First Details: New Game+ Mode in God of War

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First Details: New Game+ Mode in God of War

Relive Kratos and Atreus epic journey without losing all your gear and upgrades.

Whether you’ve defeated all the Valkyries, conquered the daunting combat trials of Niflheim and Muspelheim, or simply accomplished your journey with Kratos and Atreus, here is one very strong reason to stay in the realm of God of War: New Game+.

Since the launch of the game, from every social media and forum corner in this realm, the single most requested enhancement has been to add New Game+. It’s with our greatest pleasure to create this in honor of you – our fans.

God of War New Game Plus - 03

God of War New Game Plus - 06God of War New Game Plus - 05

Have you ever imagined that first test of strength defying battle with Baldur while adorning the Valkyrie Armor on Kratos? You can with New Game+. How about a fully upgraded Leviathan Axe at the start of the game? That will also be possible, and quite frankly, you may need it, New Game+ won’t just be a sunny stroll through Midgard.

In New Game+, you’ll start a new game with many upgrades you had from the completion of your last main quest, such as armors, pommels, talismans, and more…except your strength to open or kick down doors remains the same.

God of War New Game Plus - 11

God of War New Game Plus - 07God of War New Game Plus - 02

And yes, when I mentioned it won’t be just a sunny stroll pulverizing Draugr’s and Nightmares like your weapons are on auto-pilot, the difficulty will be harder.

We are currently developing New Game+ and will be making it available via a patch at a later date, not to mention plenty of more information about it. We know you probably have tons of questions and we’ve got some for you as well. Connect with us on Twitter @sonysantamonica.

Thank you again for the incredible support and passion for God of War.

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7 Author Replies

  • Yes finally! Thank you for listening! Can’t wait

  • Awesome! Please add a trophy for completing on Give Me God of War difficultly for those who did it!

    • Not a bad suggestion, but it does make Platinum THAT much harder =) That said, those who have completed Give Me God of War are true Warriors beyond belief. I’ll take the mission on of seeing how we can honor you, no promises!

  • Is this your guys way of saying that the Valkyrie Armor is the best Armor in the game? I love the look of the Deadly Mist Armor. Wish there was a Valkyrie version of that.

    • It’s our way of saying the Valkyrie Armor looks awesome when fighting against Baldur, personal studio preference in the moment of creating these screens showing an example of something possible in NG+.

  • ¡Thank You Santa Monica!, for listen the players

  • What I would like to see is if we can plan play the last 3 realms that aren’t available. I’d like to see Asgard along the last two that can’t be travel to.

    • You’ll do so in the sequel as they have said many times. Get over it already.

    • Hey hey hey now…let’s be cool people. “Don’t be a jerk”, thanks!

    • It’s got to be in GoW 2 or 3. I’m betting that game 2 will be all about Thor and then game 3 will be all about Odin. I’m wondering though if they’re going to do DLCs or if they’ll be full on new games. Probably won’t know for a year or two, but it’s fun to think of.

  • Very GLAD to hearing about GAME+ i Want it as @@@
    And please fix problem like that… ( ) allready beat platinum and game stucks ( )
    i CAN’T finishing my beautiful game…!

    • Will take a look, thank you

    • I am having the same issue right now. I have collected all the legendary chest in the River Pass section and it shows that I have 4/5. This is extremely frustrating because I won’t be able to complete 100% of the game. Please help Aaron.

  • With no story DLC I already traded it into Gamestop while the value was still high. NG+ not enough for me to jump back in as I rarely replay linear narratives a second time, but definitely a cool addition for those wanting to squeeze more out the experience.

    • Dude, screw GameStop. Sell your games directly to someone else and make more off of them while also saving the buyer more money compared to buying used games from GameStop for $50+.

  • Why not add Asgard and the realms u cant get to. What was the point of having these when you go to them. It will be a short game if u make god of war 5

  • I was really excited to have a great game that wasn’t getting DLC so I could play it, enjoy it, collect all the trophies, and put it on the shelf with fond memories. I have no issue with a new game+ for anyone who wants to replay it with a greater challenge but I personally hope they don’t add a new trophy. My carousel of games that I play then set aside waiting for dlc updates is getting out of hand.

  • Kinda want a sunny stroll mode though haha.

  • Aokigahara_Ghost

    Will the game be harder on NG+ even after beating it on GMGOW?

  • TOP!!! Great to hear!!

  • Super excited for this update news! Every aspect of this game was executed so well. Santa Monica Studios should be very proud of themselves and this will go down as one of my favorite games of all time!! Just curious, will this New Game Plus mode function like most others where I can do as many full playthroughs as I want on it?

  • Great News, maybe you can raise the level up with additional upgrade for those Mist and Valkyrie armors for new game plus only so we have reasons to go to Niflheim, Muspelheim and fight the Valkyries again??

