New Features Coming to PS4 in System Software 5.50

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New Features Coming to PS4 in System Software 5.50

Play Time Management, custom wallpapers via USB, enhancements to notifications and the Quick Menu, and more.

Update: PS4 System Software Update 5.50 is now available! Update your PS4 system to enjoy the features outlined below.

The beta for the PlayStation 4 system’s next major system software update 5.50 (codenamed KEIJI) rolls out today. If you signed up and were selected for the beta program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download and get started.

Even if you are not in the beta program, we wanted to give you a sneak preview of features you can expect in this update. In 5.50, we’re introducing Play Time Management, Library UI updates, further enhancements to the Quick Menu, and much more.

Play Time Management

We’re introducing Play Time Management, which will allow family managers (and adult family members who are set as guardians) to manage PS4 playtime for child family members on family on PSN. Managing Playtime is easy; go to Settings > Family Management on your PS4, or log into your PlayStation account on your web browser from your PC or smartphone, to check and manage your child’s playtime each day. If needed, the family manager/guardians can apply playtime restrictions to make sure that the child is only playing for a set amount of time or within set playable hours. Notifications on PS4 will be sent to the child during gameplay so that he or she knows when they should save and quit. The family managers/guardians also have the option to add extra game time via their smartphone or PC. In addition, the family manager/guardians can choose whether or not to automatically log the child out of their PS4 once their playtime is over.

PS4 System Software Update 5.50: Play Time ManagmentPS4 System Software Update 5.50: Play Time Managment

PS4 System Software Update 5.50: Play Time Managment

Library UI Updates

‘This PS4’ and Name/Avatar tab

Two new tabs are being added to Library to make it easier for you to see which apps you’ve installed and purchased. The ‘This PS4’ tab lists all the applications that are installed on the PS4 system, and the tab with your name/avatar lists all the apps that you purchased with your PSN ID. This feature also makes it easy to search and find games you’ve already purchased but have not yet installed.

PS4 System Software Update 5.50: Library

PS Plus tab

This update also adds a new PS Plus tab to the Library, which clarifies what games you own from PS Plus’ Monthly Free Games. If your PS Plus membership is expired, a PS Plus icon with a lock will appear next to your game so you’ll know you cannot play the game until you’ve re-subscribed.

PS4 System Software Update 5.50: LibraryPS4 System Software Update 5.50

Hide apps

We’re adding a function that will allow you to hide certain applications under the ‘Purchased’ tab in the Library. In ‘Options,’ you can hide content including betas, trials or demos of games that you probably won’t be going back to.

PS4 System Software Update 5.50: Library

Quick Menu Enhancements

If you ever want to quickly access specific friends in your custom list, you’ll be able to do so via the pulldown menu under the Friends tab in Quick Menu. You can also see who’s currently online.

Whenever you’re listening to music on PS4, you’ll be able to access certain shortcuts from the Quick Menu. If you’re using Spotify on PlayStation Music, the ‘square’ button will serve as the shortcut for volume control. And when you’re on the Media Player or the USB Music Player, ‘triangle’ will work as the shortcut for play or pause, and the ‘square’ button as the volume control.

PS4 System Software Update 5.50: Quick Menu - Music shortcut

Background Music on PS Now

With Background Music on PlayStation Now, you’ll be able to listen to your favorite tracks while streaming a game on PS Now. Just keep in mind that, similar to when playing a game locally on PS4, background music may not always be available.

Notifications Update

This update will give you the ability to delete old notifications for better organization and management. Just go to Notifications and press the ‘triangle’ or ‘Options’ button to open up a menu that will allow you to select a single or multiple notifications you’d like to delete.

PS4 System Software Update 5.50: Notifications

Import Custom Wallpapers via USB

Love customizing your PS4 Home Screen? Well, this new update will give you even more options. You can import your own images to PS4 from a USB stick and set it as your wallpaper. You can also zoom and crop your images so they look perfect on your dashboard. Just go to Settings > Themes > Select Theme > Custom > Select Image > USB Storage Device.

Customize Tournaments Team Pages

Following the 5.50 update, you’ll be able to customize your Tournaments team page with your own team logo or background that you can import from a USB stick. Represent your team by customizing your team page with something unique and original! To set your logo and background, head over to Events > Teams > select your team > Edit Team Profile.

Supersampling Mode on PS4 Pro

PS4 Pro users will see a new ‘supersampling mode’ under Settings, which enables those with HDTVs (i.e., 1080p or less) to enjoy an enhanced visual experience when playing some PS4 games. With supersampling mode, games that render to a higher resolution when connected to a 4K TV will downscale to match the HDTV – allowing PS4 Pro owners to leverage the benefits of an image clarity boost even if they don’t own a 4K TV. Certain games already have ‘supersampling’ benefits as part of their ‘PS4 Pro Enhanced’ feature set, but this new mode can enhance the experience for those games that don’t already have the feature. Because PS4 Pro’s added power and modes benefit different games in different ways, please note that certain games’ image clarity may not improve with this new feature.

