PlayStation E3 Experience 2018: Live in Theaters June 11

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PlayStation E3 Experience 2018: Live in Theaters June 11

Can't make it to E3 this year? Don’t sweat it – find a participating theater near you and watch the festivities on the big screen.

Update: Tickets are live! Click here to get yours, but note that they are limited. If you don’t snag one, see below for more information about how you may still be able to attend.

E3 is almost here and I’m excited to announce that the PlayStation E3 Experience is returning! Join us on Monday June 11th in theaters across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and – new this year – Chile!

This is the fifth year we’re broadcasting our E3 Showcase live to theaters. Experiencing the excitement of E3 alongside the PlayStation community brings a new dimension to the event, which is difficult to fully explain… this video might help.

Attendees this year will take home an exclusive poster and some other goodies. Want more than just physical swag? We’ve got you covered — everyone will also get a digital gift basket chock-full of treats. This year digital goods will be distributed via the Experience PlayStation app, so make sure to download it before you arrive at the theater if you want to redeem them immediately.

Sounds great, how do I attend?

Tickets are free and will be available at starting on Tuesday, June 5th at 11:00 AM PDT while supplies last. Check back here for the link. I highly recommend setting a reminder, because once the tickets are gone – they’re gone. This year tickets for all regions will be available at the same ticketing site.

Registering for a ticket will reserve your seat as long as you check in at the theater 30 minutes before show time. If you don’t check in by this time your seat will be released to non-ticketed fans (who have queued for a seat) on a first-come first-served basis.

Please note: Attendees must be 17 years of age or older to attend this event (18+ in Brazil). A valid form of ID providing age will be required to enter.

I didn’t get a ticket, what now?

Those without tickets can queue at the theater starting two hours before showtime. You will not be able to line up earlier than this. Open seats will be given out to those in the queue on a first-come first-served basis starting 30 minutes before the show starts.

Check below for the full list of theaters.

Century City 15 Los Angeles CA
LA Live 14 Los Angeles CA
Meadows 12 Lone Tree CO
Avenues 20 Jacksonville FL
Waterford Lakes 20 Orlando FL
Hollywood 24 – N I-85 Chamblee GA
Boise Stadium 22 Boise ID
River East 21 Chicago IL
Galaxy 14 Indianapolis IN
Fenway Stadium 13 Boston MA
Eagan 16 Eagan MN
Kansas City 18 Cinemas Kansas City MO
Brier Creek Stadium 14 Raleigh NC
Village Square 18 Las Vegas NV
Union Square 14 New York NY
E-Walk 42nd Street 13 New York NY
Transit Center 18 Plus Imax Williamsville NY
Georgesville Square 16 Columbus OH
Tinseltown USA Oklahoma City Oklahoma City OK
Lloyd Center 10 Cinema Portland OR
Riverview Plaza 17 Philadelphia PA
Opry Mills 20 Plus Imax Nashville TN
Houston Marq*E Stadium 23 Houston TX
Salt Lake City 16 Salt Lake City UT
Scotiabank Theatre Toronto Toronto Ontario
Scotiabank Theatre Chinook Calgary Alberta
Cineplex Cinemas Metropolis Burnaby British Columbia
Scotiabank Theatre Winnipeg Winnipeg Manitoba
Scotiabank Theatre Montréal Montreal Quebec
Cineplex Odeon Sainte-Foy Cinemas Ste-Foy Quebec
Cineplex Odeon Brossard & VIP Cinemas Brossard Quebec
Cinepolis Perisur Anillo Periferico Sur 4690 Loc 700, Col. Jardines Del Pedregal, Cp 04500
Cinepolis Universidad Av. Universidad 1000, Col. Santa Cruz Atoyac, Cp 03310
Cinepolis Forum Buenavista Eje 1 Norte Mosqueta 259, Int. Cine Col. Buenavista, Cp 06350
Eldorado Av Rebouças, 3970 Pinheiros
Market Place Av. Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 920 – Vila Cordeiro
Village Cines Avellaneda Autopista Dr. Ricardo Balbín km 8,5, Parque Comercial Avellaneda, 1872 Avellaneda, Buenos Aires
Village Cines Pilar Au Panamericana Km. 50, Pilar, Buenos Aires
Village Cines Recoleta Vicente López 2050, C1113 CABA
Hoyts La Reina Av. Ossa 655, La Reina, Región Metropolitana
Hoyts Parque Arauco Las Condes, Santiago Metropolitan Region

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  • Any plans to add more theaters? Charlotte, NC had one every previous year.

