GT Sport 1.31 Update: 7 New Cars, New Track, GT League Updates

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GT Sport 1.31 Update: 7 New Cars, New Track, GT League Updates

GT Sport’s December update includes the 'Fugu Z' -- built by Fast and the Furious series actor Sung Kang -- and the Tokyo Expressway South Route.

Hello again, GT fans. Available starting today is our free December update for GT Sport, patch 1.31 (Internet connection required). It features a selection of seven stunning vehicles, including European supercars, elegant saloons and some old-school American muscle. All of which are ready to race against the backdrop of a new Tokyo-based track.

New Vehicles

Ringing in the season at Brand Central are seven new vehicles, from limited edition Ferraris to Gran Turismo Award winners.

  • Ferrari F50 ’95(N500)
  • McLaren P1 GTR ’16(Gr.X)
  • BMW M3 Coupé ’07(N400)
  • Tesla Motors Model S Signature Performance ’12(Gr.X)
  • Pontiac Firebird Trans Am ’78(N200)
  • Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray Sport Coupe (C2) ’63(N400)
  • GReddy Fugu Z (N300)

December Update Highlight Vehicle – GReddy Fugu Z (N300)

The winner of the 2015 Gran Turismo Awards at SEMA was an S30 Datsun Z, nicknamed the ‘Fugu Z’. The car was built by the actor Sung Kang, known for his role in the ‘Fast and the Furious’ movie series. It is based on a 1973 240Z which he bought in a stock state, and it was custom built to his desired specifications. The most notable feature of the exterior is the Rocket Bunny body kit consisting of very wide fenders and front/rear spoilers. And of course, the car is not just for looks. The engine is the famed RB26DETT from the Skyline GTR converted to natural aspiration, with mechanical tuning bringing its power up to 216 BHP. Using E85 Indy car fuel, it can produce about 295 BHP. To withstand this power, a roll cage is welded to the interior. In order to reduce weight, the dashboard and console are custom made by CarbonSignal.

New Track – Tokyo Expressway South Route

A new ‘South Route’ layout has been added to the Tokyo Expressway street course, which is based on the Shuto Expressway of Tokyo.

With a home straight lining up next to the high-speed railway and a series of mid to high-speed S curves, this track has a very different character to the Central and East routes – sure to put experienced drivers through their paces. In addition to the Outer Loop layout, there’s also an Inner Loop layout that passes through a scenically gritty shipping terminal, with some tough hairpins and chicanes.

GT League: This month, we’ve mixed things up a little, and added seven new rounds to four fan-favorite League events.

Beginner League: Two new rounds have been added to the Nissan GT-R cup event.

Amateur League: Two new rounds have been added to the Real Circuit Tours event.

Professional League: Two new rounds have been added to the Mercedes AMG Grand Prix event.

Endurance League: One new round has been added to the Gr. 3 Endurance League event.

In addition, the Catalunya Circuit Grand Prix Layout has been added to the Circuit Experience, and we’ve added a dedicated FIA section to the Museum. Finally, in Scapes mode we’ve added Peugeot-related spots to Brand Central, and a special “Season’s Greetings” backdrop to help with those holiday-themed snaps.

Please enjoy this month’s update, and remember you can find all the latest GT info here on PlayStation Blog and on the official Gran Turismo website. Until next time, drivers, we’ll see you out on the track.

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  • Audi RS3? Audi RS5? Please?

  • i would like to see the 2018 Honda Civic Type R on the next update, also can you guys fix the Legues interface? it would be nice see how many gold cups i have earn on each event before i click on it the UI is very slow. have the option in the event to buy the car needed for that event it takes for ever to go search for that car.

  • Older evos? Evo III, V, VI TME, IX.

  • Hachiroku next…!

  • Still looking for support for legacy Logitech wheels. . .

  • 3000gt VR4

  • Dear Yamauchi San,

    Please fix the garage. There are many opportunities/problems still present. For starters, why do I always have to CHOOSE a car before every race if the car I have currently selected is the car I always use. Also, some cars are showing as unavailable for some odd reason. Finally, why can’t we sell some of these cars? Ive gotten duplicates that are clogging up my library. Love the game, admire the regular updates, but please update the garage. Thanks!

    • This feature is already apart of gran turismo. Once you have your course selected you can change the car, track, or weather conditions without having to exit. Before you start a race in race menu or the time trial. At the top left gran turismo logo, press x on that and you’ll bring up the menu. While it is a little hidden, trust me it’s there.

  • Thank You for the continued support. Nice to see the new cars from this and the last update added to the PS Store. I got on and bought all of the eligible cars, and drove around in VR for a couple hours this morning. Best Gran Turismo to date in my book.

    Keep on bringing cars, and I will keep on funding development. I wouldn’t mind paying $4.99 or even $9.99 for some of the more exotic cars given the oppertunity. I have no problem grinding for in game currency, but at the rate currency is rewarded in VR, I will be playing 100’s of hours just for 1 of the 20,000,000 credit cars. I would be down for some new ways to earn more in VR, or just purchasing the super exotics/classics outright.

    I just can’t wait for next gen. Hoping that the entire game is playable in VR, on and offline.

  • GT Sport is SO much better now then when I bought it a year ago.

    It still has it’s issues, but the only thing left that really bothers me is the lack of local saving. I literally lost over 4 million credits from an endurance race because the game happened to update shortly before the race ended, and I was not permitted to save before I had to restart and apply the patch.

    On a personal level, though, I really would love to see the classic GT Original tracks. It doesn’t feel like a real GT game without them. This was the first GT eve that I wasn’t able to have my tradition of having my first race be an arcade race on High Speed Ring,

  • Great update, and amazing to see the F50 added. What I’d like to see added in future:

    Aston Martin Vanquish
    Bugatti EB110
    Bentley Continental GT Speed
    Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale
    Ferrari 575M
    Mercedes McLaren SLR
    BMW M5 V10
    Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

  • PS…. Bentley Arnage T, because who wouldn’t want to see that 3.5 tonne beast go sideways and thunder down the ‘Ring?

  • Bring on the whole Z line! The z32 was definitely a great addition, giving the game an old school GT option. Kang’s 240z was a beautiful inclusion! I’d love to see the whole turbo lineup. Bring in the Z31, and z34. There are a lot of cars from the eighties that I’d like to see revitalized by GT, and I feel like the entire brand central has meticulously beaten around these beautiful models

  • Body kits for cars,please?

  • There are not enough competitors in the Australia/NZ online daily races.

    Numbers have dropped from around 14 competitors to just 8 tonight.

    Also, there was a wide range of DR/SR combinations. It was better when were combined with Japan etc.

  • Please add race customization options to split screen multiplayer.

  • Whoopi update has emptyed my hole garage thanks a lot

  • Hi there guys, is there anyone that can help me with a code for the GT sport dynamic theme, I bought the game and controller pack and didn’t receive any code for the theme. Please if anyone can help me out.

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