Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics Available for Download on PS4 December 6

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Jak and Daxter PS2 Classics Available for Download on PS4 December 6

Complete your Jak and Daxter collection on PS4 with the release of Jak II, Jak 3 and Jak X Combat Racing next week.

It’s been a few months since Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy has been available on the PS4 via download from PlayStation Store. We’ve had a great time re-living our fond memories of the game, which is why we are excited to announce that Jak II, Jak 3, and Jak X Combat Racing will be available for download on the PlayStation Store on December 6! The games will be offered individually for $14.99 each, or can be purchased as a bundle for $39.99.

Jak 3 on PS4

Jak II on PS4Jak X Combat Racing on PS4

On October 14, 2003, Naughty Dog released Jak II for the PlayStation 2 system, and something amazing happened for the Jak and Daxter franchise: Jak was able to speak for the first time, enabling players to hear and experience Jak’s own point of view using his voice, instead of relying solely on Daxter’s witty banter and exposition. This was the start of something special, and the franchise continued to reach new heights with the release of Jak 3 and Jak X, in part because of this one simple addition.

Jak II on PS4

By giving Jak a voice, it allowed Naughty Dog to explore new narrative techniques that allowed them to create a grittier world with a much more developed and evolved storyline. Jak and Daxter evolved from whimsical lighthearted platforming characters to a much darker vision of a future’s past world where Jak and Daxter find themselves pitted against multiple dark forces moving against them.

Jak II on PS4

The narrative tropes Naughty Dog explored in Jak and Daxter laid the foundation for the evolution of their highly innovative story telling. It put them on the path that led to the creation of future blockbuster franchises like Uncharted and The Last of Us— and to think it all started with giving Jak his own voice.

Jak 3 on PS4

In celebration of Naughty Dog’s rich heritage, it is with great pleasure that we present to you these Jak & Daxter classics on the PS4.

Wait, there’s more! To help make experiencing these games even more nostalgic, please check out the Legacy Dashboard Theme ($2.99) created by our friends over at Truant Pixel. You can find this at PlayStation Store, also on December 6. Whenever we see this theme on our PS4 console, we can’t help but think about our fond gaming memories. We hope you feel the same way too.

Legacy Dashboard Theme

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  • Please try and get more PS2 Classics out that we can buy and keep, some of us just aren’t interested in PS NOW.

  • @PortableKingpin Any idea on what will happen with Jak X’s bonus content? You used to be able to unlock specific bonuses depending on certain actions/conditions being met.

    Daxtermobile (By connecting Daxter game via PSP with USB cable)
    Ratchet (By having a Ratchet and Clank save on the memory card)
    Ratchet Skin (Ratchet Deadlocked save on the memory card)
    Jak (Precursor Legacy) (Precursor Legacy save on the memory card)
    Jak (Jak 2) (Jak II save on the memory card)
    Jak (Jak 3) (Jak 3 save on the memory card)
    Sandshark Vehicle (Jak 3 save file on the memory card)

    What will happen with this content? It’s in the game itself, but locked behind these conditions being met first. Will the save data for Precursor Legacy, Jak II, and Jak 3 behave the same on the ports to unlock that content in Jak X? And additionally, with the Daxter and Ratchet stuff, how would that stuff be unlocked in the Jak X port?

    Would be really grateful if you could help us out with this stuff so we know what to expect/how to unlock this stuff.

    • Wow. I didn’t know that there was such unlockable content. If this content doesn’t get a way to be unlocked in the game, besides the game losing Online, the game has lost big value.
      That is why I said they should have packed Daxter game and The Lost Frontier in the bundle instead of Jak X.

    • I’m so glad that you called this out. We definitely did consider all of these items when approaching releasing Jak X on the PS4. Here is how to unlock all of the bonus content:

      If a Jak TPL PS4 emulation save game is present, you unlock Jak from TPL as a driver.
      If a Jak II PS4 emulation save game is present, you unlock Jak II as a driver.
      If a Jak 3 PS4 emulation save game is present, you unlock Jak 3 as a driver.