    • I second the request for a Charlotte NC theater again. I had to go to Raleigh last year as I couldn’t get Charlotte tickets, and vowed that I would NEVER go there again. Please add Charlotte NC back!

  • No San Francisco location this year? :(

  • Once again, it seems that Canada doesn’t exist east of Quebec. Shame, I would have definitely packed into a theatre for this, but I’m not driving 10 hours to do it.


    So 3 theaters in Quebec but none in Edmonton or all of Saskatchewan? And only Burnaby for all of BC? You guys need to step up your Canadian support for this event. Even charging like a $5.00 admission fee if it would mean it would be available in more places would be fine with me.

  • Adding my name to the list of sad Pittsburghers

  • Last year had 70 US theaters with at least one in each state. This year has 24 with huge chunks of the country getting totally left out. Terrible way to treat the people who have supported this event and Sony in general over the years.


  • Wooo i can’t wait Philadelphia here i come for the 5th time straight PlayStation knock it out the park!

  • anybody knows if there is a commentary in portuguese for example in brazil or subtitles?
    I’m in Mexico but I really don’t want someone to tryhard to translate it into Spanish :)

  • Wish Austin was on the list this year. Went last year and had a blast in the theater with everyone!

  • I cant go to E3 or the experience even though i would of loved to go since E3 is during the week of my birthday

  • Where is Austin, TX at?

  • BOO.

    My girlfriend and I have been going to this ever since they’ve been hosting these and were very excited for this to be announced again this year. Unfortunate that you removed Anchorage, AK from the event list. We don’t get a whole lot of cool events up here so it was always nice to have Sony’s shindig to look forward to.

  • Man, I’d love to attend one of these someday. Unfortunately they’re never anywhere near me.

  • Three available in Quebec… none in Ottawa.



  • TheGreatSarcasmo

    I live in Delaware and it’s been at the same theater every year since the beginning. It was the only theater in my area, the only one in the whole state, and turn-outs were always great. I do not understand why they would choose to completely kick the event out of the area, but it feels scummy. I know it was a free event and all, so I’m not really mad about it, just disappointed that an area that has always gotten representation from this event isn’t getting that this year.

  • Well that has to be the worst list of cities ever. Guess they just want to discourage the enthusiasm. Wasn’t it enough with the big failure of dealing with Gofobo last year, so now they just cut back the theaters showing in. They should be giving us more options to apologies for last years fiasco. Very disappointed

  • Lol all of us asking for the past two weeks clearly said where we were from, yet none of our cities made the list…. how do you skip phoenix?!

  • Damn sucks it’s not coming to CT. Really wanted to attend.

    • Been going to the event in CT for the last 3 years going. It was really weird when it was out in Bloomfield last year but now they’ve basically made attendance impossible by only including Boston and NYC in the entire New England area. I’m not driving that far besides those tickets will disappear instantly. I’m deeply concerned how E3 feels like it is being treated as an afterthought by Sony this year.

  • Why you don’t broadcast the event outside of America? There is a very big and beautiful theatre called “Sony Center” here in Berlin, Germany. And I’m very sure there are enough people who will watch the event at 3.30am! :D

  • Wish there were more Ontario screenings. Toronto has a lot of fans. Another screening in Mississauga or Scarborogh would help, seeing Quebec has 3 separate ones.

  • Sad, who was in charge of booking the theaters this year? Guess my my PlayStation E3 streak with my brother ends this year because you cut over half the theaters.

  • What are the screening hours?

  • You know, for as long as it took you guys to actually announce this event this year, you’d think you’d have actually taken the time to secure more theaters for your list. This year’s listing is rather pathetic. You can tell this was a quick mash up fix for forgetting and not announcing it sooner. And that’s really disappointing…

    There’s a lot of us who faithfully try to get tickets every single year. We enjoy getting friends and family together to go with us. We have a blast. And you can’t announce more theaters? Really? Come on now.

