More PlayStation VR Bundles Coming This Month

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More PlayStation VR Bundles Coming This Month

If you haven’t picked up PlayStation VR yet, we’ve got some good news – the PS VR bundle is making a return. This was available for pre-order before launch, but it’s hitting store shelves next week for $499 USD / $699 CAD (MSRP). Check your local retailers for availability.

The PlayStation VR Bundle represents a great value, as it includes all of the following items:

PlayStation VR PS VR Worlds Bundle

Interested in the frightening adrenaline ride of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood? Well, even more good news – an exclusive PlayStation VR Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Bundle will be available at GameStop and EB Games. This bundle will become available later this month for $499 USD / $699 CAD (MSRP), and includes the following:

PlayStation VR Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Bundle

  • PlayStation VR headset
  • PlayStation Camera
  • Two PlayStation Move motion controllers
  • PlayStation VR demo disc
  • Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

It’s only been three months since we launched PS VR and the game lineup looks to be incredibly strong in 2017. I’m super excited about a few PS VR games in the year ahead, with Farpoint, Golem, Gran Turismo Sport, Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin and Star Trek: Bridge Crew in my sights. Hope you all get a chance to pick up a PS VR headset and enjoy these for yourself. We love the PlayStation Nation’s passion for this platform and I can’t wait for what’s coming in 2017!

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  • Great news! Excited more people will get to experience VR, which is here to stay!!

    • I feel bad for ppl who can’t experience Resident Evil 7 on PSVR. If u consider yourself a gamer u need to play this in VR.

      PSVR is so enjoyable, Playroom VR just added a new free game, FPS “Dex” from Ninja Theory just released, and Psychonauts Rhombus of Ruin launches in a few weeks.

      Farpoint, Ark, Gran Turismo, Ace Combat 7, Tekken 7, Dirt Rally, Starblood Arena, Golem, Megaton, Get Even, Arizona Sunshine, Psychonauts and a bunch more awesome big games coming to PSVR in 2017.

    • I still haven’t played vr yet. The last vr game I played was Nintendo virtual boy.

    • Hahaha, VR will be dead in a year or two. An accessory that costs more than the console itself is rather disgusting. I love your guys’ dramatic overrating of it though, hilarious.

    • iamtylerdurden1 i am playing RE7 in VR now this game is by far the best experience I’ve had for the PS VR accompanied with the surround headsets makes this game ten times scarier

    • In my opinion Sony has made a crucial mistake with the outrageously high pricing for the VR system. It seems highly unusual that an accessory to a system be priced equal to the price of the system, or in this case xonsiderably more expensive.
      I’ve never owned any system other that PS 1, 2, 3, & 4, but this will definitely have me rethinking my choice of systems in the future. JMHO

    • You may have some who will cough up the cash for this overpriced accesssory, but think of how msny you’ve alienated because they can’t afford it. Someone obviously didn’t think this through and it will definitely cost you many loyal customers, self included.

    • People like SidNightwalker are so pathetic. If they had it their way smartphones with touch screens wouldn’t exist either. One day maybe you can afford to get a PSVR and stop trolling. Or maybe you can’t stomach it cuz you have a weak body. Either way, I know no one who wasn’t impressed with VR whether it be PVSR, Vive, or any other hardware. And all you others complaining about cost…No one cares you can’t afford to be on the cutting edge. But I guess if you can’t afford it then it’s doomed right…lol

    • Sony’s PSVR…..Cool, but old playstation move accessories? should have been updated. Let’s say too something like , if some of you gamers remember,”THE forgive me sony , NINTENDO GLOVE” , something instead of 2 cylinders with balls on theme. I know you guy’s are saving money on unused accessories but, PSVR needs something better.

    • Without being rude, I do have the money just like alot of others.but I am missing the point as to why I have to spend so much for an accessory. May I ask what makes the v.r. tick, some kind of hopped up micro-processor or some kind of cutting edge technology that is very expensive. I’d love to hear back.

    • Anyone trying to dog on psvr is just mad cuz you cant afford one. Its rather entertaining and as far as vr goes a good value.

