An Update on Next-Gen: PlayStation 5 Launches Holiday 2020

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An Update on Next-Gen: PlayStation 5 Launches Holiday 2020

Featuring a new controller with haptic technology and adaptive triggers.

Since we originally unveiled our next-generation console in April, we know that there’s been a lot of excitement and interest in hearing more about what the future of games will bring. Today I’m proud to share that our next-generation console will be called PlayStation 5, and we’ll be launching in time for Holiday 2020.

These updates may not be a huge surprise, but we wanted to confirm them for our PlayStation fans, as we start to reveal additional details about our vision for the next generation. WIRED magazine covered these updates and more in .

The “more” refers to something I’m quite excited about – a preview of the new controller that will ship with PlayStation 5. One of our goals with the next generation is to deepen the feeling of immersion when you play games, and we had the opportunity with our new controller to reimagine how the sense of touch can add to that immersion.

To that end, there are two key innovations with the PlayStation 5’s new controller. First, we’re adopting haptic feedback to replace the “rumble” technology found in controllers since the 5th generation of consoles. With haptics, you truly feel a broader range of feedback, so crashing into a wall in a race car feels much different than making a tackle on the football field. You can even get a sense for a variety of textures when running through fields of grass or plodding through mud.

The second innovation is something we call adaptive triggers, which have been incorporated into the trigger buttons (L2/R2). Developers can program the resistance of the triggers so that you feel the tactile sensation of drawing a bow and arrow or accelerating an off-road vehicle through rocky terrain. In combination with the haptics, this can produce a powerful experience that better simulates various actions. Game creators have started to receive early versions of the new controller, and we can’t wait to see where their imagination goes with these new features at their disposal.

While there’s much more to share about PlayStation 5 in the year ahead, we have plenty of blockbuster experiences coming your way on PS4, including Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Ghost of Tsushima. I’d like to thank all PlayStation fans for continuing the journey with us, as we embark on the future of games.

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  • wow! PS5!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • Here’s to another 8 years of excellent entertainment!

  • Nani the f, says who?
    We live in a society.

  • If they’re going to all the trouble of updating the DualShock for PS5, I sure hope they incorporate some of the advances made by the licensed pro controllers this generation (e.g. paddles/back buttons).

    • Yes. I just want a “pro” controller from Sunny like Xbox had from Microsoft. Scuff is not the answer long term.

    • I’m looking to buy a pro controller , can you send me some links so I can research ? Thanks in advance

    • Yesssssss, please!

    • And please a longer battery life! My xbox elite controller has 40 hours of playtime, with the sony and Nacon and other officially licensed ones only clocking like 8h.

    • That’s what I hope, plus hope ppl can use there old PS4 controllers on it too plus games you brought from the store on PS4 to be played on ps5

    • Can’t ask for too much though. Gotta remember, we’d like to have an affordable console at launch! Haha! — Also.. need to take into consideration the normies that are going to be buying the system as well.. They aren’t going to grasp the concept and may not enjoy the experience of the added features the way seasoned gamers would.

    • Will you be able to play ps5 in 4k

  • hype is real

  • YES!!!

  • Can’t wait!!!

  • la quiero para ayer

  • And backward compatibility with the 4? I’m hoping for a sort of Pro Pro mode, that will improve PS4 Pro game performance further.

    • They already said it would. Do people not listen to news? Honestly. Unless they went back on it, then it’s happening. And going back on it would be a bad look to say the least.

    • Didn’t you see all the hype earlier when they showed the difference between loading times for Spider-Man on PS4 Pro and PS5?

    • Love how people are ripping your for not keeping up with every last word of PS news. Elvick needs a life.

    • Facts…They’re just asking a question…

    • you mean common place news for the last few months…. yea that’s keeping up with every little bit of news. pull the stick out.

  • I’ll wait until there is enough games to interest me. Ps4 took about 2 years to really took off.

    Congratulations anyway

    • I’m the same boat. I won’t buy it first day to play ps4 games..

    • Same. Now hopefully the games I want for 4 will have a price drop. Hahaha yeah right.

