3on3 Freestyle Hits the Streets Today on PS4

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3on3 Freestyle Hits the Streets Today on PS4

Every time I talk about 3on3 Freestyle, I feel compelled to reiterate what I and the development team at Joycity wanted from the moment we conceptualized this vibrant, street basketball game: engaging competition that came alive with a creative sense of expression and player bonding.

We always knew what we wanted, but how do you ensure that what you see in your design book makes it onto the court?

Making a game is a formidable challenge and you never know what to expect until gamers like you get your hands on the controller. We were excited with what we created in 3on3 Freestyle, but it wasn’t until we offered a month of closed beta testing in the United States, followed by three months of intensely focused open testing, that we were able to make the final game what it is and surpass what we thought could be achieved.

It all began a couple years ago with a steady vision, where we traveled to places like Venice Beach and Rucker Park in Harlem, New York, realizing first-hand that there was something distinctly special about these home-grown courts and — above all else — the colorful personalities that brought them to life. Fast forward, and observing real gamers and all their individual skills playing the game in all their glory led us to tweak an even deeper, more dynamic street basketball experience — as well as implement a better matchmaking system and report system.

It all came together, piece by piece, virtual game by virtual game. As we analyzed the beta environment and saw the ways we could improve 3on3 Freestyle in unexpected ways, we never stopped reminding ourselves that an air of authenticity was forever crucial. Sure this is a video game and dialed up for razzle-dazzle fun, but the core of the street scene is what it’s all about, and what better way to showcase this than to partner up with real-life Streetball team Ballup?

We knew we wanted to do something that drew on real-life athletes and their bold energy, and now that we had the game fully locked in place, the final piece was ready to be set: the incredible athletes at Ballup and the values we shared on all fronts proved to be a perfect fit, and we were able to work with Rise, their clothing brand, to integrate signature jerseys and shoes into the game.

Everything clicked with Ballup and is still going. For our launch trailer, we got ballers Grayson “The Professor” Boucher, Guy Dupuy a.k.a Easy J, and Chris Staples to visit our studio and play their parts, and even more exciting, we will be announcing soon which players will be making an appearance in the game.

Big announcements are on the way, but in the meantime, we’re proud to say the final version of 3on3 Freestyle is here, and in the end we’ve created an authentic, U.S. Street Basketball game — fun at its core, big and bold, where friends from all around come together to show their best game.

Pick your player, pick your style, pick your court, and bond with your team. This is 3on3 Freestyle.

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  • Awesome I’ve been waiting for this game for some time now. But I was bummed when my internet connection tapped out for a few hours and I couldn’t play anymore.

    games don’t need to be “always online” people! cut some of us a bit of slack here, because reliable wifi is not yet available for everyone in this world. have mercy!

    dope game btw..

    • The K1ng has spoken, and I say “Preach on K1ng!”

    • get some internet because its laggers and disconnecters like you that made the game lag and be worse than it actually is

    • I agree with K1ng. While I have reliable Internet, I remember where I came from and people don’t always have this opportunity.

      Killaruna grow up already. Gaming was around before the Internet was.

    • I agree about the online. I hate games that are rendered 85% useless without an internet connection which was one of the turnoffs for me in regard to Gran Turismo 5 and 6. Without the internet, both games are virtually useless for offline play.

    • People will always find something to complain about which is getting pathetic sometimes. lol.

      It’s a free to play game, it should keep the always online thing it has.
      I get it that not everyone has a stable connection but if you really wanted an offline basketball game, there are others out there that you can buy. So stop complaining like babies, this is not an issue at all.

  • Funny when these developers release a new patch and the game won’t load after I press X. Do they even run test on patches anymore? This is the “Final Version” too. LOL a BROKEN GAME! LOL!!!!

    • A notice on their homepage clearly mentioned extended server maintenance. Check next time before you go around in all caps looking like a dope with bad info.

    • Yeah that was my bad. Just noticed that it let me on shortly after.
      Why wouldn’t they do the server maintenance before the patch released when there is less people trying to play?

  • Never played it, but I might give it a try. However, I kinda rather have an arcade-style basketball game that’s along the lines of NBA Jam.

  • I keep forgetting it was Open Beta. Makes me sad to think I won’t be playing with the new kids on the block tonight.

  • Game is fun, add more things to buy in the store, and dont make it ridiculously expensive. I would love to get some customization items.

  • I loved playing NBA Street for PS2 (and NBA Jam before that, and Double Dribble for that matter) so this is a welcome addition to that style of game :-)

    How many people can play locally? It looks like 3 can play on a team against another online (or perhaps against the computer). But how about 1 v 1 or 2 v 2? AI teammates could fill in the extras.

  • My biggest complaint about this game is that the movements feel so slow and clunky. If it wasn’t for that, I would be all in.

  • I thought this game had been out. It’s been on my system for at least a month or so. Or was that a beta test model.

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