Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5

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Introducing DualSense, the New Wireless Game Controller for PlayStation 5

See the first images of DualSense, which will bring the sense of touch to PS5 gameplay.

We’ve reached an exciting milestone with PlayStation 5, as we’re starting to ship our new controller in its final design to developers who are implementing its unique features into their games. But first, we wanted everyone in the PlayStation community to get a first look at the DualSense™ wireless controller, and hear our vision for how the new controller will captivate more of your senses as you interact with the virtual worlds in PS5 games. The features of DualSense, along with PS5’s Tempest 3D AudioTech, will deliver a new feeling of immersion to players.

When PS4 launched in 2013, the DualShock 4 wireless controller garnered a lot of positive feedback from gamers and developers for being the best PlayStation controller yet, and for introducing forward-looking features like the Share button. This brought us to the next question – how do we build upon that success?

After thoughtful consideration, we decided to keep much of what gamers love about DualShock 4 intact, while also adding new functionality and refining the design. Based on our discussions with developers, we concluded that the sense of touch within gameplay, much like audio, hasn’t been a big focus for many games. We had a great opportunity with PS5 to innovate by offering game creators the ability to explore how they can heighten that feeling of immersion through our new controller. This is why we adopted haptic feedback, which adds a variety of powerful sensations you’ll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through mud. We also incorporated adaptive triggers into the L2 and R2 buttons of DualSense so you can truly feel the tension of your actions, like when drawing a bow to shoot an arrow.

This provided us with an exciting challenge to design a new controller that builds off of the current generation, while taking into account the new features we were adding. For example, with adaptive triggers, we had to consider how the components would fit into the hardware, without giving it a bulky feeling. Our design team worked closely with our hardware engineers to place the triggers and actuators. The designers were then able to draw the lines of how the exterior of the controller would look and feel, with a challenge of making the controller feel smaller than it really looks. In the end, we changed the angle of the hand triggers and also made some subtle updates to the grip. We also took thoughtful consideration into ways to maintain a strong battery life for DualSense’s rechargeable battery, and to lessen the weight of the controller as much as possible as new features were added.

For the buttons, you’ll notice there is no longer a “Share” button as we had with DualShock 4. Don’t worry – it’s not going away. In fact, we’ve built upon the success of our industry-first Share button to bring you a new “Create” button feature. With Create, we’re once again pioneering new ways for players to create epic gameplay content to share with the world, or just to enjoy for themselves. We’ll have more details on this feature as we get closer to launch.

DualSense also adds a built-in microphone array, which will enable players to easily chat with friends without a headset – ideal for jumping into a quick conversation. But of course, if you are planning to chat for a longer period, it’s good to have that headset handy.

Now, let’s talk about the colors. Traditionally our base controllers have a single color. As you can see, we went a different direction this time around, and decided on a two-toned design. Additionally, we changed the position of the light bar that will give it an extra pop. On DualShock 4, it sat on the top of the controller; now it sits at each side of the touch pad, giving it a slightly larger look and feel.

In all, we went through several concepts and hundreds of mockups over the last few years before we settled on this final design. DualSense has been tested by a wide range of gamers with a variety of hand sizes, in order for us to achieve the comfort level we wanted, with great ergonomics. Our goal with DualSense is to give gamers the feeling of being transported into the game world as soon as they open the box. We want gamers to feel like the controller is an extension of themselves when they’re playing – so much so that they forget that it’s even in their hands!

We are thrilled about sharing the final look of the DualSense controller with our fans, and we can’t wait for everyone to get their hands on it! I’d like to close with a message from SIE President & CEO Jim Ryan to the community:

“DualSense marks a radical departure from our previous controller offerings and captures just how strongly we feel about making a generational leap with PS5. The new controller, along with the many innovative features in PS5, will be transformative for games – continuing our mission at PlayStation to push the boundaries of play, now and in the future. To the PlayStation community, I truly want to thank you for sharing this exciting journey with us as we head toward PS5’s launch in Holiday 2020. We look forward to sharing more information about PS5, including the console design, in the coming months.”