    • For the info ps4 games will be compatible on ps5 and you can play both ps5 and ps4 games in a single console. Thats a huge advantage too

    • I think you Don’t have to wait because i assume they gonna add the backwards compatibility Feature

    • Ask mommy for extra money so you can buy ps5 games when you buy the console.

    • Yet you’re still here to chime in.

    • I second that guys. EVERY single company is throwing **** to the most loyal fans. See MS with Xbox 1 X, Sony with the pro (like the rest of us who got the ps4 vanilla day one are noobs and not “pros”) and nintendo (new battery with same price and they talk about a nintendo switch 2 in a year as well). Soooo, PS5 Pro in 2-3 years for me. I have so many great games that I never had the time to play for ps4 that will keep me till then. Add to that death stranding, doom eternal, Shenmue 3, Lou 2 and more!

    • To everyone saying they won’t get it day one. Please, I beg you not to. I need to make sure to get my preorders in lol

    • You basically just described every generation of console every launched…ever. Every single console to be ever released has taken 2+ years to really get off the ground as no one has a dev kit to work with.

    • I’ve owned every PlayStation console and a PSP (never did buy a Vita) and aside from the PS1 I’ve waited until the slim revision. I’ll do the same with PS5. See ya in 2023 most likely.

    • Considering it will be ps4 compatible I’m going to buy it no later than 1 year after release.

    • I’ll probably be looking for “first day” console, as I am already refraining from switching from my PS4 to a PS4 Pro and take advantage of my girlfriend’s 4K HDR Sony Bravia… Why switch to a PS4 Pro that barely makes 4K games when waiting an extra year would grant me full 4K 60 and 120 hz on that beautiful display… But, true, if I already had a PS4 Pro, I would probably hold on before making the switch… but again, it all depends on your display…

    • That’s how I would normally think, but I haven’t gotten around to the PS4 yet, so I’ll probably get a PS5 near launch and mostly use it to play PS4 games.

      I just hope PS4 emulation is all they say it will be.

  • Nice! Looking forward to the PS5.

  • Finally the PS5 is revealed i can’t wait!

    • Every since the PlayStation VR came out I have really enjoyed it even from the very first games because I think VR is awesome. and now obviously there are a lot more VR games out and they’re getting better and better. And I hardly ever buy a regular PlayStation 4 game anymore, because I always wait for one of their very good VR games to come out like no man’s sky VR and solus project just to name a couple. so I can’t wait to see what they’re going to do with the PlayStation VR on the PS5! It is easy to speculate about all this new good news that we have just gotten. However it would also be awesome to see if they decide to finally upgrade the PlayStation virtual reality as well, and upgrade the controllers as well. To match the PlayStation 5’s power of course, that’s if they would have to do that. And yes finally make the PlayStation VR wireless.

    • Someone mentioned earlier about backward compatibility with the PlayStation 4. It’s obvious that there will be backward compatibility with the PlayStation 4, because of the final fantasy 7 remake, yes, that so many of us are also looking forward to, myself included. The final fantasy 7 remake for the PlayStation 4 will virtually (no pun intended thinking of my last comment about the VR) be coming out around the same time PlayStation 5. So yes we will probably be able to transfer the data over to the PlayStation 5 with that ability.

  • Pretty exciting. Glad there’s a confirmation at least. <3
    Also don't over censor games

  • I’m more concerned with PSone, PS2 b/c. Maybe PS3… I want to be able to just have one console plugged in and play all my games for that system. And PlayStation could do that if they really gave a hoot. Maybe with PS3… but eventually we’ll be at a point where there’s no excuse. And there’s no excuse for PSone or PS2. Then again PS4 can’t even read a CD so I expect nothing. Hope it can actually play UHD, that’s the only reason I even bought an Xbone S since the Pro didn’t.

    • In the article it says it plays 4K discs. Do people not read the news? Honestly.

    • UHD support confirmed in the Wired article.

    • Should’ve just bought a reputable UHD player instead.

    • He wasn’t talking about Blu-Rays, Alastor. Honestly.

    • Agreed, it should at the very least include PS1 b/c.

