PS Plus: Free Games for September

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PS Plus: Free Games for September

inFamous Second Son & Strike Vector EX headline next month's lineup, along with a special bonus for PS VR owners.

Greetings PlayStation Nation and welcome to another PlayStation Plus update, this time for September 2017. This month is all about action, featuring inFamous: Second Son and Strike Vector Ex.

inFamous: Second Son is a fresh, open-world action-adventure story in the popular inFamous series. Set years after the initial installments, you’ll play as Delsin Rowe who unexpectedly discovers his own superhuman powers and must choose how to use them in a world where superhumans are now feared.

Next up is Strike Vector Ex, a competitive first-person aerial combat game. Choose a ship and get your blood pumping in one of the many game modes. Strike Vector EX is designed with new console-based controls and upgraded with new features and modes for PS4.

Update: An earlier version of this post featured an incorrect version of the September lineup. We have updated the list below with the final lineup for September.

Full Lineup

  • inFamous: Second Son, PS4
  • Strike Vector Ex, PS4
  • Truck Racer, PS3
  • Handball 2016, PS3
  • We Are Doomed, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)
  • Hatoful Boyfriend, PS Vita (Cross buy with PS4)

Monster Jam Battlegrounds, PS3
Hustle Kings, PS3
Hue, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4)
Sky Force Anniversary, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4 & PS3)

Here’s a bonus for PlayStation VR owners: PS Plus members in the US and Canada will also get RIGS Mechanized Combat League as a free bonus game from September 5 through November 7. RIGS is a first-person arena-based shooter developed from the ground up for PS VR. Set in the year 2065, it immerses players in an intense, all-action future sport that mixes elements from different athletic fields like combat sports, motorsports, basketball and football.

For those of you who don’t have PlayStation VR yet, we just announced a new PS VR bundle that includes PlayStation Camera for $399 USD (MSRP) / $499 CAD (MSRP). Also, the existing PlayStation VR Worlds bundle (PS VR headset, PS Camera, two PlayStation Move motion controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds) is getting a lower price of $449 USD (MSRP) / $579 CAD (MSRP). With more than 100 games available, it’s never been a better time own PS VR.

Also this month, PlayStation Plus members will be able to play Dead by Daylight from September 15 through 18 for free. Afterwards, members can save 30% on the game with an exclusive discount until September 22.

In the free-to-play realm, starting September 19 members can grab a Neverwinter Plus pack in celebration of their newest update: Tomb of Annihilation. The pack includes VIP time, a panther companion, and more. The Neverwinter Plus pack is available until October 16.

As a reminder, That’s You! is available as a free download (as is the Companion App, which you’ll need to download to your device to play) for all PlayStation Plus members through October 23, so if you haven’t checked out the game yet, now is your chance.

And there you have it! See you next month.

*PlayStation 4 system, PlayStation VR, and PlayStation Camera are required to experience VR functionality.

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  • Already have almost all of the games as usual but theres a lot of fantastic things going on this upcoming month. Nice job team.

    • Thanks! We are pretty excited over here. Sorry for the repeats. Check in next month, we have some more great stuff coming.

    • Yes! PS plus’ first free PSVR game. Thanks PlayStation! Keep the PSVR games coming

    • Hi thanks for the notice of this awesome games that you are giving for free on the ps plus, the thing is that VECTOREX was already free for latin americans and i wanted to ask you, if you can put a cool game for free. Can i leave some options???

    • When can i dl sept. free ps+ content ?

    • Im in one of those have the main game like usual group. There are two ways to feel about it. One is be angry and cuss at the powers of Playstation for their choice since it doesn’t directly benefit myself, or concede that they are choosing games I am interested in playing, and I beat them to the punch. Being angry that they choose games you already have is like being angry your mom made your favorite food not realizing you just ate it at a friends house. I own second son because every told me to try it out. Would totally appreciate a wider free game catalog each month to battle the issue people like myself who support PSN store’s sales having plenty of titles in the bank, but I don’t see blaming PS over picking something if I own it. They are obviously trying to give me something Ill like. I just unfortunately own it.

    • Didn’t realize FREE meant $19.99 for inFamous SS. Any reason for this?

    • Why isn’t infamous free I don’t see it , it’s still grabage assassin’s Creed and just cause 3

    • To everyone asking why it’s not free yet, it’s because the games don’t release until the first Tuesday of the month. Chill out.