    • Awwww, blind fools with zero ability to think for themselves have the audacity to try to pretend this thing is worth the money huh? Maybe I’ll buy one for 50 bucks in a couple years. It’d be worth about that. Actually it wouldn’t because it isn’t even 60fps. Yeah, I’m sure 30fps VR is impressive to those that have no clue what they’re talking about.

      Oh and, for the record, touch screens are actually a useful technology.

    • Id very much like to try VR but not at the prices you quoted. I believe greed must have gotten a hold on you. Isn’t it enough that people buy your products again and again? Why try to retire off this VR fad? More moderate pricing will get you double the sells. If these bundles cost you $100 to create I’d be surprised. $250.00 is the most these bundles are worth.

    • PS VR with the controllers and a camera in a bundle are $300 cheaper than the Vive, and $100 cheaper htan the Oculus, the Oculus which has motion controllers that cost $200.

      Not to mention you can get a PS4 for $250 and a VR ready PC with the interpolation Time Warps, and all of the algorithms to lower the barrier to entry are still something along the lines of $400-600.

      Yet PS VR is too expensive? Really? These things are hard to produce. The price of the unit has to be high so that they can make a profit off of every one, so that they can afford to support it in the long run. Then when they stop selling out of all their stock and have units sitting around price drops and sales can happen.

      It’s a really dumb idea to have something that takes a long time to produce and is therefor hard to keep stocked, at a price where you don’t make a profit. Especially since PS VR is already selling out, and then more are coming in time for tax refunds so more will sell out, and then they’ll put more in the market which may or may not sell out… What is the price point htat would have made you happy?

    • Sid Nightwalker PS VR is 90-120FPS consistently.

      60FPS games are projected to 120fps and no game is allowed to be 30 interpolated to 60. 90fps is the slowest framerate these games are allowed to output to your eyes after interpolation. Tell me a game that doesn’t.

      I have yet to hear of any 45fps being interpolated at 90. The minimum is 60fps.

  • No one cares anymore bring back the store Update Blog. And wheres are PlayStation Plus line up for February? I saw Xboxs and all 4 games suck.

    • I love to see you joining the crowd. Over on The Drop posts, you tell people off for requesting Sony bring back the Store Update posts, but HERE YOU ARE. Doing the same thing… hypocrite much?
      Also, if no one cares about VR anymore, why is your post the only one saying so? Literally every other comment present here (at 6:37am PST) is in support of VR. How about you stop being such a hater and instead just post on articles you’re actually positive about. In this day and age, words and social media interaction are almost as valuable as money, so people like you who comment on everything whether they like it or not, are just as bad as people who complain about features in a game then buy the game anyway. Speak with your wallet, and your posts. Cause right now, you’re sending really, really mixed signals…

    • Wow. 35 comments.

  • Awesome! I can’t wait to get mine PSVR FTW!!! Just a few more weeks. :) Keep the awesome VR coming.

    • PSVR is amazing, Resident Evil 7 on PSVR and PS4 Pro is the best experience i’ve had in a long time. Also, Rush of Blood is great. It’s a must buy along with RIGS.

  • I dont’t comment here as often as I should but just want to say thank you Sony for the day you considered getting into VR. It’s been an amazing experience and I have been loving every minute of it. I will continue to support it and the content thats released as best as I can. You guys rock!

  • This is amazing I finally can the be for resident of evil

  • how much better would this be if Playstation decided to just add all of their Playstation Products, not just games, video, music & apps but also accessories, products of sony & playstation to the Playstation Store . example: Headphones, TV’s, blueray players, VR units and accessories and anything else that we would usually get from the retailers. we are in a age where most purchases are ordered on line. Also if you add better deals than the retail stores, this would be amazing. there would always be plenty of products because it will come straight from the factory and you will know whats popular and how much more to make in factories depending on demand of the product. Since most of the times consumers already have accounts with Playstation Store, why not just sell all playstation and sony products in the playstation store as well. it would definitely get more viewers and perhaps even more accounts with Playstation. Just a thought which i think would be brilliant. if you do decide to go this way, dont forget who told you and hook a brother up with some thank you stuff. Good stuff not just leftover in the bin stuff. lol. Love you Playstation.

