Destiny 2 Free Weekend Starts June 29

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Destiny 2 Free Weekend Starts June 29

Experience the full Destiny 2 campaign and Crucible for free this weekend, and keep your progress if you decide to continue your adventure.

Hey PlayStation Nation, this is DeeJ from Bungie. If you haven’t joined the Destiny 2 community yet, or if you’re a Guardian who missed out on your chance to defend the City against a new enemy, a free trial is about to start on PS4. It starts on Friday, June 29 at 12:01 am Pacific and runs until Monday, July 2 at 10:00 am Pacific, but you can start the preload right now.

Throughout this trial, you can experience the full Destiny 2 campaign, from the invasion of our home to the final battle against Ghaul of the Red Legion. You can create your own character and collect the weapons and gear you’ll need to become more powerful. Experience all the improvements and changes to the game since the launch in September, including our Go Fast Update. Take on your fellow players in the Crucible or pledge your loyalties to a Faction that will send you back out to the stars with a whole new set of orders.

Best of all, your progress will carry through if you decide to continue your adventures in the full version of the game.

Check out this trailer to learn more.

We hope to see you in the Tower for the opening fight, and out there in the wild for the rest of your story.


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    • Please, JUST REMOVE THE GAME, Bungo damaged the game to much, I already paid $100 for the game and the first DLC’s and now they want me to pay more even tho the first 2 DLC’s felt like trash and a waste of money. I hope I could just get a refund of this frustating and heart breaking game.

    • Wow I seen the free trial and the tower isn’t even accessible in it it was you have to own the full game even though this is supposed to be a “full game “ free trial

  • Why not just make the base game free forever, or arrange for it to be given through Playstation Plus? It’s not available digitally anymore without the season pass, pushing it back up to $60, and Forsaken + the new annual pass together cost more than the game did when it came out – for what is likely a similar amount of content. I think your playerbase would improve drastically if the game weren’t such a steep investment.

  • It’s amazing how Bungie just pushes on through all the negative feedback. Keep on keeping on I guess.

  • My wife got me PS4 Pro that came with Destiny 2. After the giant waste of life & time that I felt Destiny was along with its waste of time / money expansions, I never had it in me to boot up Destiny 2 to even give it a try.

    Sorry, but if I had paid copy that I never played, I don’t think I will bother with free weekend copy of game either.

    • Well I’d be happy to take your copy off your hands for you but like others said I wouldn’t pay brand new even if they weren’t shoving dlc into new price lol

  • I was tempted to get Destiny 2 and the expansion pass the last time it was on sale, but when I saw it didn’t include the upcoming Forsaken expansion I decided not to. Way to expensive for what you get. I’d rather sink that money into Warframe which is free to play and offers way more than Destiny. Maybe you should take note and like the other comment said, make Destiny 2 base game free, not just for a weekend. There is a lot Destiny could learn from Warframe.

  • For those who are actually interested in Destiny 2. Start this free trial Friday and on Saturday if you find anything you are still interested in, then buy the game.
    I have spent a total of 3 days and have owned it since launch. Not a whole lot of reason to spend $60 or ever more than $40 on this game unless you really love it or you are a sellout YouTuber that depends on over hyping Destiny 2 to make money.
    I have not found any reason to invest in Destiny 2 since its launch.
    My personal experience and those of my clan since Destiny 1 Vanilla have varied slightly with all agreeing with this but a few holding on for that pot of gold promised in September.

  • Download and enjoy Destiny 2. It is free. Vanilla Destiny 2 should remain free, but don’t pass up this game(while it is free) because it may appeal to you.
    Many I know feel games should have a free period. That would weed out over hyped bs and offer those hidden gems their time to shine.
    Many will hate and some will staunchly defend Destiny 2, some who have never even played the game on both sides. Never take the word of others, always find out for yourself. Because people twist, lie and wear rose colored glasses.
    If ever interested in a game but feel hesitant, rent it. $3 is cheap if it is garbage, but worth it if you find yourself your next favorite game.

  • Sorry, but I’ve learned my lesson from Destiny 1. Don’t get me wrong. I love Destiny 1 and feel that I’d no doubt love Destiny 2, but what I’ve learned is that I’ll never get my money’s worth out of the game. If I’m paying over $100 for a game (dlc’s included), my enjoyment of the game shouldn’t be determined by how many friends I have online that want to do the same activities I do. When paying that much for a game, even when playing solo, I should have access to everything that game has to offer. Period. I’m not interested in adjusting my social life to get my money’s worth out of a game.

  • dashthelordgamer

    Will be able to level up

  • Yeah i can’t pre download, bungie/PlayStation is excluding Norway for pre download or participating I guess.

  • No thank you Bungie…. Stop tricking people especially new players about buying your lame as game. I’ve been a year 1 player and have Destiny 2:… but enough is enough.., You all know that majority of year 1 players already left including me… I loved Destiny 1 but Destiny 2 is a flop, so please stop shoving your lame ass game into innocent new players mind….

  • Ok so it’s not free you still need to by the full game

  • Ok so it’s not free smh!

  • I can’t access to nessus campaign mission why? This is supposed to be full game free trial

  • Is anyone else having trouble getting into the Free Weekend D:

  • Free weekend of what? You’re not even allowed to go to the tower unless you buy the full game. HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!

  • Wow, if i had access to these reviews before i bought Destiny 2 , i would have never purchased it. But in reality whenever you pay real money for a weapon, dlc, upgrade, consumable, you’re essentially paying for someone who’s pre -written computer code determining you now can use this item. In realty you’re paying for nothing. No physical evidence for for expenditure exits.

  • So… I already had the demo and apparently the free trial is the exact demo, but I thought that it was gonna work anyway. And no… It didn’t. I wasted my time, it doesn’t work, I’m stuck at level 8 and the Nessus mission is not available.
    Apparently this is a terrible game but what I think is, the game has terrible owners that give a heck about the players and this free trial is a desperate action to bring players back.
    But old or even new players won’t come.

  • I’m trying to play with a friend who is using the free weekend and I have the game he can’t join me this is confusing.

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