June’s Free PS Plus Games are Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Sonic Mania

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June’s Free PS Plus Games are Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Sonic Mania

Revisit Gearbox’s hit FPS series or indulge in some vintage platforming action.

June’s monthly free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers offer a heady mix of high-speed retro platforming and over-the-top shoot ‘n’ loot FPS action, available to download starting next week on June 4. Let’s take a closer look.

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection

June’s Free PS Plus Games are Borderlands: The Handsome Collection and Sonic Mania

Getting excited for the freshly announced Borderlands 3, launching later this year? Now is the time to revisit the franchise with Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which includes both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, and get reacquainted with Gearbox’s hilarious loot-focused FPS series.

Not only does The Handsome Collection include all DLC for both titles, enhanced local multiplayer and remastered visuals, but if you played either title on PS3 you can carry over your save data and can pick up where you left off in the PS4 version.

Sonic Mania

The blue blur returned in style in 2017 with this lovingly-crafted throwback to the Sega icon’s 2D side-scrolling roots, tailor-made to put an ear-to-ear grin on the faces of the Sonic faithful.

You know the drill: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles face off against their old nemesis, Dr. Eggman, across a mix of re-imagined classic stages and brand new zones. Expect lightning-fast platforming thrills, countless collectibles, hidden areas, and both competitive and cooperative multiplayer modes for two players.

While you’re waiting for those to drop, you’ve still got a few days left to download May’s line-up before they go away on June 3: check out the award-winning narrative adventure What Remains of Edith Finch and the madcap couch co-op hit Overcooked!

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  • BrianMcGuinness


  • Dang it, I have both of these. But congrats to everyone else! These are both really solid games!!!

  • This is a great lineup. I still wish you offered something for PSVR owners though.

    • Totally right ! Especially after we lost ps3 and psvita games. That would also boost sales of psvr units.

  • i already have sonic mania on switch but i am happy to have borderlands as i played it a long time ago and wanted to play it again. i got to play a little bit of it for free during the free weekend on steam and i was bummed when the free weekend ended. now i can play it on ps4. even though i already own sonic mania on switch it still better than mays games even though i already owned both of them. the best month of plus so far since they stopped gving out ps3 and vita games.

  • Great month, I have always wanted to try Borderlands on PS, played it on PC. HD texture pack can be downloaded too?

  • ps plus is becoming a joke, this is the best you can offer 2 old games that been on sale dirt cheap. smh

    • There really is no pleasing everybody. I didn’t have these games and was going to get them on steam summer sale now I don’t have to.

    • There’s always at least one entitled brat in every PS plus post.

    • dethfuse i buy my games i don’t for old games to be free on ps plus like you LMAO

    • there is a reason to last months games as they were not a very good value and not good quality games. but Junes games are really good. not everyone has borderlands and that is a game that a lot of people like myself have wanted to play and don’t own. while i do already own sonic mania on switch it is a really good quality games. keep giving us games like this. would i like newer games of course but i know they aren’t going to give out games like god of war kingdom hearts 3 or dragon quest 11 even though that would be nice.

    • I probably own more games than you’ve even played Bwick31. Nice fail attempt at an insult. I also already own these games, but that doesn’t make it a bad month. Way to prove your age kid.

    • sorry, you check my profile, you stop assuming things to be true. LMAO

    • You’re not gonna get new games in plus,very rarely has it happened.
      This is a great month and definitely makes up for the very weak May plus games of just two little indies.

    • I kinda feel some type of way because Handsome collection legit was on sale with the last month for the lowest its ever been and I finally caved in and brought it. If I had the game longer than that I would be ok with it being on plus.

    • @theaudioLOVER is absolutely right. This is a pretty scummy move by Sony. Right after the game was on sale for PS+, they’re offering it for free. It’s predatory, tbh.

    • These might be dumbest, most narrow-minded takes I’ve seen in awhile.
      Borderlands 2 went on sale, the lowest it’s ever been, solely because of the Borderlands 3 announcement, texture updates, etc. The Handsome Collection has been on sale for years prior anyway. There’s going to be another DLC added in Borderlands 2, a prologue to BL3, so why not have it for free?
      I haven’t played a Sonic since Sega Genesis, so i’ll probably dabble in that as well.

