December’s Free PS Plus Games: Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross — The Official Videogame

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December’s Free PS Plus Games: Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross — The Official Videogame

Agility, customization and speed abound in this month’s additions.

Whether you’re piloting a towering Titan or kicking up dirt on the racetrack, December’s PS Plus games put you in control of fast-moving, powerful machines.

More on this month’s free games for PS Plus members:

Titanfall 2

The only thing standing between victory and defeat for the Frontier Militia is the perfect combination of man and machine – Titan and Pilot. In Titanfall 2, an intense first-person-shooter from Respawn Entertainment, you’ll experience high-speed mobility as a nimble Pilot who can quickly maneuver the battlefield both in distance and verticality. But when the scale of battle shifts, you’ll be able to call in a hulking Titan war machine for you to pilot to turn the tide of battle.

Featuring a critically-acclaimed single player campaign, players will take on the mantle of rifleman-turned-Pilot Jack Cooper, who finds themselves trapped behind enemy lines with BT-7274, his new Titan partner. To escape the IMC and save the day, they’ll have to learn to work together and become an effective fighting unit. The skills you earn in single player also carry over to Titanfall 2’s explosive multiplayer modes where mayhem rules supreme for anyone looking to take the fight online.*

Monster Energy Supercross — The Official Videogame

Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame contains official bikes, tracks and riders, of the Supercross Championship. You’re also able to customize bikes & riders with numerous brands and items to design your ideal rider and face players around the world. The Track Editor lets you make and share your own custom creations with other players. Start with a stadium of choice, then craft away and share it with the community.

Titanfall 2 and Monster Energy Supercross – The Official Videogame will be available from December 3 to January 6.

Naturally, this means you only have a few days left to grab November’s PS Plus games – Nioh and Outlast 2 – so make sure to download these games before December 3.

Also, for PS VR** owners, December features a Limited Free Trial / Double XP week for Firewall Zero Hour – just for PS Plus members! The Limited Free Trial will be available on the PS Store December 3rd (8AM PT) to December 9th (8AM PT). Players can squad up and dive straight into battle — testing out the latest maps, weapons, and equipment. Complete missions, earn rewards, and level up with Double XP!

For more information about PS Plus, visit our webpage.

*Internet connection and PS Plus membership (sold separately) required for online multiplayer.
** Please review and follow all safety guidelines for use of PlayStation VR. PlayStation VR is not for use by children under age 12. PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

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  • Meh. I won’t complain too much, because I am getting two free games out of my PS Plus subscription, but I do wish there were a selection3-4 games and we were allowed to pick two. I realize the popularity of FPS games, but I’m not really a fan of them because it give me severe motion sickness. Not everyone will be happy with everything that Sony puts out every month, but giving people choice might help to lessen the gripes that come out every month of how PlayStation sucks.

  • Heard nothing but good things about Titanfall 2 , excited to give it a try!

  • I really miss the indies…
    I don’t really enjoy most of the AAA games, look samey to me, and well…monster energy supercross? That’s lame!

    My favorite lineup for the PS+ was ages ago, when they used to give one AAA and two good indies every month. I really miss the variety the indies brought up :(

    • Is there anyway to get last months free psn game of the month….I missed Outlast 2 BY A DAY apparently. I can’t post my comment on main page for whatever reason. Please send out the psa haha. Do you know if it’s possible?

    • I’ve been picking up a year of PS+ every black Friday for the last 6-7 years but with this post right here coming days beforehand, I sadly skipped this year. Looks like my PS+ is coming to an end in March unless PS Store can make up for 2019 in the first few months of 2020.

      As an owner of two PS4s, I’ve found cloud saves to be so easy and fast and I will surely miss that. But dropping PS3 and Vita offerings to focus on PS4 seemed like a great idea to me in theory. Instead of 6 decent games with the occasional hit, we now get 2 bombs a month.

      Maybe I’m burying the lead here but it seems like every game this year has been things that bombed. It seems that the m.o. here is that if the game doesn’t sell well, not even for $5 like Titanfall 2 or Outlast 2 than give it away as part of the $60 ($40 if you’re smart) a year admission fee of PS+

      I’m not totally sad though. Every month that they announce the “free” games, PS Now looks better and better especially given that most PS+ “free” games are on the service indefinitely.

  • Titanfall 2 is a decent enough, but it’s been discounted dirt cheap multiple times for a couple of years now. Including it as Plus game is rather lame given that.

    • Got TF2 last year in the thanksgiving sale they had. Now it’s a bit overwhelming getting something for sale one year and free the next. Who’s picking these games anyway. Is it a board, committee or one person. I’m one of those guys that have plus for mainly free games and online storage of save files. But games are so often more than I’m happy, a miss than a hit. Plus is expensive but at times I question worth.