    • I don’t think you realize just how expensive setting the infrastructure up for that would be.

    • They did, it was called Sony Store. And they closed it a year ago don’t you remember? Who wants to buy stuff at MSRP anyway?

  • Can I still just get the headsets? Still have move controllers from way back when

    its mising since xmas. WTF ???

  • fiddles, i was hoping for a resident evil bundle… well guess I’m waiting… unless i just end up buying resident evil, which would then moot my bundle wishes.

  • Finally! I’m hoping black Friday this year also brings prices down on these.

  • You really need to reduce the price of the Canadian bundle to $650. That is more fair given current exchange rates.

  • Yeah, thanks, I like my VR.

    Can we get the Store Updates brought back to the blog though?

    Where are the store updates?

    Yo, Mr. Koller, what’s the word on the store updates?

  • I think PSVR is dead! I bought it day one and its sitting in the corner unused!

    RE7 was fun, but its a hassle to set everything up, for only 20 minutes of gameplay. Its Nintendo 3DS graphics makes it even worse to enjoy.

    I REGRET BUYING PSVR! I hope everyone doesn’t give in to the hype!

    • Haha wow luv my psvr wow 20 mins of game play right there shows you have no idea what your taking about so I’ll just say this to ppl who may read this ignorant comment res 7 takes about 11 hours to beat now on a speed run were the guy played it so much he knew everything about the game it was able to be beat in an hour and a half some ppl with that knowledge have done it in 3 hours so 20 mins well the demo can’t be enjoyed in that time either this is truly one of the most hateful hater comment or this person is confused with the first demo either way ignore this person they haven’t a clue or are afraid of change thats truly sad

    • I’ll buy your PSVR if you don’t want it

  • You Should Have made Resident Evil 7 VR Bundle with Special Black / Orange Color

  • Y’all need to do a bundle without the Move controllers and freakin lower that ridiculous price.Sorry but I ain’t paying for an accessory more than I paid for ma PS4 itself.

  • just in time for taxes i see what you’re doing Playstation lol.

  • Playstation please make a Horizon PS4 Pro bundle I have a Launch PS4 Pro but you guys are crazy to miss out on such an opportunity.

  • as of this moment 499 USD is $653.04 CAN. so you guys can screw off with your pricing sony!

  • Thank you! Assuming they will sell out immediately as they have in the past, when exactly can we expect to see these on the shelves so that I can plan my visit?

  • Not worth $700, but keep up the great work.

  • Still zero love for early supporters. I have multiple move controllers from PS3. Bought the camera on launch day. Yet I still just can’t buy a VR headset stand alone. At launch for VR you did list an option for headset only but was priced to make it obsolete and not cost effective. Would be great if your loyal customers had option to buy it separately without the price gouging.

  • I still have issues with this.

    $700 for Canadian is just plain madness, absolutely hell now. Doesnt matter how good the damn thing is…no.

    Make a headset only bundle with a game, i already have a camera and i already have 2 move controllers from when you gave the middle finger to PS3 players and early adaopters

    Theres no way to play one of these to even find out of its ok for you.

    Basically its a $700 gamble and Sony has a horrible history with new tech and abandoning it.

    The 3d TV simuview screen and Move are too of the biggest issues.

    I really wanted to get my hands on this but right now it would be a $700 100% gamble.

    I love new tech and i try to adopt it when i can but come on.

    • Do they not have the standalone unit for you guys? They sell it here for about $100 less. No camera or controllers. It’s a good option for those who already own the camera and controllers.

    • I have to agree. As an early adopter of the PS3 tech and the PS4…there is no great bundle for me yet.

      I picked up move controllers during the PS3 era and I picked up PS4 camera with my launch PS4 to gear up for PSVR. They really need to do a Helmet/Game bundle for fans that I have been with Playstation for a long time and supported them through all their hardware launches (heck, I have that Playstation 3DTV screen – it was glorious but short lived).

