Share of the Week – Trine Trilogy

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Share of the Week – Trine Trilogy

An enchanted world comes to life.

Last week, we asked you to head into the magical world of Trine Trilogy. From storybook landscapes to wizard’s labs, here were your fantastical shares:

The archer moves across an ornate bridge.

The archer approached a spectacle of light.

A rainbow is perfectly framed by vines and flowers.

A wizard guards himself from the light.

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Theme: Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
Share by: 9am Pacific on Thursday, October 10

We’re casting a spell and announcing next week’s theme a little ahead of the game’s launch! Share magical moments from Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince when it’s out on PS4 Oct. 8 for a chance to be featured. Don’t worry, we’ll leave submissions open for an extra day to give you plenty of time.

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  • Honored to win.

    Games without photo mode are difficult to capture for, but Trine is beautiful and it shows. It’s actually a very solid series and 1 & 2 were masterfully executed on PS4.

    Concrete Genie comes October 8th and has a wonderful photo mode from what i’ve heard. Please do Concrete Genie and MediEvil after Trine 4.

  • I’ll look forward to seeing some screens for Trine 4 next week.

  • Wow did only one person enter this week? Lol had to be since all of them here are from him.

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