PlayStation Plus: Cloud Storage Expanding to 100GB, Free Games for February

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PlayStation Plus: Cloud Storage Expanding to 100GB, Free Games for February

For Honor and Hitman: The Complete First Season headline February's free games lineup, and members get a 10x increase in cloud storage for game saves.

Greetings, PlayStation Nation. Hope 2019 is off to a great start for you all!

Before we get to this month’s line up, we have news to share about cloud storage for PS Plus members. In early February, we will be expanding our cloud storage space from 10GB to 100GB for PS Plus members — giving PS4 owners even more space to keep all those game saves. With cloud storage, you can save your game progress and character profiles on one PS4 system, and then continue the game on another system later without losing progress. Be sure to check it out next month.

Now, let’s take a look at the free games next month, available starting on February 5, 2019.

First up, we have For Honor, the melee action game from Ubisoft. Experience the chaos of war and choose between Viking, Knight, and Samurai factions to find your perfect fighting style. Featuring 18 different PvP maps, this game will be sure to entertain you.

Next up, we have Hitman: The Complete First Season. Take on the role of Agent 47, the world’s ultimate assassin. Travel the globe to eliminate your targets in traditional and less traditional ways. From sniper rifles to expired spaghetti sauce, use the weapons at your disposal to become the master assassin.

This month’s PlayStation Plus lineup also includes:

This month’s PS3 and PS Vita games will be available for a few extra days, until March 8, 2019. PS4 games will be available until March 5, 2019, when the next monthly games lineup hits. As a reminder, after March 8, 2019, PS3 and PS Vita games will no longer be offered as part of the PS Plus monthly games lineup — so be sure to download them while they’re available. Any PS3 and PS Vita games you’ve already downloaded, or will download, prior to March 8, 2019 will still be part of your PS Plus games library as long as you remain a member.

For PlayStation VR fans, we’ve just announced big discounts on top PS VR titles, exclusively for PS Plus members. This includes 50% off Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Gold Edition, 25% off Borderlands 2 VR, and 20% off Astro Bot Rescue Mission. This sale runs until February 5 so don’t miss out.

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  • Great games. Great Service. Kudos

  • Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots being in the last lineup for PS3 games seems fitting, love that series. Excited to try out Hitman and For Honor!

    • they didnt actually give away guns of the patriots, they did this last month with zone of the enders, this is called “Bait and switch” which is a form of a scam. anyway the only reason I even kept my playstation plus subscription was to play zone of the enders and to play MGS4

    • Unfortunantly, ZOE was available, it just didn’t show up in the PS+ page. If you searched for it, it was free. MGS4 on the other hand, doesn’t even have a downloadable version on the PS store. @mods, any idea when that will be fixed? I was looking forward MGS4.

  • This lineup looks really good. Never tried For Honor or Hitman but have always wanted to, plus the cloud save storage boost is always a welcome upgrade!

  • Awesome, I have wanted to play both of these games but never got around to buying them. Looking forward to it, thanks!

  • Going to miss the Vita lineup due to many of them being crossbuy with PS4. It was our only chance to still get indies on Plus.

  • For anyone downloading Hitman, remember that you can play those maps in Hitman 2 if you eventually buy it. Getting this from PS Plus saves you from buying the Legacy Pack in Hitman 2. And both are great games!

    • Awesome! Thanks for the info, I plan on buying Hitman 2

    • you can actually download the Hitman 2 prologue demo and play the season one content in Hitman 2 before buying the full Hitman 2 release. You get all of the benefits of all the updates as well as new trophies for each chapter.

    • Solace so if we download the Hitman 2 demo we can play this free download of Hitman 1 in it??

    • Haha it’s my turn to be “that guy.” Just bought the legacy pack on Friday when Hitman 2 went on sale. That said, amazing game! Trying to take my time and replay missions a couple of days before moving on, but already through the first three missions of the legacy pack and will totally be done with it by the time Feb free games drop. So good!

    • bbtothe, correct!

  • When you say “so be sure to download them while they’re available. Any PS3 and PS Vita games you’ve already downloaded, or will download, prior to March 8, 2019 will still be part of your PS Plus games library as long as you remain a member.” Doea this mean that we need to literally download the games?