    • Your misunderstanding of PS3 b/c is all too common. They can’t just “do it if they gave a hoot”. Unfortunately, because of the cell, it is an extremely difficult engineering task requiring almost all PS3 games to be re-written alongside any actual emulator on PS4 or PS5. It’s simply not feasible unless you want to include a cell in PS5. And here is the biggest problem…..virtually no one cares. When I say virtually no one, I mean it in the sense of comparing b/c sales to new sales. B/C is more of a marketing bullet point. The actual play numbers on b/c games, with a few exceptions, is extremely low. In other words, people just like to buy the old games….not actually play them. Sony have made the wise decision that the exorbitant cost of trying to work with the cell in an x86 environment is simply not worth the return, and they are correct. I’d love to see it too, selfishly, but I completely understand why they won’t do it. I wouldn’t either if I ran the business.

    • @Badflounder, you are as wrong about PS3 BC issues as you’re about saying no one cares.

      Facts: PS3 emulators have existed sometime now for PC. If a PC can emulate the Cell, then PS5 definitely could and do it even better. I also see plenty of people still gaming on PS3s.

      Why would anyone not want to see Sony make PS5 100% BC with PS1-4? If you’re a gamer, you would support that. As a gamer and consumer I want to see Sony deliver the best. Many of us have huge physical and digital PS3 libraries. Why wouldn’t we want Sony to support our investment? It would be foolish to do otherwise. Of course non-PS3 owners would have a huge world open to them. Sony and publishers would make some easy cash from digital sales.

      That said, PS5 is looking truly amazing. I rarely game on X1X anymore. Yeah, it’s a little faster in game than PS4 Pro, but the OS is slow as molasses, and the UI is horrible. PS5 is shaping up to be an incredible gaming successor to this gen’s champion. Sony always has the far better console at launch. It won’t be any different next year. If it’s 100% BC with PS1-4, that would probably crush Scarlett.

  • Can we hopefully a revival for sony PSone such a Arc The Lad, Popolocrois and Wild Arms????

    • And legend of Legaia and Legend of the Dragoon, or Brave Fencer Musashi (I know its from SE) but i can dream : )

    • I agree with Minimox. Legend of Dragoon would be amazing to replay. I still have my original copy but no way to play it as my PS3 that’s in my closet isn’t a B/C model.

  • Completely out of nowhere. Good one. :D

  • the new controller sounds interesting. can’t wait to see the design.

    • It’s going to look very much like a DualShock 4 (this is mentioned in the article), but will have a lot of internal improvements like adaptive rumble, usb-c, battery improvements, etc. I’m fine with that. I just hope they come up with a “pro” version alongside it.

  • I do hope the new PS5 and I am hoping an all new and improved PSN can end the capping of Internet bandwidth. It’s ridiculous at this day of age I still can’t take full advantage of my Internet on a console. I’m on my PC, I can take full advantage of what I’m paying for every month but PS3/4? Nope. So take that as a consideration please.

    • Considering the Pro has already resolved this, I’d say you don’t need to be concerned. My Pro is able to take full advantage of my 600mbps download speed. My launch PS4 was only able to get 100mbps down max.

    • I have a Pro Wally and it doesn’t take advantage of my 500mbps. I had a Pro since launch and I’m still getting around 40 to 70mbps. And yes, I am using ethernet. I’m from the states and I still don’t understand why it does that. Upload speeds are even worst. I’m pretty sure it’s capped. I never seen nor heard anyone getting 600mbps speeds off a PS4. Possibly maybe over 100 which I’ve had in NY but no way 600mbps.

    • I think another factor is the number of devices connected to your internet, even through WiFi, in your home.

    • For a while in NZ I used a proxy on my local network to force the CDN to get better speeds.
      If I recall correctly I forced akamai instead of getting limelight which severely limited my speed.
      These days I’ve not had to go to such lengths.

    • That’s not a limitation on the pro hardware. The issue you are describing is on the PSN side and has nothing to do with PS5. In networking, the speed is dependent on both ends. If the download point is only giving you 50mbps then that’s all your 500mbps download link is going to ramp up to.

