PS Plus: Free Games for July 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for July 2017

Winter is coming, and your choices mean the difference between life and death in Until Dawn and Game of Thrones.

Greetings, PlayStation Nation — and happy start to your summer! We have a bunch of great gaming stuff to talk about, so let’s get started.

First off, the free PlayStation Plus games for July are Until Dawn and Game of Thrones.

Until Dawn is a PlayStation exclusive survival horror adventure where eight friends are trapped together on a remote mountain retreat, and they aren’t alone. You can play as each of the eight characters and experience fear like never before, where every decision you make could mean the difference between life and death!

Next up, we have Telltale’s Game of Thrones series. You’ll get all six episodes, which follows the family of House Forrester as they survive (Or don’t?) the War of the Five Kings. Winter is Coming, and this is a great way to beat the summer heat.

Full Lineup

  • Until Dawn, PS4
  • Game of Thrones, PS4
  • Tokyo Jungle, PS3
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection, PS3
  • Element4l, PS Vita
  • Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)

Additionally, from July 4 through October 24 all PlayStation Plus members can get That’s You in celebration of PlayLink’s launch . That’s You sets you off on a journey of discovery with up to five of your friends and family, where you can find out what you really think about each other.

Joining the fun is easy: all you need is your smartphone or tablet and the free companion app. Snap a selfie and enjoy tons of funny questions, texting games, and drawing challenges.

Finally, Orcs Must Die Unchained is launching on July 18. As a PlayStation Plus member, not only will you get access to the game, but you’ll get an exclusive Orcs Must Die Unchained Plus Pack as part of your membership. The $20 pack is only available until August 15, so get it while you can.

Enjoy, and see you next month!

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  • Holy hell, Until Dawn. Fantastic, great game and lots of fun.

    • ikr cant wait

    • Yeah Japan’s line up is way better. These games look like trash.

    • I guess I’m gonna cancel my ps plus cause there hasn’t been a good game since2016 and there’s usually only 2 or three good psplus games a year so not worth 50 dollars for 30 crappy indie games

    • Sony, this is by far the best month. Absolutely great offering. For anyone who has not played Until Dawn, it is a great game.

    • people are complaining. you do realize you’re paying 50-60 dollars a month to play online. the free games are just a bonus. stop crying

    • Yep.. so happy to see Until Dawn there. I was bummed out when I realized it wasn’t in the ‘mid year sale’, but this is so much better.

    • Dude_Largepants

      To anyone saying “you’re paying for online, the games are a bonus.”

      You do realize that people have been using PS Plus for years for just the games right?

    • XxDarkx-xSidrzxX

      Umm forget all that did you not read the botton orcs must die is coming

    • Where are the games????

    • I am not being ungrateful but it’s unfair.Asia getting better games like JUST CAUSE 3 and we are getting simple games.
      Either gives us better games or give all of the stores the same free games.

    • Exactly! Until Dawn is a ton of fun and got loads of replayablity. Too bad I already own it, but it gives me an excuse to replay it and get a different ending. Anyone that likes cheesy 80/90’s style horror flicks should play it.

    • I would like that Sony would let us choose between which games do we want each month. That would be a good change.

    • PlayStation needs to step it up or they are gonna flop to xbox. And I honestly enjoy both consoles

    • For game of thrones it’s only season 1. Or am I missing something?

    • People are complaining for a reason, you do realize you’re paying 50-60 dollars a year to play online, which is completely free to the PC community. Maintaining servers is not so expensive that every user needs to pay up 10 bucks a month. The only gaming related things that can justify such a price are MMO games since their servers handle thousands of players in-game. Not to mention PS4s voice chat and party joining features are mediocre at best. Though we only really have Microsoft to blame for this for proving charging your customers for online gameplay is totally ok. Remember the days of playing games like MAG on the PS3 and thinking “man am I glad I’m not on Xbox, they have to pay EXTRA for online gameplay.”

    • pantera143, look at what you just said, keywords;paying to play online.

    • SenorDerp911 paying $60 a year to play online comes out to $5 a month, not $10. How many other things do you spend $5 on in a month? That’s less than a fast food meal, less than a coffee shop coffee. It’s a fraction of an hour’s worth of pay (if you have a job). In fact it’s cheap. As for what it costs to run a server, businesses are in business to make profit, they aren’t charities. But if that $5 a month is too steep for you, you can choose not to pay it. No one is forcing you to subscribe. Most games work just fine without the PSN subscription.

