Explore a Magical World on April 18 in Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

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Explore a Magical World on April 18 in Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

New music trailer showcases the colorful lands and sweeping score that await when this action RPG arrives on PS4.

Hello everybody! I’m Hazem Hawash, CEO here at Enigami. Today I’m proud to show off a brand new trailer for our indie studio’s upcoming action-RPG, Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, which comes to PS4 on April 18!

In today’s Music Trailer, we invite you to discover the magical lands and characters of the Lightning Kingdom, accompanied by an entrancing, original soundtrack. This gives you a good first taste of the tracks that will accompany you along your journey.

Our game’s universe was born more than 20 years ago from the pen strokes of Samir Rebib, the Artistic Director of Enigami. Composed of passionate people, our young studio went through a successful Kickstarter campaign, allowing Shiness to grow and gain momentum before being accompanied by Focus Home Interactive.

In Shiness, explore the world and use your characters’ special powers — Kayenne’s telekinesis, Poky’s electromagnetic fields manipulation, and more — to progress in your adventure and find precious parchments, which are key to devastating spells and powerful combat techniques.

Throughout your quest, you’ll take part in hyper-dynamic combat inspired by traditional fighting games, combining combos, special moves, magic, elemental affinities, and devastating finishing moves. As you complete quests and battles, you’ll gain experience and levels, develop your characters, and recruit new playable companions on your team.

We’ve pumped all our energy and passion into Shiness, and in less than a month a child’s dream finally becomes an indie-RPG with a bold personality… and enchanting music!

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom comes to PS4 on April 18.

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  • This game looks incredible!! Is it going to be released in a physical format as well as in digital? Also when can I pre-order it and finally what’s the price of this masterpiece? Is it 30$ Like on Steam?

  • Gentlemen,

    This games gives to me Okami feelings again!

    If it inspired the team or not, cheers for that promising game.

    Best regards,

  • I’ve been following news about Shiness and I’m truly looking forward to playing it. Combat is what I’m most curious of. Can’t wait for mid april >_<

    I just hope you guys didn't spoil too much in this latest trailer. Music sounds delightful, congrats!

  • Omg I can’t wait. I have been following this game for YEARS!!

  • As someone that likes to play games with my daughters who enjoy a good story, I might be picking this one up when it releases or whenever I am done playing Horizon and Zelda.

  • This game looks amazing.

  • Beautiful. Best wishes on your launch!

  • furries -_-

  • I was so excited for this game. I backed it on Kickstarter and it was easily the most exciting project I ever backed. Unfortunately, now the developer is reneging on the promise to give backers PS4 keys! I don’t have a gaming computer, so console is my only option, and this debacle has really tainted my view of an otherwise gorgeous game. Now I don’t know when I’ll get to play it.

    • To be fair they said SOME PS backers wouldnt get PS4 keys because SONY only allows them a limited number. They did not say ALL PS4 backers wouldnt get keys So:

      1) Save your whining until AFTER youre the one who didnt get one.

      2) Blame Sony i it DOES happen and not them considering its apparently out of THEIR control

    • They never promised PS4 keys. PS4 was a stretch goal on the kickstarter so getting a console key wasn’t part of any package and it was never promised to anyone. Don’t come here ans spread lies man, that’s not cool. You backed a PC game without having a PC, that’s on you.

    • PS4 was announced as a confirmed platform well before the campaign ended so long as they made $140k, which they did. At no point up until recently did they say anything about how only certain backers would be able to get the PS4 version — and not among those “certain backers” is me, since I didn’t pledge $65. Admittedly I don’t know how Sony works, but the fact remains this is still a crappy thing to do.

  • Reminds me a of the 90’s Anime….sorta like Inyuasha. Looks like it shares the same vibrancy as the Ni No Kuni series.

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