[Polls Closed] PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2018

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[Polls Closed] PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2018

2018 was jam-packed with incredible games, and it’s time to choose the absolute best

Wow! Did 2018 overhear all our praise about last year’s lineup and refuse to be bested? From the word “go” this year has delivered an embarrassment of video game riches. Celeste and Monster Hunter: World kickstarted the cavalcade of hits, and the pace didn’t let up all the way through holiday juggernauts like Red Dead Redemption 2. It was also a tremendous year for PlayStation exclusives, with showstoppers like Marvel’s Spider-Man and God of War setting records for the platform.

So, there are a ton of amazing games to look back on for this year’s Game of the Year awards. That’s why we need your votes to help decide the best of the best. Many of the categories below will be familiar from previous years, but there are some new additions to look out for. Multiplayer has been split up into competitive and cooperative as games continue to evolve in the online space. Best Sound Design is an opportunity to shed light on the subtle ways audio designers bring their worlds to life.

Important note: As always, any game that previously won a Platinum Trophy in the “Most Anticipated” category is barred from another nomination in that category.

The polls below are open closed now and will stay that way until the year ends at 11:59pm Pacific on December 31. Don’t forget to tell a friend to vote in the polls as well!

As we wrap up 2018, we here at PlayStation.Blog want thank you for your continued support. We hope you have an incredible holiday, and we’ll see you in the new year to keep the nonstop celebration of video games going.

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Best PS VR Experience
Best Independent Game
Best Performance
Best Graphical Showcase
Best Art Direction
Best Soundtrack
Best Sound Design
Best Multiplayer
Best Narrative
Best Sports Game
Best Ongoing Game
Best PlayStation Console Exclusive
Most Anticipated Game
Studio of the Year

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3 Author Replies

  • This year was awesome waiting for RE2 Remark

  • Not a single mention of SoulCalibur VI.

  • under best sports games shouldn’t it be MLB The Show 18? 19 ain’t out yet (unless it’s the Alpha, lol)

    • No, Sports video games release in the fall and are based on the 2018-2019 season… so they take the 2019 part.

      The current NHL is 19 as well.

    • Good catch, thanks!

    • peephole303 Yeah that’s true but Baseball games release late February/early March, and baseball is only played during the course of one year each season, it doesn’t crossover like basketball, or hockey and other sports. I noticed the F1 titles go by current year as well. I don’t know how the season runs in F1 but for this year the current MLB and F1 titles are actually 18.

  • Where’s quantic dream on The Best studio vote???

  • There was some tough ones in there, the year was great overall but as much as I love RDR2 and Spider-Man, GoW is just out of this world. Possibly the best game of the generation.
    Next year I’ll need a new HDD just so I can put all of the wonderful games that will launch. Death Stranding will be amazing.

    • I agree, there were some tough calls – I still put in Spider-Man to sling my way around the city and play a New Game+ just for the heck of it. It hurt not to actually vote for it for anything – but God of War just beat it out. The father/son vibe was just SO well done, and my kids who know more Norse mythology than I do were entranced.

      Two of my top…well, maybe even top two – are PS exclusives. Dang.

  • This year of games was phenomenal, and I had a really hard time choosing my votes. Good luck to the games that were nominated and congrats to the studios who got nomined. Keep up the good work

  • 2019 is going to be another excellent year for PlayStation but is there a reason why The Last of Us Part II isn’t up for most anticipated??

    • I think it’s because it won’t be out in 2019! So maybe next year.

    • I think it won last year, which disqualifies it from winning again. Won’t stake my house on it, but I think this is true.

    • Gunner is correct — TLOU II won the Most Anticipated category in a previous GOTY poll, so it’s disqualified from being nominated for that category again.

    • you could just type it into “Other” if you really wanted to :P I know I typed in Horizon Zero Dawn 2 :D :D :D :D :D

    • Most anicipated game in my book and a lot of people’s is kingdom hearts 3. We’ve waited and waited amongst delays of the game for years and now it’s finally coming out. People are hyped including me. Can’t wait to get my limited edition copy with my pin.

    • I truly hope that’s the reason, and not for the game to be cancelled on PS4 and released on ps5, just like what happened years ago with The Last Guardian.

  • MLB the Show 18 this year, not 19

  • I don’t have enough characters to express how amazing this year was for PlayStation, but I don’t think there’s ever been a better year for PlayStation in its history, and the fact Naughty Dog didn’t put out a game this year is really saying something. Insomniac and Quantic Dream put out their best titles yet with Detroit and Spider-man, God of War winning awards across the board, PS VR being on a roll, and just overall a great year for the industry with games like Red Dead. But the phenomenal performances on top of it, Bryan Dechart as Connor has been on my mind all year, Yuri is the definitive Spider-man voice for me now since Christopher Daniel Barnes in the 90’s, Arthur Morgan being such a deep character, and one I think is often overlooked is Anthony Ingruber delivering a spectacular unique take on the Joker in Batman: The Enemy Within. As for next year, The Last of Us is at the top of my list, but I have to give my most anticipated to MediEvil since it’s a miracle it exists alongside Crash and Spyro and I couldn’t be more thankful to Other Ocean and PlayStation for it.