      In the original game, if a Ratchet: Deadlocked save game was present, you unlocked Ratchet as a driver. For our PS4 emulation, if a Ratchet Remastered save game is present, you unlock Ratchet as a driver.

      In the original game, you unlocked the following by connecting a PSP with Daxter present: Drivers: Ximon, Osmo, Kaeden and Taryn, as well as the Daxtermobile vehicle. For our PS4 emulation you will unlock those 4 drivers and the Daxtermobile when an Uncharted Collection save game is present.

      Lastly, in order to unlock the Sandshark from Jak 3 one must first have a Jak 3 PS4 emulation save game present and have completed the Grand Prix of the Blue Eco Cup. Once those conditions are met the Sandshark will become available for purchase at a cost of 40,000 Precursor Orbs.

    • Thank you for asking this. I have NO IDEA how this slipped by me. I was wondering about this during the actual announcement.

      Logically, I figured the 3 playable Jaks and the Sand Shark would be safe, since the trilogy is also being emulated. I, however, did not expect for them to actually make a work around for the Daxter and Ratchet and Clank bonus content. (Though I find it odd how Uncharted Collection was chosen to be used to unlock Daxter’s content, even while knowing about that one Daxter easter egg in UDF.)

    • Thank you for the answer and including a workaround. By “For our PS4 emulation, if a Ratchet Remastered save game is present, you unlock Ratchet as a driver.” You mean having a save of the remake of Ratchet And Clank (based on the movie), not a Ratchet and Clank PS2 classic save (if you there is one planned in the future), right?

    • @THE-PLASTICA-MAN Yes, The most recent Ratchet and Clank PS4 title, no plans for a PS2 Ratchet and Clank remake.

      @BlueDiamond93 We felt that including UNDC just made sense.

    • To PortableKingpin: It’s really impressive how much effort was put into ensuring that the Jak X secret content would still be accessible to people playing the game on PS4. Thank you for sharing these details with us!

      I do have two other questions, regarding the content that was previously unlocked by connecting a PSP system with Daxter to the PS2’s USB port. The substitute for this that you described is reading saved game data from “Uncharted Collection”, but this is kind of vague. Now I’m wondering about the following:

      1. What constitutes an “Uncharted Collection” game? I’ve got Uncharted 4 and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, but I don’t have Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (or its individual games) on PS4. I hope that U4 and/or U:TLL would qualify here

      2. If someone does not have a qualifying “Uncharted Collection” game, then could you still link up a PSP with Daxter and unlock the same content the old-fashioned way?

  • Is it possible to pre order the bundle cause I want to download jak and Daxter now instead of buying it now and then buying the bundle

    • No pre-orders available on the bundle. In hindsight that would have been something to consider. our apologies.

  • @PortableKingpin

    That was literally the only other main question I forgot to ask, oddly — the bonus content.

    1. Now when you said “R&C Remaster”, are you actually referring to the R&C REMAKE on PS4??

    2. I’m very curious as to why the Uncharted Collection was chosen to unlock the content for Daxter (PSP), as oppose to just using the relevant JaD PS4 Trilogy (like the Sand Shark and 3 playable Jaks)? (Why did ya’ll not just use the save file for the JaD Trilogy to unlock Daxter content also?)

    • The way the system worked we had to use PS4 saves to unlock the content, but unfortuantely the Jak and Daxter HD Collection was PS3. Since we didn’t have a way to easily detect the PS3 content, we wanted to stay with the PS4 and use Naughty Dog titles for all major unlocks (except in the case of Ratchet and Clank), we decided that UNDC was the best option.

    • @PortableKINGPIN

      As always, I appreciate the response(s). However, I noticed you kept referencing the PS3 Version. I had asked why were the ‘PS4 versions’ of the trilogy not used to unlock the Daxter (PSP) content the same way y’all used it to unlock the main Jak and Daxter content? I’m aware that PS4 can only detect PS4, I was just curious as to why the PS4 Uncharted Collection was chosen over the actual PS4 JaD Collection (?)

