Detroit: Become Human Soundtrack Now Available to Stream

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Detroit: Become Human Soundtrack Now Available to Stream

Plus, watch composer Philip Sheppard play an extraordinary version of Kara’s theme.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be on your second or third playthrough of Detroit: Become Human by now, and some of its musical themes will have well and truly lodged themselves in your brain.

Good news: starting today, you can stream the game’s phenomenal score via Spotify and Apple Music.

Detroit’s soundtrack is the work of three different composers, each creating themes for one of the game’s three central protagonists. Philip Sheppard produced music for Kara’s plotline, Nima Fakhrara handled Connor, and John Paesano took on Markus.

Check out Quantic Dream’s guest PlayStation.Blog post from April this year for more on how it came together.

To mark the soundtrack’s release, we’ve got a special treat for you. Watch the new video below to see composer Philip Sheppard play Kara’s theme using just a single cello and a loop pedal.

If you’re yet to dive into Quantic Dream’s twisting neo-noir thriller, Detroit: Become Human is now available for purchase via PlayStation Store.

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