Introducing the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment

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Introducing the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment

Elevate your game by adding two customizable buttons to the back of your DualShock 4. Out January 23.

Today we’re excited to introduce the DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment to gamers of all skill levels who enjoy playing competitively. This new attachment elevates your gameplay by delivering more versatility and performance, while maintaining the comfort and feel of the DualShock 4 wireless controller you’ve come to love.

Its sleek design, with two programmable and highly tactile back buttons, allows you to utilize more of your hand to shorten your response time and gives you more flexibility in competitive gameplay.

  • Responsive Back Buttons and High-fidelity OLED Screen: The two back buttons can map up to 16 different actions such as triangle, circle, R1 and R2 to name a few and provide amazing tactile feedback, so you can jump and slide without missing a beat. The attachment also features an integrated OLED display that provides real time information around button assignments.
  • Highly Configurable: A dedicated button allows you to remap back button inputs on the fly, so you are always prepared no matter what game you’re playing. Furthermore, you can save and choose up to three different profiles for use in various games and there is also a headset pass-through for connecting any 3.5mm wired headset to the controller.
  • Developed by PlayStation: The product is tested and approved for all of your favorite PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR titles, and is built with the ergonomics of the DS4 in mind.

The Back Button Attachment launches in US and Canada on January 23, 2020, for SRP $29.99 USD, $39.99 CAD, so make sure to pick one up if you’re looking to play and compete at your best.

Looking for a place to show off your skills? Don’t forget to check out the official PS4 Tournaments: Challenger Series to compete against both friends and others in the PlayStation community, with several opportunities to win, including FIFA 20 PS4 Tournaments* happening now. For more information about the Challenger Series, please visit and in the US, visit the Competition Center at .

*Active PS Plus membership required. Must be 16+ and member of an eligible country. Void where prohibited. See full rules:

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4 Author Replies

  • Will it be compatible with the DualShock 5?

  • Does it do push to talk?

    • No. However you may want to put your wishlist together for chat controls built into the controller.

      Honestly I don’t know how anyone functions in multiplayer with push to talk. Then again if you could set a back button to do push to talk, well I can see that being a game changer.

      Hopefully Sony can do an os and attachment update for this feature.

    • Push to Talk would be an awesome addition

    • I would buy this day one if it had a push to talk function.

  • Only in the U.S. and Canada?

  • What about wireless charger inside?

  • Oo, bridging the gap to the PS5?

    • Current patents do not display rear buttons. Would be nice if this was a standard feature.

    • @Kaze…there are no ‘current patent’ drawings that reveal the controller. When reading a patent, anything drawn with dotted lines is NOT part of the patent and is merely an artists rendering. The only part of the patents that are circulating right now that are drawn with a solid line is the strip at the bottom between the grips. Nothing else in the Japanese patent drawings is necessarily ‘real’

  • Can I do macros with this or just single button press ?

    • I was wondering this too. It’s a deal breaker for me. Useless if not. However if you can remap 2 buttons combined to one, I know a few fighting games I have this would benefit from doing easier combos (even though most fighters let you do this in game).
      Also again: available in Canada?

    • Since this is for competitive play the answer is a hard no. Trust me you’ll want this anyway. I’ve been using a scuff since destiny 1 released rise of iron. The things I’ve been able to do on all of my games has been amazing. No more do face buttons become an obstacle mid fight. No more do I need to assign bumper jumper custom configs for Lucio in overwatch. List goes on. For 30 dollars this is a steal given the 150+ for custom mod that does the same thing.

    • No macros! :)

    • what a shame it can not do macros I wish they make a non competitive play one will be very useful on a lot of games. still I will give it a try.

      Will be nice if is possible to add extra buttons no macros just a single button that cut be use full for some games like warfame that require a lot of button 2 extra buttons do wonders.

      I wonder to if in pc this 2 button can be configure different ? I use my ps4 controller to play on pc to

  • When will it be available in Asia, EU or ANZ?

    • EU release February 14th 2020

    • Glad to see this, wish it came out a few years ago before my scuf. I will probably go back to a DS4 controller to try this out. I see they missed the opportunity to include a volume wheel for those who use wired headsets. Anyways good job Sony one step closer to having a PS elite controller.

