Polls Closed: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2017

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Polls Closed: PlayStation.Blog Game of the Year 2017

2017 was an incredible year for all kinds of games, but it's time to decide which one was the best.

Update: The polls have closed! We’ll publish the list of winners soon… stand by!

Holy moly, what a year!

It’s hard to argue against 2017 being one of the best years for gaming since… well, one of the best of all time, really. Its first few months alone saw the likes of Resident Evil 7, Nioh, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier Automata, and Persona 5. Come on!

We’ve got a lot of the same categories below that we’ve featured in previous years — plus a few new ones. You may notice a slight change to this year’s “Most Anticipated” category: since The Last of Us Part II won the Platinum Trophy in that same category following its announcement last year, it’s no longer eligible for a nomination in that category this year. Games that previously won Gold, Silver and Bronze Trophies get another shot at the Plat.

All the polls you see below are open now, and will remain so until we close out 2017 at 11:59pm Pacific on December 31. Get those votes in, and remind your friends to do the same!

Finally, from the entire PlayStation.Blog team, thank you for an incredible year. We’re privileged to have the best fans in the biz, and it’s thanks to you that we get to keep doing what we do. Cheers!

Best PS4 Game
Best PS VR Experience
Best Independent Game
Best PS Vita Game
Best Performance
Best Art Direction
Best Soundtrack
Best Multiplayer
Best Story
Best Sports Game
Best Post-Release Content
Best PlayStation Console Exclusive
Best PS4 Theme
Best Use of PS4 Pro
Most Anticipated PS4 Title

Editor’s note: Since The Last of Us Part II won the Platinum award in this category last year, it is no longer eligible for nomination here.

Most Anticipated PS VR Title
Studio of the Year

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  • I know it’s not going to win anything but Gravity Rush 2 deserves far more praise than what it gets and I most definitely think it should have been nominated as a goy contener. I played most of the nominees and GR2 was just as good, if not better than them, but it wasn’t as popular. It’s really a shame that a great game went unloved. It definitely deserved better.

  • I play almost every game out there. And let’s be honest horizon zero dawn knocked it out of the park this year. And there is only two kind of gamers that don’t agree. 1 you haven’t played it or 2 your a xbox fan. And in the words of forest Gump.. THATS ALL I GOT TO SAY ABOUT THAT

  • Horizon definitely deserves the “post-release content” award.
    $15 for a good 15+ hours of gameplay is more than fair.

    They also didn’t go crazy with DLC, and didn’t make the face paintings a small DLC or micro-transaction thing.
    Mad respect to Guerrilla for keeping their integrity, it can be quickly forgotten in this era of maximizing profit on everything.

    I hope to play HZD 2 someday.

    • Well said, agreed on all points. HZD was the game that finally brought me into this console generation, and I look forward to further exploring that world in a sequel.

  • Why wasn’t Last Of Us Part II in the most anticipated section?

  • Quite shocked Destiny 2 wasn’t in the Best Story category after all the hard work Bungie had put in.

  • Horizon zero dawn deserevs many of these rewards, but DLC has to go to GTA 5 they have been releasing new free Content for years and it’s all amazing.

  • Glad to see Nier Automata included in several categories. Personally hope and believe that it should win best story. A-Z would include a list of reasons.

  • the best zero dawn horizon game

  • Persona 5 ftw. Pre-ordered and picked up day 1. Loved it oh so much. I’m glad it’s got such recognition.

  • Nier: Automata has to have the best soundtrack, along with The Evil Within 2 but it was hard to vote but I chose Nier. For me, goty is The Evil Within 2 but I know many people don’t know or care about the game. It has really good direction. What Remains of Edith Finch is a favorite too.

  • Had to write in Nintendo for developer of the year. It just felt right.

  • Why is The Inpatient not a default for the list of Most Anticipated PSVR title? Did a write in! Very excited to further explore the world from Until Dawn!

  • Merry Christmas everyone!

    Here is my wishlist for PS4 for 2018.

    Legend of Legaia 3 and 4 for PS4. Cool to get the Legend teams back but that could be tough. Also if they use a previous world to focus on the world of Legend rather then Legaia 2.

    Musashi 3 and 4 for PS4. Cool if Sony and S-E could create these for PS4. Each one using different visual styles like the last two (Brave Fencer, and Samurai Legend).

    Heavenly Sword II by Ninja Theory for PS4. Please get Ninja Theory to create it and let them build off their story rather then the story in the DVD movie.

    Also some sort of avatar system for PS4 profiles would be really fun!

    I hope everyone is having happy holidays!

  • Great year for gorilla games.

  • Why can’t I post a comment??

  • Do these “awards” REALLY matter? “PS game awards” when we already had The game awards? What is this? Are the developers of HZD going to be really happy by taking this game of the year award?? I think it has no meaning… Also, did I miss something or The Last of us 2 is not on the list of the “most anticipated game”? I know that I can vote it as “other” but does this mean that its win in the game awards was “fake” since it won’t be released in 2018? I am waiting for the game but I am just saying…

    • This year Sony lost BIG TIME by Nintendo. You get this from someone with multiple copies of the PS systems (I have all of them, 1 PS Vita, 2 PSX, 1 PS2, 1 PS3, 3–yes, 3!–PS4). I mean, COME ON Sony! We are 50-60.000.000 people that we own a PS4 and what did we get from you? We got crushed by Mario?! Look at the comparison of Zelda botw and HZD. We got the power (better graphics) but how could we stand next to this giant? The experience was a Joke. We need more games. We already start loosing by a console with specs from 10 years back (switch), we don’t want to get behind MS with the X-BOX ONE X! The Pro doesn’t even have a 4K player and no game has native 4K. Big disappointment from Sony this year… Let us hope for a good 2018…

    • They’ve been doing these GotY awards for many years now, troll.

