PlayStation Plus: Free Games for July

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for July

Updated July 2, 2019: Enjoy some classic arcade racing in Horizon Chase Turbo.

Update: We are making a swap to the PS Plus games lineup for July. This month, we are adding Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition, which also includes Heavy Rain, to the July games lineup instead of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Here’s more information about Detroit: Become Human, which will be available to PS Plus members along with Horizon Chase Turbo from July 2 to August 5.

Detroit: Become Human Digital Deluxe Edition

In Detroit: Become Human, discover what it really means to be human in a powerful, emotional journey made of choice and consequences. Set in Detroit City during the year 2038, the city has been revitalized by the invention and introduction of Androids into everyday life. But when Androids start behaving as if they are alive, events begin to spin out of control. Step into the roles of the story’s pivotal three playable characters, each with unique perspectives as they face their new way of life.

Take to the pitch in an acclaimed football simulator and put the pedal to the metal in a nostalgic arcade racer with your next batch of PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for July.

Let’s take a closer look:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

From Konami’s long-running sports franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 features a huge selection of real-world licensed leagues alongside hundreds of familiar players, bringing the thrill of global competition directly to your living room.

Create magic moments on and off the pitch, with each player possessing their own traits that will affect how they react in the moment, while myClub and Master League modes allow you to pursue your own club career. Enjoy local play for up to 4 players, or go online* and test your skills against the world.

Horizon Chase Turbo

Prepare for a blast of pure ‘90s nostalgia with Horizon Chase Turbo, a love-letter to the iconic, just-one-more-go racers of the arcade’s golden age.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Out Run, Top Gear and Rush, developer Aquiris Game Studio captures the essence of the 16-bit era with style, with modern visuals, a soundtrack with insane arpeggios, and classic split-screen couch multiplayer.

Play solo or grab up to three friends. You’ll pilot your car through extraordinary places, watching the sun setting, facing rain, snow, volcanic ashes and even severe sandstorms.

Both Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Detroit Become Human and Horizon Chase Turbo are available to download from PlayStation Store on July 2 until August 5.

In the meantime, you still have a few days left to pick up June’s two PlayStation Plus titles.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection is a bumper bundle of both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-sequel, featuring hours of first-person looting and shooting, while Sonic Mania is a carefully crafted remix of Sega’s iconic platformer hero, retooled with extra modes, characters and stages.

If you haven’t downloaded these yet, fear not: both are available to download for active PS Plus members until July 1.

Let us know your thoughts on June and July’s titles and we’ll see you again next month.

*Internet connection and PS Plus membership required for online multiplayer.

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  • Add me to the list of those disappointed in the July lineup. A triple A title is nothing to sneeze at, but I couldn’t care less about soccer and the racing game looks pretty bad. Looks like my backlog will not be growing this month.

  • LMAO this line up is sad. Can’t wait to see how much more disappointing next month’s lineup will. These offerings are getting worse and worse. And of course still nothing to make up for removing PS3 and Vita game offerings. PS+ is losing value and justifying the amount is getting harder and harder. I’ve already stopped my sub, the only thing I ever used it for were the free games and uploading save files. Having to pay for online still feels like a massive ripoff.

  • A soccer and racing game in the same month? Way to cater to the underdog this month. At I have the Handsome Collection to keep me busy.

  • As usual the comments are full of people whining about things that they get essentially for free. Not to mention buying a year of PS+ equates to less than $10 a month, and you are objectively getting $40+ worth of games every month. I don’t know HOW you do the math to make that…not a gain.

    I’m not at all interested in either of these games, and I’m disappointed with the move to only two games per month, but I’m not so entitled as to believe that Sony MUST fulfill my three wishes or they are directly attacking me as a customer.

    I pay for PS+ for various benefits such as cloud save storage, online play, free games, exclusive benefits within games (particularly extra free stuff in free to play games),ect., and I recognize that most of these benefits are not at all required to be given to me just because I have the console. Moreover, I recognize that Sony is a business, not a charity. It is not their obligation to give me whatever I want.

    Sony has lost a lot of my faith and loyalty in recent years, but I know throwing a tantrum like an upset 12 year old won’t accomplish anything.

    I just hope that one day people will grow up and we can have a community that actually discusses things, rather than blind name calling because someone doesn’t agree with you.

    • Your standards of what makes for decent service are appallingly low. That’s not our fault.

