Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle Available Today

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Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle Available Today

Get great games at a great price, and support the Hand in Hand International charity with this limited-time bundle.

THQ Nordic has teamed up with PlayStation for the Humble THQ Nordic PlayStation Bundle, a new limited-time promotion from This is only the second time that games on PSN have been available at Humble Bundle, after the popular Capcom bundle last year.

The bundle will feature over $334 worth of games from THQ Nordic. Some are for PS3 and some are for PS4 (SIEA PSN regions only). Like all Humble Bundles, it’s a brief offering, and will only be available from 11:00am PT on April 4, 2017 until 11:00am PT on April 18, 2017.

Not only are a bunch of great games up for grabs, but the bundle also supports Hand in Hand International, a charity that nurtures grassroots entrepreneurship to fight poverty in over 14 countries (and counting).

If you’re not familiar with how Humble Bundles work, you choose how much you want to pay, with higher tiers unlocking more games. No matter how much you decide to pay, you can allow the default split of your payment, or you can choose where the money goes – between the developer, Humble Bundle, the featured charity, or even a charity of your choice from their database of over 30,000 options.

The following games are included in the bundle:

For $1 or more, you get:

  • The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (PS4) – Every world needs its heroes, however unlikely they may seem. Join Wilbur, Ivo, Nate, and Critter in another classic point-and-click adventure in the wicked world of Aventásia.
  • Red Faction (PS4) – Red Faction revolutionizes gaming with Geo-Mod technology, the ability to completely alter and destroy the environment in real-time. Featuring 5 controllable vehicles, 15 weapons of mass destruction, unparalleled multiplayer action, and a setting on Mars in the midst of a deadly plague and rebellion, Red Faction sets the gold standard in gaming!
  • Super Dungeon Bros. (PS4) – Super Dungeon Bros. is a rock-themed dungeon brawler where a band of mighty rock bros must navigate the fantasy realm of Rökheim and its hellish dungeons to seek out epic loot, fight hordes of evil undead and uncover the legends of long lost fabled Rock Stars!
  • Deponia (PS4) – Daedalic Entertainment invites the players into a fantastic comedy adventure that revolves around a crazy love story of Rufus and Goal. Features a unique comic style with hand-drawn HD resolution 2D graphics, challenging puzzles, and hours of dialogue.
  • ArcaniA: The Complete Tale (PS4) – The empire of Mirjana is in turmoil. The power-hungry king has set out to conquer the southern islands – no matter what the cost. In the add-on “Fall of Setarrif,” Aragon’s fate, once more, teeters on the edge of your sword. Face your destiny and make a path to Stearic blocked by monsters, churning streams of lava, deadly dungeons and a frantic population in desperate need of help!

If you “beat the average” price for the bundle, you’ll get all the above plus:

  • Legend of Kay Anniversary (select either PS3 or PS4) – 10 years after its initial release, Legend of Kay – Anniversary is a thoroughly remastered version of the original game. Full of fond allusions to old martial arts films and pop culture quotes, Legend of Kay – Anniversary is both an incredibly funny game and a challenging action-adventure for young and old alike.
  • Battle Worlds Kronos (PS4) – Battle Worlds: Kronos is a classic turn-based strategy game in the tradition of Battle Isle, Advance Wars and Panzer General. Features Live Multiplayer – battle your friends live on the internet (cross-platform) or via hot-seat – and Asynchronous Multiplayer.
  • Destroy All Humans! (PS4) – Take on the role of alien Cryptosporidium 137 and terrorize the people of Earth to harvest their DNA in the most brazen action-adventure you’ve ever played. Take over all of humanity using a variety of alien weaponry on land or in the air.
  • Destroy All Humans! 2 (PS4) – Assume the role of the human-hating alien Crypto once again, in the sci-fi action adventure spoof. Take revenge on humanity for destroying your mothership. “Make War, not Love” and take on new enemies such as secret agents, giant creatures, Soviet Forces and even ninja warriors in an expanded open-world.

Pay $15 or more to get everything above plus:

  • MX vs. ATV Supercross (PS3) – Rip, jump and scrub your way around 17 tracks and try to cross the finishing line first against more than 40 official riders and harvest all that motocross glory. Choose between bikes or ATVs, multiple game modes including Career, Single races and various local and online multiplayer events.
  • Darksiders (PS3) – Deceived by the forces of evil into prematurely bringing about the end of the world, War the first Horseman of the Apocalypse must take on the forces of Hell, forge uneasy alliances with the very demons he hunts, and journey across the ravaged remains of the Earth on his quest for vengeance and vindication.
  • Darksiders II (PS3) – Awakened by the End of Days, Death, the most feared of the legendary Four Horsemen, embarks on a quest to redeem his brother’s name. Become the terrifying force which everything fears but nothing can escape.
  • MX vs. ATV Supercross Encore (PS4) – Rip, jump and scrub your way to victory with over 35 tracks in this vastly extended version! Only the Encore edition features the brand new Rhythm Racing mode, extra outdoor Nationals tracks, and exclusive Waypoint races in open world maps.
  • Darksiders Warmastered (PS4) – This remaster features native 1080p rendering resolution, doubled texture resolutions, rendering improvements and rework, post processing effects, 60 FPS gameplay, and more.
  • Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition (PS4) – The Deathinitive Edition features Darksiders II with all DLC integrated into the game, which offers a total playtime of more than 30 hours; reworked and tuned game balancing and loot distribution; improved Graphic Render Engine for higher visual quality; and more.