  • so they decided to take Child Of Light adding another bad online only game that will follow the same path as( Dead Star, Drawn To Death, Disc Jam. Hardware Rival ) great job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Child of Light is part of the European lineup not the North American one. Don’t believe rumors and speculation. Only ever official sources. Also, North America PlayStation Plus already got Child of Light for free while back

    • Hardware Rivals was super fun, and Disc Jam is great! They’re both still popular. Child of Light is just a typical RPG with a watercolour coat to make it appealing. This PS Plus lineup the day great!

    • @jgrizzle, North America PS+ never got Child of Light for free. For a steep discount, maybe. But never free. You might be confusing it for a different game.

    • he probably had confused with first light the dlc of infamous ss and a prefer that rpg than the vector

    • I actually think he had confused with XBox Live Gold free Child Of Light back in march 2015.

    • @erestorpat

      Actually it was April 2015 that XB1 got Child of Light, and no one’s confusing it for that. It just seems like a game that would have been given for free with PLUS by now. Ubisoft tends to offer their games onto the service periodically, especially their 2D platformers and such games.

    • This sucks! I was waiting for Child of Light too. I hope they include next month.

  • VR Titles?!?!?!


    • …so is RIGS ours to keep, and it’s available to bank for 2 months? Or do we only get to play the game for 2 months?

    • That’s what I was thinkin… Even better that it’s a bonus game so it’s not taking away from the usual combo

    • It is similar to all other PS Plus titles, except it’s available for two months rather then one. Once you have the game, you keep it for as long as you have your membership. Enjoy :)

  • Some good stuff on there even if so own most of it lol… RIGS is a very welcome surprise though.. Been on the fence about picking it up

  • good line up, though i pretty much finished Infamous as my first Infamous game i have completed (Infamous 2 is in my pile of shame), though to clarify, Will the VR Title be everywhere including UK and AU? or is its US and CA exclusive? which makes no sense.

  • Wow…. One of the worst lineups in a while. Most ps owners definitely have infamous.

    • Nope.

      Statistically its less than 4 millions (extrapolatde on physical sale of 2.8 millions)… On more than 60 million owners… it’s almost nobody…

    • Well, I’m excited for Second Son because I do not have it. I’m the unusual behind-the-times gamer, so it works out well for me.

    • Yea I’m not thrilled with the PS3 and Vita options. I don’t have a PS4, so I wouldn’t have Second Son.

    • The funny thing (to me) is that I only picked up Infamous: Second Son last month. I was always on the fence but saw it for $20 at a local retailer. Dangit. Good lineup, though. I don’t see why you’d consider this one of the “worst”.

    • I have it. I like games like day of the tentacles or life is strange as those are games I would not normally buy but am flad they are free.

    • blackiemist88
      those statistics dont mean much
      you take the 4 million copies which almost all would be physical because its a launch title
      now maybe 5% of the people who bought those 4 million still own it today the rest sold it off to someone else
      so its by far more than 4 million people who have played second son

  • …so is RIGS ours to keep, and it’s available to bank for 2 months? Or do we only get to play the game for 2 months?

  • Yes! VR!

  • Is RIGS ours to keep or just free for those 2 day’s? And for anyone asking Second Son is great game. Had it since day one. And the Pro update just made it better.

  • “Here’s a bonus for PlayStation VR owners: PS Plus members in the US and Canada will also get RIGS Mechanized Combat League as a free bonus game from September 5 through November 7.”

    This may be a little confusing. Does this mean we can only play it from September 5 through November 7? Or is it a 7th PS PLUS game that is up for two months instead of one month, and as long as we download it in that two month period we can still play it after November 7 like every other PS Plus game? It gets confusing because sometime people write something is free (implying free to own) when it is really just free to use during the time period, like a free to play weekend.

    • It’s not really that confusing. Free Bonus Game has been used before.

      If you scroll down to where it mentions Dead by Daylight, it says play from Sep 15-18. For RIGS it says get RIGS as a free Bonus game. Kind of like it did with That’s You. Not sure what’s so confusing about that.

    • @drd7of14, many in the comments are asking this very question. While you may not find it confusing, I think it’s safe to assume the messaging about RIGS was poorly worded.

    • @BIFF-A-LIFF

      I noticed the confusion in the comments, I just didn’t notice any confusion in the post. Again, it was quite clear. People just need to be better at reading.

