Introducing the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro, Commemorating 500 Million Systems Sold

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Introducing the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro, Commemorating 500 Million Systems Sold

This one's for you. Thank you for helping us reach this incredible milestone.

Today, I’m thrilled to reveal that Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially sold more than 525.3 Million PlayStation systems worldwide! With 500 Million PlayStation systems sold, that means countless adventures into the unknown, courageous stands against evil, and life-long memories of playing with family and friends. Thank you to all our fans for your passionate support over the past 24 years, which made all of this possible.

500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro

500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro

As translucent colors are always a fan-favorite, this is a great opportunity to bring this color to the PlayStation 4 Pro system as a ‘thank you’ to our fans. To celebrate this exceptional milestone, we are announcing today a global release of the 500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro, featuring a translucent dark blue console shell and matching DualShock 4 wireless controller, PlayStation Camera, Vertical Stand and mono headset. This PS4 Pro also comes with a massive 2TB hard drive for you to store tons of games, apps, videos, screenshots and more. It will be available for $499.99 USD (MSRP) / $639.99 CAD (MSRP), and will be limited to 50,000 units worldwide.

In addition, each system will have a commemorative copper plate on its front, with its limited edition serial number etched on. And, for the very lucky few who can get them, we have a few ‘extra special’ hardware units with serial numbers that commemorate important events in the history of PlayStation. Keep your eyes peeled for these ‘extra special’ serial numbers like 09995 (U.S. Launch Date of the original PlayStation – September 9th, 1995), 01115 (U.S. launch date of PS4 – November 15, 2013) and 01013 (U.S. launch date of PS VR – October 13, 2016).

500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro

The 500 Million Limited Edition DualShock 4 will also be available as a standalone for $64.99 USD (MSRP) / $74.99 CAD (MSRP). What’s more, a 500 Million Limited Edition Gold Wireless Headset featuring the same dark blue translucent design with copper detailing, will be available separately at $99.99 USD (MSRP) / $119.99 CAD (MSRP).

The limited edition PS4 Pro will be available on retailer websites starting August 24 – check out the page for the list of participating retailer websites in the U.S. and Canada. The limited edition DS4 and Gold Wireless Headset will be available in select retailers across the U.S. and Canada in early September. Please note, these special hardware units will be available in very, very, limited quantities.

500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro

500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro500 Million Limited Edition PS4 Pro

Since its launch back in 2016, our portfolio of PS4 Pro supported content has continued to grow, truly showcasing the power of 4K TV gaming, HDR, and more. This year has been packed with even more incredible PS4 Pro enhanced games, like Detroit: Become Human, God of War and Monster Hunter: World. And we couldn’t be more excited for upcoming enhanced games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

In the world of PlayStation, the possibilities of play are endless and we’d like to once again thank you for the tremendous love and support that has made PlayStation the best place to play since 1994. Here’s to 500 million more epic moments and experiences ahead!

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  • While Size is nice, is it still going to be a 5400RPM with a low cache to offset the price or is is actually going to be an upgrade in that regard as well were we will be able to see a 7200RPM? I know there is no chance this is an SSD so I am not expecting more then that but it would be nice to get some sort of upgrade.

  • I think that console and controller are pretty amazing and would love to add that to my collection. I love the blue and agree with others that that controller is really cool looking very sharp. Think I can speak for not all but most gamers that SONY you have done an amazing job and much appreciated. Look forward to seeing what else you guys keep coming out with.

  • Any early access purchasing for longtime Playstation Underground members, Qore subscribers, you know, the ones that were there since Battle Arena Toshinden and are about to upgrade to a PS4 Pro? *cough*

  • So who is selling this on the 24th?????

  • I’d buy it but isnt PS5 around the corner as well.