– Jim Ryan, President & CEO, Sony Interactive Entertainment

“DualSense” is a registered trademark or trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.

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    • Is this the final design?

      They couldn’t have come up with an all White or all Black design?
      The contrast is real…

      In any case. It’s great that they’ve implemented haptic feedback, the reason why they had to change the name if you’re changing the rumble.

      They’ve kept the same technology as the PS4.

    • shareezyshirom25

      Wow looks amazing. Now we gtta see how the ps5 gonna look

    • Just dont make me wait 6 years for pink.

    • They still are insisting on that useless trackpad, battery draining LEDs, and are adding privacy invading microphones. And it’s ugly.

    • Bruh the controller looks sick!! I’m so hype for ps5

    • Eu prefiro que no meio dos analógicos tenho aquela divisão, pra mim é mais confortável, espero que eles retirem aquela parte entre os analógicos

    • And those terrible, cheap-feeling and slippery analog sticks again? Pls.

    • Its broken… 3 things to fix it
      Make it all black. Looks way better.
      Put the color in the buttons.
      Put the lightbar somewhere else…

      These piano looks never age well… as owner of a dual tone VAIO

    • This is very nice I like it.

    • They didn’t change those darn joysticks lol dang. Not liking the white + black combo, but I think other combos would look better. I’m feeling orange + black.

    • @DocKlenk Are you kidding? I love the DS4 sticks. They feel great!

    • Post my drip on daily just so they can see whoa. Brand new car is noisy 🚘

    • I LOVE IT!

      Huge win over Xbox’s new controller that uses AA batteries and no tactile/haptic sticks or mic/speaker.

    • Nothing on here with ps4 compatibility on the controller, yet its said that PS4 and PS5 players can play together? With such different controllers? The Xbox Series X’s controller can work on even the original Xbox one, for you sony i hope you’d add that to compete with your competition here

    • Absolutely 100% amazing and priceless I love the design i believe it is well polished and I cannot wait to try it 😱😆

    • When does this MadCatz controller come out? 🤔

    • “Huge win over Xbox’s new controller that uses AA batteries and no tactile/haptic sticks or mic/speaker.”

      I’d prefer removable batteries. I wouldn’t have to worry about the lifespan a controller being dependent on a built-in battery.

    • I’m going to be honest. I don’t care what the controller looks like. I have grown up with PlayStation consoles and have been happy with everything. I am looking forward to the next generation of gaming. The hype is now officially real.

    • Longer battery life ? I do like the design just not the colour and I own a white PS4 pro wish I got black lol can’t wait to see the console please don’t give me a Xbox type box … I want something cool.

    • Finally sharing the goods.

    • Sony please when are you going to release your devices in the middle east and how much will the price be?

    • I prefer you would put the colours on the buttons and make it black just like the old controllers….and the light bar on the front just like the ps4 controller….it will be cool that way

    • I hope its compatible also for ps4 pro

    • @TurinAlexander here we go again, because of such ppl we cannot have nice things. If you are so paranoid cover mic with a sticker like others do.

    • Yea looks and sounds incredible. I like the color scheme but hope they are quick to offer all-black options, camo, etc.

    • I don’t see the DS4 and I don’t want an Xbox controller. That’s why I didn’t get an Xbox. Looks like “retro” PS4, PC and Switch for me in the future and I’m truly sad to say that. If I can use my DS4 controller though I am sticking with Sony but please don’t show me the system is an abomination too.

    • It looks awesome!! Abt time for a change!!! Going to try it before saying anything negative. Love the two tone

    • It honestly looks like they are trying to go for a Xbox look.

    • The fact that Sony didn’t say April fools is scary and SoNy that a xbox controller what are u doing this better not be the final model bc this is very disappointing

    • I really hope that if you have a ps4 you can trade it for the ps5

    • I’m saving my money up for a ps5. That controller looks sick, plus the new controller is going to feel amazing

    • مرحباََ بكم

    • Looks awesome and it bit similar to xbox 360/xbox one controller.