Visit here to purchase!

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  • First off, Support Humble Bundles if you can. It’s always a good deal, and you do some good in the process.

    BUT… well, anyone who likes to be in control of his camera movement should AVOID Darksiders II with a vengeance (both on PS4 and PS3). It’s automated camera, forced camera auto-centering while moving (you cannot move and keep the camera at a steady upwards or downwards angle at the same time) and narrow FOV (especially bad while fighting with lock-on) make the game horrible to play. Add frame rate issues (the game struggles to reach the targeted 30, the intro for Nordic Games stutters in at around 5) and bugs and crashes, no PS4 Pro support despite a patch being announced months ago, actually NOT A SINGLE patch for the PS4 Deathinitive Ed. since release, and you get more frustration than fun.


    • continued…

      And the REALLY sad/annoying thing with the Remaster is, that the camera issues (auto-center and FOV) have been known since the first day of release of the original game. The option to disable the camera autocenter was the single most requested feature on the Darksiders forum. It was patched in pretty quick for PC, but never for PS3/X360. And the problem (which, curiously enough, was NOT present in Darksiders 1) still remains on the PS4. The game, with big open areas and long travel times, features some of the best world design in games, done or supervised by the wonderful Joe Madureira – but you cannot look at anything while moving, because the camera is actively fighting you with every single step. With the remaster, developer Gunfire Games and publisher Nordic had the chance to make the game better on consoles, but they chose not to.


    • continued…

      Everyone playing the game and hoping to admire the beautiful scenery (or be able to look up to where they want to jump) while moving will hate it. If you can get this on PC, do yourself a favor and play it there.

      As someone on Gamefaqs posted, after being told the auto-center cannot be disabled on PS4 and the getting the game on PC: “It’s a completely different game.”

      So support Humble Bundle.
      Think hard about supporting Gunfire Games.

    • Oh, and judging from the info I found on the net (steam, neogaf), the Warmastered Edition of Darksiders 1 has the same horrible Auto-Center Camera, that jerk your view around and fights you for no reason, and this time, not even the PC people got an option to turn it off. And the original game on last gen didn’t have the issue at all.

      Sometimes, devs are really beyond me…

  • Will you get a single code or separate codes for the games? I want to purchase the full bundle but I already own darksiders 1/2 on both consoles( and around 75% of the titles on the bundle). I actually want to give them away to friends or relatives.

  • Pretty good deal! As a trophy collector, I’m definitely gonna pay the $15.

  • I hope that bundles such as this continue to be offered. It’s a fantastic bundle, though the inclusion of PS3 games don’t make sense. A PS3 user isn’t going to pay $15 for just two games, unless they are planning on getting a PS4 in the near future. I would have thought that the PS3 games would have been included in the lower tiers.

    Regardless, more console based bundles will always be good, and it’s a nice cause as well.

  • They do not allow multiple download codes bc I guess they want anyone who wants to play the games to pay something (even if it’s $1) themselves. I got the basic tier bc I really want Book of Unwritten Tales 2 on PS4 (was $5 on PS3 a few weeks ago) and I guess the other cartoony point and click game too. Ended up paying $8 total, which I believe is a fair price for 2 games.

  • What a great thing to bring Humble Bundle to PS4! I hope other console manufacturers do the same, as it’s great to have as many people as possible donating to great causes! I am all on board this bundle, and can’t wait to see more in the future!

  • I have two questions for those who bought the tier 2 or 3.
    On the blog, they say Legend of Kay is for PS3 OR PS4 but on their site they say both are included. Wich one is true?
    And does the code come by email or they give it on the same web page that I have bought the games?

    • They send you a email that sends a link with the code that gives you all the games in that tier. I got the PS4 version I think there both available but couldn’t download the PS3 version on my ps4

  • So it’s a THQ Nordic bundle that isn’t available to any nordic countries. Wow. Nice one you absolute drips.

    • IK, I don’t live in a Nordic country but i live in a region where this deal is not available. I was really looking forward to this before i decided to check what countries it’s actually available in.

  • I cannot believe this deal is only for American countries. No EU or AU, no Africa either, D:<

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