PlayStation Plus: Free Games for April 2019

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PlayStation Plus: Free Games for April 2019

Survive brutal exile in ancient civilization or fight for your life in an uncompromising dystopian future.

Two new titles join the PlayStation Plus monthly games lineup on April 2, each distinct but offering their own unique spin on what it means to survive. Let’s dive in and take a closer look.

Conan Exiles

Drawing inspiration from the classic barbarian tales, survival open world survival game Conan Exiles winds back the clock to the very dawn of civilization, casting you as a forgotten exile abandoned alone in the desert for crimes unknown.

Starting out with nothing but a loincloth and your own two hands, you’ll have to explore this vast, hostile world, gathering materials, crafting tools and carving out a new life for yourself in a world filled with danger.

Exploring a shared online space, you’ll have the chance to meet with other players, build settlements and bases together, and even raise your own armed fortresses as you advance your mission to dominate this brave new world.

The Surge

From the creators of brutal medieval action-adventure Lords of the Fallen comes a challenging sci-fi spin on the hardcore RPG genre.

Take on the role of new staff member Warren who, following a trying first day on the job, awakens to the aftermath of an unknown cataclysm to find his new workplace devastated and its ruins overrun by out-of-control machines.

Explore the twisting maze-like environment of the CREO research facility, fending off haywire tech, scavenging new parts and weapons, rescuing survivors and unlocking the secrets of this vast, abandoned facility.

Both titles will be available to download from PlayStation Store on April 2.

In the meantime, you still have a few days left to pick up March’s two PlayStation Plus titles. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is a great chance to revisit one of the grand-daddies of the FPS genre, while The Witness is a mesmerizing slow-burn of gradual discovery and smart puzzle design.

If you haven’t tried them, there’s time yet: both will be available to download for PS Plus members until April 1 (no foolin’!).

Let us know how you get on with March and April’s titles and we’ll see you again next month.

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  • well, that sucks

    • Games with gold is offering more bang for your buck nowadays you guys, I remember when PS PLUS was a monster a couple years back with content offerings. Now you guys are giving off games with bad meta ratings and low sales. Not cool dude.

    • @jipmg have you looked at the Xbox One games this month? Both The Technomancer and Outcast scored far lower than either PS+ title this month. They aren’t good games. Adventure Time last month was a poor game too. GWG doesn’t exactly put out stellar games.

    • @mercenary09 I agree with you about the gold games. the xbox one games don’t look very good. i played outcast on the ps4 and it is garbage and I have technomancer for ps4 on my gamefly list have not played it yet. the 360 games look decent. the plus games are pretty good this month as they are games i have never played before unlike february. even though I am not a fan of souls like games the surge is still a good choice. these games are much better than this months games. we got a port of a ps3 game and the other game is not my type of game as I don’t enjoy challenging puzzle games. I hope that the quality of the ps4 games goes up now as we are no longer getting ps3 or vita games anymore.

    • I like the games. The Surge is highly underrated and every bit worth your time if you are a Soulsborne fan. Conan looks fun and both games have evolved greatly through free updates and content dumps.

      Both The Surge and Conan are vastly superior to their 70 ish Metacritic score. You are delusional if you think The Surge is bad. It’s a Soulsborne game, and quite honestly there are numerous things that The Surge does better than Dark Souls. Visuals are good, combat is great, it runs well, and has a great Pro patch.

      I agree that it is bs to only get 2 games per month from PS+ but GwG has turned trash since game pass. Technomancer and Outcast are the GwG xb1 games. That’s a far weaker offering. Then an OG Xbox game and a Tom Clancy game from 12 years ago on 360.

      Look at the past 3 months of GwG on Xb1

      February – Curse of the Moon, Bomberman

      March – Adventure Time, PvZ GW2

      April – Outcast, Technomancer

      Now, PS+ last 3 months on PS4

      February – Hitman, For Honor

      March – Modern Warfare Remastered, The Witness

      April – The Surge, Conan

    • Yep, PS+ is a total joke now and Sony continues to go more and more anti-consumer.