  • The gold with that translucent blue is awesome

  • Here it is, listed on Amazon :

  • Since I have seen this, I have yet to see what retailers will be taking pre orders for this. Even though sony says go to there site and there is a list…. an there is no list! Just a redirect / vicious circle back to support that doesn’t know either! Why is this so difficult Sony!? I even stopped by GameStop an they have no clue! I wonder what BestBuy has to say cause I’m going there next. But why say there is a list available for the retailers that will be participating, AND THERE IS NO LIST! How do I get one or two of these? PLEASE!

    • I pre ordered from currys only to get a message saying sorry no stock left and got refunded then saw a post saying amazon had to cancel all there pre orders and was relisting at ten am next day i was doing a page refresh constantly from 9:30 saw it in stock at 10:01 ordered it and was out of stock before clock turned to 10:02 so amazon had sold out in under a minute!

    • So did you ever figure out if Best Buy is gonna sell them?

  • I’ve ordered one and extra controller and headset would like a matching vr headset with matching move controllers to but after trying to find out an answer could any one reply to this question how many controllers and headsets are being made available so that we can get an answer as to how limited they are?

  • Amazon went live and sold out and Sony never said anything!!

    Come on guys!!

    we have been waiting, WAKE UP!

  • This is such a cool thing I cant wait to jump at the chance to buy this at the right time. thanks sony for gold ticket in a wonka bar. 041285 is my hope birthday digits lol

  • The price is okay with me but what gets me is how I already see people buying them JUST to go around sell them again for a much higher price. I don’t care about the console being exclusive or the rarity of it. It’s a good console, with a great amount of space (which means I don’t have to void the warranty putting in a new hd) and it includes a camera! I’m just hoping I can get my hands on one

  • Does Anyone know what website retailers will be selling this ?

    • Amazon US HAD it on their website where you could just go to the regular ps4 pro and under the edition it gave you the option for the 500 Million edition but has since been removed. I had it saved on my list and it still shows itself on my list but when I click it it redirects me to the front page. But as of yet no retailers have been mentioned

  • What exact time is the PS4 releasing on August 24 it’s florida time so plz let me know we’re 3 hours ahead of California?

  • When will sales of this go live? I really want one, but I feel like it will be impossible to out do the scalpers :(

  • excelente espero llegar a tiempo a comprarlo se ve elegante .

  • Spoke to an associate at Best Buy tonight – they are still waiting on stock numbers from Sony. They don’t have a definite time when the sale will go live, but they say they have been getting a huge volume of calls and expect it to go quick. Amazon has removed their page but it will probably go live via this link again once they can sell it when the 24th hits:

  • ATTENTION!!! This is getting crazy
    Ok guys a least in California this PS4 Pro 500 Million Edition is going to be on sale only from Best buy and Target, the F@##g problem is that they are not even know about this product, I went to best buy I ask 4 people and they said they never see this before, – another person told me… It looks like the pre-order it’s over… Really???? ok thanks bye. I went to target exactly the same thing, they don’t know nothing about this limited edition
    I called best buy customer service and they don’t F### know nothing.
    I guess is only 2 options… 1. take your campaign tent, go the store and wait until they open
    2. Keep refreshing the website store until let you know you are available to buy it
    I really want to get one, hopefully 2 if it’s possible.
    This is stressful lol.
    I hope this help you guys, a least already known where to buy it.
    Va estar disponible en best buy y target, pero ni ellos saben si va a ser venta física en la tienda or en el website. Suerte a todos para que la consigamos.

  • Yes! Secured mine on Amazon –

  • Why it can’t be shipped to india

  • I live in California, it’s 10:50pm, and it’s already sold out everywhere, how the F*** is that even fair? I don’t even have a PS4 yet, and I was looking forward to buying one of these, but I can’t even do that now, Playstation said it would be available August 24th,2018, it’s August 23rd, 2018 and it’s sold out, F***ing ridiculous!

    • It seems that it’s 8/24 12am EST. i got one maybe just over 8/23 10:10 pm PST right in CA on BestBuy. You can also found it on target which maybe the last chance cause it still doesn’t go live.