    • Well of course if people is shelling out their money for something they expect some stuff for I get a free game I’m still going to download both of them cuz they’re free least I have them in my library but most people aren’t complaining they’re just voicing their opinions and you’re right there are company do you need to make money and you are right the free games free features the free add-ons it’s cool some people want more for their money

    • I’m not sure about your math either… Why the hell are you paying close to $120 a year for plus? And if you are, why aren’t you upset about it or the games being offered?

    • We certainly are not getting $40 worth games every month. Where did you get that figure? These games go on sale all of the time. It’s bargain bin scraps. None of this is “free” if we’re paying for it.

      Yes, we do get perks for being plus members, as we should. However, if we expect to get better services and goods provided, we have to voice our opinions so sony sees something is severely lacking.

      They are losing customers and losing money. If they do not make changes to the service to make it appealing to their users, they’ll eventually stop subscribing, or worse, change to another platform that offers more value per-dollar.

  • And here I was thinking that we were gonna get some of those terrible games from the last Flash Sale, but this is worse.

  • A crappy month for me. I hate sport games (especially football) and I played horizon to death in the 90s (where it should have stayed). I hope next month is better or I’ll have to reconsider my subscription.

  • Horizon Chase Turbo is amazing!
    I already have it in my account and recommend anyone to play it, as it is fun, nostalgic and challenging. .

    Now, PES 2019, a soccer game? Gee… such a disappointment.

    Sony, you have recentely raised the PS Plus subcription price.
    Start offering better monthly free games and more games per month.

  • It’s a shame to offer Plus on discounted sale then show us a month that says you get what you pay for. And yeah it still bugs me, only 2 games? Where are the Plus PSVR games to replace the Vita / PS3 categories?

    GamePass for PC is a great zero to hero alternative at the moment. You don’t have to pay for multiplayer to enjoy some decent 1st party and 3rd party titles either. Luckily this works great for those who do not wish to invest in a 2nd console. The PC in itself has many uses.

  • It’s like you’re trying to tick off as many customers as possible at this point, Sony. Just, ugh.

  • I wish we could skip a month with PS+ sometimes. It’s been nowhere near as good this year as it used to be (bring back PS3 and Vita games!), but this month is awful.

  • Is this a mid-season April’s Fools day joke?

  • If I didn’t already have a PS+ sub through 2020, I probably wouldn’t renew. They drop PS3/Vita and give us garbage, basically.

  • People crying in 3… 2.. 1.

  • Honestly people, PS+ has been very disappointing for the past 2 years now. Flash sales and PS+ sale prices have been horrible, egregious even. The days when Plus was worth its value are long gone. I had Plus since the beginning, and even went as far as adding 4 years to my subscription 3 years ago. I will not be renewing when my Plus subscription finally ends in less than 12 months. Don’t buy in to all of these heavily discounted 12-month subscriptions that have been popping up all over the place since last month. There’s a reason why there are so many deals on it. People are not putting up with Sony’s devaluation of the PS+ subs any longer. Monthly games have been trash. XB1 sales have been significantly better. It’s time to move on!

  • Extremely disappointed in the games offered this month and will not continue a PS Plus membership if it’s likely that future months would have such awful selections.

  • When are we getting more vr games rather a vr game than a stupid football I won’t even download

  • I never complained about PS+ games before and I never comment. Don’t expect AAA games for 5 euros but this month’s lineup was weak. And given the fact you took away PS3 and Vita, it looks wrong. If you are a soccer fan you already got FIFA in your library and if you are not, why should you try out a mediocre game? There are many indies more people would enjoy than a AAA sports game. Sony, if you are listening, reading these comments, know that you are pushing people away. On top of this PS+ loss in value, there’s the censorship controversy and many other issues that makes me think more and more people would move to xbox next gen or PC… Even Stadia (if that’s not a total flop).

    • Stadia is already a flop, doesn’t stand a snowballs’ chance, the infrastructure is just not there yet for the grand majority of folk.

  • Ok, nice lineup for April’s fool, but it’s not April now, so, give the correct lineup now please

  • Looking forward to it. Love my racer & sports

  • Excellent, nice month

  • Sony took PS3 games away, took Vita games away. What in return? Nothing, not even better PS4 games. Couldnt even PSVR games?

  • Major nope, anyone remotely interested in something as tedious as PES already has it, wouldn’t download it if I even cared about it, Konami are never getting anything from me again, scum.

  • Uh, wow. I am not usually one to cry and complain on here, but this is probably the single worst month for PS+ there has ever been. I can’t imagine August won’t be an improvement. Hell, unless August is Barbies Fun Adventure and Leisure Suit Larry, I don’t see how August couldn’t be an improvement.