  • Please stop with the adventure games on PS Plus for PS4. That’s essentially 5 in the last 3 months. Please vary the genres a bit more.

    • None of these are adventure games…

    • Well whatever term you want to use to describe interactive games that focus on the experience and minimize gameplay and challenge.

    • Superline51, the Game of Thrones game included in this list is an adventure game.

      That having been said, that still a pretty dumb complaint to make, all things considered.

    • Why is it dumb? I’d prefer more variety in the Plus lineup.

    • For one thing, there is more than one game every month.

      For another thing, there are other genres that get repeated far more often than adventure.

    • Not recently. Gameplay-lite, experience-focused games have been dominating the core PS4 PS Plus games for the last 3 months.

    • What the heck is wrong with wanting a variety in genres?
      Man, the antagonistic responses to any consumer feedback on these is nuts.

    • I was assuming it was the Telltale version of GoT.

    • We have killing floor 2 which is a whole lot more fun than it looks and isn’t an adventure game so how ‍♂️

    • God, what a spoiled child you are. Would you rather we go back to getting retro indie platformers again? This is a great lineup and if you can’t appreciate it, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    • And it is the Telltale game, not the PS3 Game of Thrones adventure game.

    • We just got Killing Floor this month.

    • I still do not see how wanting more Variety is a issue. Killing Floor 2 is awesome, already got it on PC however so it just sits in my library, was hoping Darkstalkers Ressurection would of had the Ps4 tag next to it, but I was gravely mistaken. all in all the Line up this month is not bad, but wouldnt mind seeing some more things outside of the Telltale series, I Already get enough of that on line ups here on the PSN and, Xbox Live. Not bad games by any means, but good for one playthrough then done.

    • I know we got Killing Floor 2. That’s the only game in the last 3 months out of the highlighted PS4 games that hasn’t been an adventure game. The other 5 all have been.

      And I like retro indie platformers. I don’t want all the games to be indie platformers, just like I don’t want all the game to be adventure games.

    • You know you can just go out and buy whatever game you want.
      You don’t have to except the FREE games that are put out each month

    • Agreed. Where are the RPG’s? I don’t have a problem with these type of lite-gameplay games but they HAVE been dominating the Plus lineup, Life is Strange and Tales of Borderlands as recent examples.

    • Tales from the Borderlands*

      Need an edit function here. Gravity Rush Remastered like Japan would’ve perfect to drum up interest in that series with GR2 out.

    • Never thought about that Ziggadala. What a novel concept, I’ll consider it!

    • Superline51, The Telltale games are basically adventure games. They don’t really have the puzzle solving elements like the more traditional ones, but that’s still basically what they are. Games like Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, etc. Until Dawn sorta of fits as that style of game, too. It just has more of an emphasis on choices.

    • I never really consider these as Adventure games. When I think of the adventure genre, I think Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Shadow of Mordor, or The Last of Us (mostly Survival, but still an adventure). Games like Until Dawn, Life is Strange, and Tell Tale games in general, I considered those as Storytellers. True, we do need a little more variety in the line up, but compared to what they have been giving out lately, these are excellent titles.

    • You’re getting a free game, stop complaining.

    • Sorry games every month.

    • This service isn’t free, don’t be a boot-licker.

    • You kids are never satisfied no matter what they do. We want free stuff when all we are doing i paying for server upkeep and online play. Ya! free games. Now Oh god so and so got so and so, oh my god it’s not the genre I want. Either stop looking for handouts or buy what you want.

    • At least they give us the full game. Not like when they gave us the ‘first episode” of Kings Quest, lol

    • These games are not ‘free’ any more than Netflix gives you ‘free’ movies. It is a paid service. Consumer feedback is normal.

    • Ha, got to love all of these people who rail against anyone who gives consumer feedback. Like all of this nonsense about how people will never be satisfied, or how they expect too much because it’s “free”. Yeah, sorry it’s a paid service which has had a noticeable decline in quality since the shift to PS4. They had to actually provide value to the service on PS3, because online play was free. But now since online play is tied to PS Plus, and that’s why most people get it, there’s no longer any real incentive to bring out a lot of AAA games.

    • +1 Ratburn, Tacad and jaratee. Some people just don’t have such basic logic skills.

    • BlueTheTrainer90

      Duh… I know it was only for games once how ever I play online quite a bit for both reasons.