      There’s nothing but positives here, folks. “I’ve bought more games then you’ve probably played”, then why are you expecting something new that you haven’t? Feeling entitled?

    • Yeah, because going the complete opposite way and pretending like companies, every gaming company, has screwed someone over with sales tactics is a really healthy way to think.

      The world does not work in absolutes.

    • People going on about how you caan’t please everybody. Okay, some people might not have played Borderlands even though it came out years ago. The thing is though, it’s worse than offering a years old game for a monthly subscription service. This is actually a promotion by 2k games. It is not only free to PS4 players, it is free for Xbox One and PC players. You can get the game for free right now on PC and that is free, free because you don’t need a monthly subscription to get it.

      Good thing for me is, I haven’t renewed my subscription. I will only do it if it is wroth it. And right now it isn’t.

    • It has been on sale many times for $20 or $15. So what. You picked it up and now having buyer’s remorse. Stop buying games on sale. Problem solved.

    • @dkarlowicz10 what’s with all you r-tards assuming things? the difference is i rather have a service where i can just pay for only online multiplayer for 20 to 30 bucks, i don’t want any of they’re bargain bin games or games they put on ps now and the next month there the free games.

    • A really good month for those of us who don’t already own these games and want to give them a try. Paying mortgages and bills comes before buying games for many, so PS Plus is great value for those of us in that situation.

  • Good Month , thought 2 games lead to more of chance of getting a game you already have.

    Many would have these 2 below:

    Borderlands Handsome Collection, will get my hours worth from here.

    Sonic Mania, if any Sonic game should be on plus, this.

  • HoracePMcTiddys

    A little upset that Borderlands is one of the games next month since I bought it 2 weeks ago but at least I’ll have friends to play it with :)

  • nice to see some quality titles after you removed 60% of the free games you used to offer.

  • Major W Sony! Great way to make PlayStation Owners Hyped for E3 Lets Go :)

  • Very very great this month!!!
    Thanks you so much!
    Maybe you can put games like
    Ultimate Chicken Horse, Gang Beasts, Move or Die, Duck Game, Speedrunners, Human Fall Flat for free with PS Plus or Now?

  • Never been a fan of Sonic since I was always on the PS1 at the time and never a fan of SEGA but perhaps I might be inspired to play Borderlands. Still. I think they should offer at least 3 games since support for VITA and PS3 is gone. Really pissadointed.

  • literally bought handsome collection less than 2 weeks ago while on sale for 17.50……thanks for the waste of cash sony

  • Own em both already, but this is a better month that most since Vita and PS3 offerings have been off the table. A small step in the right direction Sony, kudos.
    Now just to deal with your censorship issues (there are ratings boards like the ESRB & PEGI for a reason, we don’t need or want Sony acting as a overseer)

  • ok, we get it, came out borderland 3 and want to push the sale, fine, but at least put it with a decent game

  • I’m glad my sub is ending in July, I’ve been pretty disappointed this year with ps plus. While Borderlands is a good series, this “collection” is missing the first game. Shameless cash grab by 2k, imo.

    I purchased this service for the game content, what it was originally marketed as and for speaking for me, Sony hasn’t lived up to my expectations, so I’m out.

    • Cool story, bro.

    • Borderlands 1 Remastered is already available on PS4 now and was definitely missing,glad its out on PS4.

    • bloodyNASsassin

      It’s called the Handsome Jack collection and not the Borderlands collection for a reason.

    • The first one was not included in the collection because it was hooked up to Gamespy, and they had trouble figuring that whole fiasco out. But apparently they figured it out now. So, wasn’t really a cash grab.

  • I played borderlands 2 on PSvita, will I be able to transfer my saved data aswell??????

  • Those are some great games! I look forward to playing them in just a few days.

  • Will try sonic mania

  • Another meh month.

  • Finally, a decent month! A couple more like this and you might actually justify the subscription cost.

  • If anyone complains about June’s games you’re just straight up lying.

  • I personally already have both these titles but i give Sony credit for offering some great games for once. Kudos.

  • While I believe these are decent offering, I feel there should be a vetting process for free games on the store. If the game has been in a plus sale within a 60-day period than it should not be offered as a Plus game. I believe this should help alleviate concerns and frustrations for those who purchase games within that timeframe. For people like me, I am beginning to become discouraged in purchasing games in the PlayStation Store if these trends continue as it is not the first time it has happened.

