What’s in Store for 2017 and Beyond

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What’s in Store for 2017 and Beyond

PlayStation Store’s mysterious Merchant returns with a peek behind the curtain.

Last year, PlayStation Store turned 10! We celebrated with a video that introduced an iconic Merchant, the embodiment of the magic and mystery of PlayStation Store. I know that the Merchant has become a bit of a fan favorite among the PlayStation community, so today, I’m delighted to announce that our friend returns in a powerful new chapter that you can watch at the top of this post.

Watch our new spot as the Merchant descends deeper into the Store, passing through different worlds within some of PS4’s biggest upcoming games: Call of Duty WWII, God of War, and Star Wars Battlefront II, just to name a few.

PlayStation Store has come a long way, but this is just the beginning. This year we’ve introduced the popular new Discover the Creators series, which curates games selected by some of the biggest names in game development, from Yoko Taro (Nier: Automata) to Herman Hulst (Horizon: Zero Dawn) and more.

And of course, PlayStation Store continues to boast special features like preorder and preloading, which accelerates your ability to get closer to the games you love.

Enjoy our new video and let us know what you think! And keep an eye peeled for Easter Eggs – there are quite a few to be found!

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  • You could bring the STORE UPDATE post back to the blog.

  • If only the store sold more free time! =[

  • I saw some The Order Easter eggs….hrmmmm…If you need help, the beginning took place in a Victorian England setting. At the end you could see a glimpse of the electric gun that was seen in The Order:1886. Either Sony is working on a well-deserved sequel or they’re just telling us that they’re listening to what the fans are saying and looking into it.

    • yeah i noticed’em too

      Into it <3

    • Not that they’d ever do this, but it would be cool if they included the first game with the sequel, if they made it. So that way the “short-ness” of it would be less of an issue.

      “If you missed the 1st one, don’t worry…We have you covered.”

      Or they could do some sort of recap. The game itself was a very quality one, it just ended at a weird point and was definitely too short. Certainly gave me the Force Unleashed 2 vibes.

    • This series of ads has had this same steampunk aesthetic to it since they started running them. It’s just the theme of the ad, not an Easter egg

      And that gun you’re talking about doesn’t look at all like the one from The Order. Go look up a picture of the arc gun.

      Sorry, you’re imagining things.

    • The Order sequel should be a Castlevania-style side-scroller … made with the visual quality of the original (as much as you can do with a side-scroller). That would be dope, in my opinion.

  • Great ad but I would change the blog post title seeing as some of the games featured in the video (such as God of War) aren’t coming out this year.

  • Sony please announce a new handheld in 2017 so I can stop supporting the Switch so much.

    • Sony’s not announcing a new handheld anytime soon. Possibly ever. They’d much rather chase the far less lucrative VR fad.

    • Awww. Who’s mom and dad wouldn’t buy them one?

    • There it is folks, the canned response of everyone who hopes and prays every single day that their overpriced little headset doesn’t lose support, as if it really had any as is.

  • Suggestion for the PS Store

    1. Allow me to filter, sort, and/or search my download and purchase list. I have 3079 items on 129 pages, so finding a previously purchased game that is no longer on the PS Store is hard.
    2. Increase the PS3 activation to 3 consoles instead of 2.
    3. Allow plug and play for external HDD on PS3 or at least remove the 10% HDD reserve for future OS update.
    4. Bring PS2 games to PSV.
    5. Support Ultraviolet and Disney Movies Anywhere.
    6. Gift bday discounts.
    7. Fix PayPal because I keep getting an error.
    8. Fix 2SV with the PS3 and PSV so I don’t have to disable it when I am doing a transfer between them.
    9. Allow me to add an additional email to my PSN.
    10. Bring Dragon Quest and other games that are only in the Japan PS Store to the US PS Store.

    P.s. when is PlayStation 4 software 5.0 coming out?

    • Amen to all of that!

    • PS4 5.0 software is in beta atm. It changes the layout somewhat, while adding some features.
      As for #1 in your list, xbox has done this with their xbox 360 purchase history, but I’m not sure xbox one has a similar list.

      For the rest, why are you going on about vita & ps3, yet you ask about a ps4 update?

  • The PS Store elevator button is placed in the 21st position and the 18 is missing.

  • I was actually expecting the closing sketch from the TGS conference!

  • While the actual store could use some work I love theses commercials.

  • Connor McGreggor

  • I wish they would bring back the store before the one we currently have. It was easily the best, fastest and most organized of them all. I don’t know what they were thinking with the most recent one, it’s slow, clunky and really hard to find games quickly because of the garbage search engine.

  • Yeah hopefully at psx you guys reveal cross play and stop being so arrogant, love you guys but come on already, it was already accidentally put into fortnite

  • Would really love to see the Themes and Avatars portion of the store updated and more logically sortable. Every week I see a myriad of new themes/avatars added, many of which, with no screenshots or videos. Are these things selling, because they’re almost impossible to sort through. Would love to sort by “game”, or “category (environments, horror, etc.)”, etc.

    PS: I like the ad too.

  • Where is 2B!!?

  • Might want to change the YT title on this one. When I saw it I thought Descent, the 1995-96 classic was being released on the PSN.


  • Might want to change the YT title on this one. When I saw it I thought Descent, the 1995-96 classic was being released on the PSN.

  • Proper. Backwards. Compatibility. That is indeed related to the store since we should be able to play our PlayStation One and 2 classic games on the PS4. The games we already bought, thank you.

  • I want Kevin Butler to come back. O captain my captain!

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