    • jds07, they just are adventure games. They’ve been called that for literal decades. I didn’t name the genres, it’s just what it is. Games you mentioned, like Uncharted, are third person shooters and/or action games. Seen them referred to as action-adventure on occasion, but never just “adventure.” If you say “adventure game” most people that have spent any time playing games are going to immediately think of games that have been traditionally called adventure games. Old Lucasarts games, Sam and Max, current Telltale stuff, etc.

      And, for the record, I have no real problem with the July games other than I’ve already played Until Dawn and don’t really have a need to play it again. It’s a great game, though. I was just agreeing that the past couple months have had a good amount of adventure games.

    • If the free games do not come up as free for example untill dawn says it’s $29 add the game to your cart then proceed to checkout and it will come up free

  • Until Dawn! PS Plus has had some big titles lately!

    • Until Dawn is a fantastic game.

      Tell Tale GoTs is really good.

      Awesome monthbainnnnl

    • Last time I tallied it I think for 10 months we had like 7 or 8 retail games.

      Now are on like 12 months and 10 retail games or something.

      We have been having a lot more retail games than people give Sony credit for, but they need to drop PS3 support to be honest. Sony is like 20 million units of PS4 under PS3 users. I don’t wanna say they should drop Vita PS Plus as well but to be honest they’ve given away almost all the good cross-buy games and most of the good games on Vita.

      It’s getting to the point to where all people care about is the PS4 games and that the other 2 platforms are holding them back. plus they could still round out the last few cross-buy games on plus and give us the better ones they are holding out on, but… pretty much every good game has either been around $5, is a JRPG, or has been given away by plus.

    • Just a shame that in Japan u get Killzone shadowfall, gravity rush remastered and Child of light ;(

    • They probably still got a lot of people on those platforms. I myself get at least one of the PS3 or VITA a month.

    • What’s with people saying they should drop the PS3 and Vita offerings? A lot of us still have PS3s, and personally, I look forward to the Vita games every month at least as much as the PS4 ones. It’s not entirely fair to compare the offerings for different regions either; the licenses and permissions would be different due to the localizations, etc, so Sony might be able to arrange for one region’s version of a game but not another’s. I’d love to see Gravity Rush on PS4 offered here too, but you don’t see me ranting and raving about it…. No one is obligated to like every month’s games, but hey, they’re trying. There’ve been some good ones lately, including this month.

    • Until Dawn is awesome!! I already Have a Physical copy though. Never Played GOT but Will give it a look. The people complaining about Japan having better games , Just make a Japan Account!! My friend did it months back, Japan Actually gave away Until DAWN and a few others like 3 Months Ago I remember right..

      There a lot better than the games we have been getting! Killing floor 2? I played the Beta on Console like a month n half ago when so I was def happy to see it this month.

      Life is strange was also a decent game, It’s not really my type of game but I still played it and was surprised how decent it was. I watched my GF play through most but it was still fun arguing over what decision we should choose.

      I would love to see them just always put awesome tittles on Plus, But no matter what Not everyone is going to like certain games,Just nothing we/they can do about that. Unless they were to setup 2 Poles with a List of certain games and whichever gets the most votes on each Poles games That be the tittles they put out for that Month.. Would be Nice to have more say so over your PS choices but Doubt that would ever happen..

    • -100 to slik6sik
      you lack of “basic logic” is the epitome of stupidity…

  • Is there any chance Until Dawn will have the bonus pre-order content?

    • No, these always just include the base game. Out of curiosity, what was the pre-order content?

    • It was an extra chapter with Matt & Emily that added a little bit more to the story – nothing major, but it would have been good to play it.

    • The digital version already includes the Matt and Emily chapter, I bought the digital version last year and it had it, it says it on the Store description.

  • If you think about it, they are both survival horror games. Great month to own a PlayStation.

    • Unless you don’t like Survival Horror … in which case its a “Meh” month (but hey, that GoT game looks interesting).

      Its all a matter of perspective.

  • Until Dawn was a great game. Those who don’t already own it should be ecstatic. But can’t wait to read the complaints about this line-up…

    • This is definitely the best offering in a loooong time, it’s just too bad I already own Until Dawn. I’ll probably download it just so I don’t have to use the disc.

    • I also haven’t watched much of GoT lol so I wouldn’t play that game yet. I was always intrigued by Tokyo Jungle, and maybe that Element4l game will be fun on Vita.

    • I bought it for $15 bucks, loaned it to someone, never really asked for it back, it was still in the shrink wrap. I might need to download the companion app and play it while my wife does what ever that app does. Was thinking about rebuying it, so that Rush of Blood makes more sense, but… well… Hey now.