    • Bingo, giving it away for free right after it’s on sale for PS+ is an incredibly slimy move. Amazed that so few have realized this.

    • Yea, I don’t feel like they should have put it on plus soon after a release. I’m sure anyone who purchased it during that sale will feel the same way. The price was low enough that I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up in the top PlayStation downloads for May.

  • Borderlands HC has had a heavy PS+ discount for a while now. About half of us already own the game and I’m sure Sony knows it. So putting this out for free was a pretty lousy move, tbh.

    This is why we need more than two games per month.

  • Orson Welles clapping gif

  • I did want borderlands and the sonic is a good surprise
    great month

  • I’ll play Sonic until I get Borderlands 1

  • Good month, just wish I didnt own both on my Xbox already. At least I can double up on the achievements/trophies.

  • outward is still expensive

  • A little bummed that my friends and I finally bought BL:HC last month when it was on sale since the games for PS+ then were not very interesting. I get that they want to hype up BL3, which is fine as well and an understandable marketing decision.

    Sonic will be a neat game to drop in and out of, but when looking at the list of all the previous PS+ games I noticed that there hasn’t been any kind of JRPG or the likes before. There have been some visual novels (one of them recently) and there were some released on the PS3 for plus, but it would be neat to see a Tales/Star Ocean type game in the future.

    • I’m sure a lot of people felt some type of way about buying BL last month. It was at the lowest price it’s ever been since the release

  • Good time to restart my PS+ subscription.

  • Good value here. Unfortunately I already have borderlands handsome jack collection.

  • Brilliant! Been planning to get the Handsome Jack collection. Thank you again, guys!

  • worst month of ps plus ever for me, own both games so il cancel till july and see what those games are this is why i hoped they would add a 3rd game for ps4 to make it more likely that there would be atleast 1 game in the line up you dont have. Both are good games so if i didnt own them id be happy as a pig.

  • I’m still bummed that, while I can carry over my character from my progress on PS3, the Trophies are independent. So I have 87% on the PS3, and now 10% on PS4…ugh!

    • It’s the same for me with Beyond Two Souls. Total laziness.

    • Blame the trophy who**s.The industry bows to them nowadays with easy plats,easy trophy lists,different trophy lists for GOTY version and such.

  • You need to bring ty the tasmanian tiger to ps4 as a remake that game was a blast to play

  • Day 1 PS+ sub here. Not going to renew my membership when it expires in December nor am I going to buy a PS5. You really dropped the ball this gen sony, seems like you are due for another wakeup call.

    • If they overprice the PS5, which I’m betting they will because they don’t learn lessons, they’ll get one.

  • I own both but great games nonetheless!

  • Nice 2 games. Where are the other 4 free games we get? I understand we don’t get Vita or PS3 now but we are stilling missing Empty spots for PS4 games. I thought PSVR would have filled the gap for PS3 & PSVita.

    • I hate to say, but PSVR only has a 3% attach rate (3 million PSVR units compared to 91 million PS4 units sold). Compare that to 36 million PS Plus subscribers and you get a little over 1% of PS Plus subscribers that statistically own a PSVR. what would be the benefit in offering something 99% of your customer base could not use?

      Sure, it could help promote the sale of PSVR units, but I highly doubt 12 PSVR free games (I’m estimating that as 1 per month for a year long subscription) would entice someone to buy a PSVR. It, at best might increase sales by maybe 2% of the PSVR units. 2% of 36 million PS Plus subscribers is only 720,000. Multiply that by the cost of the PSVR, and you get roughly 180 million dollars (assuming each one of the 720,000 people paid $250 for the PSVR). $180 million may seem like a lot to us, but Sony reported earnings of 4.1 billion dollars last year, which means that $180 million equates to roughly 4% of potential earning for the company.

      Now take in the fact that Sony probably has has to pay a publisher to offer their game for free so the publisher gets something out of it, and these overall numbers become even smaller. Simply put, Sony is not in a position to make money, or very little money compared to the effort, to offer you a PSVR title for free every month.