  • Hey I always loved the god of war series and I wanted to know if you guys can add Kratos’s God of war armor as a DLC armor set?

  • Awesome I was hoping something like this would happen I needed another reason to play god of war

  • Will you add a new game+ as a DLC trophy when we complete it like Horizon: Zero Dawn did?

  • Why could you not just do what assassins creed origins did? Add an option for enemy scaling and ng+ so people can either have that stroll or the challenge? Why are you making an awesome feature and then ruining it by having a forced higher difficulty for those that dont want it? Not everyone wants it to be harder

  • thanks a lot i think you should make new trophies for harder difficulty and more chests for new upgrades for both blade and axe also new armors would be awesome

  • It would be nice if they gave us an Exclusive Dynamic Theme or Kratos Avatar for completing the game on Give Me God of War New Game Plus 100%. But a really really cool one. Not just get scenes from the game and add music and moving snow and tada. Like something that had thought put into it and was cool. Since it’s gonna be sooooo tough I think people deserve something a little bit more than a trophy for beating Give Me God of War New Game Plus 100%. I know it might not happen but it’s something I’d really appreciate.

  • Can we get a mode where we can fight just the bosses, specifically Thor’s sons?! I thought that was one of the best challenges in the game fighting both of them at the same time!!

  • Ok first I think its stupid and lazy, yes LAZY! First to start it off they’re basically making it a harder difficulty mode with your found gear. LAZY! Second I like how they built up the Stories for His Past, Thor and Odin but yet we don’t face them or have DLC for them. So why is playstation so worried about little details like that but wont put out the content for the 3 topics I just listed come on now. His past, Thor and Odin needs to be DLC!

  • Wow, that’s great news. Also please make valkyries fight replayable after they’ve all been defeated.

  • Greetings,
    I’ve been a GOW fan since day one. I waited impatiently for the development of the first game. I must say, however, not that a legion of players have preceded me, this iteration of the game is the one I have found most enjoyable. The range of emotions it produced in me is evident of that, to me. When it ended, I wish it hadn’t, but am now completing all the side quests I missed. What joy it is for me to learn of this fan service the SM Team is doing by making us a New Game+! As a Playstation fan since ‘95, please accept my thanks, and extend it to the dev team for a creating this masterpiece and sharing it with such gratious fan service. I upgraded my standard PS4 to a Pro with this particular game in mind. Lastly, can we just have a teeny hint when this patch will come out? At least sometime this summer l, perhaps?
    Appreciative Regards,

  • Greetings,
    I’ve been a GOW fan since day one. I waited impatiently for the development of the first game. I must say, however, not that a legion of players have preceded me, this iteration of the game is the one I have found most enjoyable. The range of emotions it produced in me is evident of that, to me. When it ended, I wish it hadn’t, but am now completing all the side quests I missed. What joy it is for me to learn of this fan service the SM Team is doing by making us a New Game+! As a Playstation fan since ‘95, please accept my thanks, and extend it to the dev team for creating this masterpiece and sharing it with such gracious fan service. I upgraded my standard PS4 to a Pro with this particular game in mind. Lastly, can we just have a teeny hint when this patch will come out? At least sometime this summer l, perhaps?
    Appreciative Regards,

  • Been there, done most of it. Can’t wait to do it again on NG+. Can we expect NG++?

  • Hi Santa Monica, i hope you don’t add the trophy for new game plus, i already complete the game at GIVE ME GOD OF WAR mode, so please don’t add the trophy, i play only for fun this mode :) thanks, beautiful game

  • Hello, dear developers! Writing to you from Russia with true love. Your game made me took a vacation to play it. And it really worth it. Thank you. Please, don’t add any trophies, your game is awesome even without them. Really don’t want to loose my 100% . Not because i’m a noob, but because i sold my copy long time ago. There are much more diffetent ways to honor hardcore players. I’m not one of them, but still proud of my 100%. Please, don’t take it from me and another trophy hunters, who, for example, sold their copies. Thank you again for this masterpiece.

  • Already beat GMGOW..wonder how much more difficult this game can get. A sincere request to Santa Monica Studious, Please don’t just increase the amount of enemy health or no. of enemies for the sake of difficulty. Its only gonna make this game repetitive and a spam fest. Try giving new attacks and attack pattern to some of the enemies.This will give a fresh feeling to the combat. That being said, I thank you for listening to us and going ahead with the NG+. Can’t wait to dive into the magnificent world of this game.

  • Maybe you could add a few exclusive favors and gear for NG+. Also some separate trophies for it and definitely a trophy for us that beat the game in GMGoW.
    Another cool addition would be the addition of new skills.

  • Without spoiling anything, will New Game Plus let us use “it” without having to reach that certain point in the story?

  • Will this NG+ have items that give us infinite spartan rage like the previous GOWs?