    • Well Matthew groizard content producer. Give us better content because those games suck and take the piss. We have gone from 6 free games to 2 free games and they are not good. A way to downgrade psn. Clearly not listening to us gamers

    • They should add a VR game I want some so badly

    • yea i guess

    • Your expecting the people that would rather delete comments (the stopped after they got caught) so that only good comments about these games appear would actually give you good games? and when they give you good games, the game is so short its over with in 2 days, on top of it there arent actually too many good ps4 games. No reason to expect good games here, never was, never will be. well every once in a while ONE good game comes, but like i said they are short/ few and very far between

    • also SONY im not a kid/ in highschool, i don’t like any of this crap, im old enough to not fall for these subpar games that at most would only play once, bad games make people FEEL BAD WHEN THEY PLAY THEM then the people that like them get blind to the fact that a lot of people dont like these games. you could’ve given away EVERY 5 DOLLAR BATMAN GAME AND I WOULD BE HAPPY. most good old ps3 games are 5 bucks. OH WAIT YOU STILL SELL THEM FOR 20 – 30 – 50 DOLLARS ON YOUR STORE. NVM

    • What really sucks is whenyou spend £60 on a game and it’s free on monthly after. And players download those games saving money to but dly whereas you have to spend even more on dlc. sony monthly games system dissapointed me over the line.

    • Yeah it seems that ever since they stopped giving us ps3/vita titles the quality of games has sunk to an all time low despite Sony telling us they were doing it to focus on better games…..

    • I agree with you dude, also i don’t understand why people compare this suscription with xbox suscription.. two different companies two different consoles.

  • These games are OK but you can do better. Also please do something else to make up for their only being 2 games a month now. Either include some indie PS4 titles or a PSVR title at least.

    • Yeah, they have less games for the same price. I used to love plus, now I’m not sure I dig it that much. PSVR titles added to this at least bimonthly would be a good way to promote the headset too.

    • Unfortunately the games aren’t the focus anymore with Plus. That was true on PS3 where online was free but now you’re really only paying to play online & the games that are provided are just a bonus.

    • @MaulXX So that illustrates the point: over-monetization / going overboard finding alternate revenue streams.

      Giving one PSVR game instead of two PS3 and two PS VITA games doesn’t seem to be an unreasonable ask to me.

    • @Vidarcr Yeah feel the same.. I let my Plus run out in Febuary after they snubbed the Vita for march and just rolled over the games. So far the last 3 months have been pretty blah.

      I’ll just chip away at my backlog until they have something worthwhile again.

      Really don’t know what’s going on with Sony / PlayStation recently, but whatever it is they need to nip it in the bud before things start heading south.

  • Cool. I’ve wanted to try both of these games.

  • Conan Exiles – 68 score on Metacritic

    The Surge – 72 score on Metacritic

    If you’re going to remove PS3 and Vita games at least add another PS4 (could be indie) title.

    • Bringing up those scores is meaningless you know. Both Conan and The Surge got tons of post launch support and fixes. Conan continues to be updated. Both are in better shape now then they were when they were reviewed.

    • So?….since when has the Plus lineup been made based on stupid scores that matter as much as ant crap?…I agree about giving something more since they’re taking away PS3 and Vita games but quoting scores really?…

  • Add VR titles to the lineup. You took away Vita and PS3 titles and replaced them with nothing.

  • Not a bad haul. Already have The Surge after picking it up on a sale, but totally down to give Conan Exiles a try.

    But uhhh hey since we’ve lost PS3 and Vita, why not add PS Now as part of the Plus subscription? Maybe not the full service, but maybe a modified version where you can only stream X number of games per month. Like, 10 or so? So that if you try something and don’t like it you still have room to try out other games.

  • Both of these games have me interested. I never looked at Conan Exiles but the demo for The Surge was pretty good; I just hadn’t gotten around to buying it yet.

    That being said, I never expected that Sony would offer any fewer than 4 games a month which would put them at the same amount as their direct competitor, Microsoft. Is it a cost thing? TBH, most of my favorite experiences with PS Plus games are from the smaller, more “out there” games. Something like 1 big budget game, 2 unique indie games, and 1 VR game would IMO be great. Also, I think having people racking up free VR games would sell a lot of PSVR units.

    But honestly, great month and I’m looking forward to playing these games.

    • I agree, but not sure if viable.
      I love my PSVR and always looking for more to do (though I keep falling back on Beat Saber a LOT!), I wonder if it’s even viable for 1 game a month there for free.
      Thumper, Just in Time inc., FX2 Pinball VR, those could work.

  • I wish you would at least add some classic or PSVR in the package now that we don’t get ps3/vita games. Going from 6 to only 2 free games a month really lower the value of ps+ now…

  • If the PS5 announcement is underwhelming, I’m switching to Xbox.

  • I bet you’d like to hear a simple ‘thanks for the games’ once in a while, so….

    Thanks for the games!

    • Thanks for the games, now do better and stop removing perks.

