PS4’s System Software 5.00 Beta Rolls Out Today, Key Features Detailed

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PS4’s System Software 5.00 Beta Rolls Out Today, Key Features Detailed

An overhauled family management system, 1080p60 broadcasting with PS4 Pro, and various other enhancements headline the new update.

The beta for the PlayStation 4 system’s next major system software update 5.00 (codenamed NOBUNAGA) rolls out today for those of you that were selected for the beta program. If you signed up and were chosen, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to download and get started.

Whether you’re in the beta program or not, we wanted to give a first look at the features included in this update. We’re introducing family on PSN, making it easier to manage your friends, and adding a variety of new features for Broadcast, Notifications, Messages, and much more.

Family on PSN

We’re overhauling the current master/sub-account system, and introducing the new “Family on PlayStation Network.” This new system will offer a more flexible experience for families on PS4 by making it easier to setup PSN accounts for children and customize parental control settings. Below are the new features that will be introduced with family on PSN:

Family Manager, Parent/Guardian

Family on PSN will allow multiple adults to be part of a single family. The Family Manager can promote another adult inside the family to a Parent/Guardian, who can then customize parental control levels of children’s accounts.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Individualized Parental Controls

Before this update, the same parental controls were applied to all users on the same console, including adults. But with 5.00, all controls (including game age ratings) can be individually attuned for each child.

Friend List Management

In place of the current ‘Favorite Groups’ tab, we’re adding a new ‘Custom Lists’ tab within Friends, which allows you to create and edit custom lists of your friends. This makes it easier for you to manage your friends and access specific groups. For example, you can create a custom list of your Destiny teammates and easily send them raid invites.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Broadcast feature updates


If you own a community, you can now bind your community to your broadcast. When a broadcast is linked to a community, the community button appears on the Live from PlayStation spectator screen. Once a spectator clicks on the community button, they’ll be able to jump directly to your community page to check out the details.

PlayStation VR

We’ve added a new setting in PlayStation VR: Display Message to Spectators and Spectators’ Comments. Once this is enabled, spectator comments sent during a broadcast is displayed not only in cinematic mode, but also in VR mode. This makes it much easier for VR broadcasters to keep up on comments and communicate with their viewers.

PlayStation 4 Pro

Good news Twitch users: with this update, PS4 Pro will support 1080p 60fps streaming on Twitch.

Messages Improvements

You’ve already been able to share your favorite music to Twitter and Facebook via PlayStation Music, but now you’ll also be able to share via messages using your PS4. If your friends are on PS4, they can listen to the track right inside the message by booting up Quick Menu, and if they’re on their mobile device, they can jump directly to the Spotify app from the PS Messages app to check out the song.

In addition, if you’re part of multiple message groups, you can now easily leave several groups at once. Just open up Options in the message list, select Leave, and choose the message groups you want to leave.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Notifications Updates

We’ve added a new setting that allows you to disable pop-up notifications while you’re watching a movie or TV show on your PS4. This setting is off by default, so go to Settings > Notifications to disable notifications and go uninterrupted during your videos.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Furthermore, you now have the option to turn off message previews on your pop-up notifications. If you turn this setting off, the pop-up notification will hide the message senders’ online ID and will display a generic user icon and message instead.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Lastly, you’ll have the option to change the color of your pop-up notifications to either white (default) or black.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Quick Menu Updates

If you want to keep an eye out on what’s happening under Notifications, like the progress of your game downloads/installations or new party invites, you can now access this directly from the Quick Menu so you don’t have to step away from your game every time you want to check your notifications.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

Also, we’ve added a ‘Leave Party’ option in the Quick Menu, so you can easily exit a party and go right back to playing your game.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

In addition, now you’ll see the system clock in the upper-right corner of the screen when you pop open the Quick Menu.

Virtual Surround Sound on PS VR

PlayStation VR now supports 5.1ch and 7.1ch virtual surround sound on your headphones when watching Blu-rays and DVDs in Cinematic Mode, making for an even more immersive viewing experience

Improved Tournaments Bracket Viewer

We have a new bracket viewer that shows full tournament brackets for Single Elimination and Double Elimination tournaments on PS4. This makes it easier for you to see the current tournament standings.

PS4 System Software Update 5.00

New System Language Additions

With this update, we’re adding the following system language options on PS4: Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Romanian, Thai and Vietnamese.