      I’m intrigued by this design choice, because Daxter (PSP) chronologically takes place after TPL but before Jak II, so it’d technically make more sense if having saves of the Jak TPL (PS4), Jak II (PS4), and/or Jak 3 (PS4) unlocked the Daxter (PSP) content. Youg et what i’m saying?

    • We had already used the Jak trilogy versions to unlock multiple items in the list, as you can see from above, so since Daxter PSP was a separate sku unlock we wanted to keep that same mentality, thus using UNDC made perfect sense, even though it’s not in cannon.

    • Ahh ok.. I see! You answered my question precisely. Thank you very much! :)

      I hate to ask you another question, really. You don’t have to answer this if you don’t want to — Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier (PS2).. Why was this game not included? (Daxter actually makes sense since that’s exclusively a PSP game.) I’m very much aware Naughty Dog didn’t develop this installment and im aware the PS2V is pretty much a bad port of the superior PSPV (pretty much), but since there is a PS2V and since the reviews were well enough, why was the PS2V of TLF not included with the other classic games here?

  • @PortableKingpin

    Do you know if the LAN mode in Jak X still works?
    Can you directly connect multiple PS4s with multiple copies of the game and play with up to 6 players without connecting to the internet, just like on the PS2? Or is the game only for 2 players now?

    • For technical reasons LAN mode has also been disabled.

    • Hey, thanks for the answer! Its kind of a shame but what should I say, I’m still gonna buy the game. However if you guys ever patch the LAN mode back in, I’m definatly gonna buy two more copies and two more PS4s to be able to play the game with my friends again. Now you might think, that I obsess a little bit too much about Jak and Daxter, if I’m willing to spend my money on two new consoles just for one game, and you would be right. But I mean just look at my name, it’s literally just the words “Jak” and “Daxter” (divided by a simple yet elegant underscore). I live and breath Jak and Daxter and I will probably die, playing a Jak and Daxter game. Hopfully while playing Jak 4 (come on Sony you know we want it wink wink). It would be tragic if I die while playing The Lost Frontier, that would be the most pathetic death since the guy who choked on his Wiimote while playing Dog Football. Anyway I have to go now and play the Combat Bug minigame in Daxter against my brother on two PlayStation TVs that I set up. Bye!

  • So is there no answer then as to why PS4 Pro isn’t pushing these PS2 games at higher resolutions over base PS4?

    • Sorry my friend, but I don’t have all the answers. I try my best.

    • I do appreciate the response.

      As a Pro-owner, I can’t help but feel that some aspects of the device weren’t as well thought out as they should be.

      Would really appreciate if you could pass on the feedback that the PS4’s PS2 emulator needs to be properly Pro-enabled to drive these titles at higher resolutions over base-PS4. I understand that the games run better (framerate-wise) on Pro, owing to the superior CPU, but the GPU grunt is being completely wasted.

      Whilst I’m passing suggestions, would also appreciate if you could pass on to the relevant teams that systemwide downsampling should be implemented for PS4 Pro when connected to a 1080p display. There are too many games on Pro that lock you out of supersampling/downsampling if it detects you’re using a 1080p screen.

      Thanks for your time!

    • Right on. Many thanks for the suggestions!

    • Once again thank you for all the responses. Sorry if I came off as negative or just complaining. It comes from a good place, I just want the platform to improve :)

  • Is it December 6th for Australia? And if so is it a midnight release?

  • @portablekingpin is the launch December 6th for Australia? And if so is it a midnight release?

  • Is it possible to simulate ejecting the PS2 disc so that we could enable a certain awesome Jak 2 “feature”? ;)

  • Hi, thank you so much for bringing these to the PS4. I never owned the PS2 (I was too poor back then), and I can’t wait to be able to play these classic games from one of my favorite developers. Will there be a physical copy release at some point? Also, are there any plans to bring Crash Team Racing to the PS4 (digital or physical)? I purchased the physical copy of Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy, but couldn’t figure out why CTR was left off.

  • @PortableKingpin I’ve noticed in gameplay videos that the blue turbo boost in Jak X doesn’t sit on the correct place.. the afterburner stats far behind the vehicle when it should be coming out of the engine.. This bugs me like crazy. Is it possible to fix?