    • The telltale game of thrones shouldn’t have too many spoilers. Not sure though.

    • The Companion app someone mention is for Sony’s Headphones. Like the Sony Gold,Sony PULSE,And Sony Platinum. The companion app is only for SONY PS headsets.

      This month and Julys r for sure the best Line up I have seen in a while.. Hope they keep it up.

      UNTIL DAWN IS A GREAT GAME! I think it still goes for 19.99 , Its really good! I have it on Disc, But may will still add it just to have as a backup on digital.

      I have not watched much of GoT either but I’m still going to check out the game.

      Lets hope Sony keeps it up! It would be nice if they would make a Poll with a list of games each month and let the PPL Vote on them and which ever 2 games get the most votes that will be the releases for the coming month.. Give us more of a hand in our game choices, Doubt it will happen b ut would be nice.

      I still use my PS3,So do MANY MANY others and Sony knows it thats why they still release ps+ games and updates to ps3. I normally download 1 of the ps3 games they offer.

      Thanks Sony!

  • Keep it up, playstation. Keep it up.

  • Better then the crap GwG just got. Anyone that says other wise is just a troll

    • I agree and I don’t own a Xbox one. Even thought I have played the ps4 games before I would much rather have those than have 5 or 6 year old games from games with gold.

  • Yes to Until Dawn. Hoping Game Of Thrones is the Telltale game and not the other one.

    Tokyo Jungle…Repeat?

    Darkstalkers Resurrection….decent Fighter. Would have preferred Nitroblatz wtih Sonico in it :)

    Element4L: Never heard of it.

    Don’t Die Mr.Robot….difficult I have heard.

    • |Tokyo Jungle…Repeat?


    • Game Of Thrones is Telltale. There is no other Game Of Thrones on PS4

    • Tokyo Jungle was never free on PlayStation Plus..

    • “Hoping Game Of Thrones is the Telltale game and not the other one.”

      If you would just take the time to read the article instead of just the list by itself….

      “Next up, we have Telltale’s Game of Thrones series. You’ll get all six episodes, which follows the family of House Forrester as they survive (Or don’t?) the War of the Five Kings. Winter is Coming, and this is a great way to beat the summer heat.”

      Also, the other one wasn’t on PS4.

    • Misread Tokyo Jungle, I always thought it was PS+ in 2010 or 2011.

      Yeah, just saw that it a Telltale Game. Thankfully that other GOT game only stayed on PS3.

    • Tokyo Jungle had a really good sale on ps+ at one point but it was never free

  • Billy_The_Puppet

    WOW.. Great Month!! I already own both Until Dawn & Game of Thrones, but for those of you that dont, you are in for a treat!! Super Easy Platinums as well..

  • dragonsandlasers

    Until Dawn! Very nice! :D

  • Those Vita games, as always, look like the most generic Indie BS that I’ve ever seen. TERRIBLE but normal.

    The rest of the lineup, especially on PS4, looks great though!

  • Not bad at all! Not “Plus Japan” levels of awesome, but very solid selection right there!

    Thank you Sony!

  • Wow, HUGE month for PlayStation Plus! :-D

  • Wow, awesome lineup!! Great month. :)

  • Wow amazing games already have u til dawn and it’s great love how some people will get the chance to try it. Game of thrones is good for some trophies.

  • That is like three or four months now that PlayStation Plus has had great lineups. Until Dawn is one of the best games on PS4 and Game of Thrones ain’t bad either. Tokyo Jungle was a hidden gem on PS3. Keep this up PlayStation Plus team.

  • I can’t wait to play Until Dawn since I’ve never played it before. Can’t wait to play it while my little nephew is watching so that both of us can be scared :)

  • Great month for PS Plus, been meaning to try out Until Dawn. And with GoTs new season almost upon us, they hit the nail on the head! I’ve only played the first episode, looking forward to the entire season.

  • Hell yeah! Until Dawn!! now I only need to know the size of it, and how many days I need to download it with my 10potatobit internet :D

  • Damn, I bought Until Dawn some weeks ago. Anyhow, glad to get the Game of Thrones that I couldn’t finish when my PS3 stopped working.

  • So far every month, the titles offered, I already own. I know a lot of people that are in the same boat as me.
    I’m wondering if Sony has every considered an alternative for those that already own the titles.
    Maybe a selection from 2 other games becomes available once their service register that you already own the main titles being offered. Or, convert the dollar amount to Sony points……I don’t know, something.

