New Styx: Shards of Darkness Trailer Showcases a Stealthy Ploy

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New Styx: Shards of Darkness Trailer Showcases a Stealthy Ploy

Hello! Julien Desourteaux here to introduce our game via the latest trailer before our launch in March this year.

Today, you can watch Styx subvert Elven defenses in a stealthy attack that sees him using throwing daggers, knives, traps and even chandeliers to distract and kill his enemies — just a few of the abilities you’ll be enjoying in the game — and steal the coveted Quartz, a source of magical power.

New Styx: Shards of Darkness Trailer Showcases a Stealthy Ploy

As a nimble Goblin, Styx’s strengths are boosted by a magical Amber flowing through his veins, allowing him a plethora of magical abilities such as amber vision, a short-lived invisibility, and even the possibility to clone himself. As well as these, Shards of Darkness introduces crafting, allowing Styx to create tools and gadgets to distract, disable, and kill his foes. If you take a little time to explore each of the large, varied levels, you’ll be able to find new equipment to bolster your arsenal and lead the perfect stealthy attack on unsuspecting Elves, Dwarves, and other enemies in the world.

If you’re a fan of stealth games, you’ll enjoy that every tool in your disposal has been created to supplement a clever, stealthy approach whether it means killing everyone, or merely disabling enemies for a clean run. Either way, you can remain unseen, and undetected! It’s entirely up to you.

So I hope you enjoy Styx: Shards of Darkness when it launches in March of this year for PS4. Make use of each of the skill trees that’ll allow you to level up and improve our nimble green goblin to better suit your needs as a player!

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  • Styx is a surprisingly indelible character and the original game was quite enjoyable. I haven’t played of Orcs and Men but for me it’s a must play via PS Now. I know this is a stealth game, but is combat more of an option in the sequel and has it been improved?

    I love what Focus Home is doing and i’ve really enjoyed their lineup of games. Bound By Flame, Technomancer, Styx, Spacehulk Deathwing, and so on. Please get Deathwing on PS4 asap. Also, i absolutely adore Deck13 and Lords of the Fallen and i can’t wait for The Surge aka Dark Souls: Robot Apocalypse. As well, i love Dontnod and Remember Me and i’m very interested in Vampyr.

    I love what Focus Home is doing, but will Styx: SoD take advantage of the PS4 Pro? I’d love it if Technomancer had a PS4 Pro patch and i’d love for Styx to have a beefy Pro patch day 1. Pro support honestly influences my buying decisions.

    • Julien Desourteaux

      Hi Mr Durden :)

      In Styx: Shards of darkness, combat is still something you should avoid but we improve that part, and now it’s much more like a last chance action:
      When one enemy is trying to perform a melee attack on Styx , you can try to parry it (without your camera being locked on him),and if you succeed this reflex action, the enemy will be have his stance broken for a short time, allowing Styx to kill him or to flee.
      But when you are surrounded, performing this last chance action will be nearly impossible without taking damages.

      First rule of the Styx club: Avoid direct confrontation.
      Second rule of the Styx club: Avoid direct confrontation.
      Third rule of the Styx club: Play it on “Goblin” difficulty mode ;).

  • The previous Styx game had really good ideas. I was happy I played it. I had issues with the late-game elven enemies that could sense your presence; it really killed the flow that I had learned from previous levels.

    I’m really looking forward to this one and didn’t realize it has a March release date. Hopefully the load times are short as those always stand out in a game where I want to experiment.

  • Really enjoyed the first game which i got to play because of PS+. Had a blast with it. At some point i need to work on its plat. It requires work but is obtainable with effort.

    Nice to see theres another game for Styx.

  • Never played a Styx game and stealth games are not really my thing, but I did enjoy that trailer. That goblin does seem like quite a character. might have to check out some gameplay vids.

  • Pre-ordered!

    Really enjoyed the first and excited theirs a physical coming out. woo

  • Really cool trailer and the best part of it is that its all in-game.I didn’t played the 1st one yet but for some reason I like Styx…so looking forward to this one too…I simply love stealth.

  • I love the previous installment Master of Shadows. So this 1 is going to deliver the same Stealth gameplay i just can’t wait.

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