PlayStation Now Adds Downloading of PS4, PS2 Games

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PlayStation Now Adds Downloading of PS4, PS2 Games

In addition to streaming access to a catalog of PS4, PS3 and PS2 titles.

We are excited to announce that starting today, you will be able to stream as well as download PlayStation Now games to your PS4 system so that you can play both locally and offline, all with a single subscription. Almost all PS4 games in the service, including Bloodborne, God of War 3 Remastered, NBA 2K16, and Until Dawn, will be available for download, in addition to the PS Now lineup of classic PS2 games remastered for PS4. This feature will be gradually rolled out to PS Now subscribers over the next couple of days, so if you don’t see the feature on your PS Now today, make sure to check back again soon.

Downloaded PS Now games will support all user-purchased DLCs, microtransactions, and add-ons, as well as PS4 Pro enhancements for subscribers using a PS4 Pro system. And remember, you do not need a PlayStation Plus membership for online multiplayer on PS Now – which stays the same for both streaming and downloaded games.

If you’ve already started a game via streaming on PS Now and want to continue playing locally on your PS4, you can transfer your save file from the PS Now cloud to your console with a PS Plus membership (sold separately). This is done by transferring the save file from the PS Now cloud to your PS Plus cloud storage, then transferring it from the PS Plus cloud storage to your PS4 system. Check out this page for step-by-step instruction videos on how to transfer your game saves.

Note that you will need to connect your PS4 system to the internet every few days to verify your PS Now subscription, even if you’re only playing downloaded games.

A quick reminder that there are a few days left to get in on our summer price promotion, which ends September 25. Try PS Now for a full month at just $9.99 (new subscribers only) with our special intro offer, or get a full year for just $99.99 USD. And if you’re a PS Plus member, you can take advantage of the exclusive discount on the 3-month pass for PS Now for just $29.99 ($44.99 regular price). Although note that in order to take advantage of the $9.99 intro offer, you will need to purchase that directly, as the 7-day trial will transition into the standard monthly subscription.

This is a great time to catch up on PS4 games that you missed or discover new franchises through PS Now. Let us know what you’re going to be streaming or downloading in the comments below!

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  • Yeah that’s cool and all, but what about PSN name changes my guy?

    • I agree with you. We want to psn name change!

    • Get over it. Shouldn’t have picked a stupid name in the first place.

    • Well said Sindred.


    • Hi Brain, I was wondering if there was any future plans to allow ps3 games to be played on ps4 without Ps now similar to how xbox does it with there backwards compatibility but also allow a service like Ps now to be used aswell as being able to put the disc into the console. I watched a video a few weeks back saying how Sony believes that backwards compatibility is highly demanded but is a feature that is not used alot, In my opinion I believe that wouldn’t be the case due to alot of players like myself who love the feeling of nostalgia when playing old games.

    • Already a PSNOW subscriber, so this is good news for me. Time to Push my External HDD to it’s limits. Might need to upgrade the 1TB internal at this point. lol

      This is a great initiative moving forward that adds a lot of value to the service.

      Understandably, PS3 support is a little more complicated due to its system architecture, but I would love to see more PS2 titles added to this service (and to the PS4 itself as well, of course).

      Looking forward, it’d be really nice if PSP/PSV/PS1 titles started making their way over to the service as well. I know that once was the part of the initial vision for PSNOW.

      And if PSP support ever does come to the platform, having 2 PSPs emulated on the PSP for local multiplayer would be a cool idea. (i.e – 2 player Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, where it’s simulating Adhoc by way of 2 player splitscreen).

      I love the work that’s been done to the service, and look forward to even more improvements moving forward with PSNOW. :D

    • Yet thaAMAZNblue1 still pays for PS Plus.

    • queremos esse serviço no Brazil !!!! Brasil

    • reeeeeeally need PS3 games to have a download option to help compete with Game Pass. I already own most PS4 1st party games and I have no desire to play PS2 but I loved my old PS3 collection.

    • Warhawk. I know it’s on NOW, but it’s just not the same playing it off a server. Where oh where is the hi-rez Warhawk version for PS4? Change nothing except the resolution. I would actually sit down and play a game on my PS4 again.

