Nioh: Last Chance Trial Begins January 21

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Nioh: Last Chance Trial Begins January 21

We’re now only three weeks away from releasing Nioh on PS4 and we can’t wait to get it into your hands. We hope you’ve all been steeling yourself for the tough battles ahead!

In case you’ve missed it, Nioh is an intricate action RPG built around deep combat. Inspired by Japanese history and legendary samurai, Nioh will see you step into the shoes of our protagonist William as he faces off against other warriors and supernatural creatures in a gruelling quest set in 16th century Japan.

You’ll need real mettle and resolve to push through Nioh’s gruelling encounters, but fear not — to prepare you for the launch on February 7, we’ve arranged one last chance for you to get some practice in.

The Last Chance Trial will be running this weekend, January 21 and 22, giving you a chance to sample an expanded version of what we showed at PlayStation Experience in December. Download the trial from PlayStation Store today so you can pre-load and get started as soon as the Last Chance Trial activates on January 21.

For those who have the skill to make it through the Last Chance Trial, a number of extra rewards for the final game await you. Beating the Main Mission will net you the Ogress Headgear, whereas completing the Twilight Mission will give you a last chance to secure the Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong from last year’s Alpha and Beta.

Nioh, PS4

To access the Ogress Headgear in the final game, you will need to keep your save data from the Last Chance Trial so don’t delete it until launch! For Mark of the Conqueror and Mark of the Strong, you will be prompted to download DLC that you’ll also need to keep on your PS4 until launch. In-game, visit shrines to receive these “Boons” and reap the rewards!

Best of luck, warriors!

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  • I missed out on the alpha so you have no idea how happy I am to hear this. THANK YOU

  • I want the masks.
    But I want to play Gravity Rush 2 this weekend.
    I guess GR2 will have to wait since this is limited.
    And then comes Yakuza 0 right after O.o

  • Yay! Excited to play again and looking forward to official release!

  • Last chance to win me over. I never cared for SoulsBourn games. It wasnt that they are hard more like cheap deaths.

    • Cant find the demo in the store though as of now.

    • the majority of soulsborne game deaths arent cheap deaths so thats how i know youre not good at that series.

    • It’s ok TrueAssassin86. Not everyone has the skill for these types of games. If you like shooters that’s cool. This type of game takes timing and advance strategic planning and thinking while in battle. It’s FAN TASTIC! Andddd it’s samurais… I’m beyond stoked!!! I hope you give it another chance. Open your mind. These games you have to TRULY earn your victory spoils. Not handed to you by any means!!!

    • NEVER have I had a death I felt was cheap. Every death in Every From game has had a reason that was accounted for by MY lack of skill or effort.

    • I can relate to you there! I feel this studio has done a pretty bang up job making this challenging vs.. the dark souls ordeal. I’m downloading the “Nioh Last Chance Trial” as we speak… noticed its larger than the previous demo.
      7.48 gigs vs the 6.73 previous demo.

    • “It wasnt that they are hard more like cheap deaths.”

      That just means you aren’t very good a it, which is fine, because it’s not for everyone. There is always a reason and a way to prevent deaths.

    • Bloodborne was way easier than dark souls but yet it was still hard…I think you should try them again but actually try because I didn’t even think I would like Lord of the fallen but that was outstanding as well

    • if you thought dark souls was cheap then this game is not for you whatsoever. dark souls is extremely fair compared to this game lol

    • There’s no cheap deaths, you are just bad. Don’t blame the game.

    • Git Gud Scrub

  • That’s pretty awesome. Play a demo to get a perk you can use in the main game? Am I just dumb or does this happen often these days with demos?

    • I believe its a way for the developers to gauge the interest of fans… its like a free token for taking your time to go through kind of deal.

      I think its a nifty deal.

  • Didn’t complete the alpha fully but I got to 100% the beta. Im looking forward to this last chance demo just to get more time with the game. Its really fun. Wish the loot system was a little better though. Seems like I always had so many weapons on me or gear. Constantly had to throw stuff away. Other than that, I really enjoy it and hope they have a successful launch.

