PS4 System Software Update 7.00 Launches This Week

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PS4 System Software Update 7.00 Launches This Week

Featuring new Party and Remote Play enhancements.

Our latest software update for PlayStation 4, version 7.00, is launching this week worldwide. This update includes new functionality to key system features including Party and Remote Play features.

We revealed a number of features included in the newly enhanced Party prior to its beta earlier this summer, and here are all of the details that PS4 players can look forward to experiencing.

Party Feature Update

For PS4 fans who love to play alongside their friends or other community members, the Party feature has been rebuilt to include new features and services including:

  • Maximum number of Party users increased from 8 to 16
  • Network connectivity improved
  • Audio quality improved
  • Accessibility support with Chat Transcription has been added (US Only)

Within the Party feature, you will experience better network connectivity and audio quality. The improved back-end now improves network connectivity and allows users to overcome connectivity issues previously experienced when connecting with other users.

Lastly, the Party App will also offer a new Chat Transcription feature for US users via the PS4 Second Screen App on your smartphone or other mobile devices. The new feature supports US English and converts party voice chat to text, or enables you to enter text that is read aloud to other party members. If using your mobile device to connect to your PS4 during a Party, you will now see a new Party tab has been added where the new functionality is available.

Remote Play

For those who want to stream select PS4 games on mobile devices, Remote Play can now be used on smartphones and tablets running Android 5.0 or higher. Just download the PS4 Remote Play App from the Google Play store to use the feature.

Meanwhile, for iPhone or iPad users, the Remote Play App has been updated so you can now display the controller at all times and lock the screen orientation.

Also, players will be able to use their DualShock 4 wireless controllers via Bluetooth for Remote Play on an Android, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. All you need to do is update to Android 10, iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or macOS Catalina (releasing in October) to use this feature.

As a reminder, a PS4 system with a wired connection via a LAN cable is recommended.

What are looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Probably the best thing about this update:

    – Network connectivity improved

    • Does any One want an update without ps plus just temporary,and if they agree with it they should make more updates like this?umh?

    • All my games in ps4 only won’t be able to start when I start a game it send me to a blue error message during the start of the game and this happens to all the games that I own.

    • Internet is connected and tested as working. But I just can sign into PSN. And the same update error message pops up when I select to download and install…


    • Yeah that’s **** since the wifi connectivity is now broken since the update screwed that up

  • Remote Play on Android, nice!
    Not a big deal that controller via Bluetooth requires Android 10 as that’s only true in case you want out of the box support. I already see some guides popping up all over the net :)

    • Can i get a link to one of those? Apparently my $1250 less than a year old flagship isn’t new enough for Sony to give me access to their controller.

    • Wish we could use are PS4 controller with this I can connect to my phone with Bluetooth but it doesn’t work with PlayStation remote play. Or am I doing something wrong.

  • I can’t search remote play app on my phone(Huawei mate 10 pro) play store, what can I do to download???

  • is the remote play available now?

  • No mention of the new global HDR settings? Would be nice to have some documentation on what it actually does and when it’s applied and when not.

  • Seems like all the attention is on CO-OP or internet play there are still lots of us who play our own game separate from others we are are slowly being forgotten

  • Very glad to see you’re finally opening up to any Android device.

    But why Android 10 for bluetooth connectivity with the controller? “All you need to do is update to Android 10” – yeah, simple. I just have to wait for Samsung, T-Mobile, and Verizon to decide that my unlocked S9+ can receive Android 10 – and they put the unlocked devices at the *end* of the list of devices that get the upgrade.

    So it’ll be 2020 before I can use my controller, most likely. The S9+ is getting Android 10, that’s been confirmed. It’s just a waiting game. And the larger screen on my tablet would be nice, but it’s getting Android 10 about 3 weeks after NEVER. (It’s an older tablet)

    Don’t get me wrong, though – I’m really, really happy that remote play is finally not a Sony Xperia “exclusive”. That was just ridiculous – I mean, I’m not buying a different phone or tablet so I can do remote play, so I’m glad you guys have figured that one out. :)

    • don’t fault sony for google’s broken android update scheme. If you want fast, consistent updates either buy an iPhone or a Pixel

    • You think you have it bad, I have an LG G8 with Android 9, so I expect to be waiting even longer than you. Hopefully I can just use a short micro-usb cable in the meantime?

    • I don’t fault Sony for this – just that adding Bluetooth support for earlier versions shouldn’t be terribly difficult. I’ve got several generic Bluetooth devices that work just fine with all my Android gear. So why should it require Android 10 to make a BT controller work?

