Black Friday 2017: Week-Long PlayStation Deals Revealed

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Black Friday 2017: Week-Long PlayStation Deals Revealed

Big savings on PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR and more starting November 19.

To get in the holiday spirit, we’ve got some amazing Black Friday deals to share with you. We’re celebrating Black Friday early and for an entire week this year in the U.S., starting on November 19 through Cyber Monday on November 27, at participating retailers while supplies last.

First up, all PlayStation VR bundles will be available at a great deal at participating retailers. This includes the recently announced PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle at $299.99 USD (MSRP) and PlayStation VR Skyrim VR Bundle at $349.99 USD (MSRP). There has never been a better time to jump into the driver’s seat in GT Sport for a heightened VR experience, or transport yourself into the virtual open game world of The Elder Scrolls filled with dragon-fighting action.

For PlayStation 4, the standard slim 1TB system in Jet Black will be available at $199.99 USD. This is the perfect time to pick up a PS4 as a gift for the special gamer in your life, or as a treat for yourself. You can also stock up on additional DualShock 4 wireless controllers while you’re at it. All DS4 controllers, including the recently released translucent colors, will start at $39.99 USD (MSRP) at participating retailers.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll get exclusive early access to some of the biggest deals in the PlayStation Store Black Friday Sale starting on November 17. PS Plus members will find deals of up to 40% off on the hottest blockbuster titles.

Even if you’re not a PS Plus member, you still can take advantage of the Black Friday deals at PS Store starting November 21 through 8am PT November 28. We’ll have more details on PS Store Black Friday offers in the coming days, so stay tuned.

North of the border Canadian fans can save CDN $100 on PlayStation 4 Pro, save CDN $100 on select PlayStation 4 bundles, save CDN $100 on PS VR and select PS VR bundles, and select DualShock 4 controllers with be available for CDN $49.99 while supplies last. Visit the Canadian Black Friday page for dates and more details.

Thanks to all of our fans for continuing to make PS4 the top selling game console and PlayStation the best place to play. We’re looking forward to another amazing holiday season and hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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  • Waiting for the Pro Sale!

  • The more I read this post, the more I wonder if Plus members are going to have access to the full sale on the 17th. It says “you’ll get exclusive early access to some of the biggest deals”. “Some”, not “all”. And then it says “PS Plus members will find deals of up to 40% off on the hottest blockbuster titles.”. So again, I’m thinking maybe plus members will get early access to maybe the AAA titles, but not the full Black Friday sale.

  • No Pro, No go!

    C’mon apply the $100 off to the PS4 Pro!

  • No PS4 Pro deals? :/

  • Will anyone have the PRO on sale?

  • Nice PS VR <3

  • With Xbox One X out and only $100 more, the $400 price for Ps4 Pro is way too much. Only $100 more gets you native 4k and a 4k bluray player – btw lol at Sony for not including their proprietary hardware in their console, yet they let their direct competitor have it. So stupid!!

  • Does it will be available in france

  • hey I’m trying to get my husband to PlayStation 4 for Christmas and I know nothing about gaming does anybody know if there’s a location near Pueblo Colorado that is offering these deals any help is so appreciated thanks in advance

    • pretty sure any of the major retailers will have it on sale like , amazon,best buy , target and walmart. you can always price match too

  • When will we know, or who are the participating retailers?

  • can someone explain what the differnce is from the gen 1 and gen 2 PS VR

    • Gen two thebbig thing is it supports hdr if im not mistaken which delivers brighters brights and darker darks its an upgrade from uhd

    • V2 PSVR has a 1 piece slimmer cable going to the headset instead of the bulky 2-piece connection; has built in ear buds that safely store in the headset instead of hanging wires over your shoulder; loses the inline white remote box and places the volume & power buttons on the headset directly, the button to adjust the screen fwd & backwards moves from under the visor to on top; the processing unit has been upgraded to pass through HDR signals instead of having to use a switchbox or having to unplug and wire the ps4 directly to the tv. People speculate that the newer version might eliminate the blackout issues commonly experienced with the pro/PSVR combo.

  • So will retailers be following the same dates as the Sony announcement (11/19 – 11/27). The ads I’ve seen don’t match this pricing until Thanksgiving. I’m really hoping at least Amazon will offer the Skyrim bundle pricing starting 11/19.

    • Best buy is having the VR for $200 starting Sunday 11/19. I’m not sure about the bundle though, Im also trying to snatch one this Sunday. Hopefully they have them on sale.

  • Safe to assume Gamestop is a “participating retailer” since they are the one of the only crystal controller carrier?

  • I called my local GameStop and they wouldn’t confirm that they would be participating in these deals from the 19th – 27th. Might just pull the trigger tomorrow then use he price protection feature of my MasterCard if it goes lower next week. I can’t be out there on Thanksgiving.