  • Had best buy page refresh every 5 seconds until add to cart became an option, was “unavailable” to add to cart until it was sold out. Yeah sure, how is that even possible?

    • I use BestBuy app on my phone to get one, though it always says something went wrong.

    • Looks like the scalpers on ebay are the ones who magically picked all the consoles up. Myself will not pay a crazy price for this.

    • I was able to snag one on Best buy the second add to cart was available. I agree the product page wasn’t loading so in the app home screen there is browsing history which showed add to cart button..I clicked and finished my checkout in 10 secs..this gorgeous console is being delivered tomorrow..yayy !!

  • Disappointed that I had amazon best buy and gamestop all open and logged in last night and each one failed. I right away at 12.01 ordered from gamestop than when I clicked confirm order kept refreshing after it says cart is empty than magically sold out. Next best buy the same thing added to cart went to check out and said sold out wasn’t even a minute very disappointed at this point. Feel like my almost 5 year ps4 is getting slow and fan is getting loud at times wanted to replace it with this. Hoping to get one today from another website for the 499 price.

  • This is absolutely ridiculous. Sony decides to thank the “fans” with this?? What a load of BS. First off, its $500 so off the bat we have to pay $100 more just to get it. That is assuming you CAN get it. Sony has sold 500 million Playstations so of course they decide to thank everyone with…wait for it…50,000 units. Wow. Lets make a super rare console and then ship around 1000 or more to websites and you tubers for free so they can get video hits. That was a nice “Thank you” to the fans. Then the rest of the 49,000, world wide mind you, will be purchased by the “real fans” so that they can profiteer them for $2000 on Ebay and Amazon. Nice job jerks. I have been with Playstation from day 1 and I was looking forward to upgrading to the PS4 Pro. Not anymore. No way am I going to buy one now. The launch PS4 still works fine.

  • Wow, what a thank you! An overly limited edition that is available only through scalpers for $1,2000 at a minimum. Thanks for nothing! Way to show your love. I’ll show mine by recommending Xbox One X, much faster load times, better graphics, UHD bluray, etc.

  • The consoles was sold out instantly while the checkout link posted. No matter what EBgames or Meanwhile several 500 million consoles were shown on Ebay. The price is US$1000+ averagely. What the XXXX can I say more?

    • Got some responses from my friends in Canada and the States. Totally the same situation. I thought the scalpers have got consoles much earlier than so called ‘pre-order’. If there would be any ‘milestone’ edition PS products someday. I thought what the players are supposed to do is ‘GIVE UP’. We have nothing but desperation.

  • Stayed up all night and of course I didn’t even get a chance to even add to a cart. All gone in seconds and now Ebay is flooded with re-sellers. How does this keep happening? How do he people who actually love and want your products get left out in the cold while the people just trying to turn a profit always get their hands on your products first? I have never wanted anything to bad in my life and now unless I spend upwards of $900 I won’t be getting one. There has to be a better way.

  • Sony was completely wrong. They dropped the ball on this release. SMH

  • I am going to be the voice on reason on here as I have had time to cool down after missing out o the Best Buy Canada sale when it went live (and like others staying up all night for this). I do hope Sony will read this “nice” message and maybe consider releasing more of these consoles (even though I know they are extremely limited). I also know as an industry as whole that the “scalper” issue needs to be solved (I am not sure how though). Hopefully in the future everyone who actually “wants” one can get one (not the ones that just buy this to sell it aka the ones that will actually use it or even display it). I do know for the ones complaining about scalpers the way to help with this problem is to not buy from them thus maybe than they will get the message that scalping doesn’t work (is mean/not nice). I have also let Amazon Canada know to look into this problem (not sure if they will or not) but my point being we can all help to solve (give solutions) to this problem by letting websites know about the inflated pricing and how we are not happy (in a nice way though) in any way shape or forum. Thank you Sony for releasing an amazing console and hopefully someday I can buy it and use it here at my home. Bye