  • Woot, loved both alpha and beta versions was able to beat them. Looking forward to it again.

  • Awesome, thank you! I spent more time with the alpha and beta than I did with most games I bought last year. This is my most anticipated game in a ridiculously overloaded Q1. Too many games, too little time.

  • Really looking forward to this. I know full game will have Pro support, just hoping this trial does, too (the Gravity Rush 2 demo wasn’t).

  • I can’t download the Demo YET – hopefully this will be possible soon.
    I hope the new demo have the full PS4 Pro support like the final version of the game.
    Also – I wonder if the Demo will have PVP and/or whatever “Become a Wanderer” is.

    Frankly, deep inside I was hoping this game – which is the most anticipated game of 2017 for me – would get delayed a few months. There are just too many games to play (Gravity Rush Remaster and GR2,start (Final Fantasy XV) and finish… And other games incoming Horizon and Nier which might be good..

  • Man it’s annoying when people keep using Soulsborne games when comparing to this, like those invented the genre. This still feels more like Ninja Gaiden that any SoulsBorne game.

    • Huh you’re almost giving me hope for it then.

      I loved NGS. Ninja Gaiden Sigma was actually challenging with intricate controls and a dynamic, fast paced battle system… completing that game felt awesome.

      Souls games are sluggish, slow, and easy. I like to compare them to taking a walk to the store wearing a heavy backback. You’ll eventually get there as long as you persevere, but when you do you won’t feel any sense of accomplishment, you’ll just be tired.

      I will have to see if I can squeeze in time this weekend to give it a shot if it’s closer to the 3d Ninja Gaiden games(well, other than 3… NG3 was an atrocity)

    • Replace the Asian themes with dark age themes and its basically a Soulsborne game. Not once did I think of NG while playing the demos/Alphas. I thought, “oh a Soulsborne copy with Asian themes”. Most people will.

    • You’re not exactly a reliable source what… above you said that ‘never’ did a death feel unfair, when even the most die-hard souls fans admit that the dragon breath on the bridge at the start of DS1 was an unfair death. So… I can’t really trust your opinion.

    • There are definitely similarities to both Souls and Ninja Gaiden. They said themselves that Nioh was influenced by Souls.

  • Thanks for this! Downloaded the alpha but didn’t get a chance to really try it out. Looking forward to this!

  • Will it return to the store then?

  • Yay! Thank you for this!

  • Welp just had to be these weekend lol. Sad i’m going to miss it but oh well. I’m sure itll be great!
    Hope other shave fun with it.

  • Awesome news!

    Anyone have informations about what time the beta begins and what time the beta ends?


  • guys if u need help just add me already beate alpha and beta

  • Wonderful. Never did get a chance to check out the alpha/beta mainly because I wasn’t using my PS4 much at the time. But with this and several other huge exclusives coming out soon I grabbed a Pro to take advantage of them. Definitely checking this out.

  • I’m looking forward to playing this!! The demo was awesome!

  • Just finished downloading it and booted it up. it opens at 1/20/2017 23:00 and goes till 1/23/2017 3:00. cant not wait to play it.

  • I played the Alpha but didn’t get to play the Beta. I hope the weekend is enough time get the head gear and Mark of The Strong since I got Mark of the Conqueror @__@;

  • wooo i already finished download the demo ! hype hype , i play both alpha & beta , heavy improvement in the beta , hope this will be the final adjustment and have improvement as well, hoping that bosses in beta and last trial is only few bosses that included in full game

  • This is super cool! Thanks!

  • I wan’t impressed with the demo. The world is always dark and simple, offers little in variety. Very linear. What no health bars in the video? Your player wouldn’t be able to take that much abuse. Not to mention the limited stamina to return the favor. I just don’t know what to think of this game after playing the likes of Bloodborne in which I’m totally spoiled. I’m glad Team Ninja created a new IP at least. Maybe I’ll give it one more shot this weekend.

    I must say though. After seeing Nioh in action I really want to see a NEW Onimusha game for PS4!

  • I must also say this is a great idea letting gamers know it’s coming and that we can PRELOAD it, I hope more devs do this going forward.