      Trust me, there are smarter people than you and I that work for Sony that have figured out why we are only getting 2 PS4 games a month, why they took 2 dying systems worth of games away, and why we’re not getting anything new with this subscription.

    • TL;DR: “Because f**k you. We’re Sony. We have your $60 a year.”

    • In other words, PSVR needs to have a better price cut than it had. The limited experiences VR offers just aren’t worth much. *shrug*

    • LOL to the guy saying only a small amount of people own a PSVR. Have you forgotten how bad the Vita sold? The thing only sold maybe 13 million lifetime yet Sony offered Vita PS+ support within the first year. Over 4 million PSVR owners is enough reason to offer them.

  • https://twitter.com/codaanim/status/1128057881906044930

    This is gonna be when i download sonic mania for the ps4 also borderlands pretty awesome looking forward to this Thank you!!!

  • Wish there was a way to put plus subscription on hold. Nothing for me yet again. Doubt I’ll do yearly subs after this. Was always here for the games but now I seem to get stuff I already own.

  • Month 3 of suggesting tiered PS Plus subscriptions.

    PS Plus Bronze: Multiplayer and Cloud Saves. $20 a year
    PS Plus Silver: Multiplayer, Cloud Saves, and the PS Plus Discount on games. $40 a year.
    PS Plus Gold: Multiplayer, Cloud Saves, and the PS Plus Discount on games, and the PS Plus Games each month. $60 a year.

    It’s either bad months with indy stuff no one wants or decent months with games the entire planet already owns/owned. Just let people who wanna pay $60 for those do so and let us who just want multiplayer and cloud saves have them! Odds are nothing will change because they can keep us all stuck here paying $60 a year and not enough people will ever take a stand and boycott and they know it, But I’ll keep suggesting this idea every month.

    • I’m on board, I would definitely purchase the $40 option. Maybe throw in 25% discount to PS Now with that $60 option may actually push me over the edge to purchase that one instead. I like where you’re going with this.

    • Add in PS Now to $60 option and I’d buy that instead of the $40

    • Still love this idea.

  • That’s a good PS Plus month of games right there. Neither of which I currently own. both will be downloaded! Thanks PlayStation

  • Supersampling mode on PS4Pro is still bugged. Since version 5.50 it hasn’t been fixed yet

  • If I did not already have these like pretty much everyone already has these then I would probably be excited. I bet it wouldn’t be a problem if there were more than two measly games. No Borderlands is going to make me not realize that. I’m not that shallow.

  • Oh are people really praising the fact that a damn recycled game is on the Plus lineup?…haha shows how sick the gaming community are,when we have good PSN games like last month everybody release the dogs on Sony but recycled games are offered and oh it’s wonderful,poor bastards.This is nothing but a spit in our face,worst insult they can do is offer stupid recycled games…what does it matter if it’s Borderlands and 2 games in 1 package?…it’s still a ***damn recycled game.At least we have Sonic…pretty cool offer.

  • BTW Sony I know you read these so when the hell are you fixing the activities that went broke outta nothing around april 15th?…the “what’s new” section barely shows friend activities now and “played certain game for the first time” doesn’t appear anymore,for everybody…that is really annoying.I doubt I’m the only one experiencing this.

  • As people have mentioned, Borderlands went on sale very resently at the lowest it’s ever been, and now you just give it out for free. That’s just a big slap in the face.

    On top of that you add in a Sonic Game, Sonic who hasn’t had a good game since Sega, and offering another Sonic game.

    Where are the other 4 games, Sony? Where is the insentive to spend $60 a year? Just the requirement to play online? Discount for the actually good games you rarely ever put on sale, like Disgaea or Samuria/Dynasty Warriors games, or pretty much any game that’s First Party or from Japan?

    There are games on the store that have been full $60 priced for YEARS and rarely ever seen in a sale. Heck, it’s pretty freaken bad when FALLOUT 76 is still $60 where as everywhere else it’s practically free.

    And STILL you can only give us 2 games a month? WTF?!

    • Be happy that offer 2 free games. At one point PS+ only offered cloud save, discounts and online multiplayer.

      Also I am pretty sure they can only offer certain games for free. They must have an agreement with devs on what games can or can’t be put on IGC. Same as what games can or can’t have a discount.

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