Sony Interactive Entertainment to Shut Down PlayStation Vue

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Sony Interactive Entertainment to Shut Down PlayStation Vue

PlayStation fans can continue to access movie and TV content through the PlayStation Store on PS4 and via our partnerships with top entertainment apps.

Over four years ago, we made a bold decision to change the rules and revolutionize the traditional TV-viewing experience in the U.S. with PlayStation Vue. We set the bar high and sought to innovate an established industry by delivering a modern TV experience. By completely rethinking live and on demand television, we offered an incredible user experience that allowed viewers to discover and watch content in completely new ways.

Today we are announcing that we will shut down the PlayStation Vue service on January 30, 2020. Unfortunately, the highly competitive Pay TV industry, with expensive content and network deals, has been slower to change than we expected. Because of this, we have decided to remain focused on our core gaming business.

PlayStation fans can continue to access movie and TV content through the PlayStation Store on PS4 and via our partnerships with top entertainment apps. With 100 million PlayStation 4s in the market today, our community continues to grow and thrive. We will continue to deliver the best entertainment experiences across the network, along with other key gaming services, including PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus.

We are very proud of what PlayStation Vue was able to accomplish. We had ambitious goals for how our service could change how people watch TV, showcasing PlayStation’s ability to innovate in a brand-new category within the Pay TV industry. We want to thank all of our customers, some of whom have been with us since PlayStation Vue’s launch in 2015.

We appreciate your continued support as we move through this transitional period and look toward the future.

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  • Will you add the YoutubeTv app to the app store???

    • I sure hope so! They need to add Sling and Hulu Live as well. My PS4 is my main media server in my living room and I don’t want to have to buy another streaming device.

    • I hope so they need to add something you can’t get Hulu live can’t get YouTube tv no nothing. I have stuck with Playstation since ps1 never got another system and honestly if they don’t allow some kind of live tv I’m done the Vue was the best and Playstation offered everything. I’m thinking of getting a Xbox now it seems like Playstation just keeps Nickel and dime anymore even the ps plus the games are games that need extension packs for for the most part I hope they get it together some and get back to taking care of the customers like they use too

  • What a shame! We studied all the streaming services after Frontier raised our cost beyond an acceptable amount. We chose PS Vue over DirecTv Now, especially after AT&T raised the price of DirecTv Now to higher than Frontier. We’ve been very satisfied with PS Vue and were looking forward to more features as Sony updated the app. It gave us pretty much the same channel lineup as Frontier but for about $100 less per month so it was a great deal. Now it is back to the drawing board looking for which streaming service(s) to use going forward.

    Everyone I showed PS Vue to eventually switched to it. However, everyone of them initially thought you had to have a PS to use Vue. Sony should have corrected this and done a massive marketing push before abandoning it entirely. They should have been able to significantly increased the number of subscribers just by getting the word out that you don’t need a PS to use Vue.

  • Sorry to see best streaming platform go. I’ve been with you from the beginning.Will probably go to Hulu Live TV with unlimited TV’s for $10 extra includes DVR and extreme DVR for extra $10 both for $ 15. Content is much the same as Vue.
    Would much rather stick with Vue. I have had same experience promoting due to Play Station name. Typical Sony. I am a fed-up. Selling and giving away anything that has Sony name on it. Had video production Co. Will be ditching Sony in future. This stupid marketing of Sony goes back to VHS-Beta days and repeats and repeats. I’ve had it!!!
    Vue was great while we had it hope it gets picked up renamed and comes back strong. I’d switch back in a heart beat.

  • The biggest issue with PSVUE wasn’t price, although it kept creeping up with nothing in return. The biggest issue was the developers and how it ran. So many bugs everywhere across the system without any real support. I left after being a member for 12 months because I simply could not take the issues it had any longer. Between shows disappearing from the “DVR” to features going completely missing. Shows stopping in the middle with errors and apps not working. Honestly, Sony is best to drop this and focus elsewhere. The theme with Sony is to come up with a good idea, but then completely drop the ball on execution.

  • Received the Sony PlayStation Vue email the other day. I’ve been comparing streaming services…again. Not one of them matches up! So disappointed… Until a friend of mine explained PlayStation Vue, I had NO idea it was a streaming platform! The name has cost them millions of viewers! Plus total lack of advertising…for example look at Sling. Everyone knows what Sling is! If Sony would have actively promoted their service like Sling did…this wouldn’t be happening. I’m sure it would have been the top rated number 1 streaming service. Such potential was lost. How can such a large company be totally clueless and/or not research their product audiences? PlayStation Vue could have soared with a branded name that DIDN’T include PlayStation in it. It confused many people, including me. I hope another company snaps it up and continue offering the great content that Sony started. I WILL NOT go back to a cable bill of $200! Sony, you really lost a HUGE profit maker for your company.

