PS Plus: Free Games for February 2017

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PS Plus: Free Games for February 2017

Your PlayStation Plus games for the month arrive on February 7! This month we have the incredibly creative LittleBigPlanet 3 and the fast-paced action game Not a Hero from Roll 7 (OlliOlli).

PS Plus: Free Games for February 2017

LittleBigPlanet 3 is available for all PS Plus members this month. This is one of the most imaginative games on PlayStation, full of platforming adventure and excitement. After you’ve explored the Imagisphere, flex your creative muscle and bring your own imagination to life or play one of the millions of original creations from the LBP Community.

We are also offering Not a Hero, because sometimes you just want to blast the criminal underworld to bits. Play as Steve, a professional assassin turned amateur campaign manager as he cleans for his boss, an anthropomorphic rabbit and mayoral candidate from the future named BunnyLord. Run, jump, shoot, and cut your way through this white-knuckle campaign.

Full lineup:

  • LittleBigPlanet 3 // PS4
  • Not a Hero // PS4
  • Starwhal // PS3, cross buy with PS4
  • Anna — Extended Edition // PS3
  • Ninja Senki DX // PS Vita, cross buy with PS4
  • TorqueL // PS Vita, cross buy with PS4

A ton of gaming fun for such a short month. Enjoy!

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    • Agreed.

    • This NEEDS to happen. It is the MAIN reason why anyone comes to the site.

    • @personausermike

      Lmao Yet your here now. And the update blog aint my main reason to be here. So its not “everyones”

    • Awesome Lineup. LBP 3 and Not a Hero are terrific. I will definitely play Ninja Senki on Vita.

    • You guys know you can just go to the “New This Week” section of the PS Store, right?

    • +1 for the Store updates. It was my main reason to visit the blog (besides the PS Plus lineup, of course).

    • agreed. The store update was the main reason i go to ps blog.

    • @Tjoeb123

      With Blog Store Update:

      1. click my address bar
      2. type the letter “b”, my auto-fill completes the blog address.
      3. click the store update post
      4. read post and find price and whats new.

      With NO Blog Store Update:

      1. click my address bar
      2. type “st”, my auto-fill completes the store address.
      3. click “games”
      4. click “new this week”
      5. click to sort my searches
      6. click to the next page, page loads
      7. click to the next page, page loads
      8. click to the next page, page loads
      9. click to the next page, page loads
      10. redefine search
      11. click
      12. click to read the next page, page loads
      13. click to read the next page, page loads
      14. click to read the next page, page loads
      15. click, click, click. click……

      Yes, I know I can go to the “new this week” section, but I also know that I am not going to because I don’t have time for 15 steps just to see what is new, when I could accomplish everything before in 4 clicks on one single page.

    • As a consumer, the company should put in the effort to make shopping simplified, easy to use, and informative.

      By removing the Store update, they just made the consumer do more work that they really shouldn’t have to do. I am not cool with that and I haven’t been to the store since last year because of it.

    • Yes, we need the store update. It’s something to look forward to every Tuesday while I am at work.

    • is there any other reason why people come here?. BRING BACK THE STORE UPDATE!

    • @ KidCommando’s second post… Yup, that is a lot of clicks. The people who keep saying it isn’t such a big deal to check the store might be doing it through the actual Ps4 store, but trying to do it via web browser is a mess, and I have literally given up trying to get it to work on mobile. I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but since the store update has stopped being posted on the blog, I have gone into the psn store each week and gotten frustrated with the experience and left without buying anything. Yeah, that might be my own problem which could be solved with a little patience on my part, but with the number of comments here I don’t think I’m alone, and that makes it Sony’s problem too! Stay strong! ;)

    • YES, for the love of God. Please bring back the playstation store update!

    • I joined PS Plus last September or October – there’s only been one game (Journey) that I’ve been interested in downloading. Can the JRPG fans get a little love? I was hopeful for a minute when I saw the anime sale going on…but another disappointing lineup imo.

    • Wait, they’re not doing this anymore? This is why I came to the site weekly… Especially the sales posts.

    • This is an extremely solid lineup for PS4 owners this time around! Thanks Sony.

      Also, I hope we can have a a free JRPG for PS4 on next months lineup (preferably something from Idea Factory).

