PlayStation Blogcast 234: Demolition Men

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PlayStation Blogcast 234: Demolition Men

What a Friday, what a week, what a… Blogcast? This week Mr. Clements abandoned us, and with Justin still gallivanting around Japan, Sid and I were left to operate the heavy machinery.

It took us 45 minutes to figure out how to turn the microphones on, but when we finally did we discussed the packed release schedule for the last week of January, including Resident Evil VII and Yakuza 0, Sid’s love of pinball, and, of course, Sid’s continued tilt at the windmills of Darkest Dungeon. Plus: this week’s Watch Dogs 2 demo and the last-chance trial for Nioh (Available this weekend only!) got us talking about our favorite demos.

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Stuff We Talked About

  • Nioh
  • Resident Evil VII biohazard
  • Watch Dogs 2
  • Metal Gear Solid 2
  • *sigh* Darkest Dungeon

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  • Hey guys any comment on why we aren’t getting a PlayStation Store update blog post anymore? The Drop doesn’t really do it as it doesn’t list DLC that comes out or sales.

  • Hello blogcast crew!
    Longtime listener and fan here. I’ve listened to every single blogcast episode (even the pilot episode)! I’ve been here since the early days of the original fantastic four which included Sid, Jeff “Whobenstein”, Rey, and Mr. Nick S. I have LOVED the blogcast and considered it to be one of the best in the biz. Recently however, I’ve been wanting to provide some constructive criticism… After the last episode, which had my favorite guest Scott Rhode, I just had to chime in and get this out of my system. Ryan’s constant interjecting and cutting conversations short needs to stop. The entire point of listening to a podcast is to hear others opinions/insights etc. If Ryan can’t add to a conversation, then please stop him from cutting conversations short.
    Now I don’t want to hurt feelings, but Ryan has made the show take a turn for the worse. The entire purpose of being on a podcast is to add to a discussion. The only thing Ryan does is take away from any sort of discussion by cutting it short. He never adds any input on a topic either and is overly sensitive to spoilers.

    • Some people like me don’t like spoilers so I respect them for avoiding them plus I would say Justin is probably more anti spoiler than Ryan

  • (continued)
    I understand that time is limiting and being a responsible adult makes gaming difficult. However, if you can’t add to a gaming, movie, music, food topic, please don’t stop others from speaking their minds. Ryan is a great human being, and I respect him, but please please please don’t ruin another episode by taking away from what a podcast is intended to do. A podcast is intended to allow listeners to listen to what a podcaster has to say.

    PS: Zac is a great addition to the team!

  • Oh boy I really wish Justin or Ryan was there to correct you guys on that Kingdom Hearts stuff.

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 contains two games and a movie. One of them is a brand new game called Birth by Sleep 0.2 a fragmentary passage it is a direct sequel to Birth by Sleep and a prequel to Kingdom Hearts 3 it also contains a movie version of the mobile game Unchained X and an HD remake of the previously 3DS exclusive Dream Drop Distance. Anybody looking to start the Kingdom Hearts franchise should start with 1.5 and 2.5 on PS3 or there’s going to be a PS4 release in March that contains 1.5 and 2.5 together putting the entire franchise on one system. Hope this information helps. Keep up the good work guys!

  • Quick correction: Yakuza 0 releasing this week is a prequel to the series. Yakuza Kiwami, set to release this summer is a remake of Yakuza 1. Yakuza 0 is the perfect place for someone new to the franchise to begin. Furthermore, Yakuza 6 is scheduled to release in the US in 2018.

  • I still cannot log into the playstation store from the android app, web page, ps4 web browser, etc.

    Why can i log into this blog but not the actual store? And why doesnt sony officially address this?

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