  • PlayStation Vue is (was) the very best product out there so it’s hard to believe Sony is giving it up and calling it quits.

    None of the other alternatives (ATT TV Now, YouTube TV, Hulu with Live TV) are as good and none of them satisfy my wants and needs nearly as well as PlayStation Vue.

    Sony deserves all the negative comments they are receiving – – the branding was horribly stupid from the get go (the brand should simply have been VueTV and the complete lack of marketing to grow the user base is inexcusable.

    While it would be hoping against hope, I hope Sony will reconsider and change its mind about shutting the service down. Failing that, I hope they will sell the service to another company that wants to “win” in the streaming wars. The “cutting the cable” phenomenon is just in its early stages and there literally will be tens of millions of customers during the upcoming 3 to 5 years who will decide to cut the cable and Sony won’t be there to scoop up more than its fair share of customers.

    What a shame – – going all the way back to the Betamax, Sony has repeatedly had the best product and failed to win and reap the profits.

  • This is really awful news SONY! This is another instance where the executives at SONY didn’t know how to market a product. Why was this ever named PlayStation Vue? I would often brag about your service to friends that were thinking of cutting the cord, and I would always hear; “I;d love to try it, but I don’t own a PlayStation”. The name lead to unnecessary confusion for potential customers. Why not just name it SONY Vue? I have an Apple TV 4K, and it finally has the full viewing experience that the PS 4 has. These features shouldn’t have been held back for so long from other streaming devices. That drove down sales as well. I love your products. I’ve been with PlayStation from the beginning, but SONY needs to stop shooting themselves in the foot. Hire a marketing firm from America to help next time guys. They need to help you with product, services, and game launches. Im now stuck looking for a new service that will be missing what i had in PlayStation Vue. Thanks.

  • Can we get YouTube TV and Sling TV apps on the PS4, like, now?????

  • Please don’t do it. I love the service, nothing comes close in my opinion. Please!

  • This is probably the saddest thing ever. Considering this was the ONLY service that gives you access to local channels + ESPN + NFL Redzone. It was a single place we could watch all the NFL games.
    The fact that they’re killing the service literally days before the Superbowl is icing on the cake.

  • Bummed that SONY has decided to shut down VUE have been nothing but happy with the service since it launched.

    That said, my PS4 is my main entertainment center in my family room and plan the same for the upcoming PS5. Other streaming options like YOUTUBE TV better be available for use before the January 20th shutdown.

  • Sorry to see the best go. It should have been Sony Vue all along. Many more people would have signed up

  • The only streaming service to provide ESPN, NFL Network, NFL Redzone and my local stations. Please someone buy them and keep it going!

    • Youtube TV has most of this. NFL network is available with Amazon prime. Not sure about REDZONE. For me, NHL network was also nice to have, but I can live without it.

  • I really can’t say that I’ll miss PS Vue because I won’t miss the increase in pricing packages. I cancelled Direct TV when my contract finished last Spring. When I first started PS Vue it was like $35-40 to start service. Then the packages started increasing to the point where I pay $55 a month.

    Sony seriously dropped the ball with PS Vue. Lack of marketing, increasing prices, forcing ppl to add CC info on PS4 system etc.,

  • I am so upset! I have told so many people to change over to PS Vue! I am not happy with any other service!

  • I just got home, I’m very pissed off reading this article, about the fact that you will be discontinuing service. I have been with you since day 1, I chose you because you offered all that I wanted and needed with the exception of CNN, and the price was right. Plus you decided to end this before the super bowl. How depressing……… I felt Sony didn’t do enough to market VUE. I loved all the sports channels I had, and watching Cosi tv. I don’t understand how they added new channels like Cleo tv, Tastemade, and some of these other channels. Just out the blue the service is being discontinued. Who wants to go back to Comcast with those high ass prices. This is why we came to VUE because the motto was cut the cord so for 4 years it was all good and now this the thanks we get. Sony if you’re reading this comment you still have time to reconsider. What does Hulu, Sling TV, offer better than what you already provide? At least give us the superbowl.

  • This is Truly the best streaming cable service I’ve ever seen, I think this will be a mistake on Sony’s part , best value , most convenient, most reliable, best cloud dvr, this is sad , no other service providers can pull this off . Begging Sony please reconsider!!!!