    • Personally I already spent £60 $60 on PS3 games when they were new, why the hell would I want to pay £100 $100 per year, to play them on the PS NOW Platform… I still have all my PS3 games my PS3 console suddenly stopped working for no reason at all, so I need a new one. But I am not stupid enough to fall for that ripoff marketing scam that is PS NOW. Not paying twice the value once a year to play old games I own and should be able to play for free without a sub fee… XBOX Let me play old games I own for free so It’s a no brainer really…

    • This must be pretty good money, you pay a subscription fee to stream remastered games. Only now can you download them but you’re still gonna have to pay the fee, rather than just being able to buy the games. This a huge money grab, but hey, remastered games, right?

  • E para o Brasil? FOR BRAZIL!!!

  • I might actually check this out now. It would be nice if PS3 games were downloadable, but I understand why they aren’t.











    • Why cant we just have backwards compatibility for ps3 games so we can just put the disc in and play like xbox

    • @thaAMAZNblue1 Dude would you freaking shut up already? Stop spamming this on literally everyone’s post. It’s obnoxious.

    • @ROARING_BBBBBB – because XBox and XBox 360 and XBox One are all essentially the same PC architecture, just with a speed upgrade for each generation.

      PS3 was like nothing else – it’s not a standard Intel/AMD processor, it was a custom CPU developed with IBM that works differently than “normal” 8086-based desktop CPUs. Emulating that would require more power than the PS4 has.

    • @FeistFan Definitely. I remember reading that the PS3 with the Cell processor cost Sony more than they could reasonably sell the console for and they were counting on making up the difference in licensing fees (which I am sure they did). It was a completely different architecture, and I doubt there will ever be any backward compatibility on different hardware. Sony has dedicated servers with these processors to allow streaming of PS3 games through the PS Now service.

  • This is amazing, resubscribing today!

  • I love this change, it’s certainly a really really positive one, and one that’s definitely a step in the right direction. I just wish it wasn’t so expensive, and that those special offers would just become the new standard. 100 for a year is great, but 10 bucks a month I think would be the sweet spot for impulse buyers who might want to give it a shot without feeling too much commitment.

  • This is pretty cool. Hope to see more updates to PS Now.

  • Too bad if players like me, in Australia, don’t have access to PlayStation now subscriptions.. when are you gonna realise you have loyal fans outside the US and UK? I’d happily pay for a subscription but you don’t seem to care about us down under, and it’s pushing your customers away, and it’s the same with merchandise.. PS Gear not available down here, luckily a select few retail stores can stock basic items..

  • in Australia this useless without another account. but also a question with PSNow, can you get any game on the service without extra cost?

    • Hi Aaron,
      To answer your question, yes every game in the library is included with the cost. You can stream any game to PS4 or PC, and you can download any downloadable game in the service to your PS4 at no additional cost, as long as you have space on your hard drive.

  • So, this update seems nice. However, what about the PS3 games which are a huge portion of games on PS Now. And what about those who subscribe to PS Now via PC?

    • Read up on PS3 games on PS4. It’s super complicated because the way PS3 games were built. You have to rebuild the game to get it to run on PS4 where that isn’t the case for Xbox 360 to Xbox One.

  • So we can have the game in their Native resolution and even with PS4 Pro support now instead of the 720p resolution or it stays the same?

    • Yes – when you download a PS4 game through the service, it runs like any purchased or Plus “free game” game. It will run at native resolution and sound modes, and with PS4 Pro enhancements if you have a PS4 Pro system. You can also play online multiplayer modes without Plus for games downloaded via PS Now.

    • Thank you for the answer.. My problem is that there is no way to get any PS NOW subscription with PS Wallet unlike PS Plus.

  • Hi, is there any possibility of the service being launched in Brazil ?

  • I really hope you guys listen to the massive Socom community and remastered the PS2 game for Socom 2 and Combined assault with online play. Its been requested SOOO many times but you guys keep ignoring the request :/


    Are you guys planning on adding the ps3 catalog aswell? I really miss playing Red Dead Redemption and it would be amazing to play it on my ps4

  • If you make PS Now $10 / month, you will have something incredible here. This is a shot at Xbox Game Pass, but different in that PS Now is more expensive and doesn’t guarantee day one access to first party exclusives. This service could be so much better and I will be steering clear until it meets the standard I expect, which is really just the Xbox Game Pass standard of $10 / month and day one access to first party exclusives. I’m not a Game Pass subscriber, but I can see the value of their service and PS Now is just not on par yet. If they can do it, you can, too. And you can do it better, because your exclusives are better. It’s that simple. You’re on the right track.