    • This is likely due to the route your ISP (internet service provider) takes while connecting you (directory) to PSN. Your ISP can’t necessarily do anything about it either. It often depends on the quality of other providers networks that you are passing through, as they don’t own every wire along the way. Depending on your location, you’re connection might have to pass through old, or populated or limited servers on its way to PSN. Changing your ISP might work as a different ISP might route you differently, but there’s no way to know before trying it. All could be a big hassle for nothing. I’ve clocked my latest gen PS4 pro @ just under 200mbps download speeds & I only pay for 100mbps w/Frontier. (Tampa, FL) They removed caps after they bought out Verizon. My upload speeds are still pretty bad at times though. Anywhere from 3-20mbps. It’s completely inconsistent. You’re kinda cornered but I hope this helps.

  • Let me just take a sip of coffee this morning while I peruse the PlayStation Blo-pfffffffffffffttttttt!!!!!!!

  • Awesome! It’ll take a while for good games to come out, I remember how long it took for PS4 to get good games worth playing. Being backwards compatible definitely helps as long as I’m able to play my games 4k @ 60 fps I’m cool with that.

    • Launch lineup will be amazing I guarantee that! They have a lot of sleepers right now by way of developers who ain’t been putting anything out- which to me says they’re working on next gen titles.

    • You can count on Horizon Zero Dawn 2 as a launch title. ;)

    • I wouldn’t say that. Killzone Shadow Fall was good, if not actually great. Battlefield 4 had a rocky launch but after it was patched up was an excellent game, and remains a lot of folks favorite BF game. And lastly, Resogun remains one of the best games on the PS4 platform, even after all these years. There were definitely some good games worth playing at launch.

    • I’m also hyped to be getting much faster loading times on PS4 titles. I think that to me is one of the most exciting things, that just goes to show how frustrating loading screens have become these days.

  • I just want to know if it will be BC with digital PS3 games.

    • I’d say anything pre-x86 is unlikely, but could be done in theory if the business market is there. PS4 games will work natively with the system using the same architecture across the two generations.

    • You said it. The business market. The reason they won’t do it is because it’s just not worth the investment. Not many actually care about B/C. I know, I know….people cry about it….but when you look at the actual sales numbers and how much the games are actually played. The numbers are quite low, even on Xbox. Compare that to how much Sony would have to invest to deal with cell on x86 and one can easily see why they haven’t done it. Microsoft did it because it was much more cost efficient to do, and frankly they needed something to help boost xb1 at the time (as it was getting trounced by PS4). Never say never, but I think PS3 b/c will always be very unlikely…’s always going to be ps now based where they can run actual ps3 consoles and stream it to you.

  • Oh that’s great news! Glad we finally can play our ps4 games without having to change console xD

  • It’s always more fun when good news comes out of the blue. I like surprises.

  • The wait is on❤️

  • Having programmable resistance in the triggers sounds like a neat feature that will further aid immersion. I like that feature a lot. I hope it finds its way into the eventual PSVR 2 controllers as well! Looking forward to trying this new controller next year. :)

  • Can’t wait! One question, will the Accessibility options from Playstation 4 be available on Playstation 5 at launch? Specifically the button mapping option. I’m a disabled gamer and that feature really helps me play games easily.

    • If not at launch I’d guarantee it would be within days of, but in this day and age I don’t see why Sony wouldn’t just include the same options. Considering next-gen will still use x86, I’d say we’ll see a lot of the existing OS’ make the jump as well.

    • Hope so, but these “Adaptive Triggers” has me a little worried. The X1 controller has “Rumble Triggers” and I think that might be the reason why it doesn’t allow remapping of the triggers in the Accessibility options. These “Adaptive Triggers” might prevent us from remapping the triggers, which is important for me specifically for third-person shooter games. Time will tell I guess. Worst case scenario, there’ll be a third-party device like the one I’m using now that will allow remapping.

  • nice cant wait for it next year

  • CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

  • The news broke today – where do I pre-order for Day 1, and will there be launch events around Europe?

    • I really need to know too. Im wondering if there’s a site or option to be notified when preorder is available?