  • Why is The Inpatient not on the most anticipated VR games list?

  • You forgot Best DLC of the Year, if so, i would have voted for Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City.

  • I’m a bit shocked that you put GR2 in Best Art Direction but not in Best Soundtrack? Imo, GR2 had the best soundtrack in all of gaming this year. I’m a little surprised only IGN put it as a nominee in their awards. I don’t expect it to win being a more niche title than Persona, but it deserves some recognition.

  • Loving my Assassins creed origin

  • This was the hardest year for me to pick and choose and wish it was up to 5 picks instead but I feel like Horizon: Zero Dawn was my Game of the Year along with Guerrilla Games being the Best Studio of the Year since they have really stepped up since KillZone and bringing in a new IP. Horizon has been my favorite all year long!

  • NieR Automata is my GOTY. We need more games from Yoko Taro.

  • Best theme is Paper Sculpture. I just love the little song lol

  • Horizon Zero Dawn. You name the category this will be game I will be choosing. Thank you Guirella Games and Sony for a great experience.

  • a rick and morty game smh i have a feeling thats gunna win that category lmao, the only one im fairly certain on is that Nier is going to win best soundtrack other than that theres multiple fantastic picks in every category

  • If not for Persona 5, HZD might have been my best gaming experience on ANY system for a title released this year. Sony hit more than a few grand slams in exclusives this year.

    Maybe they will put the winners on sale since the so-called Holiday Sale is absolutely abysmal.

  • Everthing else than persona 5 as game of the year would be joke

  • I vote Horizon: Zero Dawn

  • I voted for HZD , Nier , and Hellblade in different categories.
    Most anticipated game: Ghost of Tsushima
    The best PS VITA Title: YS VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

  • Horizon Zero Dawn is my GOTY, but I did choose Nier for best story and soundtrack.

  • Horizon dawn by far the best game of the year!
    And if you haven’t played it then go play it before you vote for any other game. Horizon all the way through!

    • I think a lot of people have not played HZD .Its been the most enjoyable game in years ,4 play throughs and I still havn’t had enough. HZD 2 is my most anticipated game.

  • NieR:Automata: Game of the Year, Game of the Decade, Game of the generation, and soundtrack also. Although I will admit Persona 5 does pose competition, I don’t know how much but I personally prefer the NieR:Automata soundtrack. I can totally understand the quality of Persona 5 though in that regard and it’s really the only game that is along side NieR:Automata this year deserves awards too.

    Everything else has been so boring.. and Yep. I’ve played Horizon, epic visuals, dead, void desolate open world. It’s like a Ubisoft game almost. ZzzZzz

  • Playerunknown battlegrounds

  • No Rocket League for best post-release content? How does that not make the list?

  • Some games can use better graphics but over all they are all great

  • I’m not seeing a link to the list or polls….

  • My vote on the best studio for this year is Atlus. Persona 5 was just THAT good. Plus, they still seem to wanting to support the Vita, so that is really cool!

  • Independent should have Friday the 13th along with multiplayer. I

  • Best Sports Game: Pyre!

  • Definitely Ys VIII for Vita, but man am I pulling for Horizon in these. Guerrilla deserves some appreciation after Horizon got so ridiculously snubbed.

  • As a huge Persona fan it was incredibly hard to not vote for P5 as game of the year but, NieR Automata is truly a special experience. For anyone who hasn’t played it yet please do yourself a favor and go play it I promise you won’t regret it. NieR has also gotten snubbed from other game award shows recently which is preposterous and it deserves more recognition.

    Also 2B wins Waifu of the Year for sure.

  • How is Friday the 13th not up for Best Multiplayer?

  • I feel Prey is absolutely the most underrated game of the year. Despite some bugs, it’s a masterpiece and my GOTY.

  • Surprised that the GNOG soundtrack and theme aren’t nominated despite showing up in a few other categories. That’s been my theme since I got it.

  • Normally, I am not in to console exclusives all that much, but my top 3 games of the year were all exclusives: Horizon Zero Dawn, Nier Automata, and a game from the competitors about a guy that has a cup for a head. For best post release content, I had to write in The Division. The newest update has the game better than it ever was. It was an unbelievable year for games, and I still have a backlog of about 20 games before 2018 games come in.

  • Most anticipated title is Super Mario Odyssey lol

  • Hope uncharted the lost legacy wins game of the year. Also why was the last of us part 2 not on most anticipated game?

  • I don’t seem to be able to make a vote in any way .I see each of the categories, but I don’t see any kind of mechanism for making a choice. Is there a drop down menu for choices in each of the categories? Are you supposed to able to write in your own choice in each one? I’m not getting anything. Help?

  • My Most Anticipated, Shadows Die Twice.
    Persona 5 voted for everything it could be.

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