Bringing Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Star Wars Battlefront II

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Bringing Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Star Wars Battlefront II

Two developers weigh in on the excitement and challenges of bulding a new SWBFII map based on the iconic Crait location from the new film.

This is a pretty special week for Star Wars fans, isn’t it? Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters worldwide on Friday, and Star Wars Battlefront II The Last Jedi Season is available today, free* for all players. Jump into the game and you’ll be able to play as Finn and Captain Phasma in multiplayer, try out new starships and vehicles, and explore the rise of The First Order in new chapters of the single-player in Star Wars Battlefront II: Resurrection.

Two locations from the films are included: D’Qar, a Starfighter Assault map set in space above a Resistance base, and a Galactic Assault battle on Crait. If you’ve seen any of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailers, you’ll recognize Crait immediately – it’s the one with the ski speeders kicking up red dirt and the massive AT-M6 walkers marching into battle. Yeah, that one.

Star Wars Battlefront II: The Last Jedi season

What is it like to bring a location like this to life? Two developers weighed in, explaining the process.

“It’s a daunting task,” said Paul Keslin, Producer on Star Wars Battlefront II. “Since we’re taking inspiration from a movie that is actively being worked on, we need to work very closely with Lucasfilm on getting things right. Some of those things are obvious, like having giant AT-M6’s running through the level; but some of them are a bit more subtle, as in getting the proper type of rocks in the right spot on the map.”

Star Wars Battlefront II: The Last Jedi seasonStar Wars Battlefront II: The Last Jedi season

Star Wars Battlefront II: The Last Jedi season

But there’s more to it than nailing the look – you also need to hit that feeling. “Mainly, it’s about making sure we provide an authentic feeling of being on Crait,” Keslin explained. “And helping you play out a scenario that reminds you of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.”

Peter Vesti Frendrup, Game Designer on Star Wars Battlefront II, said that working on Crait was both very exciting and very challenging. “Exciting because working with Lucasfilm on a new Star Wars location is the stuff of dreams and challenging because, for a level designer, a completely flat map with no cover is the stuff of nightmares. In the end, however, I think we found a great balance that is both true to the Star Wars universe, as well as fun to play.”

As a bonus for the PlayStation nation, in celebration of this awesome week of Star Wars with The Last Jedi movie and free Season 1 content, we have two exclusive Star Wars Battlefront II themes that are available now for free download. One showcases the incredible detail of the Star Wars Battlefront II game art. The second, named Iden Theme, is a piece inspired by the challenges Iden faces in the game’s single player campaign.

Ready to check it out? All Star Wars Battlefront II players can jump in right now – we can’t for you to see it for yourself.

*Requires Star Wars Battlefront II on applicable platform (sold separately), all game updates, internet connection, EA account, and PlayStation Plus membership (each sold separately).

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  • Wheres the links to download them?

  • Second last paragraph, right below the video.

  • Thank you!!

  • For anyone on the fence about this game, you should wait until the big discounts inevitably hit. The single-player campaign is a train wreck. It’s nothing more than playing a MP map with bullet-sponge bots, some mindless AI chatter, and some pointless chatter thrown into the mix. It never feels as if it’s telling story at all. The POV switches between Iden and a host of other characters. It’s a lazy, cop-out excuse of a single-player campaign. The MP side of things isn’t much different than the original. It can be fun if you’re new to the experience or if you want some new maps to play.

  • Not avaliable on UK Store. Extremely disappointed.

  • Two things. One, bring back the original Heroes vs Villains from Battlefront 1, there’s a lot more strategy to it than simply teaming up and running after target. Two, FIX ALL THE FREAKING RUBBERBAND PEOPLE! You can’t kick them out and you can’t report them, there’s NOTHING we players can do about it so YOU SHOULD!

  • Why is this not available in the UK PSN store, would really like these themes

  • EA can stuff this where the sun dont shine

  • Wow! The Last Jedi DLC is coming to Star Wars Battlefront ii (Classic 2005)?

    So excited! Can’t wait to jump back in.

    It’s nice to know that Pandemic’s Masterpiece is still being supported after EA shut them down.

    Can’t wait for the PS2 on PS4 release.

  • Sooo… Star Wars – The Last Jedi is going to a Star Wars Themed Online Casino?

    What happens in Star Wars stays in Star Wars? So long as they continue to focus on unregulated gambling targeted at unassuming consumers of all ages, I am fine not knowing anything about what happens in Star Wars.

  • It’s a shame what EA did to this game.

  • I love Star Wars, I also believe DICE are technical wizards, however, I cannot support EA/DICE and their Lootbox progression system [see: gambling]. It pains me because I really enjoyed the first game, and this was my most anticipated of the year, before the dark times, before the EAmpire. I even let my PS+ lapse (first time since it was introduced on the PS3) due to not having a desire to play online with a lot of games that do this, and this game would have been the main reason for me to keep multiplayer.

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