    • Every month they give as trash games, LBP? this game is for 12yrs old kids! In 2016 only 2 nice games we got in +. Now that LBP ? Come on sony why not last Killzone?its cost less than 10€ why you doing that for ps4 owners, why crap on ps+ each month? My friend have xbox and over 60free games from EA in gold membership,so microsoft can and you not? After over 10yrs with play station and 6yrs in + subscription i will move to xbox scorpio bcose i dont want to pay extra for playing online and in exchange i getting games for kids or C class games. Sony is that is your method to keep all your customers happy???so good luck with that but without me. “Play Station- this is for the players” aha you forget to put “under 14” at the end.

    • This lineup may be lackluster but at least there’s Fire Emblem Heroes to occupy my time while I wait for BOTW and Persona 5.

    • Store update in the blog ? if the store was better we wouldnt need the blog for that, make a new this week section for the store that lists all the new stuff plain and simple and that is for all versions of the store the app, the web and the console versions should have it

    • I wish ps plus gave more mainstream titles instead of these atari graphic games. I bought a ps4 for good high quality games. Save these unknown games for the psvue subscriber who shouldn’t fell cheated since they get all the good games. Since signing up for plus i have only seen 1 game I wanted from ps plus and its LBP3 and i feel its a waste to have to play to be a member and the majority of the games they give away are flops.

    • Are these put yet because for me it are still the games from january

    • Nice

    • I second that comment

    • Last good download from psn plus was the HD Remastered Resident Evil. Full game, and no need for full dlc content. Also another prior full game download was NBA2K16. Those were the only 2 name brand games that were great for free download and it crappy indie games. LBP3 is a plus to what I have seen since October. I’ve been a fan of Sony since they first came out in the 90s, but not to happy with what they have been giving as a reward for being a psn plus member. Come on Sony and pick up the pace. Just because your latest movies didn’t go over well doesn’t mean you have to have crap choices for free games too.

    • Am I the only one still seeing last month’s free titles?


  • LBP! Nice

    P.S please bring a port of Streets of Rage to the ps store for Ps4!

  • Xbox Games with Gold Is trash

  • Hey PlayStation

    Again just wanted to say before the inevitable stream of whiners appear that PlayStation Plus is still one of the best services to subscribe to. Keep up the good work! I look forward to trying these games in the near future.


    • We are pretty stoked with the line up for February as well!

    • I am sorry @OctoWhopper but PS+ WAS one of the best subscription based services Pre-2013 but I have been a subscriber since end 2014 and I can count the number of REALLY GOOD games since then on my two hands. I really appreciated GOW Ascension and Dishonoured even though I already finished Dishonoured on PC before. Those are the types of experiences players want that have real depth to them and are just plain fun to play no matter how old it is. If we’re speaking about one of if not THE best subscription based service around now then it would be EA and ORIGIN ACCESS.

    • people arnt winers and complainers they want a good service and good value for there money and as of late psn plus doesn’t give that to the consumers psn is constantly down or being attacked by hackers voice chat quality hasn’t improved since ps3 days and xbox gives away better games with gold titles don’t get me rong I like the ps4 and think its a good system but sony needs 2 step up there online quality

    • UWG83

      The Swapper
      Rogue Legacy
      Odd World New N’ Tasty
      Olli Olli
      Skulls of the Shogun
      Rocket League
      Sound Shapes

      Well a normal person is out of fingers at this point (all these games have a metacritic of 8.0 or higher most 8.5 or higher and so games like Infamous First light were cut out) and those were just from Jan-August of 2015, so Injustice didn’t make it to the list because that was 2014 (December) and games ONLY for the PS4.

      God of War Ascension probably wouldn’t have even made my list. You’ve started playing games like Terraria, you’ve played Gravity Rush you have a Vita, there are so many games that you got free for PS Plus, you should really start trying them. You’re missing out on amazing games you got for free… Let’s just hope you accepted them and at least added them to your library.