    • The exclusivity of the app were due to hardware restrictions and encryption protocols that Sony could control on their devices. If your phone actually met the specifications, you could run Remote-Play prior to this update.

  • Why do you guys refuse to add a play timer to the system? Obviously we know you track that info and use it in marketing emails, etc. I just don’t get why you won’t share that data with us as Microsoft does on Xbox. It’s a neat feature to know how many hours I’ve put in on a game. Btw the feature is also on Steam. C’mon Sony. I’m a big PlayStation fan, but you really need to flesh out the trophy system further….play timers, trophy leaderboards, etc.

  • Serious question, why would anyone want 16 people in a party chat at once?! I struggle hearing what anyone is saying when there is 4 people in the party chat.

    I’m still waiting for the ability to move Netflix, YouTube, Twitch and similar apps to a dedicated folder. The TV/Video section as it currently is and has been, is way too clunky and slow to navigate through to the where it’s faster to go to my downloads section and select the app by its Time of it being updated.

  • Will Remote Play work on Chromebooks with Android app support? I would love playing Destiny on the go with a dualshock plugged in

    • That will require X86 64 bit build and those are not currently done… So they fail to work
      Thats why most apps state to update the OS.. to the correct libraries..

  • Great news!!! Thanks!

  • Im in the Beta, The main launch gunna to be good update!!!

  • Japan blog states Tuesday for release…
    Japan blog gives release date of this Tuesday… yep
    learn japanese or google translate..

  • I heard this update would have HDR settings, are they still happening?

  • Looking forward to trying Remote Play on my Android 5.0 Samsung tablet! I’ve got a much newer phone also but I’d prefer a bigger screen as my middle-aged eyes aren’t what they used to be.

  • Unless this update fixes the problem where my PS4 turns itself on and off that has plagued it for years, I don’t care about it and I don’t want to download it. The PS4 has been an experience that has left a bad taste in my mouth and has solidified me not buying another Sony console in the foreseeable future.

    • Sounds like a power supply issue, not a software issue. If it’s been like that for years you should have had it serviced years ago.
      Anyway, thanks for complaining about Sony on their blog. It lets us all know how dedicated you are to not using Sony services. /s

  • I’ve been able to do remote play on my sony phone for ages this isn’t new for me, and I can link my duelshock too, but maybe thats because I’m a Sony fan boy

    • SONY power! On my 3rd SONY phone now, will never change brands again. Too bad they stopped making smartwatches… My SONY SmartWatch3 isn’t compatible with WearOS, so can’t be used with Android > 7…

  • Finally! Thank you, Sony!

  • Improved audio quality…
    I’m guessing this won’t fix the volume level on wired headsets. I can barely hear with them. Hopefully they at least fix this on the ps5.

  • Can I update my PlayStation4 from here

    • My PlayStation is in safe mode and needed to update but I don’t have internet to update it to the latest version,can I update it here?

    • You can download the UPDATE.PUP file, put it in a USB drive (FAT32), and install the update as you would if you upgrade the HDD.

  • This is all well and good, my question. When do finally get the ability to change our PSN names, an update that has been promised numerous times and still has yet to be seen. Getting a little tired of being promised this update and never seeing it, and it’s not like it’s beyond your companies ability to do it. Stop making promises you aren’t going to go through with.

  • Definitely can’t wait for HDR calibration!

  • I’m not sure where to add this comment but here seems like as good a place as I can get.

    Can we get a wish list in the store? There are so many games I’d like to try but no way to save them and I’m sure to forget as time goes by.

  • Finally Remote Play for Android!!! Hallluyah

  • Cool, i just got one question. Do you need a cord to use the remote play. Or can you just connect it to your phone. Also how does it work

  • Please let me understand why wireless controller can’t work with Bluetooth on Android 9 and below. Is there some sort of new magical Bluetooth feature on Android 10 that the controller can only work on. Very dissapointing update.

    • No, your phone is the problem. My SONY XPeria ZL (2015, Android 6), SONY XPeria X1P (2017, Android 7), SONY XPeria XZ1 (2018, Android 9) can all sync controllers. Maybe your phone has an outdated Bluetooth protocol?