      I have tried the PSVR and I loved it. I have REZ HD waiting for the PSVR system. However, the current price and bundle options ($700 CAD) aren’t for me at this time.

      Hopefully Playstation will find a way to reach me because I want to get in the VR ride. I would like to see a steady stream of quality games.

      Also, the PS4 Pro? That thing burns. I’ve been waiting for The Last Guardian for an entire console generation only to find out that it plays the best/optimized for the PS4 Pro. That is like gut punch.

    • @Radcrap

      I don’t see how you can say that. I was an early adopter of all the PS platforms as well, and because of that, I have a PS3 that will play all PS One, PS2, and PS3 games. Something that none of the current PS3s will do.

      For everyone else, is PSVR perfect? Hell NO, and neither are any of the other VR options. Will it improve over time, ABSOLUTELY! So, if you can’t afford it now, I wouldn’t worry about it. By the time that you can afford it, there may be an even better version available.

      VR is not for everyone. Try it out at one of the many stores that demo it, before making a decision. To date, my most favorite PSVR game is Werewolves Within. It sounds like a stupid title, and a stupid game, but it is AWESOME! If you don’t like talking with others, then you won’t like the game. However, if you like talking with others, and perhaps deceiving others, you will have a blast.

  • Drop the price to $200 and I’ll buy it

  • RE7 in VR is one of the most intimate gaming experiences I’ve had in recent times. Please don’t give up on the medium Sony. Encourage developers to take chances. And give us a full Star Wars game! Come on, EA, it would be amazing. It would push HeadSet sales and expand the usership. The Rogue One mission was phenomenal.

  • I think it’s best to wait for a black Friday deal for a price cut

    • I agree, and by then, we will have a much better understanding of what the future of PSVR will look like. I am just worried that there will not be a sale. Black Friday 2016 did not have any PSVRs for sale, and I worry that Black Friday 2017 will just have PSVRs available to purchase at normal price.

    • My concerns are as good as yours

  • Cool. I may pick one up now. A few weeks ago I got some cash and felt like blowing it on PSVR, except there were no bundles around. Just reseller bullsh** on sites like eBay selling them for gross markups – as expensive as a damn Vive or Rift! Now that they’re back on store shelves, I’ll see about picking one up :)

  • Nice that there are now two different game bundles available. I have both of these games and can’t really recommend one over the other. I think if you are a solo player looking to get PSVR for Resident Evil 7, then go with Rush of Blood. If you do some local multiplayer and like to have people over to play some games, then go with the VR Worlds.

  • How about a release date for Farpoint i want to get it but i can’t even find any real details about it much less a release date for it.

  • They should bundle RE7 with just the VR headset and camera and drop the price to $200 or $250.

  • Sorry Sony, but it is still out of my price range. My max would be $365 for the bundle and $250 for just the headset. Also, be real, pricing the move controllers for $100 is robbery. Don’t make the consumer pay for your PS3 failure. I also need more info! Sony, you have been quiet on PSVR for MONTHS! We need to know what your plans are and what is currently being developed. Give us something substantial; preferably before E3.

    • I agree, the move controllers are way too expensive standalone and I already have the camera so this bundle isn’t for me.

    • @StormRaging The move controllers are expensive? Best Buy had them for $3-5 for many months a couple of years ago.

  • Love the promise of VR. Hope you guys support it fully, it really needs some AAA games to showcase it.

  • There’s a ps plus sale on some of the VR games this week, I thought that was encouraging to see. Nice to get a bit of a savings on some new content. I think there needs to be more demo units available in stores for consumers to try. It was a big plunge to buy with no sense of what I was getting. If people knew the immersive nature of VR and what the experience offers, I think they’d be selling more briskly. Looking forward to the new games on the horizon.