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  • I’m happy with this update to be honest; I know it doesn’t hit a lot of things the people have been asking for: PSN ID changes, backwards compatibility, but it does improve the experience. I do wish they would fix the internet issue with the PS4. I have a 300MBps connection, but it still takes forever to download games, which is very frustrating given that I buy all my games digitally. I don’t know if there is a software fix, but that would be my most requested feature. Regardless, keep up the great work Sony

    • Hey you might want to try changing your DNS settings? I changed mine about 2 years ago and my downloads have been a LOT faster. You can find various DNS addresses on google so depending on what part of the country you reside in, finding the fastest one is up to you.

  • Gotta say i dig the fact that you can put a log in code now. The whole twitch streaming stuff, or just broadcasting/streaming in general doesn’t interest me at all. BUT there is a HUGE market for it and some of those guys/gals get PAID! So I’m sure HD broadcasting/streaming is great for them.

  • what about persian ???????
    we want that language :(

  • Adding to the hundreds (probably thousands) of people who want ps1 classics too……… PS1 CLASSICS PLEASE!

    only thing I really would like, so give everyone else what they want too x)

  • I mean, they’ve managed ps2 emulation with trophy support, why is ps1 so difficult to to?

  • The Family manager feature is definitely an upgrade

  • Looking forward to this

  • Hi PlayStation! Could you add “Invert Camera” in “Accessibility” “Custom Buttons”? Some games don’t have the ability to make the camera normal or invert them and that addition to such a great feature would make every game modern or retro!

  • So, when can i mass delete friends? I’d take that over colour changes..

  • still no sign of my id change option or playstion classics…

  • sony please please add persian language

  • pls add persian language

  • Hey psn I’m in the beta didn’t know where to put the issues but wirh the messages if you try to delete messages by groups it doesn’t let you.

  • Playstation in Iran has a lot of support
    Increase your sales by adding Farsi language and opening an Iranian account
    Please add Persian to update 5
    Please add Persian language

  • My only real complaint about PlayStation is that for my wife to play online with me in split screen ( happens maybe 5-6 times a year) she has to also have PlayStation plus. I’m not going to pay for another subscription for 6 times use.

    • I would even be happy with a family plan or something where 2 or more accounts that both use the same PlayStation as there primary PlayStation can pay a slightly higher fee but get to both have online capabilities

  • Sony please add language persian

  • I like most of the features implemented in the 5.00 beta, but right now my headset is completely incompatible with it. I have to revert to the previous system software version to hear any audio or use party chat. Hope this gets cleared up before the public release, I’m guessing I’m not the only one having this problem :)

    • The same thing has happened with my headset. (Steelseries H Wireless). I figured out if I unplug the USB cable from the PS4 that powers my headset reciever the audio comes back but it also sends audio to my surround sound system via optical. I know that isn’t the issue but that is how I have this wired in. As soon as I turn my headset on the audio transfers to the headset and normal operations resume. On the latest Beta and the first Beta 5.0. This process is broken and I hear nothing from anywhere untill I pull the USB cable out.

  • Yeah if we could DELETE BETAS FROM PURCHASES, and BRING BACK THE ABILITY TO WIPE ALL YOUR NOTIFICATIONS that’d be great. I have no idea why they took this away but I have notifications clogging up that feed from 3 months ago. Like 100 notifications that are irrelevant.

  • How about adding icons for PS4 PRO enhanced games?, I shouldn’t have to check digital foundry to see if a game is PS4 pro enhanced. This shouldn’t take too much effort as it’s just an icon.

  • Wow everything I just read tells me that psn is giving misdeed and hackers everything to do what they want to do to clean players and we have to pay for these free stuff psn is letting them to steal and hack are accounts wow

  • I wish psn would give me a job to main tain a game lobby to MOD and do whatever I want to do to players like they do and Band player’s for reporting me like they do to others now you give them more to hack us more

  • Please for the love of God and the Sony community, LET ME CHANGE MY PSN ID! I’ve been waiting for so long. I know server wise it might be hard but Microsoft can do it and we are better than them so let’s gooooo!

  • Well yet again another update that is useless. Not to mention stupid AF! Smh…

  • So did the Beta officially end today? Went home during my lunch break and when I powered up my PS4 from rest mode I was back on 4.74

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