      But the new software that they are making for PlayStation 5 controller and design looks very good and I cannot wait to see what the console is going to look like.

      Hope to be able get a PlayStation 5 when it gets released or when the released PlayStation 5 consoles with games design styles too.

    • Just black

    • The analog sticks actually got better u have to look closely but they have a type of spike gripping around them for better grip.

    • ***a different texture around them.

    • I’m imagining some kind of feedback on the triggers. For example, on a action rpg: a strong attack being blocked by the player would have a more intense feedback, as would a strong deflection/parry/block against the player’s strike… that would be awesome…

    • will they make the black version?

    • oklahoma_jones_

      I think it would be nice if y’all included back paddles as a standard part of the new controller design. They could come preset or they could be programmable, it could add a really nice aspect to gameplay.

    • I cant wait to touch it

    • What kind of port is that on the back?

    • Looks very much like usb-c but that was kinda obvious

    • d-_-bSoFabulous
      It’s a USB-C

    • ^ @d-_-bSoFabulous it is usb c port

    • @deafwalrus that’s what she said

    • Absolutely beautiful and devs are ALREADY raving about the haptic feedback. PS5 sounds incredible.

      9g/s SSD, better memory than Series X, Tempest audio, Kraken decompression, VR support, next gen exclusives, and the Bently of controllers. DUALSENSE is loaded.

    • Me gusta eso quiere decir que la consola será Blanco con negro y un diseño futurista

    • @iamtylerdurden1

      Slow down there hotrod lol. What devs are “raving” about haptic feedback? Why would they? It’s not new technology nor is it groundbreaking.

      Also the SSD is not 9gb/s. You can barely get half that speed with the best nvme’s on PC and those new PCIe4.0 nvmes that hit 4.5gb/s run about the cost PS5 will be lol. Pretty sure I read a few times now it will be 1-1.5gb/s. A large improvement over PS4 sure, but still a far cry from a run of the mill Samsung 970 Evo on PC which is about 3.5-3.8 GB/s.

      Next gen exclusives? That a given, but with each generation of consoles we see less and less exclusives. Most exclusives in the past, the studio went belly up or went the way of multi-platform for the better business model.

    • Additonal add to @iamtylerdurden1 since you cannot edit comments.

      Not sure where you got better memory than Series X. It literally has less of it and its slower lol.

  • Is that USB-C port for charging?

  • Shut up and take my money

  • Not what I expected but I like it!

    • Come on, really? Does it matter what the controller looks like ? You already know there will b multiple color combos Sony will eventually offer. As long as the controller works like its designed, i could care less what it looks like.

      The accessory industry will do their part n offer many different decals, stickers, etc to change the appearance of the controller, BET! So let us not lose focus on whats important and what the new controller design is all about. Whole new levels of IMMERSION !!!

      Thank you Sony! Can not wait to give the new controller a test spin.

  • 3rd comment

    • I really am digging that color scheme. Great job PlayStation! Can’t wait for the ps5.

      Stay safe everyone!

  • Very nice :D

    • Hope battery life is better than DS4

    • just take care of it, launch day pad is still fine.

    • Nah, launch day pads were never fine, not even on launch day, worst battery life of any gamepad ever. Later versions improved somewhat but were still comparatively bad. And all those useless gimmicks plus more are here again so I expect nothing good.

    • I loved the speaker on the DS4 in games like Resogun and Transistor.

      I enjoy the touch in games like Second Son and for maps.

      The share button was genius.

      Internal battery, headphone jack, and VR support/lightbar. The DUALSHOCK 4 had great features and i wouldn’t call them gimmicks. Now, the DualSense adds to it. I’m excited. Very excited.

    • Enjoy paying $600 for a Series X then buying AA batteries to shove in the back of your controller.