  • The Vue service is probably the only reason I even still have a PlayStation. As I am getting older I just do not have the energy and time to commit to gaming like I used to. With that in mind, I probably wouldn’t invest any interest in the ps5 next year with the diversity of PlayStation and it’s services being stripped down. Looks like Hulu live or YouTube tv for a year will be about the cost of the next console. ✌️

  • I love this app. I used it through my firetv. It’s the best app there is.. I hate to see it go…it was worth every penny.

  • Well, I never tried Vue, anyway. It was a valiant effort to see it do its best, but, that didn’t last.

    Honestly, I don’t even know why people want to do live streaming and do online streaming-only services just to watch what people want to see from TV and a lot of other things. Streaming everything’s not really for everyone’s lives. Won’t revolutionize everything. Just saying the facts.

    We still do have purchasable episodes & movies to download and watch offline, you know. That’s one of our best methods we’ve had. Far better than streaming, anyway. The PS5 should do that as the PS3 did.

    • Alternative to renting 1/2 dozen cable boxes with a ton of wires everywhere. Only a few cable provides support an app, like Spectrum does (and I have spectrum at our beach house and the app is pretty decent).

  • So, does this mean Sony will allow YouTube TV and Sling apps for their PS4 platform now?

    By the way, I was a Vue subscriber from day one. It really was the best streaming service of them all. I hate to see it go.

  • Man this sucks! Would have appreciated a personal email to let me know instead of sounding like an idiot when I recommended the service on Nextdoor to neighbors only to have someone let me know it’s ending. We just signed up over the summer when we moved and ditched directv because the cost was insane. I hate cable. Really liked Vue. We watch mostly sports and I loved that I could access all the sports channels. Had better channels and still a better deal than anything else for the same channels. Really wish you all would reconsider, Maybe rebrand so more people are interested. Really disappointed Sony.

  • Bummed to see it go. Hope they add support for Youtube TV.

  • Sad to see playstation vue go… i’m having a hard time finding a replacement for what i am loosing.. you had all my favorite channels them some! I really wish you would reconsider and just do a better job of advertising. Just like other people have commented on here, i have suggested you to other people. word of mouth is the best compliment. I don’t hear as many good things about other services. You have the best sports package available, in my opinion!
    I will miss my Playstation Vue via firestick!!


  • Update!!! Just got Roku and YouTube TV. Soooooo much better. Thank you idiots at PlayStation!!!!

    • Streams load faster and studder less, right? That is the one thing I find that is better. I wish YOUTUBE TV had an overlay guide that would be activated with a single button like VUE did on FIRESTICK.

  • Will this mean Other Live TV apps for example: YouTube TV and Sling TV plan on being on PS4? because I wish those apps where available on PS4

  • I am sad to see PSVUE go! I love the way the guide works! I have tried just about all the other streaming services and this was the best by far. Will Sony be offering any other of the streaming services when PSVUE is discontinued on the console?

  • I think YOUTUBE TV will get some more business. It is missing a few channels and I much prefer the VUE guide and UI. However, YOUTUBE TV starts streams a bit quicker and offers a usable alternative. It is a shame, but that is the world of turbulent media business. Pretty soon all of the cable providers will be force to complete with similar offerings, especially now that XFINITY seems to be on the path go having an app. I was pretty happy with VUE and the folks that implemented and supported it should realize they did a pretty good job.

  • My favorite tv hands down. If you take this away, you’ll get no more of my money. Sorry, for the inconvenience. Not being a jerk, I just don’t play video games.

  • Does this mean Sony will allow Youtube TV and Hulu Live apps?

  • I am so disappointed. My wife and I got vue as soon as it came out and we have loved every minute of it. Not only do we use it at home but I drive truck and I use it over the road. We can not afford cable so this was just awesome because it was in our budget. We will lose so many of the shows we love. I wish they would reconsider and keep it going or anything but please do not cancel it. Very very disappointed with Sony and there decision.

  • When will we know about other streaming options? I’m like a lot of other people here we just need to know which direction to head in switching to a different service.

  • This is so sad. I just shut my cable off because I prefer Vue. It is the service I love because you can watch anything anywhere anytime. Cable app sucks because you can’t watch dvr’d shows and also can only watch certain channels when you are away from home. Playstation Vue is awesome and I really hate to see it go and really do not want to go back to cables crap service

    • I 100% agree. Ps bye was the reason why I left cable. And there are so many “T.v” services I don’t want to pay $10 here, $13 there.

  • I am So sad to see it go.
    I loved it so much. Now what am I suppose to do. The cue was so unqiue.
    I do wish there was an e-mail to inform me of this.

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