  • Uk release needed

  • Are you able to configure two buttons into one back button each on this? For example on the left configure down+square and on the right have down+circle.

    • I’d imagine not. Competitive play is a selling point. Since some tournaments have rules against macros light fighting game events, this could reduce the appeal of the attachment. There is an argument to be made for accessibility, but maybe through the systems OS instead of the device itself.

    • Only one button per back button.

  • Wai~…WHAT?!

    WHY …0-0

  • This makes a PS4 controller cost $95

    • 70 dollars, they are usually on sale.

      Given a scuff can cost north of 150 and pro controllers far more. This is a drop in the bucket. You also do not have to buy the attachment and only have to buy it once. Every ds4 you own is compatible with it. I own several myself.

    • No, it makes a PS4 Controller the standard price. The add-on is not a requirement, and not really for everyone either.

      If you’re into competitive MP, and the cost of admission on any number of the Pro controller options is too heavy to you, this becomes a cost effective alternative putting it at more than $100 cheaper than the nearest Pro controller option.

    • $95 significantly cheaper than my XBox Elite and the Brooks X ONE Adapter I use to use the Elite on my PS4. Like $100 cheaper.

    • I returned my scuf and I cant wait for this , love the feel of the ps4 controller , plus this addition is a no brainer , and a lot cheaper than those other pro controllers out there!

    • Being that you got a DS4 with your PlayStation, this only costs $30.

  • Remap L1 and R1 to these, that way u can click both L1 and L2 easily. I find it uncomfortable when the 2 trigger buttons on the same side need to be pressed at same time. This way I don’t have to allocate my middle finger for L2 or R2 and could use my trigger finger. The back buttons could be pressed with ring finger or pinky.

    • I tend to use my middle fingers on scuff. Rare I ever do a dual left or right press. Not sure your fingers will reach with this. Part of the reason scuff extends beyond the bottom so your ring finger can be used.

    • If you use your middle fingers on the triggers, this won’t work for you, as your ring and pinky won’t be able to reach the buttons easily. For that, the paddles would have to extend beyond the controller (Scuf) or run along the horns (Xbox Elite, PS4 Dominator Strike Pack).

      If you use your index finger for both triggers and shoulder bumpers, your middle fingers should rest pretty much exactly on these buttons when holding the controller.

    • I prefer to map these to the face buttons, usually jump and/or crouch, so I don’t have to take my thumbs off the sticks to perform them.

  • Dope! I was about to buy an Astro C40 for $200.00.

    • Here’s a man who gets it!

    • They’re actually on sale at some stores right now for $179.99, so that’s something.
      Unfortunately, I know this because I bought one yesterday, before Sony announced this nifty attachment. Oh, well.

  • Compatible avec DS5 ???

  • Oh good. My scuf is getting a little long in the tooth. Please make this a part of the dual shock 5, so an accessory is not needed. I’ll certainly grab this since I have a lot of dual shock 4 controllers.

  • Pretty cool, no idea what’s it for though

    • So let’s say youre playing uncharted multiplayer. You need to press jump and you’re mid fire fight. You know there is a ledge to your left that needs to be jumped over to get cover. However if you take your thumb off of the right analog stick you’ll lose aim tracking and possibly die giving your opponent an advantage and lose sight of them in the process. With this you can hit that x button and jump without losing sight of the enemy. Seems like a small thing, but remapping jump has helped in everything from horizon to overwatch.

      Lucio I can now wall ride without completely remapping the character, makes the floor is lava trophy much easier. With mercy I have her swap weapon button mapped to the back. Default is right on the dpad and she’s a character who needs to keep moving. Taking a thumb off an analog stick just isn’t an option.

  • This is a great start but can you make one with 4 programmable buttons?

  • I’m going to XBOX in 2020. Sick of CE-36329-3
    As per usual 0% help from PSN users
    Nothing new there. Hopefully XBOX users are not ignorant

    • Sounds like you need to backup your PS4, and then initialize your system to do a hard factory reset.


    • HAHAHAHAHA – Microsoft users not ignorant – you’re a comedian when you’re not on the blog, aren’t you?