    • That would be nice. I’ve already owned at least one out of the two PS4 games offered the last few months.

  • Had been debating replaying until dawn recently. Superb game. Definitely recommend those who haven’t played to try it out

  • Well that’s somewhat disappointing. Two games with cinematic focus over gameplay. I do love the telltale games n all, but releasing it right next to the likes of Until Dawn makes this for a very boring month imo. When comparing the lineup to Japan, it’s no wonder there is so many salty individuals.

  • Finally some good stuff

  • Hi
    Until Down Includes Rush of Blood for VR?


  • Well, now that I know what the Plus games are going to be next month, it’s time to hit that summer sale!

  • Meh. I like gameplay, not button prompt interactive games that play themselves.

  • JuggaloHomie4321

    Is there a trend for story games now? I mean its good we’re not getting indie games now but i mean first we got Tales from the Borderlands in May, then Life is Strange in June, now Until Dawn and Game of Thrones in July? Can we take a break from these types of games please? Thank God i got Crash N Sane Trilogy and some other ganes i got from the days of play sale to keep me occupied this month

  • Wth? Japan got Killzone Shadowfall and Gravity Rush remastered. Why do we always get “interactive story” crap EVERY SINGLE MONTH???

  • Another month of Ps4 games that i already own.
    The Vita games have dropped off a cliff though, which is a shame.

  • Yhea Good games, at least for ps4. But please, Sony, think also about those people who continue to be subscribed to ps plus service but don’t have alredy ps4. We asks some good games also for ps3 and ps vita, yhea it still exists.

  • I already own both Game of Thrones and Until Dawn, but this is probably the strongest lineup in a very long time, even stronger than last month. Only the silliest of children could possibly have anything to complain about this month. I hope PS+ not being a barrage of indie titles no one cares about continues.

  • until dawn, i bought it yet :(

  • Wish Tokyo Jungle was cross play :/

  • I’m very excited about Until Dawn. I gave it a rental playthrough when it came out and always wanted to play it again. I have played GoT, but I love TTG games so I’ll give it another go too. Another good month in my opinion.

  • What about a good R.P.G. for once in my life. Come on with it already!!!

  • Great offerings coming up! Is there a reason we don’t get Gravity Rush like in Japan? Is it a general regional preference sort of thing according to average gameplay/purchases nationwide? I own both PS4 games but it’s still a good month. Been looking at Element4l for a while now so that’s cool too. Kind of expected something different in terms of the structure of PS+ as it was said to be getting a change-up but that may have been bs. Thanks as always :o)

  • Sony blessed my bday with two great games (cause they are easy to platinum). This is the first time plus was better than games with gold this year.

  • Awesome, another month of “No games worth even putting in the library” for me.

    I don’t survival-horror, I have no interest in Game of Thrones, I don’t own a 3 or Vita, and I looked at gameplay vids for the cross-buy title, and it looks like a flash “stay alive as long as possible” game that, while looking better than anything I could make, looks like something I could have at least made a prototype for in my “Intro to Game Development” class (a 100 level Computer Science University course) when they were still using Game Maker 8.

  • I played the Ranger on the radio in Until Dawn and the guy that gets eaten at the end of the credits (in one of the endings, not really a spoiler). Super fun game! Everyone should check it out.

  • Anyone know when we get the gifts for attending the streaming of e3

  • I have been hunting down Until Dawn for a few weeks, looking to buy it used for cheap. I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger on some of the offers I got =D

  • Tokyo Jungle again ?

  • Mmmmmm Darkstalkers Resurrection =) .

  • Would have preferred Japan’s lineup in all honesty. Especially because I already own these games and get literally nothing out of it this month, just like last month.

  • Really nice line up! I own both until dawn and GOT, but I am not sad or mad. Finally appreciate attention and respect towards US playstation players! Both games are great! Loved them. Secret(True) ending of Until Dawn was shocking for me, truly didn’t expected.

  • Why can’t we get the same games as japan though? To be honest, these games are kinda “crappy” compared to the japanese lineup.

  • I’m a little salty that I already own the game of thrones TT game. It’s a fantastic game, and has nothing to do with the main story line. It’s about House Forester and it helps to have watched the show or read the books but because you’re not representing house stark, anyone should be able to jump into this game.

  • Damn. I really wish PS Plus membership included
    My Japanese PSN account too. I use both accounts
    frequently to buy games and sometimes the Japanese
    PS store has exclusive “PLUS” stuff for free.

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