  • “Hey guys, check out what we’re giving you, you’ll love it. It’s three words, and the first one is ‘Horizon’. LUL No, not that one, the f2p mobile game, dummy!”

    Seriously, someone should be fired. I’m fine with PES. Not everything is for me and sports games are huge. Maybe I’ll dig it, who knows?

    That other game though. Sony seems to think that they’re invincible. We seem to be looking at different Horizons again.

  • In my honest opinion, most sports games especially soccer has to be one of the most dull and boring games I’ve ever seen or attempted to play. And over the years as of late I have been growing more picky about what games I wish to spend my time playing both of these games don’t even come close to fitting this criteria. I don’t care how popular sports games are but don’t really have a voice, they just fill the shelves. No offense to any of you that actually look forward to playing these. I am incredibly disappointed in the free games this month hopefully next month will be a much better choice.

  • My backlog thanks you. It will get some love throughout July since these titles have zero interest to me.
    I think, however, that you may want to reconsider the PS+ program.
    The quality of titles is less than adequate the majority of the year. Last month was a step forward, but this month is definitely lackluster. Just make it an indie based program, or go one AAA, one indie. Or alternate months! Make them theme based! Or genre based! Even better, start adding a VR game to the mix to show how much support you are going to provide as you transition over to the PS5. Don’t go all Vita on PSVR (and I love my vita!).
    There is so much potential, yet most months are letdowns. At least do something to acknowledge that your audience is upset with how the program is currently.

  • Soccer is the most popular game in the world because it’s the cheapest game to play. Any 3rd world country can start their own soccer league.

  • Eh.. not a great lineup. I used to play PES as a kid, didn’t like the games too much then switched to FIFA, the better of the two. The indie racing game looks a little fun, but not something I’d play. Won’t be downloading either of these.

    • Free games for PS Plus will always be behind Xbox Live Games with Gold. Xbox gives more games away per month and they’re normally fantastic games.

      Same with Game Pass, much better than PS Now and much better games.

  • first you take away PS3 and vita games already lowering the value of Plus now you are only giving us sports games and Indy titles this is utter garbage considering how many first party titles you have that are good that you could give us but a sports game now your just stealing my money and giving me nothing in return

    and anyone saying but thy are free games NO thy are not thy are a part of the reason to even buy Plus so i expect better for what im paying for

    adding sports games to Plus is a grate way to kill Plus

    at this point i am feeling like plus is not worth it any game i use it to play online with i can get on PC and the exclusive PS4 games i play are not multi player so for me the only reason to pay for Plus are the games so if that is the reason i pay for plus and i feel the games are not worth the price why should i pay for plus anymore

    honestly Sony Nintendo and MS have already made there consoles irrelevant pleas don’t make the PlayStation irrelevant also otherwise next gen i might as well just buy a new PC

  • July ps plus line up , huge disappointment, bring on something free in psvr.
    I pay for the service,, wouldn’t give either game a 2nd look.

  • In my opinion, more than two games should be offered. People who use the membership should be able to vote on which of the two they want. I’m sure this would help render situations like this

  • I think Sony should start adding 3-4 games per month. A couple of VR games, normal games etc, but we as users still choose 2 games from that. Still, not everyone have VR equipment.

  • Another month of rubbish.

  • Not going to lie neither of these games seems interesting to me. Not a big soccer fan at all. Was hoping for some more multi-player games but hopefully in the future.

  • The last few months plus games have sucked so bad.. this is horrid.

  • First month I legitimately have zero interest in any games and don’t even want to spend the 20 seconds to add to my library. We only get 2 now and this is what we get? Weak.

  • I have been a PS+ member since the beginning and this will be the first month I don’t add the games to my library. Can’t please everyone that’s for sure. This seems like a UK line up. How about adding a PSVR game once in a while. Don’t lose sight of what you did to get on top. The exclusives have been outstanding. Hopefully that never changes.

  • so much crying over free games. either it’s something you want or wanna try or it’s not. so tired of the whiny kids.