  • wow! PS5!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • WooOOooW !!! I can’t wait !
    Thx for this information update.

  • Playstation please all we want from a new controller is good build quality (that doesn’t have to be replaced every couple of months), paddles or buttons in the back, good triggers and no drifting joysticks. That’s all. Don’t do stupid gimmicks that nobody uses like the Lightbar, controller speaker, touchpad.

    • I don’t know what you’re doing with your Dual Shock 4. But I used mine that came with the ‘fat’ model of the PS4 (but the model release later with physical buttons and not that touch sensitive buttons) and that one worked for years without any issues.

      The only issue I ran into was the battery life not last as long and the buttons feeling worn out.

      I replaced it and got the new model (the one with the gray color buttons as opposed to the black) and the revised light bar that shines a stripe through the touch pad.
      I got that one about a year ago.

    • Agreed, Vorekdor.

      Hell, with the DS3 and previous, they would never slowly pry apart with prolonged intense usage. Though, I don’t know if that was improved at all with the later DS4 model. Also dirt should not be able to get get into the joystick and screw it up. Come on.

    • Use an xbox controller and you will see how bad is the ps4 controller in build quality. The first controllers the ones that came with the launch ps4’s were better than the new ones the rubber from the stick just fell off but the new ones have a big problem with the sticks drifting or getting stuck. Just google it.

  • What’s happened with the compatibility with PS4, PS3, PS2 and PSX?

    • Well from what I understand, PS5 will have compatibility with PS4 games.

      I haven’t even heard rumors of compatibility with PS1, PS2, and PS3 games.

      I think that’d be asking too much, and compatibility with PS4 games will be more than enough.

      Also, it’s called PS or PS1. PSX is actually a Japan-only DVR device that could also play PS1 & PS2 game discs.
      I know that colloquially in the US, the PS/PS1 is often referred to as PSX.

    • I’m wondering the same thing, I had heard it was rumored to be fully backwards compatible with past consoles. When the system was first announced and it was all over the internet that it would be compatible with ps1, 2, 3, and 4. I remember I couldnt visit a gaming site without seeing mention of it, and now no news in a while about it. I’m more interested in backwards compatibility with the older consoles than I am with just the ps4 myself, since I have to switch consoles and buy memory cards to play older games, it would be nice to be able to play all the playstation games(1-5) on 1 console.

    • Engadget posted a video where the host stated that it would fully backwards compatible with all PS consoles, but it was complete BS because she read read Sony’s Timeline slide wrong.

      That will not happen, from a physical standpoint anyways.

      It will be PS4 backwards compatible, but still only stream PS3 games, and PS2/PS1 emulation has been the biggest question from Sony for the longest time. Are they killing it? Will they still painfully slowly add to it? Are they going to take an open source emulator like they did with the Classic? Nobody knows.

    • PS5 should be backwards compatible with PS1-4. People are apparently unaware that emulators already exist for PS3 and have for some time. From a technological standpoint there is nothing in the way of making PS5 fully BC.

      PS3 did it right at launch. I still have 2 launch PS3s, working perfectly with HDDs upgraded and maxed. I prefer to play PS2 games on them than my slim PS2. Games are enhanced on PS3 too. I see no reason why PS3 games wouldn’t be enhanced on PS5. Imagine Killzone 3 running at 60 fps and upscaled to 4k. That alone should have people clamoring for PS3 BC. Trophy hunters have more titles to hunt from too. The only “hurdle” with PS1-2 titles are the obvious lack of trophies. Sony’s policy with PS4 seems to have been that all games have trophy support.

  • will there be a death stranding or ff7 enhanced mega hardcore pro gamer bundle of the 5? I feel like waiting on purchasing anything before I know exactly what models are announced and in the production pipeline coming out for at least 5 years, and the one I want is released, none of that pre order nonsense. I should also wait for the rose gold pink haptic trigger 2.0 controllers before committing

    • I expect late life PS4 games and a handful of AAA PS4 games to get a PS5 version.

    • Death Stranding will 100% for sure be on the PS5. I imagine FF7 will too because of how late it is in the PS4s cycle. Most giant titles that release on the final year or two life cycle of a console usually end up on the new one pretty soon after the new hardware is released.