    Well I guess you can’t have everything. You mess something up every year with this. Hopefully this time it’s just this and not the ticket vendors website for the people who can ACTUALLY attend.

  • No Austin this year? :(

    I went every other time and always brought a bunch of friends. We’re going to miss not going this year!

  • Seriously Sony? Every year, you had it in 2 South Florida locations and the year I decide that I’m finally going you take away both locations !! So lame!!!!!!

  • Well I’ll be at home this year. No Dallas theater and only one in Houston. This is such a disappointment

  • This has been in Omaha every year and has been a great success. I’m disappointed to see we aren’t getting it this year.

  • There were a lot of people last year at Toms River, NJ. It was a fun experience. Come back to Toms River pretty please.

  • I went to each of the last 4 of these. No Austin, TX? That’s not cool and Houston is far!

  • I was really excited to attend for my third year, but there are WAY less locations than before. None are in my state. I know it says it’s the “full list” of theatres, but I would love to go if my theatre was included, like it was for the past 2 years.

  • I want to go so bad need to come back to minnisota

  • Not even in San Francisco?

  • Nowhere in Washington, let alone Seattle?! Come on, guys, are you kidding me?

    • Ridiculous. Guess you get to drive all the way down to Portland if you want to make it. That’s 3 hours.

  • @#$%! PlayStation letting fans down gotta drive 5h to get to Orlando FL will be a hell of a day

  • I’ve gone every year, but for some reason you’re not including my town this year. Maine please!

  • If PlayStation can’t afford to host the E3 in theater anymore canceling would be 100% better then ruining fans years after year and making them travel too far to get to spend time with other fans. driving at night is dangerous and gas for some can be expensive. I would not mind paying 20 or 40 to support PlayStation. F@#%

  • Why doesn’t Sony or someone PlayStation get a hold of Fathom Events to get this to more theaters? I mean this has been very limited viewing for too damn long. I can never go to these since no place near me has it unless I moved by Chicago or by St Louis if I was lucky.

    • We really don’t know who’s handling it this year yet. It’s probably not Fathom. Eventgrid was the best.

  • No location in all of Northern California?! …

    No SF Bay Area love!?

  • It’s absolutely crazy that you have zero theaters even remotely close to Seattle. Not to mention all the other places in the US that have no options. What a huge disappointment this is.

  • No San antonio tx theaters at all :’(

  • Can we please have an official representative explain why the number of theaters has been drastically reduced this year?

  • I’m gonna miss going to the theater this year. My friends and I always went to the event in Morgantown, WV but now the closest one is in Philadelphia and that’s just too far. Maybe the theaters weren’t as receptive to hosting the event this year? Oh well, I shall not be deterred! PlayStation E3 Experience 2018 party at my house on June 11th! #PlayStationNation

  • I’m really upset it’s not in theaters near me this year! I haven’t missed one yet, so this is a huge bummer! My friends and I all go out for it every year, PLEASE consider bringing it back to the smaller cities next year!

  • ill go next year

  • I really wished Omaha NE was there:(

  • Really disappointed that there isn’t a Pittsburgh date. As my earlier comment stated, this lineup is terrible. Please ADD a Pittsburgh date. Myself and many others here are asking!

    For those of you who are in Pittsburgh, I have a Facebook group that is mostly local friends. While we try to hold meetups locally and game together but it’s a relatively small group. Looking to expand a bit, and we usually try to have a group go to the E3 event at the Pittsburgh location each year.

  • I went to it every year with my brother but no we cant because its no in ct this suck it was always a great time and allways packed

  • Come on! You have one of your offices in the SF Bay Area and no showings here? Bad move Sony.

  • HEY!
    if your city is not on the list like mine, contact Sony and express your disappointment! I contacted them earlier and was told they are going to send feedback because they are considering adding more theaters because the outcry is so big! Make your voices heard! :)

    • Which phone number or email did you use? I’ll gladly help out. I already get to go, but that’s the thing I love about this event every year; people that don’t get to go to E3 get to go to these events and have their own piece of E3.

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