    • Now as far as Online when I played Final Fantasy XIV almost every day I was having very few if any issues from PSN, I do voice chat all the time and mic quality seems to be the issue over sound quality, there are always going to be people who have problems with online connectivity. I have terrible internet and I just don’t have the problems so many people are having. Some people just have problems if you go to the “Is it down” style sites you’ll see tons of complaints on the Xbox One side as well, and apps were even down for over a week. I don’t know if it’s still down for most apps, or just NAT and GEO TV, but there are always issues of people having login issues.

      If there was some 3rd party that keeps track and could tell us in numbers actual statistics on these that would be great, but if you want to complain about online fees, I’m sure The Switch will be underwhelming in every way in just a month.

  • Great Games cant wait to try Little Big Planet 3
    Plus free 5 games on PlayStation 4 even better

    Better then the Games with gold trash for February. Only trashy trolls say Xbox line up is better.

  • If you don’t like it then don’t download the games.

  • Fantastic month. I already have every single game but great for those who don’t.

  • Loving the recent trend of Cross-buy games on PS3 and Vita on PS4! Keep it up!

  • This sis some kind of a joke?

  • Also why tax digital games now guess PSN doesn’t want my money guess i’ll buy physical instead of renting games from the PSN Store

  • With Triple A LittleBigPlanet 3 leading a line-up of 5 games for the PS4, no one should have anything to complain about this month.

    • Doesn’t mater AAA or not. The game was on sale for $5 TWICE. All the other games are pixels and/or ancient.
      Remember we once had a cheaper Plus with DMC as a free game? Now the service is worse, games are worse and it’s more expensive. Being forced to pay the Hugh price to play online

    • Exactly. However, our mentalities are not created equal…

    • Even when it was on sale for $5 (maybe in the USA, in Canada it was $8), some people would still refuse to buy it and wait for PS+. I keep seeing people say “give us Knack!” even though I’ve seen that drop to $4 on the PS store.

  • There, we got a AAA PS4 game. I like the line up, now nobody complain that we “Don’t get AAA titles”.

  • Hhm… I am not a fan but I guess I’ll try these.

  • I literally have no idea what any of the other games are. The ninja game I think I may have seen on the store but the rest of them completely elude me. Other then the two main PS4 titles of course. Only reason I forced myself to finish LBP3 was for the creation tools because I believed you really could make any kind of game. I was most definitely misguided. You can make any kind of 2D game. After 3 games and they still couldn’t let you make a 3D platformer. Just 2D and too down games. But even the top down games were just 2D with a different perspective.

    • There is a way to make 3D platformers in game, although it’s a little different to what you’d expect. If you’re so desperate for a game where you can make 3D stuff, then wait for Dreams to come out, although don’t be angry when you realise you can’t recreate Call of Duty with no amount of effort.

    • Dreams will let you make 3D games.

    • Yes you can make a 3d game but requires a lot of skill you can quite literary search up 3d and you will find games that you want

  • If they can’t offer good games, just split the services already. One for online play, one for all the other benefits. Adjust price accordingl. At this rate, it won’t be long before they offer “Life of Black Tiger” as a Plus game.

    • LBP, Not a Hero, and Starwal are good games. How are ppl complaining about LittleBigPlanet 3? It’s excellent and a big name AAA.

    • People can have games they haven’t played yet. What!?!? They had it on sale for $5. So unbelievable that I own it, right? You know you’re so pathetic for defending Sony every month about this. People have a right to complain about a service they paid for. You need to grow up.

    • @iamtyler

      Not criticizing LBP3. As you can tell by my avatar, I love LBP.

      Great for those who haven’t bought it yet, unfortunately I already own it, and none of the other titles interest me.
      I was just saying they should split the service up for those who dont care about online play and just want the games with all the other plus benefits.

    • the issue with psn is they don’t use any of the consumers money 2 constantly improve servers/quality of games sony wants your money and is the most popular brand if u want a brand that focuses on customer feedback choose the xbox I have both

    • You are pathetic for criticising the lineup simply bc you already own the marquee game. Do u not realize that when they give the big name games that u ppl scream for every month there is a higher likelihood that u will already own it? That’s the risk u run getting AAA games, but to criticise the quality of the lineup when in fact u admit that LBP is an excellent game is just childish. Also, the service is $5 per month, what do u expect for $5? How greedy can u be?

  • Sony has no love for Vita.

