Live-Action Thriller Erica Launches Right Now on PS4

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Live-Action Thriller Erica Launches Right Now on PS4

Shape the story in this cinematic murder mystery, out now on PlayStation Store.

Immerse yourself in a mysterious and gripping story on your PS4 with ERICA, an interactive thriller which is available right now at PlayStation Store after its stealth announcement and release today.

This groundbreaking experience from Flavourworks marries high-fidelity film production values with engaging tactile gameplay and features a haunting score by acclaimed composer Austin Wintory (Journey).

Here’s what you need to know.

You’re in the middle of a life-long murder mystery

In the pioneering live-action cinematic experience, your decisions will shape the fate of Erica, a young woman who’s thrust into the middle of a murder mystery that’s somehow connected to her family’s history and the traumatic events that impacted her childhood.

As she meets a growing cast of old family friends and new acquaintances, you must separate fact from fiction, truth from lie to decide what is the real story that ties past and present together.

You decide how the story unfolds

Use your DualShock 4 controller’s touchpad or the touchscreen of your mobile device* to dramatically shape your relationships in ERICA’s multi-branching narrative. Dialogue choices will unfold seamlessly on screen as part of the ongoing conversation. Be warned though: you have limited time to decide how to respond.

ESRB: Mature

You decide how you interact with the world

You can physically interact with your surroundings, and with a great degree of finesse. Carefully place a record player’s needle onto a vinyl, rapidly wipe the condensation off a mirror. Slowly peek through doors to spy on people unseen..

ESRB: Mature

Your story, your fate

ERICA will play out as a live-action experience shaped by your actions. Any one choice can lead to a different perspective on the events surrounding Erica’s current dilemma and you can find yourself in wholly unique situations. As such, there are many ways this story can end. How it does is up to you.

ESRB: Mature

Experience Erica’s journey and decide her fate right now. The game is available at PlayStation Store for $9.99.

*ERICA app and iOS 9.0 and Android 4.4 and above required. Most iOS and Android mobile devices that run the firmware versions referenced are compatible. Some apps may interfere with ERICA app. Some devices are incompatible with ERICA app.

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