  • How do you vote? Everything is blank and there’s nothing to click :/

  • 1. GOTY is God of War or Red Dead 2. IMO it’s a tie.
    2. Best VR game is Astrobot
    3. Best Soundtrack is Beat Saber
    4. Best Sound Design is Tetris Effect
    5. Best Narrative is Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
    6. Best Graphical Showcase is God of War
    7. Best Art Direction is Shadow of the Colossus
    8. Best Sports game is NBA 2k19
    9. Best Multiplayer and Ongoing game is Monster Hunter World
    10. Best Exclusive is Spider-Man
    11. Best Indie is Hollow Knight
    12. Best Performance is Dutch or Arthur from Red Dead Redemption 2
    13. My Most Anticipated 2019 game is Outer Worlds…so far.

    • Not a criticism but just curious how you can say God of War is game of the year but not best exclusive? I realize it’s hard to try and give Spider Man the love it deserves but if God of War is GOTY then should it not also be best exclusive? Other than that I pretty much agree with your list.

  • A lot of good games. Tough to choose. Got to go with RDR2. It sucked me into its world where I don’t even mind shoveling horse manure. Looking forward to RE2 and Days Gone. Ghosts of Tsushima might fill the void for me left by AC after going full RPG. Hope that game delivers.

    • Not a criticism but just curious how you can say God of War is game of the year but not best exclusive? I realize it’s hard to try and give Spider Man the love it deserves but if God of War is GOTY then should it not also be best exclusive? Other than that I pretty much agree with your list.

  • 1. GOTY is God of War
    2. Best VR game is Astrobot
    3. Best Soundtrack is Celeste
    4. Best Sound Design is God of War
    5. Best Narrative is Detroit
    6. Best Graphical Showcase is God of War
    7. Best Art Direction is Dragon Quest 11
    8. Best Sports game is Forza
    9. Best Multiplayer Mario Party
    10. Best Exclusive is Spider-Man
    11. Best Indie is Celeste
    12. Best Performance Kratos
    13. My Most Anticipated 2019 game is Kingdom Hearts 3

  • Weird not to see The Last of Us Part II under the most anticipated games!

  • Beat Saber and God of War for every category expect one. Moss wins most adorable game of the year.

    This year has been incredible. Moss, God of War, Detroit, Firewall, Spider-Man, Creed, Astro Bot, Tetris Effect, and Beat Saber were my personal highlights.

    What’s crazy is next year could be even better.

    Keep up the industry leading support Sony!

  • Must say the 2 games I enjoyed most this year were
    Detroit become human &
    Red Dead Redemption 2.

  • Tried to look at each question individually, and was surprised at how many times Tetris Effect was either first or second choice for me. Now I’m going to go play it again!

  • It was kind of a stale year, give or take a few AAA titles and two indies. Next year’s lineup is amazing though, especially looking real forward to Sekiro, DMC 5, RE 2 remake, and that MediEvil remake. FeelsGoodMan.

  • voto ok

  • Come on Guys, I think it’s time to give Insomniac an Award, they deserve it.

  • Yakuza Kiwami was 2017. Yakuza 6 or Kiwami 2 should be there instead

  • I voted for smash Bros ultimate for game of the year

  • I thought I would probably give a vote to Red Dead 2 in at least one category but all my votes went to other games. God of War took most of them, Tetris Effect took one, Beat saber took a few, and Spider-Man took a few. I don’t play sports games because they suck balls.

    • Similar for me.

      For Sports, I voted Other: Onrush which is a non-sucky racing sports game? It was / is part of PS+ free and was fun to try out.

  • Squanch Games – Studio of the Year.

    That is all.

  • The correct answer is Beat Saber, the question is irrelevant. It’s beat saber, always beat saber, beat saber all the time.

  • Doom should be on the most anticipated list. I wrote it in, but should still be on there as an option since write ins are never counted on any poll

    • Yea what the hell. Man whoever made this list is ignorant as hell. How could they possibly forget Doom Eternal? That’s bigger than the majority of the list they wrote. Not to mention somehow not including GT Sport in best ongoing game. Gets huge DLC’s for free every month, just had it’s first world championships. Has tournaments year round. And it’s a PS4 exclusives and this so called PS Blog forgets it? Seriously??? They got hire some people who aren’t just 100% nerds and actually know all genres instead of just the dorkiest ones.