    • I’m not complaining about the number of the games offered for vita, but the quality of both are questionable.

    • just in terms of PS+ titles? Titan Souls, Code: Realize – Guardian of Rebirth, Ninja Senki DX, Oreshika, and Prince of Persia were Vita games I was already going to buy on my Vita but ended up with them via the IGC. The selection is varied. Sony’s love isn’t the point. You just don’t like what’s being offered. It’s all about your emotions.

    • Lol! Prince Of Persia isn’t even a Vita game, it’s a PSP game and a 10 years old + game mind you. Code Realize, seriously, a visual novel? You call this a good game..? And I won’t even talk about the rest. If those indie games that Sony are giving us with Plus were really good, why are they literally ALMOST ALWAYS on sale and for something like $5? And yet here they are months after months in their sales, no one giving a damn about them. You think they want them more now, because it’s free, haha!?

  • Why didnt include LittleBigPlanet 3 for PS3 too

    • For one, it’s not Cross buy. Two, most of us don’t want to play it on PS3. You can get a PS4 for relatively cheap these days.

    • @DawningWolf55 i was busy for the past few years (almost since the end of PS2 era!) to studying, building a career and a life :)
      i want to first catch up on those ps3 games then buy a ps4. already bought 35 games on my almost one years old PS3! :P

  • Thank you Playstation.

  • Bring back the Store Update. Why do I need to go to an external website to get Sony store updates? This is a rookie move

  • question: does Starwhal have online multiplayer on this? cause if it’s a multiplayer game with no online…it’s kind of useless to me

  • Sweet! Another great month of games! While I already own LBP3 thanks to a previous Flash Sale I am definitely looking forward to Not A Hero & Ninja Senki DX. Thanks Sony! <3

  • Would love for VR to get some PS love guys…

  • While I am a little disappointed because I already have Little Big Planet 3, it is really a great game. Having more people own it will bring more custom levels to play, and that’s a good thing.

  • @TrueAssassin86x nope February’s GwG are actually really good this month, as opposed to this plus garbage

    Lovers in a dangerous spacetime is an excellent co-op game for up to 4 players, and SW:the force unleashed is a relatively good star wars game

    seriously sony LBP3? That’s the worst lbp game of the entire series, and the rest of the games look uninteresting as well

  • Great month guys. LBP3 is a great addition and Not a Hero is great too. Not only that but thanks to Cross Buy we get 5 free games on PS4 this month.

  • Been a PS+ member since Day 1, almost 7 years in a row now and I’m seriously contemplating not renewing coming this April. The offerings have been horrendous for the past year now. Compare to previous years, this service is getting worse and worse sadly.

    • I know right

    • These don’t suit your fancy or you already have them? If the former, try them out; they’re great fun.

    • Then quit. I can look at the 2016 IGC list and see games the more than paid for the cost of PS+. This is just the 2nd month of 2017 Titan Souls, Day of the Tentacle Remastered, LBP, Not a Hero, and Ninja DX has given back the value of the sub. Being able to add up the games you do like rather than going off the chain and forgetting about the games you did like isn’t a good way to be

  • These Vita games are bad.

  • I think it’s funny how Sony thinks they can add (finally!) one hugely popular franchise and think they can just add a bunch of other crap for the other 5 games (look at the reviews (not my opinion)) games and nobody will notice or care.

  • Games keep getting worse and worse lbp3 was the worst one I have it on disc and I never really played it just sits collecting dust

    Ninja sensi looks like an atari game don’t need that on ps4

    Anna horrible reviews

    Not a hero not interested in my eyes

    Torquel looks boring

    Starwhal also doesn’t seem good

    Would be nice to drop the vita games and get better quality games. Also I would think ps3 would be retired soon since after playing games games on ps4 you can’t go back to the os3. Graphics and the slowness of the system just don’t compare.

  • Oh my gosh. Nothing for me on this list

  • Great lineup.

    LBP3 is one of the best games for PS4. Now I don’t have to change my disc out.

    I’ll give them a try before I make a judgement.

    Also, please consider bringing back the sales tables. I know it is a lot of work, but it was very much appreciated by me.

  • Another month of games that nobody wants or already has, LBP3 was included with my PS4 over 2 years ago and the other games look like garbage.