  • Hi!
    I don’t comment often due to the toxic nature of online forums but I just wanted to say a few positives about my PSVR experience so far and a quick thank you to Sony for bringing VR to us console gamers.
    I picked up a PSVR before Xmas and took it home over break to show to family and I must say that it made our holiday! My family of mostly non-gamers (except my brother) had the most fun messing around in VR since the early days of the Wii and Rockband. It really made our holiday gathering one to remember :). Thanks Sony and keep supporting VR and I’ll be there the whole way. So far my VR folder includes 33 games and with this VR sale going on now I’m sure I’ll be rounding out my collection with a few more. Not all the games the best but many of them have been unforgettable VR experiences for me and my family. So just wanted to say thanks from the bottom of my heart :)

  • I want Playstation VR so much especially for RE 7 and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood. Playstation VR is getting awesome reviews and you can really tell that gamers feel way more interactive by the reactions. People who never ever played VR are talking trash about it and the players who actually played VR games are raving about it. Who am I gonna listen to? I will get Playstation VR when the price drops down a little more but I definitely want it.

  • I wish you’d release a bundle without the camera. The move controllers by themselves are too expensive for me to pick up the PSVR and move separately and I already have the camera.

  • Anything that truly enhances the way we interact with games is to be appreciated. For example, I’ve always loved racing games but using my thumb to move 1/2 inch left and right to control a vehicle which everyone in the “real world” controls with a large wheel is just, disappointing. Best video game purchases I’ve EVER made to enhance my gaming have always been better/specialized controllers! My force-feedback wheel w/racing seat costs about $650-700. Yeah, crazy expensive and seemingly pointless…until you strap yourself in, and try it! It’s a game changer!!
    Sony didn’t treat VR as a cheap afterthought. If they had, no one would care. For the price, you probably can’t do any better. I’ve tried it in stores but don’t own it due to lack of availability but I do plan to jump in when I can!
    Keep gaming, all!!

  • Exactly… Here comes the boom! Or bust! Whichever you prefer. This is a clear cut case of overexcitement and premature ‘release’ of what could have been a new era in gaming. At this price it will surely be a flop. It doesn’t take a business genius to realize this product should be developed further before releasing to not only make it more affordable, but also offer more variety of games to be used with the product. Whoever chose to release it, fire that guy (or gal for the sensitive readers). Sony! Get your act together! Leave the bad decisions to trump…
    All my love,
    -HrCmsThBooM –

  • Way to many trolls here! Anyone who has tried the Playstation knows how amazing it is. The 3D all around you games made me say OMG Wow This is so cool. When I demoed the headset at Best Buys store. As far as price of the top 3 VR headsets Sony PlayStation VR holds the lowest price of them all. The headset alone it $399 USD. The bundle $499 is well worth it If you buy the Headset and move controllers it will cost you $499 buying the bundle gets you the camera and game FREE.

    You don’t have to take anyone word on it. But you need to try this out before you remark about it. Find out where they are demoing the headset and be amazed..

    • Why people keep saying move controllers are expensive? I still have a few unopened I got from BB for like $3 each. They had all the ps3 stuff on clearance (the $1 ps3 camera days if you remember). Now I have to look at ebay to unload these if they really worth more than $5-10.

    • Mr. Karnes… You’re no stranger to pulling the Shute in the 3rd quarter as KIOR’s CFO???
      Which is what this troll is trying to predict with the VR’s release being way too early and much too costly to the ‘average’ consumer. Words read on this site are likely the above average die hard PS fans so the ratings and feedback are likely higher than usual. My position stands. That is this product could have used a couple more years in th R&D shop to really make it ‘Jobs’ worthy and the release could have been spectacular and at a cost that the average gamer would be happy to pay.
      So keep an eye on the 3rd quarter to find your future parachuting partner Mr, Karnes.. Some may not even have a Shute though …

  • Way to many trolls here! Anyone who has tried the PlayStation VR knows how amazing it is. The 3D all around you games made me say OMG Wow This is so cool. When I demoed the headset at Best Buys store. As far as price of the top 3 VR headsets Sony PlayStation VR holds the lowest price of them all. The headset alone it $399 USD. The bundle $499 is well worth it If you buy the Headset and move controllers it will cost you $499 buying the bundle gets you the camera and game FREE.

    You don’t have to take anyone word on it. But you need to try this out before you remark about it. Find out where they are demoing the headset and be amazed..