  • This year was one of the best years for video games. The game that took me by surprise was celeste. I thought Spiderman was going to come out on top, but God of war is by far one of the best games have ever played. Great job Santa Monica!

  • Come on be end of January already so I can play kh 3. So hyped!

  • If your an Ace Combat Fan, please put Ace Combat 7 as your most anticipated game now!

  • Lacks Yakuza in quite a bit in a lot of categories. Especially for a a great game series that is mostly on PlayStation.

  • Dragon Ball FighterZ best art. Hands down.

  • god of war kill everything !!!!!

  • Dont froget to do your part and vote Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown on every box

  • Ni No Kuni 2 made the best PS4 game list but not Dragon Quest XI? Both are great but still.

  • I voted CTR: Nitro Fueled to be the Most Anticipated Game! Here’s hoping to see something extra special for this remaster, like new racers such as Tawna!

  • I can’t believe Astrobot Rescue Mission wasn’t a nominee for best soundtrack the music in that game is catchy af

  • My votes
    Best PS4: Spider-Man
    Best PSVR: Astro Bot Rescue Mission
    Best Independent: Beat Saber
    Best Performance: Darin De Paul – J. Jonah Jameson, Spider-Man
    Best Graphical Showcase: Astro Bot
    Best Art: Astro Bot
    Best Soundtrack: Tetris Effect
    Best Sound Design: Other: Astro Bot
    Best Multiplayer: A Way Out
    Best Narrative: Spider-Man
    Best Sports: Other: Onrush
    Best Ongoing: Monster Hunter World
    Best Console Exclusive: Astro Bot
    Most Anticipated: Other: The Last of Us Part 2
    Studio of the Year: SIE Japan Studio

  • We all know the winner are the ones that get talked about the most or get the best press. So congrats to the soon to be winners who may or may not be worthy of it…!

    • That’s game awards not Blog nominees.Here the only messed up thing is that Sony MUST make us believe activision games deserve any prize so Destiny 2 and B.O 4 will be there in the winners of something which is a shame.

  • How is Cyberpunk 2077 not on the most anticipated list. I wrote it in though.

  • It’s hard to pick one game from most anticipated games between RE2 remake, Ghost of Tsushima, Sekiro, DMC 5, Shenmue 3, etc. If only we can pick more than one haha. But this year is a good year and next year will be awesome too.

  • In Most Anticipated Games there was no option for “The Last Of Part 2” does that mean it’s not coming in 2019.

    • No it’s because they foolishly put it up last year as if it ever had a chance in hell of releasing in 2018 LOL They didn’t want it to win 2 years in a row.

      Honestly, you gotta be braindead to have ever thought that game was 2018. It was always 2019 at best, from the start.

  • Spider-Man is my GotY, with Detroit Become Human at a close second. Still have to play Red Dead Redemption 2, but for my taste I don’t see that game beating my first two. Detroit Become Human also had an amazing soundtrack too!

  • Hi Everyone:)

    Its my Top 10 of 2018:
    1)God of War^^:)
    2)^^MEGA MAN 11^^
    3)Red Dead Redemption 2^^
    4)Dragon Quest XI:Echoes of An Elusive Age^^
    5)FAR CRY 5^^:)
    6)^^MEGA MAN X:Legacy Collection 1 & 2^^
    7)Monster Hunter World^^
    8)Fist of the North Star:Lost Paradise^^
    9)Valkyeria Chronicles 4^^
    10)Tetris Effect/Assassin Creed Odyssey^^

    Best Performance of 2018: Chris Judge aka TEAL’c from Stargate SG-1 they rocks so much in role of Kratos!!! lol:PPP

    My Top 5 of Much Anticipated Games of 2019:
    1)^^RESIDENT EVIL 2 (2019 Version)^^:D
    2)DEVIL MAY CRY 5^^
    3)ACE COMBAT 7:Skies Unknown ^^:) (FINALLY AT LAST A NEW AC GAME^^)


  • My personal favourite this year was D:BH. Every part of it just blew me away. The story, the soundtrack, the graphics, everything was phenomenal. I fell in love with all the main characters, and the way it utilizes the capibilities of PS4 controllers is really cool. This was one of the first games I’ve seen that your actions really have concequences. Every possibility feels very open. It’s a great game, and I highly recommend checking it out. I hope to see it win something this year!

  • Why is The Last of Us 2 not on the most anticipated list?

  • Fortnite is no 1
    Gow is also no 1

  • I did it vote. Now, what?

  • I voted Red Dead Redemption 2 for pretty much everything. It’s just that good. Game of the century!

  • Best Sports game of 2018 goes to the game that created the sport of pwning hel-halkers. God of War.

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