  • Month



    It is the entitled gamer again and I am here to complain. When I demand AAA games, you can’t go and release a game that came out a few years ago like Little Big Planet. Yeah it shuts me up, but it is a game I may have purchased and I want everything catered to me specifically because my specific 60$ is what is keeping the company afloat.

    Yours In Entitlement,
    Entitled Gamer

  • Looks good, let the LBP3 be a beginning of good titles that’s given.

  • Last month was better.

    Probably will only try Starwhal and the Vita games (Always).

    Hopefully, UnEpic, Hotline Miami 2, or Volume hits PS+ some day.

    Please put Gravity Rush DLC on sale and as well as the Muramsa Rebirth DLC.

  • absolute crap games this month, and previous months were no better
    My ps plus subscription is ending this month, and I will not be renewing it. I never play online games, the only reason for me for subscribing to PS Plus were the free games. And by games, I dont mean indie games, since I couldnt care less about them.

    • Then in the PS4 generation, you were subscribed for the wrong reason. It’s best you’ve realized this now and will not renew your subscription so that we can all stop reading your complaints.

  • Every single day since the 12th I have searched for predictions to get this . Should I be happy ?

  • Sony, please stop giving away titles period. So tired of all the gamer tears because they aren’t getting what they want or aren’t happy with what you offer.

    • Isn’t it funny? No console gave games away with a subscription before until Sony started it. I remember when we got nothing. Now gamers aren’t happy with getting games compared to when we didn’t get. From my perspective, on PS4 we’re paying for the online. You can thanks MS for that ever since the first Xbox.

    • Let the gamer tears flow. People aren’t supposed to get what they want. They just get stuff. And if they aren’t happy with it, they can go back to crying in a hole. These games are great, except alot of people on here just hate indies for some reason, even if it’s a well made one. This makes me happier just to get Not A Hero then a CoD game, because at least it has some effort put into it and not made from a company with a track record of making bad games for more money, like Activisio and EA.

  • Not a hero and starwhal look fun! I’m not a fan of little big planet in general but I’m definitely gonna add it to my library.

  • Although I already have LittleBigPlanet 3 on PS4 (bundled with a Sackboy plush), I’m happy that Sony added in a AAA game in addition to indie games, and not just indie games. See guys, I don’t hate indie games, I just don’t like it Sony gives out nothing but indie games.

  • people still complaining about 5 Games WHAT IS WITH THIS. great games. LBP3 is a great game though i already have it. not a Hero is a great little Indie game that you should play. StarWhal 1000000% amazing party game for couch coop sessions. the rest i dont know. still 3 games with one of Playstations own First Party Titles, its still a good line up. better than Xbox with Starwhal and LBP3 alone.

  • Not media molecule lbp so I never cared to buy. Lbp Karting was a whole different genre so I gave it a pass. Look forward to giving lbpe a shot

  • Cool I own none of these games! Look forward to giving LBP 3 and Ninja Senki a try. Also Starwhal looks like a quirky little game I could enjoy with my family ;)

  • This is a really good lineup for PS Plus but I really hope that this means LittleBigPlanet 3 will get the online fixes it desperately needs. That game struggles even while strolling through levels sometimes and it disconnects SOOOO much online. It’s a diamond that needs some serious polishing but singleplayer it’s a rather smooth experience.

  • LBP 3 for PS3 is broken. When it does work, Its really slow. Hopefully the ps4 version is better. If not, Sony should fix it.

  • Bring back the weekly store update post!

  • 2 Months without PS+. I’m just okay. I get tired very quickly with LBP games, and as the ps3 games are “meh”, I will continue playing my singleplayer games: Tomb Raider, Until Dawn, Diablo 3 and Witcher 3 (that I didn’t even start yet).

  • Madness. LBP 3 is really fun after all the patches it had post-launch. I bought it sometime last year during a PSN sale for $8. I was disappointed that Not A Hero was cancelled for Vita, but I’ve heard it’s good too.

  • Ok look calm ur tits Alright. We’ve been complaining a lot about the games and y do we have to way $10 more hey this is a step to them listening. Little big Planet is almost. It may look childish but it’s amazing man!

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