      They say the same thing about “That’s You”, yet no one questioned that.

      Correlation does not imply causation in this regard. If one ignores the more common cause, that more than one person misread the post, and from there formed a group mentality fueled by the comments section itself.

      There is nothing confusing or weird here, “Bonus” titles have been given out several times in the past, and have never been removed from Plus subscriptions, with exception to trial periods or Betas, which are not mentioned up above. It was clear, it just didn’t go into extreme detail (nor should it need to).

  • We’ll get Strike Vector EX next month, which Latin America got last month instead of Just Cause 3. Conversely, LA will get the Just Cause 3 we got last month.

    To be honest, I wanted the Child Of Light and Hatoful Boyfriend offered in Europe… But all in all, a solid month nonetheless.

  • It’s a good month, I just happen to be ahead of the PLUS lineup for the most part.

    The only three titles I don’t have are Hue, Monster Jam Battlegrounds, and Sky Force Anniversary.

    I would have loved if Hustle Kings was the PS4/VR version, that’d been sweet. I feel like I got gypped with buying Hustle Kings when it came out, then it went Free to Play, and I lost a lot of the functionality I paid for, and was locked out of the VR version, instead being placed on the DLC onlylist. Kind of stinks really…

    Anyways, rant done.

    I do love that they are giving away RIGS as a bonus VR title, cause now I’ll have more people to play with…It stinks what happened to Guerrilla Cambridge. RIP KZ: Mercenary!

    • Too add, Infamous: SS is a solid game. I personally prefer the first 2 games, and Festival of Blood, but it’s still an incredible looking game and has a decent, if not as epic, plot.

      I also wish we got Child of Light like EUROPE did instead of Strike Vector EX…It feels like a real low blow, especially since Strike Vector EX was already free for a short while.

    • Sony messed up. They had different offerings for LA and NA regions, but some LA gamers were able to get JC3 and some NA gamers were able to get SVEX before they plugged the whole. My guess is that they wanted to do right to both regions and allow every Plus subscriber to get them all.

  • Even though I had Infamous when it first came out it’s still a great game. Rigs is a great addition for us vr supporters.

  • I already played Second Son but is such a great game! Nice addition to the game collection! (also got the Platinum)

  • Another spectacular month! Second Son was my first PS4 game and it will be nice to have it digital. Hope I kept my game save.

    Strike Vector looks great. I haven’t played a good aerial combat game in years.

  • Great lineup even though I already got Strike Vector EX for free last month due to that mistake. Infamous Second Son is a great game but I would have rather had the Europe Vita lineup.

  • an ok line up but i got a BIG problem….


    I don’t own PSVR and nor do i want PSVR i rather have Hatoful Boyfriend for free then have Rigs for free. because it’s gonna sit there as a paperweight. I rather games i can play and not need a $600+ Device just to play it.

    I feel like i am getting screwed here while others are saying this is a welcoming edition.

    if were gonna get more PSVR titles in the future … well.. all i will say is this. I hope Sony offers different package PS+ Options 1 for online 1 for the free games and lastly the package we have now for the price we have . cause if PSVita or PS3 is gonna drop 1 slot or all slots for PSVR titles then PS+ is only gonna be somewhat worth my money.

    this is a bad month…. sorry but it is what it is.

    • It offered as a Bonus game. Not a PS+ offering. As long as it is like that. No problem.

    • the sense of entitlement is strong with this one.

    • You do realize you’re not the only or most important person in the world right? I don’t give a crap about Hatoful Boyfriend. I’d rather have a PSVR game. Sony will and should support all their customers, not just you.

    • So Sony is screwing you because they are giving out a bonus? And because of that it’s a bad month? So if Sony doesn’t give out the bonus it would be a good month? They didn’t force you to buy a PSVR just because they are giving away an additional game aside from the usual PS+ lineup.

    • wow you are sad gamer , you do get ps plus is for all Sony platforms . but worse you have the nerve to act like PSVR game is wrong when its same as vita or ps3 games its a Sony system and if anything the ps3 games should be stopped not there newest system out VR.

      but wow i cant fathom how shallow of a human being you must be to act like them supporting there fan base is bad just because you dont have it gamers like you are truly disgusting acting like you are so important that everything must be what you want . you know i see ps3 games as a waste or even vita and i own them all but i am not going to act spoiled like you a man child with no education to figure out what psn is does for its members because you have no clue. First if i was sony i would take away free games then what becuase you do get you are not entitled to anything at all if they dont want to give you so try having a bit of respect for company giving you games instead of being buthurt child because ther are games for a system you cant afford so you get mad and the games you want are garbage anyway and have been on sale monthly if you used your brain and checked .

