MLB The Show 19 Out Today: 10 Reasons to Play

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MLB The Show 19 Out Today: 10 Reasons to Play

Ken Griffey Jr Presents: March to October and 10 reasons you should play MLB The Show 19.

The day has finally arrived — MLB The Show 19 is now available! It’s been an exciting year for all of us at San Diego Studio. We’re thrilled to have you finally get your hands on MLB The Show 19 and experience all the hard work that went into this year’s game.

Before we jump into the Top 10 Reasons to play The Show 19, Ken Griffey Jr would like to tell you about one of our new game modes: March to October.

Here are 10 Reasons you should play MLB The Show 19:

  1. Experience the excitement of your favorite MLB team’s season in less time, with March to October.
    In March to October, pick your favorite team and play only the most important pivotal games of the season, so you can focus on taking your squad to postseason and beyond. More action and excitement, and less time chipping through the regular season.

  2. Relive and rewrite baseball’s most iconic Moments.*
    Play the most exciting moments in baseball history and some of the biggest modern MLB plays, with new Moments. From Babe Ruth to Bryce Harper, you can face off with some of the biggest players to ever play the game to relive and rewrite history.

  3. Diamond Dynasty makes building your fantasy squads more interactive and flexible than ever.*
    Diamond Dynasty is back with more players, more customizable options, and more streamlined rewards, to make your custom elite online roster better than ever.

  4. Define who you are as a player and teammate, as you chase the big-league dream in Road to The Show.
    This year’s Road To The Show features a refined RPG system with deeper character development, training mini-games, and game-changing personality attributes to give you a more unique and epic rise MLB superstardom.

  5. Another wave of Legends step into the spotlight, led by Willie Mays, Lou Gehrig, Rickey Henderson, and Ty Cobb.
    More legendary ballplayers means more legendary games.

  6. Sweeping gameplay updates focus on defensive intelligence, user skill, and player differentiation.
    The Show 19 feels more realistic than ever. More unique experiences with individual players and defensive intelligence in the field means you’ll get to experience the most enhanced gameplay in MLB The Show yet.

  7. MLB Network’s Heidi Watney joins the broadcast crew as MLB The Show’s first on-field reporter.
    Realistic on-field media coverage makes every play of every game feel bigger than ever.

  8. Lots of new items and unlockables: Bat skins, stadium sounds, home run celebrations and more.*
    Show off to your friends and flex on the competition with more customizable in-game swag.

  9. Hitting engine advancements increase the significance of user skill and player tools.
    The biggest hitting engine update in the history of The Show. Hitting is more refined and unique to each player making every at-bat feel better than ever.

  10. New Flashback players.
    Play as your favorite big-league players when they had career-defining seasons.

We couldn’t be more proud or excited for you all to jump into The Show 19. For those of you who haven’t purchased yet, head to PlayStation Store to pick up your copy today.

Please make sure to check The Show Nation, our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to be the first to know about all the new content coming to The Show 19 throughout the year.

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  • Sorry, No PSVR support, No Purchase. I have bought every MLB game from Sony since 1998, including the PSP and Vita versions. I gave the team a pass for the first 2 years of PSVR being out, but this year I can’t throw my support behind this without VR. All I needed was PSVR HR Derby and PSVR Batting Practice, and I would have dropped $99.99 on the Premium Edition.

    Wish you all the best this year. Hopefully next year we will finally get to experience Baseball in VR. If so, I will be ready and waiting, cash in PSN Wallet.

  • PSVR support would have made it a must-buy for me also. Sadly the streak of buying every MLB The Show game each year has ended. I’m done paying $65 for player updates each year.

  • B4 17 i didnt even know about online franchise but since i haven’t played much anything else. Haven’t bought the game since, and I’m dissappinted because it looks awesome otherwise

  • Install issues! I’m at roughly 85% and it stalled. I have plenty of HDD space (85GB) free space so that isn’t the issue. Any ideas on why it’s stalled?

  • I don’t know if any developers read this, but have you ever considered adding an Arcade Style Home Run Derby akin to the early Triple Play games on the PS One? Such as Targets, Breakables, Fantasy Settings, Etc.? I would pay extra for that feature, and you could add it to the Arcade Mode! I don’t play the Arcade mode right now, but I would love an Arcade Style HR Derby mode. Anyone else?

  • Excellent tutorial and very well explained!

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