • No all that’s missing is Adult Skates and Hd Retro Characters. They got lazy with that part. Who wants to see pixel characters on ps4. Guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too

    • So how come this game isn’t on the ps store yet?

    • I’m with MidwestSavage94. It’s now 30 April 0440 hrs EST and still no SOR 4 in the Playstation Store. What gives? Is it just releasing at a later time today? I also don’t understand why there were zero advertisements in the PS store. Just ready to get this game already. I’ve been waiting over a year since I heard the first rumors of its creation.

  • Yeah you better be sorry to Roo!

    • I’m hoping Roo/Victy and Shiva Remastered are hidden unlockables. The game already has Shiva Remastered as a boss.

    • I noticed that with all the retro characters unlocked, the select screen is skewed to the left by exactly two characters, which would be enough to add Roo and Ash.

      I really, REALLY doubt Ash would be okay in this day and age, though.

  • Looks great! Thank you and your team for all the hard work, can’t wait to play it. :)

  • I’ve been so hype for this game since the announcement. I’ve loved SoR on Genesis way back in the day and am super excited to play this one. Thanks for the behind the scenes insight! Very interesting read!

    • Thank you! Yes we are all huge fans of the series in the team. For me, it started with SoR1 on Game Gear at the backsteat of my parents’ car, during long trips to the south of France. We are so happy to bring it back!

  • Wow, lots of great in-depth info in this article – thanks! It makes me look forward to playing the game even more!!

  • Please reconsider having new versions of Skate, Shiva, Max and Zan. It’s cool having the retro element but as you can see from previous games fans crave for more playable characters. You would be making alot of fans happy if you can add a grown up skate and others with integrated stories/endings. Also Ash and Roo, even Rudra from sor remake. You only have to look at YouTube comments to see this is what fans want. Hope you listen. Other then that thank you for bringing back this awesome game.

    • I second the request for Ash and Roo!

    • Thanks for your feedback! Animating and designing a playable character in SoR4 is a very long and tough process, if you want to make it perfect from both visual and gameplay points of view. We don’t have infinite ressources unfortunately, so we had to make choices. Also, as it’s not a remake but a sequel, we really wanted to have a mix of new and old, so that meant that the new characters needed some space to exist in the fans minds.

  • I’m kind of heartbroken about Roo. He was always one of my faves, it always felt so good to rescue him from that dbag. I really hope you’re just teasing us, and he’s unlockable…

  • Day 1 purchase for me. I put in so many quarters beating the first one in the arcades when I was a kid….

  • Will the game support 4K resolution on PS4 Pro? I’d love to see this art in beautiful Ultra High Definition.

  • Where can I pre-ordered? It’s not in the playstation store at all.

  • Awesome can’t wait!

  • I am so ready for this. Where can I hand over my cash as fast as possible?

  • Also, we (my kids and I) are so happy to hear that the characters (and music, too? Wow!) from the 16-bit games will be present. Way to go!

  • Want to Just say Thank you so much for bringing back such a classic to the modern age.

  • Thank you very much Team for bringing this game to us. I loved the 3 Streets of Rage titles on my Genesis as a kid. Been looking forward to this one.

  • I hope SoR4 on PlayStation there’ll be a Theme & Avatars for purchase or pre order bonus. Also I hope there’s a digital deluxe

  • Can you pre-order your digital copy on the Playstation Store?? Or do you have to wait until April 30th??

  • Well it be available for preorder on the playstation store?

    • Ive been a fan since childhood. Can remember being skate for Halloween. But man wouldn’t it be fun to play as abedede Retro or pixel doesn’t matter.

  • Make Roo DLC please!

  • Will this game go up in the PS Store for pre-order this week?

  • April 30 is too long of a wait, and we need a pre-order!!!

  • Can’t wait!

  • Thank You!!!

  • Can’t wait to jump right back into streets of rage. This was one of my favorite games growing up.

  • If we can’t preorder, will there at least be a midnight release?

  • Yesss at last I can get my hands on it

  • Will we be able to play the battle mode against CPU opponents?

  • Does anyone know when its getting loaded onto the store and a rough price? Can we pre-order?

  • I hope that, on the hardest difficulty, the game is a challenge. In previous games, the hardest difficulty wasn’t that hard. I just takes knowing what your enemies do. Still, i cant wait to see what all their hard work has accomplished. =D

  • For me this is an insane dream come true to have this game coming. Ive been waiting eagerly for it since the trailer dropped back in 2018(?). But now that we are literally 3 days away, I really gotta say that Im bummed that I wasnt able to preorder it on PSN. I looked to try and do so once I got my PS4 in late 2018. I checked periodically during 2019. Since the new year Ive checked at least 3 times a month up to this point. And just this month Ive probably checked 8 times each week. Yeah Ill be happy still if I can order it right at midnight, but it just seems odd to not have it available to preorder. Might just be me though. Im still mega thankful it even exists

  • Can anybody tell me when SOR4 is available to download on the ps4 and a price please!!!

  • hi…I’ve been waiting for this game to release and I’m happy that it’s finally almost here!! what time does the game go live to download on april 30? please tell me it’s midnight! 😊🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • Looks like a cool exciting fun game just as it was in the 90’s but isn’t liking this is being released usually I love picking my items up from the stores that’s just me be great if this got a Nationwide release

  • its not on the PSstore??. Ive been looking forward to this all day!!

  • Cant seem to find this in the store

  • I cant find download on playstation store

  • I see it on the switch store. Can’t find it on the psn though

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