    I have been PLUS since inception so this wouldnt be possible.

    Or is it that we need to add the games to our Library and can continue to access them as long as we are Plus members?

    Please clarify. Thnak you.

    P. S. Please bring over somw features from Ccross the pond to the US. Such as My PS4 Life video and whatever was given to those who had Plus since the beginning

    Thanks again. PS4 is doing GREAT! Bravo Sony.

  • Hmmneh… I had my hopes way higher given recent line ups in other regions…

    Anyway, great improvement on the cloud

  • I was about to suggest increasing the cloud storage to 20 GB but 100GB is ok. But this seems like the trade off for eliminating PS3 and PSV games. My cloud storage just got full when I tried uploading my KH3 save file. Next month believe it or not doesn’t look good in terms of games for me. I don’t like For Honor and I suck at Hitman. But others do. So for those who enjoy these gamers have fun. Also when is Tetris Effect going on sale?

    • No clue when tetris will be on sale, but I can say its one of the best exclusives out there, and I hate tetris. this isn’t tetris, its a visual/audio experience that happens to have hectic tetris going on in front of you with plenty of modes for people like me who don’t like the classic game much

  • Muito bom! Playstation está de parabéns!

  • Dang. Was hoping there was going to be one last release in March.. Kind of a bummer that Febuary is just going to be extended into March. The Vita should have gone out with a bang. This is somewhat of a disappointment.

  • DAMN! Thank you, guys!

  • Lets gooooo

  • we must get extra content, i am with plus since july 2010, we are loyal to plus

  • And the Vita plus offerings go out on a wimper. I was assuming there would be free Vita games with the March update as well, since the next PS Plus free games offering will be on March 5th. So I am disappointed with that. On a positive note, Hitman should be interesting.

  • Was hoping for a huge title, maybe JRPG for final month of Vita. Instead, it went out with a whimper. *sigh* PS3 went big w MGS4. I only owned it pre-trophies, so I would like to play through it again.

    Really looking forward to Hitman First Season! I’ll try For Honor out, even though I’m not much of a MP guy. It always looked interesting. Solid month overall. Goodbye PS3 & Vita! :'(

  • Not a fan of these games really. Also the increase in cloud save isn’t much of a wow factor to me 10gb should be more than enough for cloud game saves.

    • You obviously don’t play many games. I had to start deleting saves from demos this week, since I couldn’t fit the KH3 saves in my cloud storage otherwise.

    • I play a lot, solid 2 or 3hs per day average… never needed more than 10gb since I delete data from games I won’t touch again…

    • You don’t play many games apparently, KH3 is 600MB+ per save slot.

    • Of course there would be someone talking crap about this month,I thought this month would shut the trap of everybody but lol of course not.You had to say something even about the 100gb LMAO.

  • Farewell PlayStation 3.

    Would be great if Sony offers PSVR games as part of PS+ library.

  • I’m VERY happy to hear about the new games and increase in storage! One thing I would love to see a future option where there’s a family plan of sorts. My wife games as much as I do, but since we share the same console it’s tough to justify 2 ps+ subscriptions, until our ps4 got zapped and she lost ALL of her game saves.

    I was ok since my files were in the cloud, but she lost so much data. But she lost so much, including her favorite game The binding of isaac, which to this day she hasn’t picked back up.

    • If your ps4 is primary on her account she should be able to play all your games including PLUS. If it dont work then you’re back at square one.

    • Sorry for not being clear. I’m talking about her gameplay SAVES that weren’t in the cloud. The games themselves are pretty much on my account

    • I’ve had this exact problem, so when I upgraded my PS4 base model (traded) to the pro my wife lost all her saves. At the time I didn’t have an external hard drive to transfer those files so she just quit PlayStation altogether. She used to grind armor in Diablo 3. Now she just plays the Nintendo Switch and she’s back on the diablo grind lol.

  • Hello,

    If I’ve Added To Library, can I download PS3/Vita PS+ titles after March (April, May, 2019, 2020+)? Or do they all need to be downloaded before the deadline?

    Also, if my PS+ subscription ever lapses for any reason, and I renew PS+, do I still have access to the PS3/Vita PS+ games I’ve gotten over the years?

