Crossout: Beginner’s Guide PS4-Exclusive Early Access

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Crossout: Beginner’s Guide PS4-Exclusive Early Access

Read our beginner's guide, then find out how to get early access – exclusively on PS4.

Crossout is a post-apocalyptic MMO-action game where you can use dozens of parts to assemble armored cars with unique designs, and then ride them into heated multiplayer battles.

As of today, you can get early access to the game by purchasing one of the two Founder Bundles – only in PlayStation Store! The bundles contain vehicles with exclusive skins and increased by 50% amount of virtual currency. These bundles will be on sale only until May 30th, when Crossout will be released as free-to-play title.

If you want to survive in this harsh world, you’ll be better prepared with this beginner’s guide.

Build Mode

The main feature of Crossout is the ability to create your own combat vehicles using dozens of parts and a huge arsenal of weapons — from chainsaws, power-drills over machine guns to rocket launchers, flying drones and stealth generators.

The basis of any vehicle is its frame. All parts must be attached directly to the frame or to the other parts attached to the frame. Any vehicle needs a single cabin. Cabins are always mounted horizontally on top of frame elements. ‘Movement’ type parts (wheels, tracks or mech legs) can only be attached directly to the frame and only on the sides of the vehicle. Don’t forget to test-drive your creation before going into battle!


You can get more parts as loot from battles or as faction rewards, and from crafting and trading on the in-game market. All deals are made via Coins (our virtual currency) – direct exchange of items is not available. You can get more Coins by crafting parts and selling them to other players or by purchasing them from PlayStation Store.

When building a vehicle, you have to think about its stats shown in the window in the lower right corner:

  • Power Score (PS) describes the vehicle’s approximate power and is used in matchmaking – in PvP, you will be placed in battles against players with similar PS. This value is the sum of the PS of all parts used in construction of the vehicle.
  • The structure value represents the maximum ‘health’ of the vehicle. The bulk of it is provided by the cabin used plus any “structure” type parts installed on the vehicle. In combat, structure is displayed in the form of a ‘health bar’ at the bottom of the screen. You and your enemies can lose all weapons, wheels and other parts in battle, but only when structure drops to 0 is the vehicle destroyed.
  • Total parts count is one of the limits in the design of the vehicles. It raises along with player’s level.
  • Energy is another limit, аlmost all types of weapons and most kinds of hardware consume this resource. Available energy is determined by the cabin used in construction and installation of additional generators.
  • Vehicle mass is the total weight of all installed components. The heavier the vehicle, the slower it is in battle.
  • Acceleration and speed are determined by the cabin and vehicle mass, and installation of additional engines (which consumes energy, which means less power for weapons – you get the idea).


Game Modes

By clicking on the “Battle” button on the main garage screen, the player is offered a choice of several modes:

  • Missions – fights against other players (PvP) in 8v8 teams. Matchmaking is based on each player vehicle’s Power Score.
  • Raids – players fighting in co-op against bots (PvE) to get crafting resources.
  • Brawls – includes several types of battles:
    • ‘Free for All’ – the first player with 10 kills wins.
    • ‘Storm warning’ – the goal of the battle is to survive, with a raging sandstorm making battle area smaller and smaller.
    • ‘Race’ – your task is to be the first to drive through all checkpoints. All installed guns are deactivated.
  • Clan battles – in this mode player-created clans battle for a particularly valuable crafting resource – uranium ore.



  • In Crossout, player progression is based on ‘factions’. The game has five of them: Engineers (default starting faction), Lunatics, Nomads, Scavengers and Steppenwolfs, each with their unique vehicle blueprints and parts.
  • By increasing your reputation with any faction you’ll get ‘Structure’ type parts as rewards (bumpers, frame parts, armor etc.) that can’t be obtained any other way. The Engineers faction rewards players with new paints, profile portraits, increased maximum amount of parts, additional warehouse space and extra vehicle slots in the garage.
  • Reputation with factions is gained as a reward after battles – the higher the combat effectiveness of a player, the more reputation he will get. ‘Decor’ type parts provide a bonus to reputation earned.


Crafting Parts

To create a new part you need Coins to rent a workbench and have required parts and crafting resources specified in the blueprint. You can shorten the crafting time by spending Coins. PlayStation Plus players will have a 25% discount for renting workbenches.

All items in the game are divided into colour-coded categories according to the level of quality:

  • Base (gray) – starting parts and all parts of the ‘Structure’ type; you can’t buy, sell or create them – they are issued exclusively as a reward for raising reputation with factions.
  • Common (white) – the simplest parts, which players can create from scrap metal, commonly given as a reward for participating in battles against other players.
  • Rare (blue) – parts of average quality, a wide range of weapons and equipment; the maximum level of quality for cabins and ‘movement’ type parts.
  • Epic (purple) – high quality parts and the best hardware.
  • Legendary (bronze) – have the best set of characteristics.
  • Relic (orange) – at the moment, relic weapons are the most powerful, rare, and unusual.

So that’s it – we’ll see you in the wasteland, Survivor!

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  • just make twist metal for ps 4

  • The problem with early access is that players have to deal with all the bugs, then when the game finally releases, the public has already lost interest. You end up paying for a lesser experience. It’s really a lose-lose scenario. Make your game, test your game, release your game.

    • @Fuhr31 I’m guessing you never heard of Playerunkown battlegrounds. Early access game that is killing it on steam right now. Then again this is new for console only players.

    • In this particular case, it’s not an “early access” as in prolonged beta-testing.
      It’s a full version of the game, but exclusively for PS4, two weeks earlier.

    • You’re confused on what kind of early access this is. It is not early access to alpha or beta builds. This is access to the final build before it releases. Even if this was an alpha early access program part of the reason to participate is to help find bugs, not just play a game before other people.