  • The release for the PS4 500 Million Console was very piss poor on Sony,Gamestop, Best Buy, Target and Walmart’s and it’s even more of an absolute joke on eBay considering practically every unit sold is on there for double and even triple the price. Everytime Sony does these online only limited systems it is always a joke. Just look back at December 2014 for the 20th Anniversary Console fiasco. The difference is the 20th Anniversary has more value being only 14,300 units were produced unlike the 500 Million is 50,000 units. I will just wait till the hype and price goes down on eBay and it is just a matter of time and it will. Those so called “gamers/collectors”, but in reality scalpers will eventually be stuck with the system cause it does not sell for there golden price and they will lower the price back down to a reasonable selling price so they can get rid of it. I have seen this happen time and time again.

  • Too bad the scalpers ruined it like they always do

  • Sorry to hear everyone that missed out. :( This should have been a one console per person offer. This should have been more than 50,000 units (why not 500,000?). The announcement was made too early and incorrectly saying there were retailer links there. Retailers were poorly informed. Sony could have done better for its fans. It should have been listening and responding to posts on this forum. It was a poor and stressful way to celebrate with fans, on behalf of a marketing move. Sorry again, to all of those that missed. And sorry that no one on behalf of Sony was here to listen to its fans.

    • Sony (and the industry as a whole) should try to do something the future to prevent this mess from happening again (I put more faith in Sony than Nintendo at doing this). Also doubtful Sony will ever respond to negative comments on here (they only seem to respond to positive ones) and also doubtful that they will provide any update or heck even say sorry for this matter (that they messed up).

  • I hope nobody gives in to these scalpers and they sell them back online at the 499 price. That would be nice.

  • I’m just STUCK on how this console wasn’t available for pre-reserve but yet literally EVERY retailer was SOLD OUT before August 24th. I’ve been on this console since earlier this week up til August 22nd & I haven’t seen it up for sale ANYWHERE. So on the 23rd @ 11pm to 11am 2day I was up on 5 different sites with all my accounts open in witch I did NOT see this system. Just think it was unfair that it was announced to be released on the 24th/2day & it was actually blindingly available on the 23rd.

  • Listing on Amazon for PS4 500 million at £1050!

  • Is it at all possible to create a list of the Numbers from 1/50,000 that were a milestone for these consoles? When I receive mine I wanna know if my number will represent something special for me as a fan.

    Congratulations to those who managed to battle and get one!

  • My brother and I managed to get 2 each. Very nice!

  • Woooop woop, Hallelujah! Got 1 and Im super Duper Happy!! It was a total bloodbath trying to get it. I beat the bots this time!

  • Really wish this console launch was done in a different way. For instance, have it invitation only, giving the first opportunity to purchase to long time Playstation Plus users. By doing that you are maximizing the probability that units would be going to actual Playstation players/fans,.while at the same time decreasing the chances a user having multiple units. I would make these invitation only, commemorative sets, include the plated numbered console, customized with the user’s gamertag on the plate, plus all the other goodies like, stand, camera, controller. Thereby decreasing the chance that these users would resell them with the customization. And if the owner chooses to resell, Sony could actually track these units if they wanted, since they would have all the info. It would be an interesting experiment, but that’s a whole different topic. Then you could produce an un-numbered commemorative console set to sell to the general public, just like the controllers and headsets. If it was done this way, I wouldn’t feel so angry and frustrated that I barely had a chance at this special unit. And that I know many of these units are in hands of resellers, instead of the fans of Playstation, which they were initially intended.

  • I am not reselling and I got one! I like the rarity it has and makes it more special. I was prepared to pay more and it’s totally worth it. Just drop a stack and be done with it.

  • I wish I can get a ps4 free

  • Pictures do not do it justice got mine it and its pretty sweet

  • It looks very cool

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