  • are we getting this at south east asia. store currently unavailable

  • This game is INSANELY difficult. In a good way.

  • Is it running with PS4 Pro Enhancements?

  • thanks alot I just mayonnaised myself roll on NIOHHHHHHHH

  • One-hit kills from an enemy in the first minute of gameplay. Think I’ll pass.

  • I been in both alpha an beta an beat it and can’t wait for this last one, then game is out ;)

  • If this is like a souls game im buying the full game

  • Not a fan of this demo bonus thing if the demo is time limited. That means people new to the game later probably won’t be able to get this costume piece, and if we ever delete our save or lose our hard drive, we’ll lose it as well. Very lame application of DLC.

  • Havent been able to play. Internet is working fine, ps network is working fine, other games/applications working fine. As soon as the Niohs main menu starts to load up I get booted out with error code

    • This also happens to my game. Loads up, gets the start screen, then thrown out with an error code. Can’t play the demo at all and been really looking forward to it too…

    • Mine has been doing the same thing. I’m glad I’m not the only dealing with this.

    • Hi i having the same problem it keep crashing on me i think today is the last day i hope they fix before 12 midnight

  • guys i have a problem the game is in japanese language and i cant seem to find a way to change it to english?is anyone has the same problem?

  • My demo keeps crashing whenever it gets to the title screen. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the game and it hasn’t fixed it. It tells me to update the game and/or update my system. But both are up-to-date so I have no idea what’s going on.

  • The demo is pretty cool. After getting used to the controls, it’s very smooth. I can’t figure out where to go, however. I made it to the third shrine (where u pray). But can’t find where to go. Is there any way to bring up a map?

  • The Beta is improved over the Alpha but still has major issues. Camera angle during some fights left me unable to see what was going on…I had no chance. Controls are not intuitive and the menu is laborious. Bloodborne and Souls were so smooth and intuitive. There’s a great game buried somewhere in here but I’ll wait for the bargain bin a couple years from now.

  • After beating it, the mark of the conqueror DLC is showing “This content cannot be selected at this time”. Somebody contacted Tecmo about it on Twitter, and they blamed Sony for the problem.

  • kinda sucks that the timed exclusive rewards for the alpha and beta are available again albeit with one new item. game still feels dense and tutorials lacking. still fun and challenging. gaming weekends shud start on friday btw

  • I Downloaded the demo on the 19th and waited till the 21st to play it but every time I try to play it on my account I get auto error-ed out but when I have tried it on a secondary account on my same ps4 it works fine I want to play the demo for the free item’s you can receive I already beat alpha and the beta 100% and was hoping this would be the same also but it must have gave me an error alert at-least 30 times I have uninstalled re installed restored the licenses signed out of psn resigned back in I’ve tried so many different methods I’m hoping someone has a solution for me……

  • I beat the main mission and now I don’t have access to Mark of the Conqueror. It says “This content cannot be selected at this time.” Is this going to be fixed? We better be entitled to this after beating the mission when this demo ends.

  • I played the demo for a good hour.(Maybe a little under) and it was just a horrible experience. I cant put my finger on what really did it for me, whether it was the combat system, the ui, or even just the atmosphere of the game. Sure if your a fan of hard games that really push for player skill. Then I guess this would be for you. If your someone who wants to enjoy your time and have fun playing a game, or experiencing a story, or even just want to get away from the stresses in the real world. Then your better off not even touching the game.

    Ive been looking for a new game to play for a while and am happy Nioh wont be apart of it.

  • The Nioh demo not working it keep crashing i try everything

  • hey guys I got Mark of the Conqueror from last year beta but I didn’t get Mark of the Strong

    I beat Twilight mission but also I didn’t got it!!!!,anyone knows why?

    also I beat the Main Mission and I got mark of the warrior not Ogress Headgear,any explain guys?

  • I already killed the normal ogress and the twilight by my self i also have the clips on my facebook profile since i shared them with my ps4, but it only left me download the mark of the warrior dlc. The other one says i cant download it at the moment, is someone else with the same problem?

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