      I have 10x the problems on my XBox than I’ve had with my PS3 and PS4 combined. Games take 2-3 tries to start sometimes, frequent reboots necessary, and continuing a paused game when waking from sleep mode fails at least half the time (partly due to their funky login choices).

      But hey, good luck to you. Maybe you’ll get lucky.

    • You’ll need to reinitialize your system. Back your saves up and do a system wipe from safe mode. Also make sure your hard drive is securely mounted. You may even need a new hard drive if this persists, usually a sign of data corruption from a failing drive. You don’t want to see the Xbox equivalent to this problem.

    • Mad at console because it’s players don’t offer you enough tech support. That’s a new one…

    • imagine complaining about something that has nothing to with the post lol

    • Shill elsewhere and take care of your electronics.

  • So now we know what the DS5 is gonna look like.

  • This is a fantastic idea! Can’t help but feel this is a transitional accesory for use between the PS4 and PS5. What better way than to implement backwards compatability next gen by giving us the option to use our Dualshock 4 controllers on the PS5. I wouldn’t be surprised of the DS5 comes with an inbuilt OLED display where the current touchpad is for ntotications, and includes mappable back paddles. Interesting… very interesting…

  • This is an amazing new device for controller! ☺

  • Better late than never I guess. But I’m not going to buy it, PS5/DS5 is right on the horizon, investing in a PS4-only accessory seems a waste to me.

  • This I like and it comes out on my birthday!

  • So now my DS4 battery will die in 45 minutes instead of 90 mins? No thanks!

    • It’s OLED screen.
      The only pixels on that screen that are lit up, are the ones you see. the black parts are not lit.
      And when you use the controller the pixels that are lit probably shut down.
      Don’t think it will have an effect on battery life, and if it will, it will be minimal at worst.

    • bet you also think the tiny single led that lights the light bar drains the battery

    • Maybe learn how OLED screens work before throwing out complaints lol.

  • Will this work on PC too?

  • I want it now. This is a no brainer. Let me pre-order this SONY!!!!!

  • What fingers are you supposed to use to press these buttons lol?

    • The only people able to use these are people that use the index fingers for both shoulder buttons, L/R 1/2. If you hold the controller like that, then your middle fingers will pretty much rest on these back buttons.

      Thus, I cannot use it.

  • Great Idea, horrible execution.
    Actually, they are so far behind with getting something like this out, it’s almost funny, but I appreciate an official add on like this.

    The problem, though, is the placement of the buttons. It is only viable if you use your index fingers for both the L/R1 and L/R2, then your middle fingers will rest on the back buttons. But if you use your middle fingers for L/R2, then you have no way of easily reaching those buttons. The Xbox Elite design is much superior.
    For anyone looking for something like this with better paddle placement, try the Collective Minds PS4 Dominator Strike Pack. It only works with a wired controller connection, sadly, but the paddle placement along the horns of the controller is the only configuration people that use both middle and index fingers for the shoulder buttons can comfortably use.

    It’s a pity Sony didn’t realize that not everyone only uses their index fingers.

  • A Turbo Feature Would Be Great. Long Have i Needed Turbo For Devil May Cry XD
    & Arcade Style Shooters. When Sony Makes That! You’ll Get My Money Lol

  • Any chance for a Pre-Order date? I’d also love to try to purchase this through the Direct Playstation store.

  • This looks awesome! I’m excited to play around with button mappings for different games.

    I’m especially excited to map the circle button to the right pad for 1st-person shooters. I like to play with tactical button settings, but really have never been able to use the melee button super quickly as a result (I just can’t press circle nearly fast enough in situations where instantly knifing an enemy is ideal), but mapping it to that right bumper on this should help a lot I think. Excited to try it out!

  • When and where can we preorder?

  • Wow don’t see the point of having this unless DS5 will have same design layout as DS4 to use this then. Sony team won’t ever leak that detail out because their want to surprise us or cut are hope down quickly. Anyway DS4 is still great controller and i hope DS5 keeps the same design layout just change mirco B USB to USB type C for its main charging to be quicker plus better analog sticks.

  • This Sony version doesn’t cut it.

    It doesn’t combine button presses (eg. X+O). It doesn’t do macros (eg. X then O). All it does is duplicate buttons you already have. (eg. X in front, X in back).
    If you need the competitive edge, then get the Collective Edge StrikePack which can do all of the above including Rapid Fire, Recoil Reduction, etc.

