Vane Lands on PS4 Tomorrow

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Vane Lands on PS4 Tomorrow

Explore a mysterious desert and change the fabric of the world itself.

A desert stretches before you, vast and mysterious. You’re a black bird, perched on a branch, swaying in the gentle breeze. The lands before you roll outward, and here and there old ruins jut out from the sand, signs of some previous habitation. You take wing, and soar across the land in search of the hidden keys that turn this world…

This is the beginning to Vane, a game built on the conviction that players should find their own way in this mysterious world. You take the role of a black bird, alone in a desert, but there’s a secret depth to this windswept wasteland. A mysterious golden dust can cause you to transform into a child, and the same substance causes further changes to the world around you. Finding the secrets of this place will require the use of both perspectives.

Find Your Way

In Vane, you’ll be navigating open deserts, mysterious caves, and stormy, dark places full of mystery. You’ll use the golden material to transform, going from bird form to survey the area, changing into a child to affect a change, and back again. As you move through the world in this way, a strange momentum accumulates, and the world begins to transform as well. It’s in this transformation of the world itself that the story of Vane shows through, and it might take some unexpected turns.

Vane is an exploration game where you, the player, decide where to go. The game offers little explicit guidance. There’s no HUD. Text is at a bare minimum. The game has no spoken dialogue. We present this world to you bare, and invite you to explore it at your own pace, using your own intuition and perceptions. It’s your will to move forward, your desire to see what’s next, that will propel the story of Vane.

A Labor of Love

Four years in the making, Vane comes from a veteran team with stints at companies like Guerilla, Sony Japan Studio, and EA. We started Friend & Foe with other worlds on our mind, and our goal has been to preserve these strange visions through the rigors of the development process to ensure players can experience them. Vane is our first work together under our own banner, and we’re so excited that it’s seeing the light of day. In a sense we’re setting out into our own desert exploration, and this is the first step.

With Vane we want to make a surreal audio-visual experience that doesn’t lead you by the hand. It’s a little bit different. We hope it leaves an impression, one that you remember for a long while.

Vane will be available at PlayStation Store starting January 15.

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  • Pretty cool if it’s not a bad price I’ll pick it up.

  • Congrats on your launch! Looking forward to exploring this world for myself :-)

  • I’ve been waiting all generation for the PS4 to finally have a solid library of unique “indie / avant-garde” games. Hopefully Vane is the just the beginning.

    Can’t wait to play it!

  • Preloaded and ready for midnight!

  • This looks really beautiful. Just wish it was also available for PsVita.

  • Complete waste of $25. Full of glitches throughout. Needs major updates. What a complete disappointment. I would demand a full refund, but have to go through too much “red tape” to get it. I thought this was made by experienced developers. My three year old niece could have done a better job.

  • Dude, making games isn’t easy so settle your entitled little self down.

    Just finished it last night. I really loved the puzzle solving and the unsettling atmosphere. Camera was pretty problematic in the last 2 areas and was constantly getting caught up in the level geometry. I understand what you meant about the music tho. Perhaps a medley or suite track would be best? Either way, I feel like the price point is maybe $5 more than it probably should be but I’m happy with the time I’ve put in so far. Will go back through at some point for trophy clean-up. Very cool experience tho.

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