      With Death Stranding being so huge, there’s no way they would only release it on the 4.

  • Haptic feedback that means that the controller will have no battery life. Good
    At least give us the option to turn it off. Cause that’s one of the reasons the ps4 controller has an awful battery life the lightbar can’t be turned off.

    • They’re going heavy in power saving for the console so I’d assume they have that in mind when inserting the ‘life expectancy’ of the controller into production. Ps5 in rest mode will consume .05 kw of energy compared to like 10x that on ps4

  • I just hope it has better battery life.

    • Agreed. The Dual Shock 4 battery life isn’t that bad, but it definitely could use some work.

      Even if you turn off the controller speaker and dim the lights, the battery life is surprisingly low.

      I hate when you’re in like a Call of Duty match online or playing like a JRPG and then you get that dreaded low battery notice and you have to scramble to find the USB cable to recharge.

      Speaking of which….
      I also hope we get USB C with Fast Charge with the Dual Shock 5.

  • AUTOMATIC DAY 1!!! Cant wait to enjoy the upcoming PS5 games and the backwards compatibility!

  • Looking forward to playing next game from Arrowhead on PS5

  • Oh yeah baby!!!! I’m pre-ordering the very first day that PS5 pre-orders become available!!!

  • Great I Hope The System will Have Real 4K Resolution and Strong Graphics Card

    • I think that’s the idea.
      I think the PS5 will be able to do 2160p at locked 60 fps, and maybe have a 7680 × 4320 (8K) at 30 fps options for games.

      But I think the 8K thing will be way later into the PS5’s life cycle, and even by then, I think it’ll require like a PS5 Pro.

      Who knows though, right? We still haven’t gotten the official full specs on the PS5.

    • Personally I’m hoping for higher framerates than just 60… At least give us that option because I’d be willing to drop the resolution for higher framerates.

  • looks nice, but i just wish you guys get rid of the censorship policies that even the developers dislike

    • I totally agree! I hope that PlayStation 5 does something about the censorship mess that we’re seeing with the PS4 these days.

      Gaming shouldn’t be politically driven. There’s a reason for why the ESRB’s rating system exists for games.

      I think developers should be allowed to make their games how they see fit, and then let the ESRB rate the game if it has more mature themes and whatnot.

      Censoring games will just upset gamers.

    • Ya the censorship policy is the only reason I will have to skip the PS5. I have moved to the Nintendo Switch and I can’t let the PS5 become a paperweight like my PS4. If Sony makes a clear statement about the PS5 not being under any censorship requirement AND that it won’t make a come back down the line, I will definitely buy it at that moment. Still I wish them all the best with their new console.

  • Very awesome! Here we go folks, the journey to PS5 has officially started today! Will get to reading the WIRED article a bit later, but really liking what was mentioned regarding the new controller. In general, I thought the Dualshock 4 was fantastic and shouldn’t be messed with TOO much, but a next-gen haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers I can SO get behind. It seems like it will be the DS4, but with next-gen immersion and that is quite exciting, and something a keyboard/mouse CANNOT replicate!

  • Well, in the real world I’ll buy it on 2024. Can’t wait! haha

    • Well you could start saving up now and by the time the PS5 releases, you should have enough money…right?

  • WOW this game console is going to be amazing.

  • The #1 thing I want from the new controllers is back buttons. 3rd party controllers have stepped up the game significantly, I hope Sony will catch up. Also we are in need of a stick innovation. Mouse on PC has a huge advantage against sticks on controller, somethings gotta be upgraded.

    rumble to haptic, we’ve seen that on switch it’s not as important as these others things.

    • Not much you can do with the right analog stick to innovate. Steam/valve tried and we ended up with a weird Frankenstein controller no one understood.

      Push for mouse and keyboard support and controller and mouse support from your favorite 3rd party devs for things like shooters. The ability is there, developers are just afraid of a negative impact on their game if they opened up the platform to more controllers. Which is also why you won’t see much support for cross platform online play.