    I would be attracted to something like the StrikePack if it was wireless only to level the playing field in multiplayer FPS game. I’ve encountered a lot of people who are obviously using controller add-ons with macro prone+shoot, recoil reduction on burst guns, autofire with single shot guns, or jump spamming with consistent aiming.

    Ideally, I would rather Sony ban users who use these add-ons in competitive multiplayer games.

  • Could this be programed by future devs as wholly new buttons?

  • Three questions to Ike Nnoli:
    1) I can’t charge my DualShock 4 controller without removing Back Button Attachment ?
    2) How much faster Back Button Attachment drains my DualShock 4 battery ?
    3) Any plans to make DualShock 4 with already integrated Back Button Attachment with bigger battery or something? (DualShock 4 Pro Controller / DualShock 4 Competition Controller)

  • It’s the last 2 weeks of 2019 and everyone makes a pro controller, except for you. And I’m sure the Dualshock 5 will be the same basic design as the 4, again. Cmon PlayStation. Some of us want better options with better ergonomics, and there’s no reason it can’t come directly from in-house, not just licensed partners, who sometimes have questionable QA issues. You know pro controllers sell, and you know games continue to get more complex and ask more from the player. Every controller that exists today follows the basic design philosophy that you came up with with the original Dualshock. Innovate again and put as much effort as you do into games, into other areas.

  • OLED for $30? Say WHAT now? Anyway, I love Microsoft, but this is a MUCH better strategy than $200 “Elite” controllers.

  • Where can I preorder!?!?

  • Seems kinda pricey to be honest. I cannot tell but it looks like this takes its power from the DS4. That being the case… That battery will die faster than ever before. If it DOES have an internal rechargeable power supply, then there’s no reason for it not backing up power to the DS4, charging, or even supplement / back-up… Instead of an OLED screen.

    • Uhh, look up what a OLED screen does and see that it is very power efficient. I highly doubt this attachment would effect the battery life of the controller much at all.

  • So can I still plug my headset into the controller or will I need a Bluetooth headset if I buy this?

    • Has passthrough so it has a headphone connection in and out of the device one for headphones one to connect to the controller.

  • Where do I buy or preorder and why cant I preorder now.

  • So I have a tendency to sometimes push in R3 when in the heat of a gunfight and most multiplayer shooter games don’t have an option to eliminate R3 (even changing it to crouch annoys me), will this allow me to map L3/R3 to the bottom buttons and make the actual L3/R3 non responsive?

    • This only has to ability to duplicate a button. The L3/R3 will stay functional. Try and swap(through accessibility options) R3 and maybe Left Digital as a lot of shooters don’t use.

      Just find a button that isn’t used in said FPS and change it’s input to R3.

  • But will this work with wireless headsets such as my Playstation Platinums that I paid $170 for or will it cut them off stating that a wired headset has been connected…?

    • It will not state a headset is plugged in, unless a headset is plugged in.

    • Reason I want to know is because my other devices with passthrough have the problem.

    • I bet that if your wireless headset is connected and you attach the attachment, then it will say theres a head plugged in, but just reconnect your wireless headset (turn off/on if it auto connects) and it should take priority over the attachment.

  • Firstly, I am much comfortable with an official attachment than going with a scuff controller. This Attachment is not for everyone and a simple plug and play seems great. Secondly I expect this to be durable and not damaging the controller, I hope the design will take care of that.

    Most importantly, the console players have matures to a great extend, and they need some advance stuff. It would be great if Dualshock 5 has this in-build from day one.

  • Please write
    Where can I order from the USA and CANADA with delivery to Russia or Poland

    • Hi. You can try “”.
      They are a reputable retailer that offers International Shipping, and they offer PayPal support.
      They don’t have the product up for sale yet, so be patient. If not, you’ll have to try somewhere else.

  • I hope the DS5 has this built-in.

  • I think Sony Is going to make another back button attachment for the DS5 so they can still sell these back buttons and make money.But if it’s gonna be built in the DS5 they might get more people to play on PlayStation.

  • Will pre-order be available?

  • This has got to be the dumbest, most greedy cash-grab you could come up with.

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