  • inFamous: Second Son: Best title of the Month.

    Strike Vector Ex: Very expected move since last month mistake.

    Monster Jam Battlegrounds: Suprise, held off getting this. Easy Platinum. Can’t wait to play it.

    Hustle Kings: Would trade this for Truck Racer that EU got.

    Hue, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4): Nice, another Curve game in the collection. (Stikbold next please)

    Sky Force Anniversary, PS Vita (Cross Buy with PS4 & PS3): Heard this one is good.

    Rigs Mechanic: Thanks for the bonus. Hopefully more bonus VR games. To make it incentive to pick up a new device over time.

    Wish we got Child of LIght and Hatoful Boyfriend like EU.


    PS3, please Deep Black and Spare Parts. Even CSGO.

    PSV: Resistance Burning Skies.

    • I’d trade the entire line up we got for Child of Light. At least then I’d have something I’d consider playing.

    • Hey hope this gets to you but the list has been updated and you get you truck racer! Monster jam battlegrounds is no longer on there list neither is hue nor sky force anniversary and hustle Kings. Truck Racer, Handball 2016, We Are Doomed, Hatoful Boyfriend have replaced them

  • Here are games I would like in the future


    As for these games there are OK still hoping soon ps3 would be dropped to get more quality ps4 games the ps3 is almost 12 years now and I don’t think much people are still playing it.

    Second son is good but I already have it.

  • Nice line up looking forward to Strike Vector-EX! Already own the stellar Second Son. Thanks Sony!

  • Where is my child of light? Why this difference between European and American PS +?
    Trash, vector striker is a real trash

  • not a bad line up at all… infamous alone is worth it… but I already have that one… maybe this time around I’ll make time to actually finish the game

  • Nice to see a vr game. Will there be more?

    • If they do the games will most likely be online multiplayer Vr games. I’m not complaining though. I’m extremely happy with rigs and second son. I always use the VR theater mode for all my non-VR games and it’s like owning a private movie theater screen. Can’t wait to play second son on it!

  • Im glad I waited this long for Infamous, considering what happened to I1 and I2 (and LBP lol) I was almost completely sure they were going to give this one.

    Anyway, two good months in a row.. im scared :o! j/k

  • For some reason EU has the superior lineup. Getting tired of these region exclusive PS+ games :/

  • Great Line up! Infamous is great franchise. loved second son. I am happy that more people get to play it and keep it up with good line ups!

  • The EU list is sooooooooo much better. Why did you feel the need to give different games again? You saw how that turned out with Just Cause 3 for LATAM…

  • I love the vehicular feel I’m sensing. No matter the platform, PlayStation Plus subscribers get 1 driving or flight-based title.

  • great month. But i wish there was something for people who already own the MAJOR free games….like me….who owns all these…except monster jam. WHOOO MONSTER JAM!

  • I think this is a great lineup. I already have Infamous: Second Son but I’m still happy other people will be able to experience it. Even with it being on of the PS4 launch titles it still holds up.

    Never heard of Strike Vector Ex tbh. Looking at some game play videos the graphics look good but I got a feeling it’s gonna make me air sick. I can handle most traditional flight sims but once you enter 360 space its goodbye lunch.

  • It’s really awesome to have a VR title in the lineup. In my opinion it’s high time that SONY dropped PS3 IGC support and brought in VR instead.

  • Most of the comments here are basically “Great Line up, I already have Second Son but I am glad that others will experience it”
    Wow it is such a nice thing to see so many nice people in the comments section. There is hope for us yet

  • Whoa, huge month for PS+, the start of PSVR games being offered, and other free previews? I like where this is going! :-D

  • Where is the Child Of Light? now in latin america give better games then here?