    • PSNow is cheaper than game pass though. it’s $99 a year that’s under $10 a month. Now adds games constantly and doesn’t cycle them like game pass does. I mean its like at 700 games now and you can play them on PC. I have friends that play PS now on PC that don’t have a PS4. either way I see PS now as a better Value than Game pass. I cancelled my game pass for now. probably wait until halo gets added. They’re already adding PS4 games so I’m sure they’ll add their bigger exclusives down the road.

  • Welp, you’ve just gotten me to resubscribe. This is great news!

  • is there a plan to get PS NOW with no credit card or paypal? All I heard is that 7 day trial, one month and even one year require that, just like one month of PS Plus. There is no way to get any PS Now subscription with PS Wallet?

    • Do what I do. If you have a credit or debit card use it. Once you buy what you want delete the information. If you don’t have a credit or debit card buy PSN cards.

  • Any word on ps3 DOWNLOADS i want to pay for the service but downloads are what i would like – and ps3 games are main interest

    • PS3 emulation is basically impossible they would have to do a lot of work on each game to get them to run on PS4 so you wont be able to download. but I stream it and it all plays just fine but I guess that depends on your internet connection.

  • What I do not understand is if PS+ is rolled into PlayStation Now why isn’t Now with PS+ seems silly to pay for two subscriptions.

  • Wait, you mean for a subscription that I shouldn’t have to pay, I too can buy one of the THIRTEEN Playstation 2 titles now available?! Wow! Here’s a thought: How about I don’t have to pay a fee to access PS2 titles and you just let me buy the PS2 titles on my PS4?

    • There are about 50 PS2 classics available to purchase and download to your PS4. We just happen to have 13 of them in the service as an additional benefit to subscribers, to stream or download as part of their subscription.

    • Why can’t I have everything for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • I never asked for free. I said that a subscription service to access games is an unnecessary hurdle when I can just buy the games and cut out an extra unneeded fee. I don’t want to ‘borrow’ your games from a streaming service. I want to own them.

    • And to Brian Dunn: to incentivize a service like PS Now to strong arm people into getting a few games because they are hard to get isn’t my idea of customer service. I’m so tired of corporations trying to condition people to shell out extra money for stupid things you don’t want. People can’t just pay for what they want these days. It’s like when Adobe introduced that monthly service to get all of their programs for a set monthly price. Maybe I don’t want those five extra programs and just want to own Photoshop and two other programs? Nope, I gotta get that ‘packaged deal’ and pay monthly for something I don’t officially own and I am instead renting as part of a service.

    • Also, there are so many good PS2 RPG’s that are not on PS Now in any capacity, and if you want me to believe that for a second you will even get 1/10th of those games on your service I won’t believe you, because we are already super late into the PS4’s lifecycle. It bothers me immensely that this is the road Sony has chosen. Instead of just letting me buy a game that I want, I would be forced to pay $100 a year for a bunch of unnecessary chaff that will never be mine, because in order to keep those titles I would have to keep giving you money. I won’t do it now, and I never will.

    • You can still buy the PS2 games. Subscription services exist for movies and music so it’s logical that games would follow suit. Or do you boycott Netflix and Spotify as well because you don’t own the content you subscribe to?

    • You can buy PS2 titles through the store, there’s a section of the store dedicated to PS2 games. If they’re playable on your PS4 you can purchase them. They aren’t locked behind this service, so you don’t have to have a subscription to buy them.

  • Hello Brian Dunn,
    I am from Brazil, and I hope playstation now service become available in my country with the download feature.
    You see, we have a bad internet speed in general over here, but with this new feature, the brazilian players would enjoy playstation now…
    So you see, there are TONS of brazilian players who would pay for playstation now, so if Sony wants to make lots of money, for sure you should think about this issue. But think fast, meanwhile you are losing time, because xbox game pass is already available here, and I can assure you, Sony is losing money each day, by the lack of the service here. Can I hope playstation now will be available in Brazil soon?

  • Awesome! Can my husband play the downloaded PS Now game from my account in his account too? That would be amazing!

  • You 3 different subscription services Plus, Now and Vue, Has there been any thought of offering combination packages at reduced combined rates. Say pick 1, 2 or all 3 for price A, B or C to reduce the hit on Customers who want all three.

  • Thank You Sony. Between FW 6.0 having no new features, PS1 Classic (but not for PS4), and the lack of 4K HDR content on PS Video for Pro owners, I was starting to get really upset with the way PS4 owners were being treated. This has shifted the needle back the other way.

