Dirt 4 Coming to PS4 This June: 4 Things You Need to Know

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Dirt 4 Coming to PS4 This June: 4 Things You Need to Know

Here at Codemasters, we continue to push the limits of what our games can do on PlayStation. We recently announced that we’ll be bringing Dirt Rally to a whole new level of realism and immersion with a PS VR upgrade. But that’s not all we have coming.

To continue with our commitment to bringing PlayStation fans the best racing games, we’re here today to announce and talk about the next and largest game ever in the Dirt franchise — Dirt 4!

We’re so pumped to bring you Dirt 4 later this year. It’s going to throw an incredible amount of cool stuff your way, so here’s the important information that you should know before it lands this June!

Your Stage

As the saying goes, “a circuit driver sees the same corner a thousand times, but a rally driver sees a thousand different corners” — and that’s the experience Dirt 4 aims to recreate. While our Career Mode rally routes are replayable and carefully curated to challenge a driver’s ever-growing skill-set, players will also have access to a new feature called Your Stage. A game changer for racing, Your Stage is an incredibly cool tool that means that the robotic nature of learning a stage will be a thing of the past.

Your Stage is our very own route generator that allows players to create stages to their own specification, giving you all sorts of options with regards to length, complexity, and time of day. At the push of the button, you can generate a stage that no-one will have ever seen before — and with more than a billion possible stages across five different locations, the possibilities are astounding.

These tracks can then be shared with friends online too, so you can create a track, throw down a time, and challenge your buddies to beat it. We might also have a few special guests setting some extra-special challenges further down the line…

Dirt 4 Was Developed with Real-life Drivers

At Codemasters, we pride ourselves on providing the most authentic representation of motorsport possible — which is why, when developing the game, we called in top-flight rally driver Kris Meeke along with former Rally champ and two-time World Rallycross Champion Petter Solberg to help us nail down the feeling of driving these amazing cars around a blind bend at breakneck speed.

Petter and Kris came to the development studio to consult and assist with the handling aspects of Dirt 4 — and thanks to their years of world-class Rally and Rallycross experience, Dirt 4’s feel and handling has been taken to the next level. Petter’s son (and motorsport champion of the future) Oliver Solberg also helped us with the handling and behavior of the crosskarts, which will be new to the Dirt franchise this year!

Even the voices in Dirt 4 are authentic to the motorsport experience — with rally co-driver, commentator, and motorsport presenter Jen Horsey playing the role of Rally school instructor and co-driver for US players. UK players will hear the distinctive Welsh accent of Colin McRae’s old co-driver Nicky Grist, who you might remember from a certain Colin McRae Rally series. You can obviously choose whichever you want.

More US Locations Than Ever Before

The new game brings a whole host of American locations to Dirt, so there’s plenty of homegrown road to get your teeth into. Michigan is one of the five Rally stage locations, while Nevada, California, and Baja in Mexico also make their Dirt game debuts as truck and buggy racing makes a return in Landrush.

The new DirtFish Rally School in Washington will also host your first few steps as a racing driver, where Jen Horsey will teach you all of the tips and tricks you’ll need to confidently throw your car around a stage. The school also doubles as a free practice zone for all of your vehicle-tuning needs, where you’ll instantly be able to test new vehicles and new setups.

Not only that, but our new Joyride mode will also allow you to take on Lap Time and Smash the Blocks challenges around the Rally School’s grounds — so if you’re into donuts, there will be a place you can shred your wheels to your heart’s content.

Be Fearless

Dirt 4’s all about the adrenaline rush, the thrill, and the danger of off-road racing — and more than that, it’s about loving that exhilaration. Whether you’re pushing flat out on the side of a cliff, or seeing how much air you can get in a truck, Dirt 4 is about driving forward in the face of adversity, as fast as you can.

With our new technology, added realism, expanded content, and multiplayer modes, Dirt 4’s set to be our biggest and boldest Dirt game yet.

The only question is: are you brave enough?

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  • Holy moly it’s as if Sony wants me to become poor with all of these fantastic games coming out. The Dirt franchise is probably one of my favorite racing franchises! Cannot wait to get my hands on it. Best wishes to the development team!

    • What is the window for Dirt Rally on PSVR? What type of Pro support will Dirt 4 receive?

    • So happy to have you on board as a fan! This is the biggest DiRT game ever, so there’s going to be more for you to love than ever before.

    • Is there going to be any offroas stuff? Dirt 2 was my favorite primarily because of the offroas trucks and door to door really cross racing

  • Hell yes can’t wait for this. Dirt Rally was cool last year but I definitely enjoy the more arcade version of Dirt a lot more. Please please please have a splitscreen couch co-op mode for this game. There are literally no racing games this gen that let me and friends hang out and race together and this game would be perfect for it.

  • Ok this is awesome news but the question is, do Dirt 4 plays like the serious sim Dirt Rally or do it play like the more fun less serious Dirt 3? I love Dirt Rally but its too serious meaning its an actual sim. Dirt 3 and Dirt 2 are my favorite because it was super fun and easy to learn. I also love the dirt particles and dirt effects while driving.


      Great question. DiRT Rally was hyper focused as an extreme sim rally racer. What we’re aiming for with DiRT 4 is to have the same challenge available to hardcore fans, but we’re also building out a brand new training mode called DiRT Academy as well as our track creator – Your Stage which will let you create stages to your own level of skill and improve where and how you want.

      So, to simply answer your question — Fun and accessible for first time fans, but as challenging as DiRT Rally for those wanting the challenge.