    • Ya thanks for the game I have to pay for…

    • @ JohnnyCash69 – Since when do you pay for Plus games?…y’all lot who say that are really laughable.Maybe now with only 2 games you’ll need more than 1 month but it used to be that in a single month the games prices would go way over what you paid for your subscription so don’t spit crap please.

    • It’s part of the cost. Don’t spit crap please…

    • That’s like saying every month you pay a subscription fee and you get a free loot crate

  • The games aren’t terrible, and free is free. But as a PS3, PS4 and Vita owner, going from 6 games per month to 2 really hurts. Especially when so many of the PS3 and Vita titles were cross-buy with PS4. It was a solid value.

    Sony needs to give away at least 3 games per month now, one being a recognized AAA title (even if it’s a year old), to compensate for the significantly reduced volume of titles included.

    • I wonder what the criteria is for a PS+ game?
      How old does it have to be? Is a certain amount of sales needed? Do sales have to have stopped beyond a certain point? Does the dev have to agree to not get any money or a small amount per download?

      Because there are some AAA titles over a year old I’d love to have, but if they still sell now why would they do that?

      I kind of like it when we get games I’ve either never heard of or been sort of eyeing – I get to try new stuff or get the trigger pulled for me. I own most of the big AAA titles from launch, so if they kept putting them out I feel a lot would not get much value.

    • I still play some of the games of ps3 of last year, so I don’t feel the inconvenience in my case. Sony did well enough for those consoles and the reality is that PS3 is the new PS2 in terms of games.

  • Since Vita and PS3 games left plus the value has significantly gone down for PS PLUS. Why not give us a free movie rental via store or something?

    • That’s actually a pretty great idea. One rental a month might increase use of movie rentals as people consider the platform instead of amazon or redbox.

  • yet another month im glad i didnt renew my subscription. keep up the mediocre job sony

  • Thanks, guys! Friends have been pushing me to get Exiles for ages!

  • I know people aren’t happy, but I’m excited to give Conan a try. It will have to be really bad for me to not get some fun out of it.

  • You killed PS Vita games for this!?

    • Yes, that’s exactly how it works. They had to “kill” Vita games so they could offer you the exact same number of PS4 games they offer every month. Durrrrrrrrr.

    • Seriously. I love my vita and ps+ was a huge draw because of the vita games!
      I’d drop plus if I didn’t play online with my brother out of state. Rock, meet Hard Place.

  • Please add better games or at least give us a third mediocre one.

  • The amount of entitled children in this thread is embarrassing. I’m glad we are getting two AAA games each month instead of indie filler. And honestly both of these I wouldn’t have bought normally but am perfectly fine with getting them for free. Much better than Xbox Games for Gold that gives out 10 year old games.

    • So where are the aaa games this month? Also you are paying for these games.

    • It is! I feel like I’m reading Kotaku for an XBOX Live thread!

    • Please stop saying these are “free” games. These are games you are paying for, since you are paying for the service (it is something that they figured they needed to add in order to keep people from complaining to have to pay for playing a game online – which is something unbelievable). People asking for the service to be better are not children, we are consumers and we have the right to ask for a better service since we are paying for it. And if the service does not improve, many of us will not renew the suscription and will go play online games for free (I mean, playing only for the game) to a pc.

    • 10 year old games that are actually good is nothing to complain about, oh vapid one.

  • Before March 2019: “Ugh, more indie games!”

    Now: “Where are all the indie games??”

    Whine, whine, whine.

    • Hahaha exactly.Never thought I would see the day of people wanting indies back.They’re right though…I don’t depend on Plus games to play like the whiners but Sony only took away from us and the Plus price is still the same.I know this is obvious but Sony better make up for that.

    • That’s because they’re screwing up both approaches, you drone.

  • Hey everyone complaining about the games like they do every month.

    You ARE aware that the main draw of the Playstation Plus service is the massive discounts they offer all year long on games right? The free games have always been a secondary perk along with the trials of games

    • Speak for yourself. I became a subscriber specifically for the free games. That was the main draw for me and many others.

    • My main draw is the free games, but I’m not complaining here, I’ve gotten tons of value from the ones they’ve given and still have a healthy back-log of them I want to go through!
      I don’t play online much with my PS (PC is for that), so I get little value from that aspect, but from time to time I do buy a digital game at a PS+ discount, especially with the PSVR I have now, where most games are digital only anyway.