    This is how PlayStation hardware owners should be treated. I believe it is in Sony’s best interest for PS Now to be available on every platform possible for streaming. In addition, for people that buy and use real PlayStation Products, we should have access to the complete library of PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PSV, and PS4. I am hopeful that PS5 will be fully backwards compatable with all PlayStations before it.

    Keep up the great work. PS Now just took a huge step towards being accepted ny the core gaming community. Now, just add new 1st party titles on launch, and you will dominate the games as a service business.

  • If only PS4 and PS2 games will be downloaded, can you find a way to sort, filter, and/or list games by platform? I found a list of all 650 games but they don’t tell me what platform they are from. And worse than that you can’t even click on the game title to find out anything about the game.

  • This is wildly pro-consumer! Very nice.

    Now we just need you guys to get on with allowing cross platform play and getting backwards compatibility working where possible (PS4 playing PS1). =D

  • this is a great step forward for the PSnow service.

    just one more thing needs to be change to make this a great value.

    Include the PS+ membership for any PSnow subscription. the ability to use Cloud saves and access to the free games each month is a nice bonus.

    As of right now it’s still too expensive for me an many others to consider. either add PS+ to this or lower the monthly price.

  • Great news! However it would be awesome if you rolled this into PS+. Or even make it like $2 a month more on top of a PS+ sub. Either way keep up the great work and I hope PS3 eventually joins the library. I know its complicated due to the framework but one can dream.

















  • Does anybody know if the SOCOM series is available for this?

  • Am I understanding this right that the PS3 games available on PS Now aren’t available for downloading yet at this time?

    • Yes, that is correct. PS4 cannot run PS3 software and most likely never will, unfortunately. This is mostly due to the fact that the PS4’s hardware is simply not powerful enough to do so (for more on this, search Google). And even if it was, PlayStation probably wouldn’t invest in adding this feature since they don’t seem to show much interest in backward compatibility. The PS4 does play PS2 software, but just look at how limited the current library is on PS Store. And PS4 is more than capable of running PS1 games, yet that feature is non-existent.

  • Xenosaga pls ;3;

  • I understand there are reasons we can’t download PS3 games to the PS4, but what about downloading PS3 games to the PS3, for those of us who have PS3s?

    • This is what im looking for as well. being able to actually download some of the games is a nice improvement for the service, but it would be even better if it included the PS3 as well since i have one as well. I already own a lot of the games i would probably play from the service, but if PS3 was also added i would take a second look at the catalog and maybe subscribe.

  • PS Now should have been If you have bought anything digitally off PS Store, you don’t pay a sub price or reduced price. Its makes my blood boil that I have to pay to play games I have already paid for. I think Nirvana made a song that describes this process.

    • Then don’t use the service. There’s some movies I own that are on Netflix but I don’t hate Netflix because of that. PS Now and Xbox Game Pass are worth it for the entire service they provide, access to hundreds of games for a monthly price. Of course there will be games added that you might already own. Just like how Spotify and Netflix have movies and music that you may already own. Get over it.

    • Hey PS_man, Did you buy the movies from Netflix? Did you buy the music from Spotify? When you already bought something from a company you would think that in all honesty that is yours to enjoy. Well in this case, Playstation does not agree with this and thats no right. So, since you wanted to debate. YOU GOT CRUSHED!!!

  • Well done PlayStation!

    As a loyal fan whose been with you from the very beginning, I’ve been pretty disappointed with some of your services and policies as of late, but this feature is definitely a step in the right direction and a big addition to PS Now.

    The next feature I’d like to see is support for PS3 games that were never released digitally. This just really isn’t a good excuse for why major first-party titles like Resistance 1 & 2 are not available on PS Now. I understand why PS3 game downloads aren’t going to happen any time soon, but there’s no reason why the fact that a game was never released on the PS Store should disqualify it from being added now in 2018, especially for Sony-owned titles. It should be a relatively simple task to accomplish, in fact.

  • Hoping they roll something out for PS3 games. And if they do I hope I don’t have to have PS Now to play games I already bought years ago.

    • The way this works is that when you download the games to your hardware, you play them locally. PS3 games cannot be played on PS4 hardware. When they do “remasters” they are not just cleaning up the visuals, they are also recoding it for the PS4.

    • Netflix and Spotify have content that I already own but I don’t boycott those services, and if you already own those games then just redownload them from the PS Store. You’re paying for the service as a whole, so of course they’ll have games you may have bought in the past. That’s how all subscription services work.

  • Does this mean there won’t be any input lag if played locally?