    • I should add: the increase in Cloud Save space is a life saver. Thanks!

    • @Phokal –

      1.) Adding to Library should be enough. Then it’s considered ‘purchased’ by you.

      2.) This actually depends on game I think, and there’s no real way to tell. Probably in most cases renewing will allow you access again, but I believe it depends on the terms the deal between Sony and the publisher agreed upon. I have heard some cases of after renewals, some games not being downloadable again. So, I guess let it lapse at your own risk.

    • Just adding the IS enough, you don’t have to buy the games as long as you have PLUS.

      Think about your other question, you answered your own question. Just cuz your PLUS lapses you still have access to your PLUS library when you renew… I thought that was self explanatory. The games are attached to your ps plus.

  • Finally more space for save games. I was at 98 % or so.

  • MGS IV as the final Ps3 game is the best way to see off the Ps3 into greener pastures.

    Farewell PS3 games on plus! It’s been fun!

  • I really hope after the PS3 and Vita games are gone that they start adding a free PSVR game every month instead. The library of VR games is quite large now, so I think they could do that.

  • Gravity rush 2 for March would be great.

  • And how much cloud storage will people who aren’t PS+ members be getting?

    …Still none? Even though several other platforms like Xbox, Steam, and GOG provide this service for free? Okay, good to know that PlayStation is still a platform that cares more about charging for basic features than it does about having happy users.

  • I’m confused. Will this be the last month of PS3/Vita games or will it be in March?

  • MGS4 !!!

  • Any announcement on what is going to replace the PS3 and Vita games?

  • /CHEERS :)

    1st time in awhile im happy with PS+ Free games..
    I don’t think I own either.
    Actually I think I do own both on Xbox or Steam.

    The ONLY good to come from The Last of Us Remastered
    would be that more people get to experience it.
    Because who the eff doesn’t own it or experienced it by now.?!

    what would be nice is Immortal Redneck(I think its PS4 also)

    Hitman was soooo boring with how slooooow dude moves though..
    I want ot like it because I love stealth as my #1 preffered way of gaming,,
    I tried twice to get into Hitman the 1st episode and failed..
    I’ll try again soon…..

    ~~Time to do Farcry5 NewGame+ as the enw Farcry looks awesome..
    aside from the lame twins anyways..
    I so hope we encounter the deputy & joseph as a faction or whatnot..

  • Só acho que tinha que ser igual ao xbox vc ganha o jogo e ele é seu não apenas com plus, pq depois que a assinatura expira vc não pode jogar, eu acho isso ridículo.

  • Another pvp triple a title. How about story driven triple a title that dont want to make people throw their controller across the room. So many better games to choose from. Hitman went out in the early 2000’s and hasnt been fun since. You keep giving us games that need a season pass paid for before you can even attempt to compete online.

  • pretty,pretty,pretty good

  • Just to add though, we really need a new Simpsons game on the next gen consoles, if any gaming developers read this please get onto creating a fantastic new Simpsons game for the next gen consoles with lots of characters and recognisable places from the show (Happy Sumo, Springfield Elementary, Moe’s Tavern, Power Plant etc…), thanks!! :-)

  • Dammit i just purchased Hitman in the Holiday deals, haven’t even played it yet now its free. I really hate when that happens.

  • Is there any news on if there will be more than 2 PS4 games in March with this change or will that not be known until they announce the games coming to Plus in March? Thanks!

    • No one knows but Sony. But as they haven’t said they’re adding more to the service, assume they are not so you won’t be disappointed, and be pleasantly surprised if they do.

  • I dont mind that we are losing PS3 and Vita games it makes total sense. But the last we heard was that we will only be getting 2 PS4 games still and nothing else. It really feels like the value of Plus just took a nose dive. When you compare it to Xbox that will still be doing 4 games a month it seems like a really bad marketing moves on Sony’s part.
    Increase give 2 PS4 and 1 VR, or 3 PS4 or something to offset the loss.
    I can’t be alone on this right?

    • Agree like to see 2 ps4 games and a vr game. Or even do every other month a vr game or an indie game that be good. You would your 2 retail games and an added bonus game.