  • Excited to finally play Titanfall 2 despite its regular discounts, but Monster Energy Supercross, really? Why are we being given an advertisement for an energy drink as part of our subscription? When the vita and PS3 games were no longer being included and we lost 2/3 of our monthly games I at least expected consistent quality for the remaining 1/3 of the games we pay for each month.

  • Every year for the past 6 years I’ve renewed my Playstation plus subscription with my xmas money. It was a no brainer when I was getting 6 games a month. Over the course of a year I really felt like I got $60 worth of content or more. Now that I’m only getting two games I was convinced they were going to be good enough to justify the expense. But I haven’t liked a single game enough to pay $60 for. And now that we’re getting awful cheap licensed advertising trash as half of the offering I simply cannot justify the expense to myself anymore.

    • I feel ya man.
      * I Just bought a year on thanksgiving too.
      I feel duped…
      *Xbox isn’t doing any better.
      I’ll try ‘Jurassic Park’ sim game…
      *Sony pulled some shady Bull w/ the advertising in the form of a game…I hope there’s public backlash…

  • I have a legitimate plan for Sony just have one good FPS/Adventure Triple A game at least something that’s decent to very good. Then just have a indie game because that seems to be the majority of your audience.

    Also not anything that has recently been on sale as people tend to buy them when they are very cheap.

    • The gaming market has been flooded w/ mediocre indie games..
      *I like how they use ‘art’ excuse when it’s pixelated low budget ;D

  • Good time. How to subscribe to the newsletter ps4 the store? I ticked off the receipt of notifications, but nothing came to the mail; I missed a ton of discount offers and much more

  • Hey this makes me glad I’m Switching to the Switch.

  • Also its December, you should consider giving out something good.

    Here’s a thought, how bout letting us pick 1-2 game from a selection of like 6 decent/good games each month instead of giving us 2 random games.

  • You can keep your game just give me 50$ psn code and I’ll be cool bt Titan fall2 wack PlayStation needs better games for free

  • I already owned titan fall 2 copy years ago, still great game to play. Nothing for me to download this month. At least the multiplayer community will expand for titan fall 2.

  • Were we naughty? Worst than a piece of coal… hahaha Titan fall is fine but an Advertisement… what a joke

  • Titanfall 2 :)

  • I guess I’ll try out TF2 single player campaign. That’s about it for me this month though.

  • Not even worth the memory. You can keep the your games @Sony.

  • **Let us vote for OUR ‘Free’ Games already..
    Ttitanfall2 is almost 4 years old and everyone who cares has already played it..

    Too bad I subscribe by the year.
    For those who do month-to-month
    this is a great month to skip..
    *I assume most who wanted to play Titanfall2
    have done so by now.
    Esp since it’s often $5..

    ~Overall a average at best month on both ends..
    I never played Jurassic Park(sim)
    & don’t recall Castlevania Mirror Fate.
    is it Lord of Shadow DLC?

  • Os jogos desse não fazem muita diferença ,mais vou baixar os dois certeza

  • I’m so done with Playstation. I get the Monster Supercross game for free already with my Playstation Now account. Why would I want it for free with my Plus account? It’s a horrible game anyways. November was one of the worst picks yet, was really hoping for something great for December. Not a two games that I could go to Gamestop and buy for $3 each in the bin where they put games that nobody wants to play. I’m going to get an xbox one.

  • So one 3-year-old game and an advert.

    I’d rather have nothing.

  • Looks like we were all naughty boys and girls this year, because this is the equivalent to getting coal in our stockings.

  • It’s bad enough when they stripped the monthly releases down to just 2 PS4 titles essentially taking away the little indie games which were the great part of playstation plus. And now they’re giving you a game that goes so low on sales that the only way you dont have it by now is because you don’t want it. Don’t get me started on monster energy supercross which is the biggest slap in the face piece of garbage bloatware gaming that should already be free as it is. Merry Christmas from Sony heres to games that sell so poorly we can barely give them away.

  • What a horrible to end the year. Shame on you Plus

  • I don’t mean to be a jerk but last 2 months haven’t been great. Can we get something we can actually enjoy a bit more ? Some more story mode games that are older I would love, I bet a LOT of people haven’t played Borderlands, or 20% of the games of that nature that you guys aren’t releasing. Detroit was great, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us was amazing… More like that PLEASE !! Thanks :)

  • Now I’m going to be honest lol ..

    Spoke too soon. Never played Titanfall or Titanfall 2, and when I started playing it that night, I knew I messed up lol. But the Supercross game is just bogus I’m sorry. If we can have 0 of those types of games and more games like Titanfall and more Last of Us/Heavy Rain/Detroit games… PS Plus would be impeccable…. but I messed up and I won’t hide it lol.
    Titanfall 2 = Tremendous … Sorry PSN… GIVE US SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL TO START THE YEAR !!!!!!!

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