    • they were just fine, then again i don’t slam and throw my controllers.

    • I love it.

  • Im intrigued to see more

  • Are there several color models?

  • Cheeto dust babay.

  • Looks great! I just hope it still feels like a Dualshock and not a bulky Xbox controller! Also not a fan that the hamburger icon has won out over text labels haha

    • Same! Labeling important buttons with trendy symbols is not intuitive. Most people are just going to call them the ‘Start’ and ‘Share’ buttons anyway. But the overall design is sleek and provocative.

    • This is my only concern. The curve near the shoulders looks more broad, similar to an Astro C40 I returned. I played with it for a week and noticed it was just big enough, and my hands just small enough, that my hands were cramping. I’m hoping this doesn’t do the same thing.

    • It’s literally a Xbox controller that it’s trying to look like a wii I will stick with PS4 and why are the buttons not colored the iconic buttons have no color it just looks boring if I’m honest

    • it looks like the buttons for the PS vita, I think you guys never had one

    • @CainZ7, too bad it doesn’t have the Vita’s D-pad.

    • I don’t know how I ended writing that with a “C” in stead of a “K.”

      An edit option would be nice, but instead I’m just going to hope no one notices.

      :::failed attempt at whistling:::

  • Is this a late April Fools Day joke?

    • I cannot stand it
      It looks like a Xbox Controller! The shape of those is just disgusting!
      Sony, why change such a great part of your controllers that so many of us choose PlayStation for?
      Why change such an important part of the console?
      I like that the buttons are placed the same but if its as bulky as an Xbox controller i might have to rethink buying the console.
      Ps4 Controllers are pretty much perfect in size and shape! Why couldn’t you stick with the design while still implementing the new features?
      Maybe you should make 2 controller designs and have a poll or just have both!
      I refuse to believe this is what you have gone for!

    • Atleast its not just straight black like literally 95% of other controllers. The LED isnt going to be blasting the wall anymore. Main problem that might occur is the grip location for the ring and pinky finger. If its that big of a problem, you can just get a third party controller.
      Still going to get the PS5 for the exclusives. Xbox doesnt have any exclusives sadly. Also, PS5 is going to have backwards compatibility.

      WARNING: should probably wait for more games that YOU would want to play to come out. Dont make the same mistake many people made with the Xbox1, PS4 and Switch.

  • Looks cool

  • I love it!

  • PS5 reveal soon? :D

  • That is one ugly controller.

  • O…m….g…it’s gorgeous ❤

  • My excitement is unmeasurable and my day has been made.

  • What an interesting design, I was hoping that a touch screen would be added to the touch of like the fake leaked images lol but the triggers that provide “feedback” should be interesting to feel. Also, Now that the OS on PS5 is god tier the “create” button should be more snappier when it prompts up on screen!

  • Wow, this is so futuristic looking!

    • Will this be compatible with the trigger attachment that recently came out? Will it have a headphone jack?

    • Si super futurista para nada se parece al de xbox por si no lo pillas es sarcasmo

    • @camaleon251 tu sarcasmo es el más terrible del mundo. ¿Alguna vez has mirado un control de Xbox? Porque parece que no sabes de lo que estás hablando…

  • My excitement is unmeasurable and my day has been made.
    ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ

  • WarriorOfLightRB


  • Since the PS4 controller had a Share button,and the PS5 has a Create button. Does this mean that the PS6 would have a Play button? Remember “Play,Create,Share”?

  • Back buttons please!

    • Agreed! It’s the first thing I looked for in the article. We don’t have any photos of the back yet, so it’s possible. Fingers crossed!

    • Same :-) I am liking the back button attachment a lot on my ds4, and I’m hoping they’re built in on the new gen controllers.

    • If it had back buttons they would have mentioned it. I don’t we’ll them.