  • And this is another good sounding MMO that is bad because of how MMOs are made these days instead of h ow they USED to be made. An MMO with an open world where you can see other players and choose to pvp or not PVP them (you also gotta worry bout them possibly attacking you too). Thus there would be no 8v8 matches as areas dont have a limit to how many players can occupy it (well yes MMOs actually do bu that number is so high youd never hit it thus its not an issue, as thees so much to do and going on that 1000 people would never have a reason to be congregated in the same town or part of the map). So instead of 8v8 50 people could decide to just start shooting at each-other creating all out brawls. Also real MMOs dont relegate things to “game modes” as all those things are seamless and part of the open world. You dont have to “choose from a list” Wanna PVP? Go to a designate PVP area (if the whole world isnt one) stay there and attempt to kill anyone who wanders in. Wanna raid? That building 50 miles west is one of many designated raid areas. Go find as many people as you think you’ll need them go storm that castle. Thats how GOOD MMOs work. Unfortunately they stopped makin em like that ever since WoW hit.

    • Having areas restricted to certain things, such as no PvP or whatever…That is the exact equivalent to being related to a gamemode. The Battle Royale format, where there are no real teams, but you can benefit from working together is a much better system. Turn-Based MMORPGs can also handle a lot more, cause they don’t have to worry about the finer technical elements, even at the very basic level of physics.

      I don’t think this is MMOs becoming lazy, it’s MMOs evolving. Right now, we can’t have a game with 1000 people in one small area, because collision would be a factor. It’s not in WOW…People are literally inside of each other. All that matters is clicking and key commands. It’s not the same thing, comparing the evolution, expansion, and left field pass into an entirely different genre. MMO is more of a classification.

    • First off I said having it be restricted to certain areas was an OPTION not a necessity so theres that secondly no it is not equivalent to a game mode. a Game mode would be selecting it “pvp” from a menu then waiting for matchmaking to find more and youre transported to said pvp area and only you and the ppl who were matched and transported exist there. No players can leave (until its over or they quit) and no new players can enter. However my example show if you want to PVP there is no matchmaking and you actually have to physically travel to the designated spot and look for ppl to kill or hope others show up. That means ppl can come and do when they please. So what started off as you and one other person as 1 on 1, later o 50 other people show up and now youre one on one just turned into a huge free for all. Or some of the ppl in there are teamed up and have something you want, so you team up with the other players there to try to take it from em. Things are constantly changing and much for dyanmic that way as opposed to what wed see in a “game mode”

    • sorry doc but real/old school mmos make you have to duel or go to that instance. this is vastly needed again these days. pvp only is over saturating.

    • Incorrect old school mmo didnt HAVE instances thus no “instance” to go to for PVP, you went to physical areas that were part of the open world that allowed PVP and did it there or you could duel someone (which is consent based pvp) ANYWHERE.Also PVP onl is over saturated? Do you knwo what he word saturated mean? Do tell me all these mmo that have PVP only then cause the only ones I know off is F2P garbage. Name some P2P AAA MMOs that exist today that have pvp anywhere other than WoW

    • I feel like you’re using MMO in place of MMORPG, when MMO is just Massively Multiplayer Online (aka just about every game made in this age) so all your call of duty, battlefield etc. are PVP only MMO’s.

    • @Kj incorrect its even in the very definition of MMO. MASSIVELY multiplayer online. Theres nothing MASSIVE about 1 or 2 digit player counts especially when the games that started that description supported hundreds if not thousands playing at once. So yeah CoD is NOT an MMO. Neither is Destiny, The Division or even Phantasy Star Online

    • This is not a true MMO in any sense. It is basically a FPS with cars. Not sure why the writer put MMO in the title because the closest pvp game to being a MMO would be planetside. If it has those kind of numbers, which I doubt, then maybe it could be considered a MMO. To say that there are no MMOs that work like that is also not true. Say what you will about them but there are quite a few with open pvp or dedicated zones like ESO, AA and Blade & Soul.

  • selfdeztruction

    They should start adding PSVR support to these F2P games, it’d help them get more attention.

  • *Sigh* another entry in the “game as a service” genre that companies have been trying to promote so they have an excuse for always-online.

    I agree with the first commenter who said to “just make twisted metal for PS4” instead. The mmo market is already over-saturated to the point where I just don’t care anymore.

  • The vehicle crafting does sound particularly intricate and interesting though. I hope they make a single-player game incorporating it at some point.

  • I remember a mmo like this back in early 2000s. Auto Assault. It ended shutting down not long after. This looks a lot better and I hope it works out. Also hope driving is better than in APB. That game was full of pileups so most people just walked to missions.

  • Dangisuckatgamin

    I’ll try it out on may 30th and very much pass on paying to play something that probably isn’t great.

  • Александр очень важный вопрос к Вам!

    1) Does Crossout supports Cross-play (PS4 users are playing together woth PC users) and Cross-account (ability to use PS4 account on PC or vice versa) like we have in other awesome Gaijin’s game War Thunder?

    2) Does it have any PS4 exclusive features which are/will not be available on PC?

    3) Does it have/will PS 4 Pro support and what exaclty (60fps)?

    Заранее спасибо!

  • Yeah just had the new update so many error messages so far today plus the game is free to play but the message i get now is access required you can purchase access really you russain idiots you games are rubbish and a joke really fix your crap and then your games mite last , as all your others failed only one to really is warthunder which isn’t really cold war as the Italian planes were only put on paper yet you go and make them for real but you make them op and their army was rubbish how do you work that out mmm , just fix your rubbish game , p.s when you put up maintenance for 2 hours make it that not like 4 hours as that is what i’v been waiting for today , this gaijin are a bunch of jokers

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