    • keep dreaming there games are horrible , o wait your child that cant grasp people have opinions and most people as it shows here think your delusional as this line up is amazing. how about you stop gaming if you want a game like that and you cant buy it because $10 is so much for you to buy a game your crying about not getting here then go find a cheaper hobby . i can tell your type of gamer the guy who has 3 games a year if that its sad i have normal job but i am educated in how i use money so my bills get paid i own every system out there and a killer Rig and on ps4 i own over 380 games digitaly and more on disk on steam over 4000 and xbox one 180 but im not going to cry about not getting a game because its simple go get a job and buy it or go get educated on spending then buy it

  • Eu não costumo comentar, mas este merece, misericórdia!!! Top demais, nas três plataformas. Eu que tenho os três consoles, estou querendo jogar todos de todas. Já tive este inFamous, mas gostei demais, estava querendo jogar de novo, pensando em pedir emprestado, ou comprar de novo kkkkkk. Então PARABÉNS Sony, quando merecem, deve ser elogiado. E aos chorões de plantão, parem de reclamar e comece a dar mais valor hahahahaha.

  • Thanks for the bonus VR game. Very happy with that. I’m sure I’ll enjoy the other titles as well. I don’t own a single one.

  • So glad I let my PS plus SUB run up. This console just is not worth it at all. The people still defending this shady dealer need to wake up.. get a PC and save money. Yes you will save money with a PC over a console, you get way more for your money.. only have to pay for internet to use it. games are cheaper always on PC and look/run better. I honestly have no idea why people think a gaming PC is such a bad idea over a console that plays games like ****. guaranteed these console players have spent well over 800$ in a years time.. that could build you a PC that will trump this Joke of a console.. this Plus lineup is laughable at best. wanna know whay they put RIGS up for free? because PSVR is a joke and no one is buying into it so they make the ONLY VR that looks any good that Playstation has and gives it for free hoping to sucker people into getting inferior VR system over something like an HTC vive. I used to be so loyal to SONY.. i have every console.. A stack of games to large to count.. then I realized how much money I wasted on an inferior gaming platform. My PC is cheap and bad with a GFX card from 2012!!! and it runs every game better than a PS4… 2012.. Let that sink in.. seriously..

  • The main game this month is the one I already own (again), niiiice -.-

  • Great line up. Could someone clear something up for me though? Is Rigs actually a part of the PS plus line up? As in, if I download it before Nov 7th, and I still have PS Plus, I get to keep it? Or does it just mean that Rigs is free to play for PS Plus users from Sept 5th-Nov 7th?

    • James from PlayStation answered this up above but yes it is free just like all other Plus games. It just means It’s free for two months instead of 1 month like most Plus titles.

  • Yay, patience paid off…was holding out on Infamous in hope it’d drop on here :-)

  • More great titles yet again! Never played Infamous Second Son and is one of the defining exclusives so I’m pretty stoked to get into it finally. Even though I’m excited this month I’m even more excited to see next months lineup.

  • im glad i waited so many years to buy infamous, now i can actually play it

  • How about having a poll next time?

  • Extremely let down that we aren’t getting Child of Light. There are only so many mediocre online-only games you can release in one year for free and expect to flourish..

  • I wish that they would stop saying that the games are free. There is nothing free about them when you are paying $60 a year. And I have yet to see anything good lately. A few years back they put out good games for the ps3 and vita. Not anything good since. And as for the ps4, it has been dismal.

    • exactly. you’re paying a $60/a rental fee for these games.

    • Ha always funny when someone says something like that.Yeah $60 a year…in a single month they already give your $60 worth of games so yeah 11 months of games that your $60 didn’t pay for…guess that can be called free.

  • Aw, come on! It’s the THIRD month in a row that you give away games I already own! Is there anything I can do?

    • It’s like that sometimes. I buy a lot of games so I get games I have already all the time. Just have to hope next month is something you don’t have.

    • Yeah, I know but, a LOT of people already have the inFamous and Until Dawn, they’re ps favourites (or whatever they call these games). Just Cause 3, I get it. They shouldn’t give away games that are SO popular…

    • Ha always funny when someone says something like that.Yeah $60 a year…in a single month they already give your $60 worth of games so yeah 11 months of games that your $60 didn’t pay for…guess that can be called free.

    • Comment was meant for the guy above lol,ma bad.

  • James from PlayStation answered this up above but yes it is free just like all other Plus games. It just means It’s free for two months instead of 1 month like most Plus titles.

  • Awsome that VR titles are being added to plus. Keep up great work!

  • Noooo I was looking forward to Sky Force Anniversary for PS4! How do you not know which games are which?

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