  • Looks beautiful

    • Si es una copia del de xbox pipero

    • @camaleon251 En qué exactamente te parece una copia del de Xbox?
      En la ubicación de los joysticks?
      En el botón de mute?
      En el layout bicolor?
      En la pantalla táctil gigantesca?
      En el pad con direccionales separadas?
      En la bocina al centro del control?
      Podrá no encantarte, pero de eso a decir que es una “copia” del de Xbox Pipero (?) es tener un poco de retraso…

  • Yay, thank you for keeping that clunky POS touchpad gimmick. Really awesome. /s

  • Any information on whether this will be PC compatible at launch?

  • ReflectionistBaz

    USB-C confirmed?

  • Look awesome! Quick question, will the PS5 have the Accessibility option to remap all button, including triggers like the PS4?

  • cool joystick!!

  • Excellent! Now get rid of locks that don’t allow recording in certain parts of the game or mute certain song tracks.

  • This looks so good! Cant wait to get my hands on one.

  • DualSense baby!!!

  • Ugly as sin

  • Love it 🔥

  • Can we turn the light bar off? A feature no body liked and now it’s going to shine in our eyes while we play. I like the look of it over all but man is there any listening to complaints. How’s the battery life? I have so many questions!

    • PSVR players disagree that the lightbar was useless

    • I think that light won’t bother, like the DS4 pro

    • Why would you be looking at the controller while playing the game I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to turn it off and the battery life is probably better than the PS4’s which was already great

    • I liked the light bar ._. Ateryu 73

    • I never said it was useless, I am a PSVR owner. Just said no one liked it. Which is obviously an exaggeration because it is highly likely many people liked it. I don’t look at the controller while I’m playing but often play with the lights off so the bar being where it is is going add glare that is shining towards my eyes.

  • I’m really excited about the DualSense Controller. It’s something completely different but it’s also very PS4 based. Perhaps the Controller can tell us a little story about the PS5… Maybe the PS5 is also white? ;-)
    I have so many other questions but I think, when the time comes, everything will be answered!

    I hope that the white color stays also in a few years white and don’t get discolored.
    Sony/Playstation did a great job! :-)


  • Can’t wait to use this beauty!

  • I like it! Would still love more color options at launch. And for the love of god, give my wife a pink option!

  • Simplemente Épico

  • It looks gorgeous! Does it have any back buttons? I was expecting L4 and R4, like with the DualShock 4’s back button attachment. 🤔

  • I dub thee the “Ghost Crab Stick”!

    But in all seriousness I love the design!

  • ok

  • Will there be any consideration to put additional programmable buttons on the back, or will you continue to allow companies like Razer produce PlayStation endorsed controllers like the Razer Raiju?

  • Looks great! I’m hoping for a black model also. I’m noticing that the large light bar is missing from the front of the controller for PSVR use. I’m assuming there is something else built into the controller for this purpose?

  • It looks like an Xbox controller

    • It looks better than the new Xbox controller tbh

    • I really hope we can turn that bloody light off if we re not using VR. That thing sucked all the battery life out of my DS4 controllers.

    • It looks nothing like an Xbox controller. 🙄

      I really hope we can turn that bloody light off if we re not using VR. That thing sucked all the battery life out of my DS4 controllers.

    • Thank you

    • Ya, the grips are a 1:1 copy of the X1 pad, really obvious when looking from the side.

      Not a bad thing though, looking at the rest of this thing they should’ve copied even more instead of keeping all the terrible design decisions from the DS4 like the tiny L2/R2 triggers, touchpad and lightbars.

    • While the Xbox controller looks generic. They managed to make this thing look like an ugly Xbox controller without the offset sticks. I would’ve hoped the new additions to the internals would add some weight to the controller, but sadly it sounds like it’s going to be just as light as the DS4.

    • Nah, the LBOX is trash due to its bulky shape, use of batteries, and offset sticks. PlayStation is innovation; LBOX is imitation!

  • This looks awesome and futuristic ^-^ I love it it’s different and finally a diff color. So excited and proud of you PlayStation. Thank you.

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