    • Correct, downloaded games are played from your hard drive, same as any digitally purchased game or “free game” game you get via PS Plus.

  • “And remember, you do not need a PlayStation Plus membership for online multiplayer on PS Now – which stays the same for both streaming and downloaded games.”

    RIP Xbox Games Pass.

  • And when are you going to bring this to other regions? I’m on Spain and this isn’t available, I think it’s a shame, keep improving this but don’t consider to bring it to the rest of the world. I feel like we have the same rights and should have the same services…

  • I noticed the downloadable games list are all part of PS+ offerings, so are downloads on limited to titles that have been already offered?

    • Hi archpro, most of the 200+ PS4 games in the PS Now library are downloadable. The blog post just mentions some of the most popular games.

    • Thanks for the quick response! I think I’m actually going to get PS Now now(my latency not that great)

    • Oh sorry, one more question. Are downloads available to free trial users as well? I was curious to see how it worked(Now I know it’s like real digital game). And can the downloads be initiated from the game selection library or does it have to be launched first?

    • Yes, downloads will be available for trial users as well. Note that it will be a few days before the feature is rolled out to 100% of users. Thanks for giving it a try!

  • Thank you so much!! I’ve been hesitant to try the service because it was streaming only. But now that it allows downloading, its far more appealing.

    Now we just need more recent titles to enter the service, so it can truly compete with the Xbox Game Pass. :)

    • I think they will add more recent titles if the subscriptions start picking up. There are quite a few on the list that I’ve been wanting to play.

  • This is nice and might make me get a PSNow subscription (especially if the price drops a bit) Although I’d really like to see PS1 games added to not just now but PS4 as a whole.

  • What about downloading PS4 and PS2 games on PC via PS Now? That’s what I really want to know.

    • Downloads only work on PS4. PC is streaming only for the entire 650+ game catalog.

    • That won’t and can’t happen, it would mean the PC be emulating these games, it also encourages piracy if was ever possible. It’s very hard to just emulate a game consoles, as they are closed systems with very different architectures and APIs.


  • So what’s the reason that I can’t simply buy a PS2 game that is available on PS Now to play on my PS4? Or better yet, why I can’t access the classic PS2 games that I already bought on the PS3 store and are already available on PS Now?

    • H Shotgang86 – we have about 50~ PS2 classics for sale digitally on the store, you can purchase as many as you want. The 13 PS2 games in PS Now are among those for sale, but if you have a PS Now subscription you can enjoy them without having to buy them.

    • And what about the PS2 games that I already bought on the PS3 store, like GTA: San Andreas, that I do not have access on my PS4 without paying for it again? I don’t want to buy the same game that I already have.

      I fear that when the PSN service for the ps3 is cut off (and this day is getting closer) I will lose all the games that I purchased there. And I can’t shake the feeling that this is exactly what is going to happen.

  • Wow, this is huge news – awesome! My internet has been really poor lately, so this makes PS Now go from being not that interesting to me to a much bigger deal!

  • So now it’s like PlayStation Game Pass. How many PS4 games are available through PS Now at the moment?

  • Hey Brian, do you have any plans to add the option to download PS3 games in the future?

    • I would like to know this as well. Download PS3 games to a PS3, that is. PS4 will probably never get PS3 BC.

    • To everyone asking this question, no, it will NEVER happen. They dropped the service on PS3, PS Vita and every other device back in August 2017. So there’s no chance it will be a possibility when the service isn’t even available.

  • I was hesitant to jump on to PS Now mainly because of the streaming requirement. Now that there’s the option to download the games on to the hard drive, this makes getting a subscription MUCH more enticing.

  • Great update!

    Jak & Daxter (1-X), Ratchet & Clank Collection, PS All Stars Battle Royale, Twisted Metal Black, Drive Club, Gran Turismo 6, The Order: 1886, inFamous Second Son/First Light

  • Thanks for letting us be able to download these games. Great improvement!

    1. The option to stream games in 1080p.
    2. Add all older PS exclusives.
    3. PS Now Mobile App for iOS and android phones and tablets.

    • I miss ps now on my vita. I cried during the 2017 US solar eclipse when I and took my vita to use at the hotel at the end of the day. I would really like to play ps now on my tablet. I abandoned my laptop back in 2013 no regrets. Well it collects dust in my desk.

      I am curious what you would consider an older exclusive though? 5 years sounds about right to me. Although GTA V is 5 years old smh but I guess that’s an exception and not the rule. Also not exclusive but geez it’s still printing money for its owners.

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