  • No Freesync/VRR support yet? Meh.. would have been sweet on my new Samsung Q80R…

  • Somebody know when the update will go online? :)

  • I could have sworn back in 2017 they had parties to be able to have up to 16 people… but then they removed it, and add it again and say it’s a new feature

  • So the new Remote Play requires the new system update, which is not out yet. So I cant stream with remote play. Thanks. :)

  • My PS4 Remote Play software requires an update, however when I do this, it won’t connect to my PS4, because the system update hasn’t pushed out to my Playstation yet *facepalms*

  • I’m glad you branched out to more device options for Remote Play. My Vita can’t remote play anymore as it keeps saying it’s not strong enough even though I have good internet. Can’t wait til it goes live.

    • The speed of the internet is not the problem, it’s the Ping. Wgen my Vita says “Connection sucks”, I just keep trying until it works. Your phone will only work in LAN, not over the internet, BTW.

  • Awesome update! Thanks Sony!

  • I’m assuming everyone has to update to join current voice parties?
    Waiting on my friends to update to be able to join parties again.

  • Please make the Google App available for your AndroidTVs – I have a second Bravia TV I would love to use to play via Remote Play.

    • If your TV meets the minimum requirements, it will show up. IDK about the minimum specs, but here’s the lowest specs I’ve ised with remote-play:
      – Non-rooted phone (won’t boot if rooted)
      – Multi-point touchscreen
      – dual-core CPU (or better)
      – Has a GPU
      – 1GB of RAM
      – Android 5 (with latest gApps, it needs recent encryption methods)…

  • Has anyone got a error message when teting ro download version 7.0 not letting you connect to playstation network

  • Thank you for finally allowing everyone else to use Remote Play! Now if we could get a Sony/Nintendo collaboration for the app to be on Switch .. well that would kind of kill all non-exclusive Switch games. But still!

  • This is a joke I’m using an S7 that uses android 8.0, I can use my controller on several APK games but I need a newer phone to use my controller on which I’m using with a PS4 Pro that also got released the same year as the S7. C’mon sony that’s just a major let down!

    • Your phone doesn’t have a recent enough Bluetooth protocol. The Dualshock4 is pretty strict on its encryption.

  • Add full ipv6 support….its been years…..

  • Can you please update de store so I can buy with my account from another region

  • So I tried it out this morning on my Galaxy S10+ and it looks way better than my old PS Vita which I’ve been using to remote play regularly. Now I believe the PS Vita connects to the PS4 via local LAN or WiFi Direct. Does the remote play android app basically connect to the PS4 via going out to the internet and routing back down to my PS4 instead of connecting directly or at least locally within my LAN. Reason I ask is, on my phone it’s quite choppy at 720p and 1080p (I have FIOS Gigabit up/down) so I expected this to run smoother….

    • The Android app doesn’t work over internet. I’ve been trying for 3 years now (this app is nothing new for owners of SONY Phones). Even with a private VPN, no success.

  • The party transcript doesn’t work :(

  • Could you guys add the “add dualshock 4” feature to the remote play app on the PS Vita?

  • Was super excited to hear that PS4 Remote Play was going to be made possible where it could perform on Android devices. Even more excited when I checked this morning and it said my device was compatible but unfortunately I can’t seem to get it to work. Keep getting error code 88001003. Is there anyone that can help me with this and tell me what’s going on and how to fix it? I really, really want to get this app to work.

    • Not sure if I’m automatically emailed when comments are given but if not my email is [removed] if anyone has any ideals of what’s happening and why and maybe how to fix it.

  • I’ve tried to use the “chat transcription” feature with the PS4 Second Screen app and it isn’t working, any tips?

  • Let us add spaces in our names
    And let us send video clips to our friends

  • Will there be a PSVita update, or is this the end of PS4-to-PSVita party chat?

  • Downloaded the app on my Acer Chromebook R11 C738T, and it keeps disconnecting immediately after connecting to the PS4. Checked my internet speed, getting 80+ mbs, my connection shows as strong to my wifi. Updated my PS and made sure my chromebook is up to date. Saw on reddit, it looks like a few other people with chromebook are having the same issue. It’s day one for us chromebook users (at least I don’t think this was available before) and so I’m not too surprised it’s not working. Just hoping they figure it out, I’ve been wanting remote play on my chromebook forever!

  • I just tried out the remote play on my phone and it’s awesome I love it, just using the phone screen is kinda weird but after using the remote everything worked out fine. The only thing I wonder is if I have to be on the same network, cuz if not I’m about to be ALOT less productive at work.

  • I can’t download the update. I keep getting an error message: SU-42481-9. I’m disappointed.

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