  • I would like to add a suggestion, maybe make something like a gauntlet where you can fight all the bosses again in a tournament type battle and get rewards for getting through it. Or just make the valkyries replayable if its not too much. Thank you for this beautiful game! And great job!

  • And the camera problem? Will be solved?
    Everytime in every battle in this game I have to adjust the camera to see a enemy, HIT a enemy and DEFEND against a enemy.
    In the other games when you move Kratos to any direction he attack in that direction, now we have to adjust the camera,so he can hit and defend from that direction.
    Moving the crosshair is used in all attacks and not just in the axe throw. That’s the big flaw in this game to me.
    The camera is positioned very close to Kratos,right behind him, so most of your sight is Krato’s back. If there are two talls enemies in front of him , you cant see nothing more, only this two enemies and Kratos if you dont adjust the camera. And if you start to charge a runnic attack, the camera close in, make things worse.

  • They could also give a use to the experience points (XP) that are left after evolving everything in the game.
    Thanks to the challenges of Muspelhein and Nifelheim, at the end of the game I had more than 200,000 experience points.
    One suggestion would be to use xp to increase attributes permanently.
    Ex: To increase one more point in runic, we would have to spend 1000 XP. And the higher the attribute in question was, more expensive it would cost to increase it.
    It would be like games like Nioh and Bloodborne, also great games with a problematic camera.

    And if the goal is to increase the play time, a second playable character would be the best option.
    But not like God of War 2 where the “secret characters” were just Kratos with a different look.
    To really increase the playing time, the new character must have a different fighting mechanic.
    Even though I doubt it very much this will happen, I would very much like a valkyrie to be the second playable character.

  • And the most important. This new content has to be offered for free, since the reason for it, I suppose, is the players’ dissatisfaction with the game. Since the launch several players complain about the short duration of the game that even with the optiona bosses and optional locations is still short. And many of these bosses were different versions of the same type, the Trolls are a good example of this. I do not know if the Trolls count as bosses. The game was also released with bugs that were resolved with the various updates released shortly after the release. In other words, an incomplete game was released for the price of a complete one.

  • Thank you so much SantaMonica. Both for the excellent game and for giving us NG+, that will make this perfect game even more perfect. Eeh, what?
    I wouldn’t mind a trophy for finishing NG+. What ever you do implement in the patch I’m certain it will be good. You guys are evidently pretty great at making fun gameplay.
    I can’t wait to see what future games has in store for Kratos and friends.

  • It would be nice if you could punish the cheaters or at least make it impossible to mess with your saves on a PC any longer. It cheapens the GMGOW-challenge when so many players only beat the mode because they have 10^6hp and 100 times the attackpower.

  • LMAO y’all praising the game but saying you already sold it…really?…ha the irony can’t believe y’all consider yourselves gamers doing that kind of crap.

    I really dont want new trophies so I can get the plat in the game but now I kinda wish they add new trophies just so y’all trophy who*** who think yourselves trophy hunters will learn to not sell your games as if it was crap.Damn lame people who treat games as crap,y’all are deplorable.

    On another talk good job spoiling the Valkyrie armor to everyone who hadn’t seen it yet Santa Monica…really pretty much the same good job of spoiling the Valkyries and the “extra” Valkyrie and the Dragons on the trophies not making them hidden.

    Seriously now good job bringing NG+ due to fan request.Also people asking for new attacks for enemies,other playable characters…LMAO y’all want DLC then not an update adding NG+.For common sense’s sake people get real and wake up,might want to think a bit before throwing wild requests like that.

  • Great! I can’t stop playing this game. Please, my only wish is don’t have to farm itens again in the new game + as it happens in several games

  • Since completing the game I have done a lot of the side missions like the Valkaries. However, I did this after finishing the game. Will I be bale to pick up in Game Plus mode from where I last saved, or will I begin with the equipment I completed the game with.

  • So ? For asgard and the other 2 realms locked by Odin will those ever be playable in upcoming expansions or just in a new game.? I mean no rudeness by this either I’m a true gow fan and love the series to death so all I’m looking for is at least something to hear so i can be excited play the game cause I’m not a trophy hunter I play the game for the story and the experience and god of war delivers that 10000000% an then some sorry if I rambled

  • This is going to be great. Thank you, Santa Monica Studios. You will have, for sure, 100%, made the perfect game with New Game+.

  • Kiiing_HiiiPoWeR

    I really appreciate the new game plus mode!! I just have one concern about it.. I’ve beaten the game a couple times now on “give me god of war” mode, I appreciate the effort that was put in to make that such a challenge, even a second time through, but if I’m starting a new game with the end game gear, I really hope the ng+ mode is way way way harder than “give me god of war” mode. Any feedback on how this is supposed to be would be really appreciated!

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