  • Originally unveiled in April? Wut?

  • Can’t wait! I have a feeling that I’ll buy it Day 1 this time to make up for not getting the Pro. It really hurts having the regular PS4 with no SSD lmao. Here we go!!!!

  • Wow! That really came out of nowhere. So weird that lou2 didn’t wait for the ps5 release to boost the sales. Add another 2-3 years max for the ps5 pro and I’m game! Never again day one. The most loyal fans are always (nowadays at least) getting tons of **** until really good deals come up for the not so loyal ones. I for example, got 2 ps4 vanilla (one for US that I live and one for EU that I spend my summers) and 1 ps4 20th anniversary (as a collector). Then, we had the announcement of pro which I never got. I prefer to be on the second category and get the goodies from now on…

  • So in other words, we have roughly another full year of PlayStation 4 games to look forward to?

    I have a good feeling that PlayStation 5 is going to dominate the game industry.
    I hope the PS5 has the function to swap out the internal drive like the PS3 and PS4.

    I also hope that the PS5 has 2 internal slots for storage.
    SSDs are still relatively expensive for high capacity ones and PS5 games are likely going to use a lot of storage; especially if the ‘standard’ will be 2160p (4K).
    So I think it’d be nice if the PS5 has two 2.5″ slots so we can effectively have like two 4TB SSDs would be nice. No one likes to have a mess of cables from external drives.

    Also, I presume that the PS4 game disc with enhanced backwards compatibility will be a thing a not something you guys take away like you did with the PS3 and its ability to play PS2 game discs?

    Oh would it be safe to assume that the PS5 will get a PS5 version of select AAA games from the PS4 and PS3 gen?
    So things like:
    – The Last of Us
    – The Last of Us Part II
    – Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection
    – Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
    Speaking of which, where is the PS4 remaster version of Uncharted Golden Abyss? It’s the only Uncharted game we haven’t gotten on PS4.

    Suffice to say, I hope the PS5 doesn’t disappoint.

    With news a few days ago about various executives leaving PlayStation, many gamers, YouTubers, and general fans of PlayStation have expressed concerned for the PlayStation’s future. However, I’m trying to be optimistic about this and take it as PlayStation as a whole committing to a new generation with fresh & new executives that are a little younger and more able to related to what the modern gamer is interested in. At the same time, I hope that PlayStation is committed to being pro-consumer and pro-old school gamers as well.

    I hope that with the PS5, we get both physical & digital releases for ALL games.
    I really hate how on the PS4, some games get digital only releases and then end up getting a physical release through Limited Run; most/all of which get resold on places like eBay for like 10x the price; making it very annoying and unnecessarily expensive for people that just want a physical copy of a game that they like.

    • Another thing I hope the PS5 has is USB-C ports. It’s time to move away from the USB 3.0 format as it’s old and, pretty much most electronics (minus iPhone still) now use USB C.

      I hope that cross generation, cross progression, and cross platform gameplay is a standard feature through the life of the PS5.

      Please also consider making a Dual Shock 5 and also a Dual Shock 5 ‘Pro’ for the more hardcore gamers.

      Please continue to support physical media. I hope (again) that all PS5 games are released physically & digitally.

      Please consider using the BluRay XL format for PS5 game discs. I presume that 100GB per disc is more than enough storage for even PS5 games?

      I hope the PS5 supports WiFi6 and also gigabit LAN ethernet.

      HDMI 2.1 I presume will be on the PS5?

      I hope the PS5 supports Bluetooth 5.1 as well.

  • Controller:

    1) how will haptic feedback impact backward compatibility?

    2) How do you plan to get 3rd party devs to better support haptic compared to rumble triggers and “HD” rumble? The same goes for the triggers?

    3) is there plans for a pro controller or the inclusion of pro features found on scuff mods and xb1 elite controllers?

    4) battery life , battery life, battery life?

    • Yea.
      I hope PS5 gets a ‘Pro’ version of the Dual Shock 5.

      Even if that version is just bigger batter life, faster recharging, more robust build quality, ability to switch the analog sticks to concave/convex depending on player preference, etc… I think it’d be great.

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