First-person Superhero Sim Megaton Rainfall Flies to PS4 & PS VR September 26

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First-person Superhero Sim Megaton Rainfall Flies to PS4 & PS VR September 26

Wield your superhuman powers responsibly — every missed shot can have catastrophic consequences.

Hey everyone, this is Alfonso del Cerro, developer of Pentadimensional Games. I’m super excited to announce, with new trailer and all, that Megaton Rainfall will be released on September 26th!

What? You don’t know what Megaton Rainfall is? Well:

Megaton: Explosive force equal to 4184 petajoules.
Rainfall: Precipitation in the form of raindrops.

…oh, you just want to know what is the game about?

Megaton Rainfall fills the market gap of “games that let you control an indestructible superbeing who can fly at supersonic speeds across the Earth facing a global alien invasion and preventing the destruction of one city after another.”

Yes, at the beginning of the game you can only roam the Earth, from the bottom of the ocean to the stratosphere, looking for threats.

Later, this freedom of movement will increase, letting you fly to the Moon or walk across the surface of the Sun — not quite a standard in the FPS genre.

This sense of freedom has been one of our major goals during production, as well as the sense of scale of the landscapes, which really shine in VR mode. Yes, you can optionally play the full experience in PlayStation VR. With it, flying around an alien mothership several kilometers in size conveys a remarkable sense of scale and danger.

These giant motherships, however, may not be as dangerous as the smaller enemy vessels. Imagine chasing a small, quick enemy ship between skyscrapers, painfully aware that every time you miss your target means a few more human casualties. In contrast to other games, bigger doesn’t mean more difficult.

It can be even worse if you can’t see your enemy at all. Like when a group of coordinated morphers take the form of buildings, and suddenly you can’t distinguish them any more. Is your visual memory good? It can save lives!

As you can see, in Megaton Rainfall the biggest menace for the humans is often yourself. Each new superpower you gain has a dark side you must avoid. Your basic shot destroys entire buildings every time you miss your target. Your telekinesis can prevent enemy grenades from damaging the humans, but it can also send vehicles careening down the street. The gigaton blast can destroy an enemy mothership… or the entire city. And you don’t want to do the aliens’ job.

That’s why you have to use your abilities carefully! If you don’t, your position on the leaderboards (based on time and human casualties (less is better)) will suffer.

Developing a game this complex has been the toughest task I have ever undertaken, and I’ve always wanted the finest quality possible. That’s why we have delayed the launch several times and the team (that was only me in my free time back in 2012) has grown quite a bit. Four artists created the enemy ships and city landmarks. Also, the music has been redone by the talented David Garcia (Rime, Hellblade) and it’s now embarrassingly better than before (if in doubt, just compare the new and old trailers).

On top of that, PS4 Pro owners can look forward to enjoying the enormous landscapes in full 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160. And no matter the way you play (2D, VR, Pro, Pro+VR) the frame rate targets a silky smooth 60 FPS.

I think those are enough announcements for now. Thanks for reading about our project — we are looking forward to all of you playing the game.

See you around Earth… and beyond!

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