    • I only ever complained when they gave recycled games which is nothing but disrespect with us.But I must say I subscribed for the free games too back when I saw the 3 Syphon Filter games for free…now the main thing for me is the cloud save and can’t stay without playing online on PS4 too so.

    • No, they aren’t, and never have been. It’s hilarious that’d you’d think so though.

    • i only paid because i couldnt play online without it and the games are a nice touch..i try not to buy games and wait for the ps plus ones but now i agree with some of the lads here you kinda are paying for the games too because paying just to play online is a bit of a rip off i think..

  • Thanks for the new games!

  • huh… is this the censored version or uncensored version of Conan Exiles?

    • It’s very much censored. we can’t have dongs and stuff flowing in the wind now can we? (Talking to you sony)

      I’d rather play this mediocre game on PC

  • This is bad….from 6 games to only 2.

    I will let PS+ expire.

  • Uggh, just two games!? WTF!? And awful games btw!, so sad Sony. Really disappointed

  • We got nothing for next month, just game with low value, so cheap games. We expected some exclusive titles.
    “PS players not wil be disappointed for April, we make big surprise for PS plus members”
    Honestly, this so disappointing what You giving for free next month. I hope is this joke for 1. April.. Soon you will lost much psplus members cos give to us do low value and cheap games for free..

  • While we wait for PS5 offerings you could at least include 1 or 2 indies every month in addition to the *AA – AAA* selections… There are TONS of great indie titles on PS4 that deserve to be under the spotlight.

  • Just stop renewing your subscriptions when they expire. That’s the only protest Sony will hear.

  • Rough.
    Really rough. Extra rough since this was the month they could have proven that removing PS3 and Vita was a good thing.

    It’s a good thing Disc Jam exists and you need PS+ to play online otherwise i’d be out aha. With Vita and PS3 removed there’s so many other monthly subscription services for PC and XB1 that give waaay more content than than this for the same cost or cheaper.
    Hopefully they fix it and start throwing in some VR or indie titles too.

  • If you are paying for the games and don’t like them. UNSUBSCRIBE! Then all your troubles are over.

    I personally subscribe for the whole package of what PS-Plus offers. For 6 years I Have been a member and I’m looking forward to learning if PS5 games will come with PS-Plus.

  • I’ve wanted to check out Conan for a while, so excited for getting it and surge. I would love if we started getting a free movie with plus or a nice discount on now or Vue would be nice. I would be fine even paying a larger yearly price of plus if it included Vue or now. Even in a limited format.

  • These 2 games are good, but not a good PS+ month.

    Going from 6 to 2. The quality stay the same.

  • Yeesh. Now that we only get two games, PS Plus is feeling much less worth the cost. Especially with games like these.

    • They could have made it worse and reduced it to no games. When PS+ was first introduced, there were no free games at all. It was just discounts and online saves.

  • Only 2 games! I thought that PS3 and Vita games were being removed so more PS4 and PSVR games could be offered but, it’s less game for the same price. I hoped that the new offering would be 2 Western PS4 games, 2 Asian/Japanese PS4 games and 2 PSVR games, pretty disappointing :-( At least, their is Conan a rare gem compared to today’s mostly lackluster Western games.

  • Conan is the perfect offer,I would never buy that so that’s what I expect to see on the Plus lineup.As for The Surge don’t judge before you play…it may not look that good but give it a try.I had doubts about it,played the demo and it became a must-have for me and I ain’t even a Souls playa.

    Gotta hop on the train with everybody and complain…you better step up and give us something for those 4 games you took away Sony,seriously don’t mess up if you wanna kill PS3 and Vita that bad at least do it right.

  • As a plus member i would like to be able to get at least 12 out of the 24 games every year. At this point im not sure if this will happen. Sometimes i will download a game and never play it since i have no interest in it. Other times i will download and not enjoy it and never go back. Hoping we can step it up soon only have 5 months left on my sub.

  • Frustração é a palavra.
    Esperamos o mês inteiro ansiosos pela lista da plus. Pensei eu, agora que ela parou de dar jogos para PS3 deve ao menos dar alguns jogos melhores para PS4. Que ilusão.
    Tanta expectativa para ver essas porcarias de jogos.

  • Owfull games, i have not any expectatios on PS from now, usd 60 only to play online when its works. Next generation i’ll think better when i’ll going yo buy a console.

  • Horrobles juegos, ya no tengo mas expectativas en playstation, 60 usd para solo jugar online cuando funciona. En la próxima generación voy a perder bien que consola comprar.

  • April Fool’s?