    • The problem is also visible in Jak 3 too on all the vehicles (and possibly 2 as well). If possible, this needs a patch! Thanks

  • It’s nice but honestly I was waiting for a “remastered” version of this series on the PS4 like how they did with crash bandicoot. No offense but it’s still just ps2 even with the “updated” hd graphics this still remains nothing but a ps2 port and u can still clearly see the pixelated graphics in this he reboot. What we really need is exactly what crash bandicoot got an actual REMASTER of the game with NEW (not just “updated” HD) graphics and 4K support etc. that’s be a true release of this game. I just always felt (even with it’s popularity) jack and Daxter has always been under looked and this is no different. Crash gets a remaster while this series just gets a bad hd port. Seems unfair to me. Personally I enjoyed jack and Daxter 1000000000000x more than crash and would have rather have seen this series remastered. Guess we can only still “hope” but chances are this HD port is all we will actually get for PS4 so I guess it’s better than nothing. :(

  • Jak II is running like 20% slower than its original version. Jak never walked that slow. I’m not the only one as I’m seeing the same comments on Youtube videos. Why does it look like it’s lagging throughout?

  • What’s up with Jak moving incredibly slow in Jak 2? I remember him being faster.

  • So, I know it was said that a bundle without TPL is being worked on, but I still want to purchase the current bundle. I already have TPL from the newest Uncharted, can I still get the bundle or will it block it?

  • When will the store reset so i can buy this bad boy?

  • its the day for the jak and daxter collection to be on the store but i cant find it anywhere! can someone tell me what im doing wrong

  • What time will the games available to purchase

  • When will it be released?
    It’s december 6
    Does location timeline affect the date?

  • What time will the PS Store be updated with the game available for purchase? Currently 10:38 EST and still not searchable in PS Store.

  • When will they be available? It says the 6th but I’m not seeing them

  • IT’S OUT!!

  • Uh… Where are Jak II and Jak 3 to buy separately? I only see the first game, Jak X, and the bundle.

  • When will the bundle without The Precursor Legacy be out?

  • Wow still no jak 2 or 3 just the buddle and the racer, wonder if the store is slow at updating or if they r trying to sell as many of the bundles before listing the other two games…guess ill check back later or tonorrow and see if the 2 solo games are available

    • If you live in the US, all titles are now available individually.


      Do we have to wait a tad bit longer for folks who are interested in the Jak & Daxter bundle but already have The Precursor Legacy from the Uncharted: Lost Legacy preorder incentive?

    • Thanks for letting me know, Viggy! I’ve just been playing some long-awaited Jak II. (Like, REALLY long-awaited. I beat TPL back on PS2 Years ago, but never got the chance to get very far in the second one.)

  • Will there be a physical release?

  • Hi. When can we expect the bundle for people that already purchased Jak I please?

  • omg i love Daxter, i played him since i was like 8 <3 <3 <3

  • want to try this game for my 11yr. old

  • I have all the other Jak and Daxter games on Ps3, but is there any difference in the graphics on Ps4? Also very excited because Jak X is coming!

  • I’m going to have to hold out to see if that second bundle comes out. I can’t justify buying the games individually as it would end up being more expensive for only three games rather than simply getting the four game bundle.

    I thoroughly enjoyed playing through the first Jak & Daxter, including getting 100%, but I don’t want to think I should have just waited as I would have saved money.

    Regardless, I don’t think I have ever seen as much of a response from someone with the answers as I have with this article. Very informative and helpful. Thank you!

  • i agree i waiting too so you want us to pre order you games so we did you give use free game for ordering it and if we waited not buy it we could got 50% off on black friday and get bundle cheaper so seems like you try to tells please dont preorder any of are games we going to make cheaper in 2 months and the bundle cheap we give the game just to laugh at you later like ha ha you dont get a deal you buy the game again so make like never preorder games from you bad thing then again if you dont put out package with 3 in it for $29.99us and $39.99cnd you turn lot people off and no one buy your games day one any more


  • Will there be a physical copy of this game? Call me old fashion but I want to collect ps4 games.

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