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  • for the next update:I think that if they can delete the notifications, they should also be able to erase the error history that also occupies additional space, and for any non-important error they throw it and there it remains, I think they should be erased also in the next update. because when im playing online and the network is disconnected drop error its not good for anyone.occupies additional space and all this error in there that for your consumers its good idea.

  • we also want the ps4 pro’s fan to be heard less, we hope that in this update they solve that. and a bit of speed for the menu interface

  • They should finish the hardware problems at this point.
    the noise in the fan it not good resolve this. and talk later.

  • But when can we change our PS name?

  • Sony needs to update the social media stuff. Streaming needs more options (Who even uses DailyMotion?), and with Twitter’s update, the console is still using the shorter posting rules.

  • Will custom wallpapers support 4K?

  • I would really like to see a feature in the controller settings to be able to customize the default color of the light bar

  • why we cant share season passes or character passes on different ids i travel alot so i have to make different ids to buy games from different regions it sucks to not share passes on different ids and we need mouse keyboard support or other wise all fps online competitive play is for nothing i have titanfall 2 destiny 2 overwatch etc but i dont play on ps i play on pc if u want to sell more pan amd online growth give keyboard mouse support .

  • why we cant share season passes or character passes on different ids i travel alot so i have to make different ids to buy games from different regions it sucks to not share passes on different ids and we need mouse keyboard support or other wise all fps online competitive play is for nothing i have titanfall 2 destiny 2 overwatch etc but i dont play on ps i play on pc if u want to sell more pan amd online growth give keyboard mouse support .

  • Can we PLEASE get an update to change our PSN names? This has been asked for years! Why hasn’t this been added yet?

  • Please finally add Ukrainian language

  • Maby you can add that the owner of the ps4 can dat or you can have ps plus or not.

  • Add an option where you can change your username on ps4

  • Can I hide some s of my movies? The trailers and extras

  • Since Im One Of The People Who Got Into The Beta, All I Have To Say Is The Update Is Incredible, But There Are Things That Need Improving, Obviously The Issues With Certain Game Not Working And If Your Like Me And Have Games That Are 80+ GB Its A Long Wait To Play Your Game After Re Install, The New Enhancements To, The Quick Menu Makes Music Easier To Control, And Streaming On The 5.50 Beta Feels Just The Same As It Was Before So No Complaints There, As Long As I Can Stream Im Happy, However I Do Have One Question Has Anyone Gotten Their Playstation Beta Avatar I Cant Seem To Find It I Would Like To Know If They Havent Given It To Us Yet Or If Theres A Specific Set Way To Download Or Get The Avatar

  • I agree that all update ideas are great and are necessary but personally I need my PlayStation trophy progression bar and all the other update suggestions. I understand that older games can’t have it but newer games can. Other than that great work for pumping out useful updates!

  • I hope they give us the option to remove the bloatware apps that are installed on the system. I HATE scrolling through the MLB app and VUE to get to my Plex/Netflix. I purchased this system, refund me a portion if you want to advertise on it!

    Upvote this reddit post if you agree:

  • Does supersampling trick Netflix to help 4k movies better view, or its only for games?

  • I got my avatar code over two weeks ago and still haven’t been able to update to the 5.50 beta yet

  • Looking forward to the new update

  • Always improving.

  • I’d like to see achievement tracking and time played tracking added to the PS4.

  • Background music FTW

  • I still love my vita.

  • Looks like a decent update, playtime statistics like on Steam for example would be awesome in a future update.

  • hello i am beta test and i love this 5.50 firmware

  • I’d like to see an update to the trophy system. It’s old, plain and not as interesting as it should be. Microsoft added a new coat of paint to their achievements so why can’t Sony do the same for trophies. It’s just a long list with small pictures so it isn’t very visually pleasing. But anyways that just my thoughts :)

  • This is all fine and dandy, I love it. But when are you going to implement the “application run on startup” system where I can elect a digital game in my library to start running after turning on my PS4 Pro without being directed straight to the home screen, like it it were a disc game?

  • Not too shabby. One addition I’d have enjoyed (and would most certainly result in me purchasing many more digital games) would be the addition of my game Wishlist to the Playstation Store on the console. I can access my Wishlist via my phone and PC, but more often than not I find myself browsing the store from the console itself. If there were a folder within the store featuring just items from my Wishlist, it would make it easier for me to see if games I want are on sale or not and would also remind me of games I’ve forgotten I wanted during those times when I have money that I’m itching to spend.

    Along with this, of course, the option to ADD items to my Wishlist from the console would be another feature I’d enjoy and utilize extensively. The rare times that I visit the store from my phone or PC I inevitably (almost compulsively) add several games to it. It would be nice to be able to do this from the console as well. Seeing that I visit the store from my console on an almost daily basis, that list would surely be huge in no time.

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