  • Ugh. Can’t wait to not care about May’s offerings also.
    Pull your smug head out Sony. So frustrating!

  • I’m going to chime in. The Surge is a fairly decent take on the souls genre. Conanon the other hand, is easily in my top 5 games this gen. The game really shines if you’ve got a couple people to play with.

  • I usually get into each generation late in the cycle (i.e. bought a PS1 in late 1996, PS2 in 2004, PS3 in 2012 & I just got a PS4 Pro last week.) and when I first got PSPlus in 2012/13 it was a cool way to get some of the games I’d missed over the past several years. Infamous 2, Borderlands, Crysis 3, Sleeping Dogs, etc…were just some of excellent games on offer.

    When can the PS4 was released I was in an off phase with gaming, just not very interested, but I did remember to “buy” the PS3, PS4 free games each month that my PSPlus subscription was valid so I could download them sometime down the road.

    I was able to acrue quite a few PS4 games after reupping my sub last week; the games I had added to my download list even though I had no PS4 at the time. I missed Just Cause 3 which sucks, but I’m happy with the PSPlus model even if new PS3 free games are now gone.

    I say all this to point out that even when the games offered each month aren’t what we’d necessarily choose the service is still incredible for what it is. I may try the two April games, I may not, but I dig having that choice.

    • You are far too easily appeased.

    • @SidNightwalker or maybe he just isn’t a 5 year old who thinks they have to have the newest games for free every month. You pay around $5 a month for Plus and it very much offers that every month. Both of these games are still $50 for a digital copy.

    • @Mercenary09 And physical copies are $3 in the used bin.. Just because they price it like this digitally, doesn’t mean that’s what it’s actually worth anymore. Games depreciate over time. This is why they also go on sale for the same price as used quite regularly. They aren’t moving them, so they discount them heavily or throw it in for plus.

    • So what you’re saying here is that by having PS+ we’re saving a dollar

  • Sweet!!! Been wanting to play, The Surge!

  • After the reduction from 6 games to 2 by eliminating last gen PS consoles, we got The Witness and For Honor which made me believe that it wasn’t actually a reduction but a shift in value, where we’d see more quality in the PS4 game offerings. Now, we’re back to our regularly scheduled delivery of hot garbage. All the while, Microsoft continues to deliver 4 games a month, including two for their last gen console, that show no signs of being stopped anytime soon. They’re not the ones erasing value to their base. Credit where credit’s due.

    I should have expected that a company that can’t even deliver username changes or censorship right without each devolving into a disaster, would be capable of bringing a better proposition to the monthly IGC. Instead, it looks like they just took the money and ran.

    • Go to Xbox then and get games like Adventure Time, Technomancer, and Outcast for free then. All of which are far worse than anything we’ve gotten recently. Such babies around here. We’ve gotten plenty of amazing titles on PS+ in the past year. This month is a little bit weaker but that doesn’t mean next month will be.

    • @Mercenary09 If you think everything is fine and dandy, you can shut up and be happy for your good fortune.

      I make my own mind, I pay for Plus, and when Sony does good, I’ll sing their well deserved praise. Now, they’re striking out really badly.

    • We got Outcast here too, buddy

    • N/m that was Outlast

  • uno mas que se va a xbox one x por estos juegos basura

  • There are no words to describe how pathetic an offering Age of Conan is, as a game, as a product, and as a licensing concept. It’s hardly a beta, more like an alpha. Completely undeserving of any and all success it’s ever had….oh, just like Sony is starting to become. Hmm, interesting.

  • Anybody know what games r coming out for panow for April 2019

  • Truthfully, I half way thought they might do something special since they gave PS3/Vita Plus the boot. I stand corrected.

  • The value of PS Plus has gone down dramatically after the loss of PS3 and Vita. Outside of MP there isn’t much worth paying for, you guys have to add more games, content or additional services to make it worth the price.

    • Yeah b/c getting games like The Witness, MW Remastered, Hitman, and For Honor isn’t worth $5 a month. I too would at least like to see a PSVR game added but I’m not sitting here saying that the value isn’t there b/c it very much is still.

    • @Mercenary09 Where are you getting the figure of $5 a month? It’s $9.99 a month. Double what you’re saying it is. Not everyone pays annually.

    • Yea, but many of us do cowmamba. It only makes sense to pay annually to save money in the end. I do agree, DisnayATX, that I wish they would’ve kept PS3 and Vita in the mix. However, the upkeep of the online gaming servers and the monthly freebies make the service well worth $5/month, Mercenary09.

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