  • Specifically what time on Nov. 17th do the sales start for Early Black Friday deals in the store for PS Plus members?

  • Does anyone have any confirmation on what time, the deals will be up for playstation plus members? It gives a date but it doesn’t really get into details about an exact time. I’m building a digital library for my games and I would love to get the heads up, on deals for games because, there’s no use on buying physical games anymore, when all you get is a cheap plastic case with cover art and the game; manuals don’t even come in the games anymore and it’s easier to multitask different games when you don’t have to keep swapping them out. Physical games are great for selling or trading when your short on cash but there doesn’t seem to be a need to have a large collection of games gathering dust when you can have your whole digital library on your console.

  • Thanks for the special skyrim vr bundle price here in the us. No retailers here have even heard of this sale. I am beyond ****ed about this false advertisement bs by you sony. Next time tell us were we can actually get these deals at, instead of making us go into stores looking like idiots.

  • Hey Sony, maybe it’s time to make some discounts to Ukraine region? It’s really hard to buyPS 4 Pro here. Like you selling Ps Pro for 399$ and here it’s 515$. WTH Sony?

  • We will sell a lot of systems!!!

  • Ouch!. Seems like my Amazon Skyrim pre-order was a bad idea.
    Not getting delivery till Monday 19th, but still get to pay the full $450 price for it shipping before the sale.


  • So, like, where are the sales?

  • Good Question, I want some Sales!

  • We are waiting Sony!!!

  • Still waiting for Plus members early access to sale. What say you Sony?

  • Crossing my fingers for a Witcher III discount

  • should wait for the assassin creed game not went on sale might save my self $10 minus the free dlc you got and i guess i buy payback save $40

  • is the price staying or this weekend only theese prices

  • So I see that t starts on the 17th. I am on amazon, best buy, target, etc….. I have yet to see this sale on any website. Do I have to wait till like the evening of today or wait till this weekend?

  • What are the retailers??

  • Do regions will have the same sells on all regions because there’s some games that I want they don’t have any sell on the Europe region but on the American you can see that they make a sell on it. My question is do all the games will have the same sells on all regions?

  • I know amazon, target and bestbuy will do the sale. So a lot of sites said it started on the 17th but I guess sony will do it on the 19th by what this flier says. Guess I will wait till then. I pre ordered skyrim VR bundle but saw they were doing $100 off so just cancelled and waiting to buy this!! Love saving money!

    • I talked to amazon today November 18 and they said they were not aware of this special price. I too am searching with no avail.

  • I have called my local retailers and cannot get any information on this deal. It seems the retailers are not even aware of the PSVR bundles all becoming $299.99.

    How are we supposed to know which stores are doing this?

  • Hi everybody,
    Where i can get the PS4 at 200$. Best buy or Gamestop will be selling it in 200$ ??
    Please answer i really like to buy it.

  • Which stores are your “participating retailers“, and when will the special prices be available?

  • Which stores are your “participating retailers“, when will the special prices be available?

  • At what retailers would the Skyrim VR Bundle be for sale? Target? Wal-Mart? Best Buy???

    • It seems like gamestop started already. They’re saving the 50 bucks extra gamestop gift card for black friday, but it’s still a deal.

    • Newegg has this 349.99 psvr skyrim bundle deal. No tax but need to pay shipping fee. Still good!

  • Amazon .com has the PlayStation 4 VR Turismo bundle for 299.99 now.

  • Which PlayStation VR bundle is best to start off with skyrim, worlds or turismo?. It’s a gift for my husband and he plays war games. Anyone have any suggestions.

    • You may want to ask him if he likes Skyrim. Don’t have to tell him about the VR or anything or see if he has the game. I would either go Skyrim or Grand Turismo is he likes racing games. Worlds is not worth it.

  • Amazon has some of the bundles on sale now $100.00 off with free shipping today November 19

  • Hello All,

    Can anyone please help me how to get these deals in Norway thank you

  • I got demolisher level PC but if it’s gonna real on Turkey(my country) I wont be thinking for a milisecond :)

  • I was ready to pounce on the Gran Turismo VR bundle, but my husband warned me about the old and new versions of the VR headset. And of course Gran Turismo bundle has the old version. Guess I will have to keep waiting for a good VR deal.

  • This deal is restricted for specific regions only. This is not available in Asia I guess. Currently the fair deal of Black Friday for Asia is only here

    But I am hoping that sony would soon give PS Pro deal for Asia too. Cant Wait to get my hands on that beast.

  • The PSVR Skyrim Bundle is $274 through Dell after cash back. Includes the PSVR headset, PS camera, 2 Move controllers, and Skyrim VR.

  • Great deals!

  • Oh, the price for VR is even more expensive than the PS4 console……
    But I really want to experience the best VR game.
    I am going to buy this bundle by the end of the month.
    I hope Sony can offer some discount on Christmas holidays.

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