  • If March lineup updates on March 5th, then the PS3/ VITA should as well. That’s just wrong that Feb is extended until the 8th. Should’ve picked a better date or extended it a month because I thought March would be the last.

    Also, I echo other comments that you ended on a disappointing note when many JRPGs were never offered. Much of last couple of years were disappointing for both. You could’ve offered choices for repeats to people who didn’t have Plus during earlier months when better quality titles were given if you were so steadfast on that rule.

    I couldn’t care much about 100 GB when doubling it to 20 GB would’ve been enough for most people. When USB backup is an option and most saves aren’t protected.

    That perk doesn’t begin to make up for what’s ending, especially when GWG offers 360 games that you can keep forever even if your sub lapses, along with BC, which I hope you’re bringing to PS5 using the physical disc and PS4 digital purchases, without involving PS Now. Don’t get cocky and forget what made you get ahead this gen.

  • I’m really proud of you Sony!

  • Not sure if comment didn’t post (if this is a duplicate please kindly remove) however I was saying how I’m really looking forward tok playing these Hitman games as I’ve heard so much about them. There’s a film called Interview With A Hitman starring Luke Goss from British director Perry Bhandal which is really good (check it out if you like this kinda thing) however I was forever hearing about these Hitman games as so many people assumed it was related to the film (it wasn’t) in the comments on Youtube etc… though since then I’ve always wanted to try these games but never got round to it, though now I can so thank you Playstation! :-)

  • I absolutely love Hitman I already have Hitman and I already have for Honor on Xbox low a good lineup if the games when you for me maybe once they remove the Vita and the PS3 games they give us one additional game work on that Sony

  • Disappointed that the last month of free Vita games is nothing that I want ;-;
    (although as a whole I have been generally disappointed in the free games for a while,
    only benefit to Plus for me lately is backing up save files but what can ya do)

  • Hitman? Hell yeah.

  • Dammit! I’m really gonna miss the monthly PS3 and Vita games.
    Oh, well. Change is inevitable and the PS5 is on fast approaching

  • The 100GB Cloud storage is an awesome upgrade considering that the PS5 will have massive save files.

  • Yey, nice send off. As a Vita enthusiast, it’s sad, but since Sony is now censoring like crazy, time to get a switch anyways. Just hoping we get some VR games next, or larger ps4 titles. I’m not an exclusive monkey, I want all the things. And maybe my Xbox will be something more then a Netflix machine… sigh … dreams

  • Oh no Divekick is available on PS4 too. Why not offer the cross-buy version or offer the PS4 version instead? This happened many times for other games. Luckily there will be support only for PS4 in few months.

  • Kind of trashy I’m paying for PS Now and PS Plus. This is the 2nd month in a row the main offering has been given out to both services so I’m basically paying for the same games twice. First Steep, now For honor. Guessing Metro is coming next month.

    • When Sony does negotiate with Square Soft/Enix and others like Ubisoft behind closed doors I’m sure they cover both Ps Now and Plus releases in their negotiations so it makes sense they release together. On another note and this is just wishful thinking, what if they added all of ps now if you subscribed to ps plus and they developed a ps now app for mobile? Giving out double titles makes sense if they fused. Ps now give out PS5 games as part of their subscription? That’s compelling in the face of all this streaming competition PS Now is about to face.

  • So now Games with Gold will offer 4 games a month, two Xbone and two 360, but Plus will only offer two? Not a particularly good look. I was expecting some sort of announcement as to what would be replacing PS3 and Vita games value wise.

    No complaints about the games for February though. Both great additions to my library.

  • When are screenshots taken when earning trophies going to be going to the cloud? I’m sitting on 18 GB of trophy pictures alone. If I delete them, the capture is gone.

    • Copy them to a USB stick and put them on your computer.

    • That’s a good idea to make use of the increased storage.

    • Couldn’t agree more about this,because of Sony’s poor hardware on PS4 ma HDD corrupted back in september and I couldn’t save most of ma capture gallery.Lost plat pics that were really really important to me so yeah this would be a nice addition.

  • E o PlayStation now no Brasil ? Tem previsão de quando começar ? Pq pagar plus só pra jogar on e ter 2 jgs nem vale a pena, xbox acess ta ai dando surra em.vcs

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