  • Please tell me it’s the Navada Salt Flats

  • I love Dirt. Very excited to see more coming, but also excited because I missed the Rally VR news and can’t wait to try it. Hoping to lose my stomach but not my lunch on the jumps. The co-pilot part sounds great.

    • We’re very excited to bring more to DiRT fans. As for DiRT Rally VR, you definitely feel the jumps in PSVR. The immersion is unreal.

  • Awesome news! Any Playstation VR support in this game?

  • Can’t wait. With Dirt Rally, I thought that it would be another 2-3 years before next iteration in the franchise, but this surprise announcement shows how cannot believe how Codemasters continue to be one the best racing game developpers in the world.

    Quick question: since VR suport will be available for Dirt Rally, can we assume that VR support will also be available for Dirt 4 on day 1 ?

    • (whoops, a few typos)

      Can’t wait. With Dirt Rally, I thought that it would be another 2-3 years before the next iteration in the franchise, but this surprise announcement shows how Codemasters continues to be one the best racing game developpers in the world.

      Quick question: since VR support will be available for Dirt Rally, can we assume that VR support will also be available for Dirt 4 on day 1 ?

  • can anyone please enlighten me – where are the PS Store update blogs ? Did I miss some announcement or what ?

  • Add me to the list of fans eagerly awaiting confirmation of PSVR support for Dirt 4!

  • It has been a while since I have played a racing game…this might be a buy for me. I’ve always been interested in this franchise!

  • Dirt Rally is solid on PC but I do miss the stylishness of the other dirt games so I am looking forward to this.

    • The game is definitely oozing with style just as past main franchise entries have been. Can’t wait to share more information and gameplay soon.

    • @John Choon,

      Awesome! DiRT 2(never got to play 3) is my favorite racing game ever. I don’t care if 4 is more realistic, I can manage sim-level realism just fine, as long as it’s got the fun and style of previous games. DiRT was so fun with the amazing voice cast and soundtrack. I loved the soundtrack, made watching replays over and over again really fun.

  • Is dirt 4 going to be more accesible/arcade for casual players?
    Because dirt rally was more for hardcore and sims players.
    Thanks in advance

  • I hope I will be able to choose the language in which I want to play, regardless of the store I buy the game or my console’s language settings. It was a bummer to discover, in Dirt Rally, that I could only play in that horrible, and not native at all, Brazilian portguese.

    • I own a PS4 Pro, and Dirt was my first purchase.
      As I couldn’t find the blue ray, I had to digitally buy it and download it.
      Unfortunately there’s no option to change the language to French, and I don’t understand all the pace notes in English.
      Anyway, a top game, keep up the good job Codemas ters!

  • Any more details on the rally aspect of the new game? Differences to dirt rally? New rally’s and new cars??

  • This is excellent news, well done codemasters, love all the Dirt games, but Dirt Rally I found so difficult, but looks and feels amazing. So if Dirt 4 is the “fun” version then take my money now. Roll on June 9th :-) and make sure the Toyota celica is included this time.

  • I haven’t picked up a racing game in a very LONG time, I’ll probably pick this one up!

    • The Your Stage feature adding almost unlimited custom track creation might also make this the last racing game that you pick up for a very long time as well! ^_~

  • So will Dirt 4 support the PSVR as well?

  • Make it like Dirt 1…. nothing after was nearly as good.

  • Will DirtFish Rally School let us free roam with any vehicle we choose?

  • Well, the “Be Fearless” marketing sounds like a response to the difficulty that was an issue for arcade players with DiRT Rally and to me that sends a bit of a mixed message. I read the response above about a sincere attempt to satisfy both hardcore sim players and more casual arcade racing fans. That sounds good however, from that first response addressing this I was left with this question:

    Are the sim and arcade experiences divided by the difficulty of certain content within the game, as in some content is for sim players and some areas cater more to arcade such as specifying your own race conditions in custom generated content or does the game actually include selectable levels of difficulty for the entirety of the racing content across the board with such typical stuff as driving assists, etc.? I really could not tell from the answer that was given but I would like to know.

    • Hi! Great followup question. Content is not divided, rather difficulty settings have been altered to allow for more assists for players that want to use them. Hardcore players will be rewarded with more XP for completing content without use of these assists, etc. To sum up — Just because you want to sit back and enjoy the game without being pushed to the limits with challenges doesn’t mean you’ll have access to less content.

    • Thanks very much for clarifying that. I’ll be looking for to this then and who knows, maybe I’ll work my way up challenge-wise over time but it’s real nice to not be forced at the outset. That’s good news because I really liked DiRT 3 but I did skip DiRT Rally which I had wanted to buy when I recently got my PS4 until I learned it was for the hard core. I’m not critical of that either but it just meant that it wasn’t a good choice for me was all.

      Again, thank you for your. I appreciate it!

    • Oops! My kingdom for an Edit button!

      I meant, thank you for your response.

  • Is it using an improved graphics engine this time?

  • will dirt 4 support psvr?

    • “We recently announced that we’ll be bringing Dirt Rally to a whole new level of realism and immersion with a PS VR upgrade.”…

  • Is offroas trucks in this one? Reason dirt 2 is my favorite!

  • Dirt Rally is awesome but I find myself going for the German courses as a custom event because I like the more grippy less floaty experience. Will Dirt 4 also have more road courses? Either way, pumped, Dirt is a fantastic franchise.

  • i really hope there is more rallycross tracks and cars! rallycross is super fun in dirt rally, but its the same thing over and over again with so few tracks and cars

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