    • thy are not free games thy might call them free games but thy are not if thy were truly free games you would not have to pay for a service to get them and if you stop paying for that service you would not loose access to them you would just get to keep them considering niter of these are the case thy are clearly not free thy are an advertised part of the service and their for thy are fair to complain about just as any other part of the service

      also for people like me who barely play multiplayer games the “free” games are the only reason to pay for PS Plus and was why i have payed for plus from day one even before it was required for online play so if thy suck it sucks just hat much more to pay to get games you don’t even care about

      and i don’t care if thy are Indy games just no sports games anyone who actually wants one gets them day one and if you did not get it day one you probably have no interest in them what so ever sports games are literally worth next to nothing the day after thy come out

      sports games hold their value less then a happy meal toy at least in 20 year the happy meal toy will be worth something to someone a sports game 20 years later is worth nothing to everyone

  • This is my theory about choosing lineups each month, maybe certain publishers are saying no to Sony about making a game free on ps plus therefore devs and publishers want to keep selling their games at a premium price, that’s just my theory

  • So like I’m completely fine with these new games, especially if they do like sports this month, shooters next, and so on. And I’m fine that they aren’t AAA or anything like one of the best parts of PS+ is getting to try different games, indie or otherwise, that I’d probably never pickup myself. I’m kinda irritated though that we got PS3 game and Vita games snatched but nothing really given back to make up for that value. Like how ’bout 3 games a month two big one indie. Or like a 30$ game + 20$ game + 10$ game so its varied value but still a good amount. But why am I paying the same 60$ for a membership that’s overall giving me less now? That’s my only thing. I’ll be waiting for August’s lineup.

  • Whomp whomp

  • Thanks for n…, What’s next? Cricket 19?

  • In my case it’s like 68% of the others on yt.. i dislike.
    So yes we can complain.. dropping from 6 to 2 free games.. a raise of 40% in the last years.. and load of crappy games. But people get hyped hearing about ps5.. deep sigh.. and that.. grrr

  • Well, looks like I won’t be downloading either of them. Not really into sports games or car racing games. Kind of wished they gave you option to choose from to download for the month.


    PS Plus Bronze: Multiplayer and Cloud Saves. $20 a year
    PS Plus Silver: Multiplayer, Cloud Saves, and the PS Plus Discount on games. $40 a year.
    PS Plus Gold: Multiplayer, Cloud Saves, and the PS Plus Discount on games, and the PS Plus Games each month. $60 a year.

    I’ve been a Sony guy forever and even I can’t defend this month’s lineup. Spread this idea wherever you can!

  • Wow. Each month I tell myself it cant get any worse. And each month I continue to be amazed by Sony figuring out how to prove me wrong! We are now so bad that they are giving us knockoffs of old 16 bit games? I didnt pay $500 for a ps4 pro to play 16 bit games!! Ridiculous sony!

  • Thanks PS plus for providing 2 more games into my massive 200 game collection. For me, PS Plus provides a chance to get games that I’ve overlooked or may not have chosen otherwise. I don’t have either games this month so 2 thumbs up. I I also purchase digital games that are on sale. I’ve also purchased multi-years of PS Plus when it’s on sale. I mostly play offline but many games have moved online so having PS Plus is mandatory. So I’m always surprised by the negative comments. PS Plus recently added capabilities, through an update, to play games anywhere on various devices and it also added storage space for game saves in the cloud.
    The bad: yes it sucks to get less games than before and less than the current Microsoft competitor gives away in its monthly services. However most of this extra cross play games sucked, either graphic wise or quality or both. So i dont feel that I’m missing out on much for my less than $4 per month. Would you disagree?

  • It’s okay to not like sports or racing games, just as much as it is to dislike sports and racing games. I feel like this will appeal to a lot of people, but not some of us. A majority of us? Who knows and who really cares? I feel like the titles have been pretty weak, as of late (my opinion… that’s all) and I hope that Sony gives us some awesome/better SINGLE player AAAs for the remainder of the summer and fall months. Still missing my PS3/Vita titles and looking forward to a VR title, along with the now regular 2 PS4 titles.

    • DReam on, they stopped giving vita and ps3 titles and the offering is dropping month by month to allmost worthless. Better give nothing to not frustrate all these people.

  • Sony totally blew the perfect occasion to become the official winner of E3 without even participating. All they had to do is give ps plus subscribers a good (at least one out of two ) game that we could shove into the competitors faces but here we are – a soccer game from the dying breath of konami and a mobile arcade retro racer that somehow made it to ps4… What a shame.

  • Ok, once again PlayStation is laughing at us.
    This July they Will give us a Mobile game. And PES 19.
    I mean. Im not saying PES sucks because y like fifa. The issue here is that of you like and follow games like fifa, pes, NBA, or Andy Other sport game. You dong Walt 10 months yo get it. You buy it Whedon IT launches. So this PES game this month bits useless. People already have it or they justo dont care about it.
    Once again, PlayStation is laughing at us.

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