Watch the Opening to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

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Watch the Opening to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

New details on the upcoming team-based brawler.

Calling all Final Fantasy and fighting game fans! Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is almost here (less than 2 months away, launching on January 30, 2018) and we have a number of awesome updates for you.

New videos (yup, multiple) to whet your appetite and a roundup of all things Dissidia Final Fantasy NT in case you are jumping in just now.

First and foremost, we’re thrilled to present to you a first look at the opening cinematic above featuring all the heroes and villains featured in the game (and the past 30 years of the franchise).

Secondly, we have an awesome new cutscene reveal from the game, featuring Noctis (FFXV), Lightning (FFXIII), and the Warrior of Light (FF). It’s pretty hilarious since this is Noctis’ first entry in the universe of Dissidia, so you get to see his reaction.

Last thing we wanted to do is round up all things Dissidia Final Fantasy NT since we’ve announced around E3 this year. Condensing it down here to the “must knows!”

Characters — there will be a total of 28 heroes and villains. My main right now is Terra (FFVI), but I want to master Ramza (FF Tactics). We just recently announced that Noctis, Cloud of Darkness (FFIII), and Golbez (FFIV) are joining the playable cast as well! The full roster can be found here.

Stages — a total of 14, from Final Fantasy I through Final Fantasy XIV.

Gameplay — it’s a three-on-three team fighting game where you control one Final Fantasy legend and party up with friends or other gamers online.

Combat — you’ll need to master the bravery combat system — which is a bit different than traditional fighting games. We’ve created some handy dandy battle guides on how you too can understand and master this combat!

The user interface (UI) can be a bit intimidating — you will be able to play using the traditional arcade UI, or a new simplified UI which keeps all the core elements! The left image shows Tidus and the original arcade version, while the right image shows Bartz in the new simplified version.

Story — There will be an all new story spearheaded by the legendary Kazushige Nojima. If you haven’t heard of him, you might have heard of a few games he’s worked on including Final Fantasy VII Remake, Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy X, and Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2.

Editions — There are four different versions to buy, so if you want all the Final Fantasy in life, we definitely have an edition for you! You can choose your edition here.

Questions? Thoughts? I’m curious to know who you’re going to play on January 30! Let me know in the comments below and let’s chat!

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2 Author Replies

  • Preordered! But one major question:
    What are your thougths on classic VS Battles against a friend on the same system? I suppose this standard mode isnt in the game but is there a chance of this happening?

    I rarely play online, I rather have my opponents sit next to me.

    • hi american_36,

      due to the nature of the game and it’s team based combat action, there won’t be any single screen experience with multiple gamers

      i totally understand where you’re coming from as well as we all grew on this experience.

      we hope you look forward to it! :)

    • Thank you very much for the info.

      Oh I’ll sure enjoy the heck out of this game too! Duodecim was also a Single Player Experience for me and it didnt stop me from putting well over 100 hours into it xD

  • Hope they can add Ardyn and Caius later on. (but less likely on Caius since he shares the same voice actor with Kain)

  • As a fan of the PSP games, I really wanted to go all in and preorder the collectors edition. However, I have two main concerns.

    1. The story is an after thought and won’t be very long or offer much in replay value.

    2. My more concerning thought, after playing the beta, is online matchmaking. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it was terrible. 3v3 with a total of six different players connected together and the problem of one of those six having a slow connection which absolutely destroys the playability. I did get some good matches in, but when things were bad it was completely game breaking with matches pausing for many seconds and frame skipping so severe that it defeated any purpose in continuing the match. There needs to be a matchmaking option that allows fast internet players to connect only with other fast internet players.

    • hey there steevoeevo,

      1. the story mode was crafted well in advance for specifically the ps4 release. as I’m sure you can imagine, it takes a while to figure out how all the final fantasy characters would interact with each other in a cohesive universe – so while the announcement of the story mode didn’t happen until after we announced the ultimate collector’s edition, it was not an after thought :)

      we definitely hope you look forward to it!

      2. I totally see your point. but, the closed beta was just that – an opportunity to fine tune and tweak technical issues like matchmaking, latency, etc.

      we’re sorry you had a somewhat less than spectacular experience with the closed beta, but rest assured, all behind the scenes folks are working on said kinks!

  • Please release the older Dragon Quest games in the US.

  • Just out of curiosity will there be any single player offline content? Or is it all online based? Because I would like to practice before I jump into competitive play.

  • I have grown up on FF staring on FF7 when I was 11. Since then I am now 30 & I have played VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2 XII, XIII-(1,2,&3) XV, and world of FF.
    I skipped 11 and 14 because I was informed they are online games. I don’t want to play with strangers. I don’t want to rely on others. Can I still play this game without needing to go online and make monthly payments to some network. I just want to spend $70 the one time and have ALL the game at my fingertips. These mico purchases at.99cents and up are not part of the deal I signed up for years ago when I fell inlove with this game. I just want to play FF by myself to escape the real world. A real World full of ***holes. I dont want to be harassed or feel stressed cause Im part of a team, and there are Real people out there in the real world counting on me to play the game; Its too much pressure.

  • Not to knock Dissidia but can we get an update on FF 7 Remake? Why is there always yet some other FF game coming out before it?

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