  • Soooooooo, what are those sales numbers Sony? Oh, hush hush lol

    Yea, VR is nice (when you don’t throw up) but it is no where near the experience for the price people are looking for. Kind of like the comment I did on a site about a computer barebones system for gaming and how much it would cost to add everything would be so high compare to a console, and then I see this so I should add, except if you want VR and a driving wheel….

  • First I’d like to say “if you haven’t tried psvr, don’t comment. I tried it at Best Buy on Christmas Eve and was amazed. I had to have one only to find they were out of stock. So I purchased a PS4 in anticipation of psvr. Low and behold I walked into the same Best Buy store on New Year’s Eve and a psvr core unit just came off the delivery truck. I brought it on the spot. Have been playing every sense then. I personally love it. To watch family and friends try it that have never gamed was hilarious. They went home wanting one. Moral-try before you comment!!!

  • its missing one big bundle opportunity in my opinion:

    “PlayStation VR Resident Evil 7 Bundle”

    That is the one i was waiting for…

  • The PS VR eco system is extremely expensive as a fad. It is nice as a demo and is fun to play. What will come down to is the experiences that Sony will provide on a proprietary platform. Some VR titles like Eagle Flight and Riggs are fun experiences.

    If Sony was smart, the playstation pro would have supported 3d blu-ray to leverage Sony 3D movies for home through VR experience. But no, it has to be streamed from Netflix or other service. Without unlimited bandwidth and fast network speed, content is slow. 3d content available to Samsung VR and Oculus Rift does not appear to be Sony PS VR compatible (need to research )

  • The goggles do not have a fan so it gets steamy around the eyes so a fan nearby is an unexpected useful accessory.

    The rubber flaps, keeps most external light out but not all. So turning off the lights in the room helps.

    Shifting up and down the goggles by millimeters will provide a crisp image or a blurry visual experience. So it can be fussy.

    With Rigs going under, it is questionable about buying a $1200 system + taxes in Canada. Plus games. if you do not have a playstation pro already. Home 3DTV is pretty much dying so the question will be is tethered PVR goggles provide enough interest

    VR is pretty much for gamers with deep pockets or gamers with very friendly sponsors.

    Sharing a gaming system helps with trying it , buying games and financially supporting. Love the experience and look forward to learning how to extend the console’s useability with vr experiences like 3d youtube.

  • These bundles are live at GameStop & online! Grab them while you can!

    • They’re gone already online and the stores I called had no clue what I was even talking about. So are they still being restocked next week? I just found out about this yesterday and yesterday isn’t next week lol.

  • Thanks PlayStation for finally getting more VR headsets out I really appreciate it my first VR headset was a dud due to a bad PU but I hope that the one I preordered is not like my first VR headset

  • Just purchased my PS VR headset last week along with Resident Evil 7, Batman Arkham VR, and Star Wars Battlefront (with X-Wing VR Mission) and I have to say it’s really WORTH IT! My BEST PlayStation experience since first laying eyes on Tekken 1 on PS1! Every gamer owes it to themselves to experience PSVR first-hand— Highly recommended!

  • This is GREAT news but I wish we had more information. I called GameStop and Best Buy and neither of them knew about any new bundles (BB flat out said there are no more and they don’t exist anymore). GameStop’s site has the VR World’s bundle (not that launch, it specifically says World’s) and of course they are sold out. They also had that bundle with a release of 1/23. So when Sony says they are getting restocked do they mean actual physical stores or just online stores? I live by 3 GameStop’s and none of them knew about this too. Doesn’t leave me with a lot of confidence I will be able to find one next week. Does anybody know anymore? What stores/areas are getting them, when next week?

  • I checked with 3 of my local retailers, and NOBODY had any idea what I was talking about. As soon as you mention bundle you get cutoff. “Those were launch only.” “Those don’t exist anymore.” NOBODY knows anything about these. I really want to buy a VR bundle Sony, I have since launch, but it seems impossible to get any solid info on the VR World’s Bundle. Hitting stores next week is incredibly vague. What stores? Online or in-store?

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